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Omni Notes | Application for note taking

Rep: (470)
Omni notes
Version: 6.0.5

Last update of the program in the header:18.11.2019

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Short description:
Application for note taking.
Application to conduct an open source notes, attractive design and sophisticated interaction.

- The program is completely free and has no advertising
- Style "Material Design"
- Adding, editing, archiving, and deleting notes
- Sending, mergers and search notes
- Ability to attach images, audio and other file attachments
- Sort by category
- To Do List
- Notes in the form of essays
- shortcuts to your home screen for notes
- Backup
- Integration with Google Now: say "Write a note" and its contents
- Various widgets addition to DashClock, compatibility with the lock screen in Android 4.2 and higher
- Translated into 30 languages

Important note about the task-killers and Tasker

Android required: 2.3.6 and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: federico Iosue
Homepage: http://federicoiosue.github.io/Omni-Notes/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.feio.android.omninotes&hl=ru

Version: 6.0.5 GP Post вДЦ223, author And_RU
Version: 5.4.3 MOD Omni Notes (Post sashase73 # 69780793)

Beta versions:

Past versions
Version: 6.0.4 Message вДЦ222, author And_RU
Version: 6.0.3 Message вДЦ221, author And_RU
Version: 6.0.2 Message вДЦ220 by And_RU
Version: 6.0.1 Post вДЦ219, author And_RU
Version: 6.0.0 Omni Notes, GP, 06/10/2019 (VernyjPes)
Version: 5.6.0 Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 78267753)
Version: 5.5.2 Post вДЦ165, author Katafrakt
Version: 5.5.1 Post вДЦ164, author VernyjPes
Version: 5.5.0 Message вДЦ162, author Alex0047
Version: 5.4.5 Message вДЦ161, author Alex0047
Version: 5.4.3 GP Message вДЦ155 by VernyjPes
Version: 5.4.2 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 68897583)
Version: 5.0.4 MOD Omni Notes (Post sashase73 # 41904343)
Version: 5.4.1 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 68203530)
Version: 5.3.2 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 59244038)
Version: 5.3.1 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 58923366)
Version: 5.3.0 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 58707962)
Version: 5.2.19 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 54177779)
Version: 5.2.18 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 54020344)
Version: 5.2.17 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 52988876)
Version: 5.2.16 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 50606580)
Version: 5.2.15 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 50162230)
Version: 5.2.12 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 49671110)
Version: 5.2.11 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 49575121)
Version: 5.2.9 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 48720365)
Version: 5.2.8 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 48620611)
Version: 5.2.7 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 48526094)
Version: 5.2.6 Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 47750463)
Version: 5.2.5 Omni Notes (Post Anatoliy # 47616258)
Version: 5.2.4 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 47507122)
Version: 5.2.3 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 46667346)
Version: 5.2.0 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 46227902)
Version: 5.1.3 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 43414764)
Version: 5.1.1 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 43196809)
Version: 5.1.0 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 42368112)
version: 5.0.4 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/d...ni+Notes_5.0.4b181.apk
Version: 5.0.3 Attached fileOmni_Notes_5.0.3.apk (3.96 MB)

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Rep: (5539)
Omni Notes v6.0.4. GP
What's new:
6.0.1 - 6.0.4
вШЕ Added Burmese Language
вШЖ Updated Russian and Slovenian
вЬУ Fixed Notifications on Notes with Attachments
вЬУ Fixed Recurrent Reminders
вЬУ Fixed Legacy Backup Import

Attached fileOmni Notes v6.0.4 (279) .apk(6.44 MB)

Rep: (5539)
Omni Notes v6.0.5. GP
What's new:
вШЖ Confirmation Required WHEN Undoing Note Changes
вЬУ Fixed Notification on Oreo Devices

Attached fileOmni Notes v6.0.5 (280) .apk(6.37 MB)

Rep: (0)
We must learn to rejoice in what is. But the highest pilot - rejoice at what is not ...

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Attached filecinepic_1574518191629_5.mp4(7.39 MB)

Rep: (0)
Tell me please, but in this program you can not save text with the photo?

Rep: (0)
* qwerty574033 , * qwerty574033 I realized that it would not work from the site, if only separately insert and they will be placed at the top of the notes, but not very convenient. Why not work staining notes? Version Last 6.0.5 with GP, yes, what does it mean?

Rep: (0)
Please tell me why a backup may not be recovered? Put on the new Redmi 8 Pro, and I can not raise data from the backup - just when you click "start recovering" "confirm" - nothing happens! I tried the versions from 5.6 to the last: everything is no sense. I noticed that if I create a new archive, there are notes stored in * .json file, and my archive is for some reason "Omni-Notes" file without expansion.

Rep: (460)
On 10 android in this program do not work notifications?

P.S installed the latest version in the catalog 5.5.2 with the F-Droid. In it notifications work correctly.

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Rep: (0)
How to expand the list of programs when taping? Sounds are offered and Skype. Can I add a vomap and viber?

Rep: (46)
* Babaikaman,
Yes, Wyber lacks the number from the note. There is still not enough automatic backup notes on schedule. Always manually strain.
And so, just an ideal program for doing personal affairs. The main thing without synchronization through the cloud. There is no dependence on the Internet and no brakes due to sync. All this synchronization is needed only to work with other people from the office. For myself personally, there is no need for general. There is enough backup to transfer all notes to another device. Backup notes weighs a penny and in it a separate folder for all attachments.
Add any attachment to a note. Voice, drawing from hand, vidyuhi, photo, any other file. At the same time, all this can send anywhere. By mail, Vaiber, etc. Assign a reminder with repetitions. You can encrypt only one note, or a shared input to the application. Just super! And no advertising with limitations. For personal use, I did not find the best.
There are no such variety of functions in a similar program to Colornote, but there is an automatic backup on the card. And there is a separate calendar from Google. But with this program you will not compare.

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Rep: (0)
Good day.
Tell me, is it possible to fix a note in the status bar? Or at least send to the desktop? The "Label" command does not do anything.

Post has been editedilyoz - 04.04.20, 18:55

Rep: (46)
* ilyoz
The status bar displays reminders of time notes.
On the desktop can remove the widget with scrolling all notes. So much better?

Rep: (12)
* dimann, as compared to the same program memorix? What can you say? I enjoyed and kolornot and Omni now on memoriks sit there difference - the database in a single file.

Rep: (46)
* Lekseevich
I tried memorials. I was not suitable. No highlighting phones in a notch. Attach only the image. It is impossible to draw yourself. Encrypt only the whole safe. Tags too.
From Omni is simply not comparable. Omni is a combine functions. Only there is no retail. I hope he will soon be poisoned. Apparently frightened that, because of the ability to attach large backup files to a note can be brought into large volumes with automatic backups. But this is solved simply by removing old backups in time and quantity. I hope the developments will guess about it.

Rep: (248)
Dimann @ 11.04.2020, 16:03*
I hope he will soon be poisoned.

Updates have long been no

Rep: (12)
* dimann, Unfortunately, even with the omni password is stored unencrypted files (Picchu, video) in it.feio.android.omninotes directory
and, accordingly, the backup does too open.

Of course there are other programs for secrecy: eds, the same Memorix .. Now you look more d notes .. but here omni defect turns

Rep: (248)
Lekseevich @ 19.04.2020, 22:24*
Freewling is obtained

Well, privacy has not been positioned anywhere. Although encryption is clearly not enough. It would be a top application.

Post has been editedtweed_man - 20.04.20, 10:04

Rep: (46)
Lekseevich @ 19.04.20, 19:24*
Of course there are other programs for secrecy: eds, the same Memorix .. Now you look more d notes .. but here omni defect turns

EDS - makes disc partitions for full encryption. Without root on the fly does not allow. It is too difficult for the need to only encrypt a note.
Memorix - encrypts only in old versions from 6. ***. Too much merges in Google. Without Google, only one old mod without updating. The functions merges from Omni.
D NOTES - only cipher in the program itself, like Omni. In the backup, you can read everything all encrypted notepad.
Found notes with backup encryption. Colornote is the simplest and working solution. But also inferior on Omni functions.
If Omni did encryption and the retirement - there would be the best program.

Post has been editeddimann - 23.04.20, 18:53

Rep: (12)
* dimann, Yes, that's right .. Now I use written eds (with Ruth) and memorix 7.0.3 (it also encrypts, they have changed in the eight encryption). Previously used colornote, but switched to memoriks for attaching pictures.

I found yet (maybe only me) a bug in the Omni .... Put omni, take a few notes, some with pictures, get out. I go, everything is in place. I do backup on local storage. Created backup of the phone, there are all stored notes and of an attached image. All ok .... remove programs. Backup in place. Again put omni and try to restore a backup, select the omni offers directory and copy ... everything, I click to select, leave a note. not.
In general, the program is good.

Post has been editedLekseevich - 23.04.20, 05:20

Rep: (46)
* Lekseevich
I checked backup first. Sucking recently had to demolish and put Omnie again. Even with a saved archive, everything fell into place. No problem. But under the encryption, you have to keep another color for the only note. So far I have not found a replacement for Omni.
Starting version 6.05 (280)

Post has been editeddimann - 23.04.20, 18:49

Rep: (40)
Please tell me how better to make a backup manual? Maybe there are some workers .. In manual archive backup and mix where necessary, and then when you need to restore? So will it work if you are the password? Tried to do it?

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