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TL-WR842ND is a multi-function wireless N Router with data transfer rates up to 300 Mbit / s, which ensures trouble-free streaming of HD-video, online gaming, Skype calls and fast transfer of files over the LAN. Multifunction USB port provides convenient work with the printer over a wireless connection and the ability to FTP-server configuration. Guest network with its own private access to your network for guest users, and VPN-tunnel function can ensure the security in data transmission between several local networks.
  • Wi-Fi speed - up to 300 Mbps
  • Wireless Standards - IEEE 802.11n / g / b
  • Frequency range - 2,400 - 2,4835 GHz
  • Interfaces - 4 10/100 Mbps LAN ports, 1 10/100 Mbps WAN port, 1 USB 2.0 port
  • Buttons Button - WPS / Reset (WPS function / reset), Wi-Fi ON / OFF button (on / off wireless broadcast)
  • Antennas - 2 removable omnidirectional antennas with 5 dBi gain
  • USB functions - Data storage / FTP / Media / Print server / 3G / 4G connection
  • Wireless Network Security - WEP, WPA / WPA2, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK Encryption, MAC Address Filtering
  • Additional functions - NAT (network address translation), VPN traffic transmission (PPTP / L2TP / IPSec), SPI firewall, access control, 5 IPsec VPN tunnels, guest network
  • Food - 12 V post. current / 1 A
  • Dimensions - 192 x 130 x 33 mm
Complete User Guide:
Restore or replace the router software:
  • 1. If there are no problems for users when switching from official to alternative firmware, an attempt to replace one alternative firmware with another may cause difficulties. For example, if you want to replace OpenWRT with DD-WRT (and other combinations), you will need to roll back to the factory software from the web interface and then upgrade to the desired one.
  • 2. This router is practically not killed (in terms of experiments with software), but a situation may arise when it is necessary to recover, but there is no access to the web interface. Then we do this (an example for revision v2, therefore the files are substituted for the revision corresponding to yours):time, two, three. Firmware for recovery via tftpd revision 3.
  • 3. Ways to replace the router software

3G / 4G USB Modem Compatibility Chart(stock software).
3G Backup Channel Setup(OpenWRT).
Examplerestore and configure the router (ver.1) with Gargoyle, NDIS modem (3372) + unlimited bonuses ;-)
Replacing the radiator in the TL-WR842ND v1
Connect OpenWrt / LEDE as a wifi client
DD-Wrt connection as a wifi client
We raise 4G connection on Openwrt
Differences from the team building ofmodemsandmen from openwrt
Collection of tips

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Hello people whether it is possible to make friends with a whistle with sim card MTS tarifische router and that the operator did not see it put in the router, if the router V5

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* And21,
Mozhno.smotri about TTL fixation, depending on the current firmware of the modem: hilink or stic

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* FedorinoFF,
It is necessary to replace the modem IMEI on IMEI smartphone

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* vovan26_, I understand that it is necessary to flash the router itself? if you can detail :-)

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And21 @ 10.02.19, 18:39*
I understand that it is necessary to flash the router itself?

Well here is the Russian language it is said that:
vovan26_ @ 10.02.19, 13:06*
It is necessary to replace the modem IMEI on IMEI smartphone

What a pancake is not clear ??? IMEI modem must be changed !!!

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Welcome broke the entire head with this modem, Tp link tl-wr842n v3
He got me already with iOS lede. I understand only because the access point so called, can not go to the modem via yes, and any combination at all!
I read the forum almost every village and did not understand anything, the fog bl) whether this zloschasnoy firmware generally can no longer go to him now or what?
I need to also somehow something in it to set up, to put the same password, and ideally connect 4g modem MTS 832ft. but without the web interface as it is at all possible to make?
all the videos I watched anyway show all manipulations with stops at 192 ....
several questions, 1) how to use the lede do what ssh, I do not understand, it's just across the url 192. come, if so, he did not Robit.
Question 2) as it is now to get it back to a normal state of disgrace, when you can go to the router's settings through the browser 192. But I still understand that 4g modem to work, you need to flash lede, but then get through with him and generally set up this router in it if the modem is living separately and did not communicate with him. (Note, if you insert into the modem ezernet and considering that this router was originally not a password, then it can be used, or through a browser on him not to go, Chrome, Opera, the IE 11, all tchetno.)
I found an article in which a program through tftpd32 and related manipulations can be sewn modem sink iOS, but there stated that it should not be such that I can download off of the site, where others take, I do not understand. whether it is possible in this way, through this programu tftpd32 flash luci-15.05-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr842n-v3-squashfs-factory. or lede-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr842n-v3-squashfs-factory, or it will make the bricks? but if not so, how this is to flash the router at all ?? approach to it is not.
Please explain to the fool, and then I have already swollen brain.

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* fig17, I v2, if you go back to the drain here is for your router TP-LINK TL-WR842ND - Discussion
Here in the cap in the spoiler - instructions, such as the all clear writtenTP-LINK TL-WR842ND - Discussion (Post by altiveus # 47659854)
His return to the run-off by this instruction when killedTP-LINK TL-WR842ND - Discussion (Post leakim # 55687385)
This is the easiest option that would not bother. How to drain back, the firmware has any put what you need on the stock.

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* djmrmore
thank you very much for your reply, now I will try)

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* djmrmore
Nakonets then turned to flash !! and on a computer with windows 10 well, did not work, the result was only an old laptop with windows 7.
please tell me how to now start 4g modem MTS 832ft?

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fig17 @ 11.02.19, 19:09*
as it is now run 4g modem MTS 832ft?

You will approach the firmware from Of Modems and Men,
Refer to the cap.
a more recent firmware from Of Modems and Men.
TP-Link TL-MR3020 - Discussion (Post vadim1963333 # 81927326)

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Guys, tell me, ordered router842 n v.5 audit, which is better to buy a 4g modem for the body of the operator 2, I want to distribute the Internet in the country, zte 823d as an option?

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* vadim1963333,
thank you very much for your help, this freewheeling firmware, but could not tell you exactly what to do and where to click in the firmware ... but I can not figure out ...

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Put it on your wl842nd v3 18.06, after doustanovki package (kmod-usb-net-cdc-ether and -rndis, well, there is at every one usb-modeswitch) normally picked up and E3372 in haylinke and smartphones Andryushka (Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and Redmi 3s ). Likewise, successful and immediately taken against the ancient asus wl500gP v2, and to 15.05 in any.
With bilaynovskim L2TP longer gouge, the last time in the 743-rd, that Wait on 842nd.

Chet seemed v3 that's not particularly favor, but it is the same kind of parameters better than v5 for example? 16/64 vs. 8/64, media libraries or something knows better?

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fig17 @ 12.02.19, 01:05*
and I can not understand ...

Modem connect automatically, Wi-Fi network set up for themselves.

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* vadim1963333,
so there it runs through MTS Connect, when I connect it to the router it glows blue, but you need to make that call? the drain at least have somewhere to register operator settings, and how to do it in the lede?
found an article in the internet, I did everything as they say, but there was a guy router (meaning in which you insert a sim card) and the other network card in it it as it is to flash. karoch nothing has changed, you need to trek team which has to give, and where to register it, I do not understand, to the command line chtol kind. how to open it in the lede, or need to go to the ip of the router MTS, just do not know it aypishnika generally sit for 3 Dene with this, it would be easier to buy a nakurerit and kinetics 4d :)
but as completed and patched receiver that does not want to leave, especially if really there is not much ..

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AMC-X @ 12.02.19, 18:52*
It seemed that the v3's not particularly favor, but it is the same kind of parameters better than for example v5

Favor, favor. Naturally better, just the latest posts about what is on sale.

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* fig17 On the idea 832 works in hilink mode initially.
What color is lit when the modem is connected to the PC and the network connection is established?

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* AMC-X,
podklyuchek when the PC is lit in blue, as well lit when connected to the router. but on the PC has a program MTS Connect, and when you press to connect through it, he goes on the Internet and is already beginning to blink this blue. on the router just is blue and everything, so I thought that you need it as the quick Start

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* fig17,

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If this HiLink, the modem does not have to be set on the idea, everything in it should be.
It should be in the section Network - Interfaces to create a new interface, protocol type, "DHCP Client", select the interface Ethernet Adapter (eth2) (USB) and on the Firewall tab, select the 'wan' zone, 'wan6'

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