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Omni Notes | Application for note taking

Rep: (470)
Omni notes
Version: 6.0.5

Last update of the program in the header:18.11.2019

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Short description:
Application for note taking.
Application to conduct an open source notes, attractive design and sophisticated interaction.

- The program is completely free and has no advertising
- Style "Material Design"
- Adding, editing, archiving, and deleting notes
- Sending, mergers and search notes
- Ability to attach images, audio and other file attachments
- Sort by category
- To Do List
- Notes in the form of essays
- shortcuts to your home screen for notes
- Backup
- Integration with Google Now: say "Write a note" and its contents
- Various widgets addition to DashClock, compatibility with the lock screen in Android 4.2 and higher
- Translated into 30 languages

Important note about the task-killers and Tasker

Android required: 2.3.6 and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: federico Iosue
Homepage: http://federicoiosue.github.io/Omni-Notes/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.feio.android.omninotes&hl=ru

Version: 6.0.5 GP Post вДЦ223, author And_RU
Version: 5.4.3 MOD Omni Notes (Post sashase73 # 69780793)

Beta versions:

Past versions
Version: 6.0.4 Message вДЦ222, author And_RU
Version: 6.0.3 Message вДЦ221, author And_RU
Version: 6.0.2 Message вДЦ220 by And_RU
Version: 6.0.1 Post вДЦ219, author And_RU
Version: 6.0.0 Omni Notes, GP, 06/10/2019 (VernyjPes)
Version: 5.6.0 Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 78267753)
Version: 5.5.2 Post вДЦ165, author Katafrakt
Version: 5.5.1 Post вДЦ164, author VernyjPes
Version: 5.5.0 Message вДЦ162, author Alex0047
Version: 5.4.5 Message вДЦ161, author Alex0047
Version: 5.4.3 GP Message вДЦ155 by VernyjPes
Version: 5.4.2 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 68897583)
Version: 5.0.4 MOD Omni Notes (Post sashase73 # 41904343)
Version: 5.4.1 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 68203530)
Version: 5.3.2 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 59244038)
Version: 5.3.1 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 58923366)
Version: 5.3.0 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 58707962)
Version: 5.2.19 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 54177779)
Version: 5.2.18 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 54020344)
Version: 5.2.17 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 52988876)
Version: 5.2.16 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 50606580)
Version: 5.2.15 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 50162230)
Version: 5.2.12 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 49671110)
Version: 5.2.11 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 49575121)
Version: 5.2.9 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 48720365)
Version: 5.2.8 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 48620611)
Version: 5.2.7 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 48526094)
Version: 5.2.6 Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 47750463)
Version: 5.2.5 Omni Notes (Post Anatoliy # 47616258)
Version: 5.2.4 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 47507122)
Version: 5.2.3 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 46667346)
Version: 5.2.0 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 46227902)
Version: 5.1.3 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 43414764)
Version: 5.1.1 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 43196809)
Version: 5.1.0 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 42368112)
version: 5.0.4 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/d...ni+Notes_5.0.4b181.apk
Version: 5.0.3 Attached fileOmni_Notes_5.0.3.apk (3.96 MB)

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Reason for editing: New version

Rep: (73482)
Omni Notes Alpha V5.3.0 Alpha 1

What is new: unknown.
Attached fileOmni Notes Alpha V5.3.0 Alpha 1.Apk(5.32 MB)

Post has been editedAlex0047 - 19.02.17, 22:05

Rep: (73482)
Omni Notes v5.3.0.
What's new
вШЕ Foss Version Available On F-Droid Issue
вШЕ New Help Page with Gifs
вШЕ Added Serbian Cyrillic Language
вШЖ Category Deletion Button No More SHOWN ON CREATION
Updated Translations.
вЬУ Fixed Hidden Attachments From Locked Notes Into Home Widget
вЬУ Fixed Memory Leaks
Attached fileOmni Notes v5.3.0.apk.(5.58 MB)

Rep: (73482)
Omni Notes v5.3.1
What's new
вШЖ Localized Statistics Labels
вЬУ Bugfixes.
Attached fileOmni Notes v5.3.1.apk.(5.61 MB)

Rep: (4)
  • The name of the program is changed to "Notes"
  • Removed mention of authors and links
  • Removed Synchronization Items from SpringPad
  • Removed the initial screen saver with the description of the application
  • Translation corrected

The schedule did not change - she is so good.

Screensaver removed dearDontmyHis gratitude

Attached fileNotes_Mod_Oem_5.3.1.apk.(5.74 MB)

Post has been editedKersar - 04.03.17, 11:37

Rep: (73482)
Omni Notes v5.3.2
What's new
вЬУ Missing Sidenav Update On Category Deletion
Attached fileOmni Notes v5.3.2.apk.(5.61 MB)

Rep: (56)
Tell me the limit on the number of characters in the notch is, as in the "Samsung" notes? Or can you even write novels?

Rep: (1148)
Seeerauber @ 2.06.17, 14:41*
The limit on the number of characters in the note is<...>Or can you even write novels?
I use a text editor for writing large texts. This application is still for notes. Move through a very long text, for example, for me, it is difficult. Now specially checked; I think, notes are limited, the performance of the device, when symbols in a note many, personally, my application began to slow down.

Rep: (0)
Good day. Are there any news from the author of the application about synchronization with a cloud or can the mod have any to synchronize with the cloud? Or at least automatic unloading backup on the inner memory ...

Rep: (1)
I installed in the replacement of googlokip. For me, he is some clumsy .... here I liked the neat interface, type of notes, folders, tags, etc. In general, what was looking for - a light, functional application for every day.

BUT! So catastrophically lacks a web client or something like this to work on a computer and automatic synchron (as in the same gland) .... I have Linux, so it would be better for the web or under it .... and otherwise everything fine...

P.S. And I would also widget a separate note. Och want ....

Posted on 09/16/2017, 11:29:

Andrey123433 @ 07/30/17, 2:14*
Or at least automatic unloading backup on the inner memory ...
Settings ->Data ->Synchronization and reservation ->Create a copy.

Post has been edited-Fisher- - 16.09.17, 11:44

Rep: (0)
* -Fisher-, I'm talking about automatic backup on schedule

Rep: (1)
* andrey123433 , I agree, very lacking ... And how to reach the author to reach?

Rep: (0)
* -Fisher-, xs. I also wrote him to Hoglomale and in reviews about the appendix left a message. A year and a half ago, he answered me by mail, now calm down.

Rep: (17)
The first time I put the program and immediately version 5.3.2. Full jambs.
Search for register-dependent, not all menu items are translated, when the phone is called into the landscape mode, it comes out of the settings, and once even the language from Russian has changed to English, though the program itself rebooted. The font is not the most successful, I would replaced it, but almost all developers under android are very stupid on the settings of your creations. There is Memorix and it is much more convenient and more pleasant.

Rep: (248)
* silent-service
If you compare withMemorix Notes + Checklists, then for me, applications are completely different ...
Here, most importantly, there is adding audio and video to the notes .. Well, the open code implies that the user can be calm that its data will not go anywhere ...

Rep: (0)
How can I change the font size in the Omni Notes application ???
I downloaded a great notebook on the phone, but the annoyance there is a small font in notes, and vision is not 100%.
Installed Apk Editor application. Change the font itself turned out. But I do not know how to increase the font size in the application itself, I do not want to increase the system font.

Rep: (248)
* Weisz,
App Settingscan

Post has been editedtweed_man - 31.10.17, 05:56

Rep: (0)
App Settings can not anything. I tried on two devices, telephone, tablet, and on other applications, nothing changes. Alas.

Rep: (1148)
Weisz @ 10/30/17, 23:38*
I downloaded a great notebook on the phone, but the annoyance there is a small font in notes, and vision is not 100%.
And if you simply increase the text on the device? If the vision is not very good, maybe it will be more convenient for you by the solution. After all, not just a notebook you use on the device but also other applications, what now to put in every fashion, with increased text? In the device settings (depends on your device) item "Special Features" ->Large text, high-contrast text.

Rep: (1)
And how to create folders?

Rep: (1148)
F-35 @ 12.11.17, 11:50*
folder creation
There are no folders in the usual understanding. There are categories, it is similar to folders. You can create any categories (important, personal, home, work, etc.) and add to each of them the necessary notes.

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