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Hello! Yesterday, I was engaged in the hall and the iPad fell on the treadmill, the result - the matrix cracked but the screen was fine, the case was bumped from behind. Photo below.
The question is very important: is there a SC in Moscow with original details from the apple or is it all a fairy tale? Very sorry for my ipad, I bought 30 thousand for my hard-earned money in March ... I look forward to your replies, thanks!

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Tell me about error 1 with firmware 1460
Those who exactly fall off - wifi chip or telephone?
google - modem (telephone) - right?

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* Beson40,
Original parts only on the devices themselves) and so you can safely change (I change myself) there are no special complaints, just take the quality standards: happy:

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All good. Brought me such as this unit is to replace the stitch. As it turned out, he was killed display plus battery. Put the touch buttons and without a loop (like saving) but as it turned out the controller does not work. Meanwhile, it was necessary to rebuild it after replacing the battery and display wound. Ali had to order the touch button and the controller. Who does not start, turn the charger to the apple blinking, ie switched on and off without a break, when you try to restore an error tuna in 2009, tried on different PCs and different cables, with and without battery - without result. I understand the matter in the board?

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Good day.

When replacing the screen iPad2 Krivorukov people tore element. Help with his definition and search.

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Soldering experience is available.

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Good afternoon, is it possible to switch ONLY GLASS on ipad mini (I know that the touchscreen is easier to use), but I have such a rare device:http://youtu.be/8t81OC3EKu8
There is a mini display in it, a touch screen in size as in mini. But the connectors are different and it is broken with me. They are no longer on sale.
Is this technically possible?

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Good day to all! Who can tell if you can change the earpiece in IPhone 5 yourself (http: //www.mobparts.ru…t_id,13917/Itemid,54/)??? Where can I see the scheme and stages of work?
Thank you in advance!!!

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Good day, everyone! I could not repair the speaker. Yes, and dropped in that time. The display is cracked. Dear forum users! Tell me! I called around a dozen phone repair companies in Moscow. Everywhere give a different price and the spread is very large; different terms for repairs. Tell me how much it may cost? What is the timeline? Or is it easier to buy a new one?

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Hello! With the same problem faced six months ago. Only I dochulka dropped the phone on the stairs, which he then made his way alone in one span))) It is also sought help from good people. Here the essence of the question is as follows: Only damaged or touchscreen display as well? This is a big difference in price as a spare part, and the services of service. It is also important that the components were not counterfeit. Service should give a guarantee on replaced parts and work. And it's great when the necessary components are in stock.
Repair of mobile phones is quite a common service and I was also confused when choosing. I was told to contacthttp://vcland.ru/remon…nt_mobilnyh_telefonov/. The service center has arranged for all criteria: reasonable price, a warehouse with a wide range of warranty. Offered additional services: Express repairs per hour (with a small margin) and on-site repair wizard. I had nowhere to hurry (dug out of the bins at the time of your cell phone antediluvian dinosaur), so I just handed in for repair under the standard scheme. We did a few days. I was traveling longer - Pops. And now, six months, the phone works fine, the touchscreen did not lose sensitivity, and display the same colorful as ever. Daughter to forgive all, but just in case she bought the cheapest Chinese telefonchik)))

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And how to understand it only the touchscreen is covered or and the display is also identity?

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The mother broke the Ipad 2, referred to the repairmen said the repair would cost € 50 (~ 3,500 rubles).
She has already bought another one, and from this she asked me to download pictures.

I wonder how they identified the breakdown. It can be seen that the tablet was not opened.

What I have tried:
Pressing the power + home button did nothing.
Does not respond to charging from the network.
From itunes, the same does not see.

P.S. I want to warm up with a hairdryer and open it, I think the problem is with the power supply, I will check the charge and if it is low then I will try to charge the battery directly.

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Good afternoon . They brought a tablet IPAD MINI does not work the touchscreen. They themselves changed with the number 821-3291-A (ipad mini 2) there is a photo. In the internet I found information about the touchscreen for Ipad mini with such number 821-1550-A. The question of interchangeability. What number is the touchscreen on the iPad mini tablet. Best regards, Vladimir. (Clients: other relatives) ...
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Attached Image

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Good people, welcome. Apple guru tell me which way to dig. I bought a long time ago (in 2011) Apple iPad 2 WIFi (without SIM) 16 GB in DNS .... Everything was perfect, stood Jail until 2015. Then updated it officially (fully cleaned and restored) gave his daughter to play with. I keep it updated. More than a month ago, turned it off and left alone, we can say forget about it ... Recently, turning it on fire, "apple", and not faded, ie the tablet did not want to be loaded. Having read the forums drove it into DFU mode, but during the process of renovation and restoration in aytyuns he just switches off. Times with 10 I'd still updated and restored. A few days later the plate during operation again extinguished. When the lights "apple" and nothing more. Long suffered pounding it into DFU mode again, but "Apple" on fire and died in DFU mode was not included ... After reading on the Internet followed the advice: throw it in the fridge to cool and flash. It worked, went the tablet into DFU mode, but when you try to connect to aytyuns Umbrella or just cut down. After freezing in the refrigerator again is connected to a computer, but when you try to update or restore harvested. And it is turned off at different stages of recovery: it can in the beginning, and maybe at the end of the process. Disassemble it completely (experience in repairing any equipment available), thought could loop a stepped or poor contact. After assembly, nothing has changed. I wanted to warm up memory chips, but there is a processor and a memory filled kompaudom. I tried to include it in turn to train disabled WiFi modules and camera. No changes. All still - lit apple and recovery mode is not included. Whole batteries, not inflated, 419V.
Thank you in advance.

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After installing the touchscreen (according to the seller, the original), the device (ipad air) after working for 5-7 minutes, threw out the blue screen and rebooted.
What is mb connected with?

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* kolbinyur
Magnetic cover sensor, without it, the screen lock when closing will not work. Not critical, but the cable is cheap, better to replace. If not late with the answer)))

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Greetings. After writing the request above, I decided to disassemble the tablet to a screw and clean all connectors with alcohol. Collected. Recovered without problems. Has been working for more than a month without failures. I didn’t glue the glass back until it was thoroughly glued, I will start testing it before the end of the month, just with ali come M3 scotch tape.

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Hello everyone, there was an unpleasant problem on the iPad mini Wi-Fi. The story is, I bought this device. I checked it. It was all working, but from how I started using it, the apple began to fly out as if it was turned on, but much faster in time if it just rebooted, now the question is what's wrong with it and how to solve it? since it is not convenient to use it and there is no dependence of the departure of this trouble (I tried to reflash everything myself, I did not install the Jail)

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There was a trouble with the iPad mini - it was completely discharged and now it does not charge.
The cable changed, the charger changed - to no avail.
Day hung on charging and nothing has changed.
Now to disassemble it and try to charge the battery separately?
Or is the battery tired and needs replacing?

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* l_l_lblTHuK,
There can be several reasons for this behavior: a cable with a charging connector, a battery, a multi-controller (tristar), a main power controller, a CPU. Who is to blame and why it happened, only employees of the service center will be able to tell.

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