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Samsung SM-G920F Galaxy S6 - Discussion | Smartphone, 5.1 "
Which version of the Galaxy S6 have you chosen?
32 GB [ 5161 ] ** [63,68%]
64 GB [ 2606 ] ** [32,15%]
128 GB [ 337 ] ** [4,16%]
Black sapphire [ 4503 ] ** [55,56%]
White pearls [ 1115 ] ** [13,76%]
Dazzling platinum [ 1445 ] ** [17,83%]
Blue topaz [ 1042 ] ** [12,86%]
Total votes: 8105

Rep: (1375)
DiscussionSamsung SM-G920F Galaxy S6
PictureSamsung SM-G920F Galaxy S6, Samsung SM-G920F Galaxy S6
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Screen Type: 5.1 inch QHD Super AMOLED
Screen resolution: 2560x1440 pixels
CPU: 64-bit eight-core processor Exynos 7420, made on the 14-nm process technology
Tact. CPU frequency: 2.1 GHz
Video accelerator: Mali T760MP8
RAM capacity: 3 GB LPDDR4
Internal memory: 32/64/128 GB
Additional memory in cloud services: 100 GB in OneDrive for 2 years
MicroSD card slot: Missing
Main camera: Sony IMX240 16 megapixel main camera with optical stabilization function and F1.9 aperture
Front-camera: 5 megapixel front-facing 90-degree camera
Mobile connection: 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE) + Support LTE Cat. 6
Wireless technology: Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS, GLONASS
Operating system: Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, Android 6 Marshmallow, Android 7 Nougat
Battery capacity: 2 550 mAh
Dimensions (WCT): 143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm
Weight: 138 grams;
Colors: black, white, gold and blue.

  • Wireless charger
  • Heart rate sensor
  • The function of fast charging, allowing for 10 minutes to charge the device for 4 hours of work
  • Maximum power saving mode

Additional Information:
Useful applications
Reassigning physical keys
Samsung Phone Info - almost all the information about your device
Double tap- Creates a button on AOD to wake up, double tap on the screen to lock the device and a number of other useful functions.Paid version
Galaxy Button Lights- Adjust the backlight time of the touch buttons
Package Disabler Pro- disabling programswithout root(does NOT work with root).USE CAUTION - there may be problems that can only be solved by flashing cleanEnforced Stream Silencer- program to disable some system sounds without root
A number of useful tips posted in the header.discussion topics dvuhsimochnogo S6 , under the spoiler "Useful tips, instructions, recommendations"
You can also learn a lot of useful things in a hat.discussion topics S7 under the spoilers "Useful" and "FEATURES AND PROBLEMS Android 7"

- A banner constantly appears on top of all applications on the main screen (especially when the battery is low) and the lock screen - This is a banner from the built-in SmartRemote (Peel Remote) application, or in the application settings, disable all alerts (alerts), or turn off this application altogether.
- There was a problem "Overlays detected", how to solve it? - There is a special topic for solving this problem - "Overlap Detected"
- How to solve the problem with access to an external memory card in Android 6? - Solution options from sapphire911
- How to unlock Samsung Galaxy, if you forget your password, PIN or pattern - Answer toSamsung website
- How to enable the camera menu shooting mode in RAW on Android 6? - Enable Pro mode
- How to make a menu call for a number of third-party programs in the 6th Android? - The menu in this case is caused by long holding the "Back" touch button
- Is it possible to disable the gray bar of the status bar in Android 6 with power saving turned on? - It is impossible to do this by standard means at the moment .
- Where is the firmware version actually? - due to incorrect translation of menu items in the section "About device"firmware version actually indicated in paragraph " Build number ", and in the item" Firmware version "in reality is indicated modem version .
- It is not possible to disable screen lock protected by a fingerprint, since this feature is "disabled by the administrator, encryption policy, or credential storage". How to get out of this situation? - Switch to any other type of blocking (the absence of blocking and unblocking by screen holding will not be available), then go to "Settings - Protection screen and blocking - Security" and in the "Credential storage" item select the item "Delete credentials".
- Notifications stopped coming or stopped working some time after launching the application. What to do? - Carefully optimize power consumption of applications. More here
- How to take a screenshot on our device? - The screenshot is made by simultaneously pressing the Home and Power buttons. The second possibility is a screenshot by moving your palm across the screen from right to left when the option is enabled in the Motions and gestures menu.
- If the device is shaken. then there is a slight crash in the area of ​​the camera, what is it? - This rattles the camera's autofocus, this is normal.
- How to restart the device if it does not respond to anything? - Long simultaneous pressing of the Power and Volume Down buttons restarts the device
- How to completely turn off the shutter sound of the camera without root? - For this there is a program Enforced Stream Silencer (does not work on Android 6 and 7) and SilentCam Switch
- How to distinguish the original device from a fake? - One of the easiest ways described here
- What to check when buying an original device? - We look post from6630
- What to do with regional lok when buying a European version of the device? - We look post fromPikinesikaddition fromvintal2002
- How to restore the effect of parallax? - The method works, apparently, only on official firmware: Turn off the effect, change the display mode to any, turn on the effect, go back to your display mode (thanks noob26rus)
- Tell me, can I somehow remove the confirmation window when the mobile Internet is disconnected, where do I have to press OK every time? - Regular means without the presence of the root can not be.

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If you still can not wait, then go to
Owners Club Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge .

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Reason for editing: Solving Wi-Fi issues in sleep mode "sleep"

Rep: (1308)
6630 @ 11.05.16, 14:01 *
and do not complain about the battery.

And there are six months on battery dies.

Rep: (32)
I have never charge the phone without the aid of rapid charging, and charge at least 2 times a day. Bought at the end of December, before ng, half a year already pochti.izmeneny work has not been noticed ^)

Rep: (132)
* lmp44,
whether there is a fault in this fast is not known.

Rep: (1308)
6630 @ 11.05.16, 15:02 *
whether there is a fault in this fast is not known.

* 6630 ,
So I do not insist on the ultimate truth.
I say that I know cases with this outcome.

Rep: (0)
Friends of the question:
When the pairing for Bluetooth control connection - ceases to sound (e.g. sounds navigator)
Calls are answered by the voice and radio. And all the other sounds (media) - are lost.
Can they somehow turn?

Exactly the same problem was on the last android phone. There I like the special-programku started (volume setting) and there was a check mark in this case. But I'm not sure that it helped: rolleyes:

Post has been editedsferz - 11.05.16, 18:54

Rep: (0)
* sferz,
Can they somehow turn?

go to Settings and disable the Bluetooth Multimedia

Attached images
Attached Image

Post has been editedLiber71 - 11.05.16, 19:26

Rep: (590)
* Pikinesik,
This one can tryGlance Plus

Rep: (116)
* sferz,
With this setup, how are you now - all the sounds can voice recorder: video, music, etc ....
The city guide, I just set the output channel - Service and navigator worked as expected, and did not have anything further Commission, and, if necessary, when the video wanted to see with a loud sound ...

Rep: (6)
Well, after the last update the stable every day robogolos. It can be both at once in the beginning of conversation, and during, unexpectedly. The operator MegaFon Moscow. Well, live and became a 12 o'clock instead of 22 screen by a maximum of 3 hours. Honestly, tired. I start to look for a replacement. It's a shame, a fan of Samsung. I'm sitting on it ever since the witu. But not the strength to endure.

Rep: (3)
I can not understand where it came from. I flashed to the latest firmware of the Russian Federation and restored through a program Titanium and charging time now this garbage.
Attached Image

Rep: (590)
* leshkakrash,
cases suchDU Speed ​​Booster (Cleaner)not installed? well, or the like.

Rep: (2)
This charging of the accelerator ES conductor

Rep: (43)
* alex0039,
What prevents reflash? The same agonized, she rolled away, the new updated. A couple of days back and glitches. 4 stitched Germany file and updated to the latest. This is the third day without any problems.
In fact a lot has changed smartphones were all popular makes and models. So I do not know any, which would be all smooth and perfect.

Post has been editedxyl1gan - 12.05.16, 00:54

Rep: (0)
alex0039 @ 12.05.2016, 19:55*
Well, after the last update the stable every day robogolos. It can be both at once in the beginning of conversation, and during, unexpectedly. The operator MegaFon Moscow. Well, live and became a 12 o'clock instead of 22 screen by a maximum of 3 hours. Honestly, tired. I start to look for a replacement. It's a shame, a fan of Samsung. I'm sitting on it ever since the witu. But not the strength to endure.

The situation is identical for 5-day. Chimes got, reflash do not want ...

Rep: (8)
Faced with the problem of the gyroscope. In the programs for viewing a starry sky or, for example, in flightradar24 despite the fact that I gently twist the phone all twitches like jerks.

Post has been editedppsudv - 12.05.16, 12:23

Rep: (47)
* ppsudv , the same story. But I was so on the nexus 4, and on the sex arc S, and sex x10 mini pro. So I no longer hope :)

Rep: (1412)
Subject cleaned of offtopic.
Colleagues, once again remind:
- to discuss the purchase of own subject matters;
- its theme is for marriage / repair;
- Firmware and software updates stock are discussed in their respective topics;
- to talk about "vaaasche all" have owners club.
All references in the cap threads.

Rep: (0)
* Liber71, it was to the sound of the media on your phone? and during the call will be okay on the radio?

* nicop, and you probably mean to configure the radio sound source - bluetooth? Hmm cool, but then without the music, it turns out? I like to read, and a flash card and the phone sounds if necessary.

Thanks, I will try. and Google at the same time)

Rep: (0)
Good day! There was a problem. The phone does not charge when the screen is off. Those. when are using the phone while charging, or simply not paid off the screen, the phone is charging. But it is worth the screen goes off, then everything stops charging. Just sometimes, after turn off the screen, the battery icon appears crossed a red cross. Tried different chargers mustache Islands, different outlets, charged from a computer-always the same. It turns out the problem in the battery? Or charging socket?

Rep: (65)
How much time the phone is charging from 0 to 100% wire, without the use of fast-charging battery relatives? I have this time of 1:00 for 37 minutes. The issue arose because the bought / used the phone, Phone info Displaying 211 charger connections. That's why I think so much could kill the battery?
And I'm somewhere in the subject saw the code, which can be reset controller charging the battery resetnut or something like that, now I can not find. If someone knows tell me.

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