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Omni Notes | Application for note taking

Rep: (459)
Omni notes
Version: 6.0.5

Last update of the program in the header:18.11.2019

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Short description:
Application for note taking.
Application to conduct an open source notes, attractive design and sophisticated interaction.

- The program is completely free and has no advertising
- Style "Material Design"
- Adding, editing, archiving, and deleting notes
- Sending, mergers and search notes
- Ability to attach images, audio and other file attachments
- Sort by category
- To Do List
- Notes in the form of essays
- shortcuts to your home screen for notes
- Backup
- Integration with Google Now: say "Write a note" and its contents
- Various widgets addition to DashClock, compatibility with the lock screen in Android 4.2 and higher
- Translated into 30 languages

Important note about the task-killers and Tasker

Android required: 2.3.6 and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: federico Iosue
Homepage: http://federicoiosue.github.io/Omni-Notes/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.feio.android.omninotes&hl=ru

Version: 6.0.5 GP Post вДЦ223, author And_RU
Version: 5.4.3 MOD Omni Notes (Post sashase73 # 69780793)

Beta versions:

Past versions
Version: 6.0.4 Message вДЦ222, author And_RU
Version: 6.0.3 Message вДЦ221, author And_RU
Version: 6.0.2 Message вДЦ220 by And_RU
Version: 6.0.1 Post вДЦ219, author And_RU
Version: 6.0.0 Omni Notes, GP, 06/10/2019 (VernyjPes)
Version: 5.6.0 Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 78267753)
Version: 5.5.2 Post вДЦ165, author Katafrakt
Version: 5.5.1 Post вДЦ164, author VernyjPes
Version: 5.5.0 Message вДЦ162, author Alex0047
Version: 5.4.5 Message вДЦ161, author Alex0047
Version: 5.4.3 GP Message вДЦ155 by VernyjPes
Version: 5.4.2 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 68897583)
Version: 5.0.4 MOD Omni Notes (Post sashase73 # 41904343)
Version: 5.4.1 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 68203530)
Version: 5.3.2 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 59244038)
Version: 5.3.1 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 58923366)
Version: 5.3.0 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 58707962)
Version: 5.2.19 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 54177779)
Version: 5.2.18 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 54020344)
Version: 5.2.17 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 52988876)
Version: 5.2.16 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 50606580)
Version: 5.2.15 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 50162230)
Version: 5.2.12 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 49671110)
Version: 5.2.11 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 49575121)
Version: 5.2.9 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 48720365)
Version: 5.2.8 GP Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 48620611)
Version: 5.2.7 GP Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 48526094)
Version: 5.2.6 Omni Notes (Post VernyjPes # 47750463)
Version: 5.2.5 Omni Notes (Post Anatoliy # 47616258)
Version: 5.2.4 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 47507122)
Version: 5.2.3 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 46667346)
Version: 5.2.0 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 46227902)
Version: 5.1.3 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 43414764)
Version: 5.1.1 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 43196809)
Version: 5.1.0 Omni Notes (Post Alex0047 # 42368112)
version: 5.0.4 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/d...ni+Notes_5.0.4b181.apk
Version: 5.0.3 Attached fileOmni_Notes_5.0.3.apk (3.96 MB)

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Reason for editing: New version

Rep: (47)
Good program. On my computer I work steadily, sometimes retarding when creating a sketch.

Rep: (9)
I also liked the true version from 5 to androyd 2.3.6 do not go.

Rep: (459)
I also like the program. The only unclear why the program does not use standard fonts Android, and some of his?

Rep: (72469)
Omni Notes v5.0.4
What's new

Attached fileOmni Notes_5.0.4b181.apk(4 MB)

Rep: (139)
I liked very much the app was looking for similar in style and material made for myself events, can someone still amiss.
1) The name of the application "Notes"
2) color application icons and changed to blue,
3) "ON" icon changed,
4) in some places corrected translation
5) I changed the settings menu structure and remove unnecessary items to me (about the program, etc.)
6) changed font notes
7) left only Russian and English languages,
8) something else I do not remember.
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Attached fileOmniNotes_5.0.4_mod.apk(3.08 MB)

Before installing the uninstall.

Rep: (485)
* sashase73,
Great mod desired application. +1.
Be sure to remind users that such an application (this includes for example, and Google release Google Keep) must be specified in the various exceptions and Tasker usyplyalok processes. And devaysakh such as we have with you (Sony Xperia Z ..), be sure to add an exception to the Stamina Power Saving settings!
Otherwise, the reminder will not work. You can add a cap threads.

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Rep: (1)
Wonderful app. I will wait for the development and the web-client.

Rep: (72469)
Omni Notes v5.1.0 beta1
What's new
5.1.0 Beta 1
App into
Filter archived notes inside categories
Statistics available
New version available check
Merging notes will now keep the first valid category, position and reminder from selected notes
Optionally disable swipe action in notes list
Checklists layout and functionality improvements

Attached fileOmni Notes v5.1.0 beta1.apk(4.17 MB)

Rep: (57)
As for me, a cool app! Can compete with him FiiNote. Author of luck in development.
* sashase73, how modili?

Alex0047, I beg you, lay out, and then the new version of the application.

Rep: (57)
Noticed just such a mistake! Not sorted records. Though both sorted. He writes an error.

Post has been editedDimik619 - 08.08.15, 16:45

Rep: (72469)
Omni Notes v5.1.0 beta2
What's new
Attached fileOmni Notes v5.1.0 beta2.apk(4.17 MB)

Post has been editedAlex0047 - 12.08.15, 17:47

Rep: (57)
Recording began sortirovatsya. No more mistakes.

Rep: (72469)
Omni Notes v5.1.0 Final
What's new
вШЕ App intro
вШЕ Filter archived notes inside categories
вШЕ Statistics available
вШЕ New version available check
вШЕ Merging notes will now keep the first valid category, position and reminder from selected notes
вШЖ Optionally disable swipe action in notes list
вШЖ Checklists layout and functionality improvements
вШЖ Bugfixes

Attached fileOmni Notes v5.1.0.apk(4.18 MB)

Rep: (13937)
I tried to shrink a little and clean version 5.1. Resources under xhdpi. Language: English and Russian. Applied compression.

Download:Attached fileOmniNotes-5.1.0.apk(2.24 MB)

works because
Attached Image
Attached Image

Post has been editedAlex.Strannik - 03.09.15, 23:23

Rep: (20)
Use the latest version 5.1 has this bug: in the article there are only images in this preview (thumbnail) image is displayed, and if you open a picture is a black screen. Because of this error is the use of the program is reduced to nothing. Error is reproduced on different prosmotrischikah images, whether or Google Photos QuickPic.

Rep: (21)
Not able to turn on the screen and does not show a message on the screen, even with Popup: - (((

Rep: (72469)
Omni Notes v5.1.1

Attached fileOmni Notes_5.1.1.apk(5.03 MB)

Rep: (13937)
5.1.1 xhdpi, cleaned languages:Attached fileOmni Notes_5.1.1.apk(2.84 MB)

Rep: (13937)
Released 5.1.2. It seems only cosmetic changes.

Version from the market:Attached fileOmni_Notes_5.1.2 (market) .apk(5.03 MB)

My, pressed down (under xhdpi):Attached fileOmni_Notes_5.1.2.apk(2.84 MB)

Rep: (72469)
Omni Notes v5.1.3
What's new

Attached fileOmni_Notes_5.1.3.apk(5.03 MB)

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