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Microsoft Lumia 640 - Discussion | Microsoft Lumia 640
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Discussion Microsoft Lumia 640
Attached ImageMicrosoft Lumia 640 3G DS / Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE / Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE DS

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Lumia 640 Specifications
Operating system:
Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim
Size and weight:
  • Length: 141.3 mm
  • Width: 72.2 mm
  • Thickness: 8.8 mm
  • Weight: 145 g
  • Screen Size: 5 "
  • Display Resolution: HD (1280 x 720)
  • Number of colors: TrueColor (24 bit / 16 million)
  • Display technology: IPS matrix withClearblack
  • Pixel density: 294 ppi
  • Sensor technology: Capacitive with multipoint-touch technology
  • In addition: The functions allowing to work in the conditions of a bright sunlight, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Glass
  • Built-in memory (ROM): 8 GB
  • Random access memory (RAM): 1 GB
  • Maximum memory card capacity (microSD): 128 GB
  • Free cloud storage (OneDrive): 30 GB
  • User Data Storage: In Device: Memory Card, OneDrive Cloud Storage, Data and Application Storage on Memory Card
  • Removable battery: Yes
  • Battery capacity: 2500 mAh
  • Battery voltage: 3.8 V
  • Maximum standby time with two SIM cards: 36 days.
  • Maximum talk time on a 2G network: 26.5 hours
  • Maximum talk time on a 3G network: 17.5 hours
  • Maximum music playback time: 86 hours
  • Maximum Internet browsing time via Wi-Fi connection: 10.8 h
  • Maximum video playback time: 8.6 h
  • Processor Name: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
  • Number of cores: Four cores
  • Clock frequency: 1200 MHz
  • Graphics chip: Adreno 305
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Space orientation sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • Magnetometer
  • SensorCore
  • Removable rear panel
  • Doube-tap
  • Screensaver function
  • Touch control
  • Vibrate
  • Voice commands
  • Smart keyboard
Keyboard and input:
  • User Input: Touch
  • Dual volume key
  • On / off key
  • Back, Start (Start), Search - Touch

  • Main camera: 8Mpix
  • Autofocus: Yes
  • Video: 1920 * 1080 pixels (30 frames / second)rear, 720p (30 frames / sec)frontal
  • Flash: Yes (LED)
  • Front camera: 0.9Mpix
  • Optional: BSI Sensor, f / 2.2, Zoom 4x
Is the back panel glossy or matte?
All glossy exceptblack .

Glance Screen is?

Does it come in a black cap if you order a color model?
The black cover in the kit does not go if you order a color version.

How does the phone switch to silent mode?
Click on any button swing volume control. Two "slider" will come out. Click next to them on the icons "bell" and "notes." Only vibration will remain. If it is necessary to remove it, then click on "Enable vibration". To get it back, do the same.

How to remove the battery?
This is a feature of this. He sits very tight. Take a screwdriver, only gently, without fanaticism.

Does Lumia 640 have an NFC 3G version?
Yes, absent.

If you surf the Internet with SIM # 1 and call SIM # 2, will they call me?

Will it be enough for comfortable communication in the zone of confident reception of 3.5G speed? (for 3G models)
See answerhere.

What is the camera aperture: f /?
See technical specifications for the answer.

Tile "contacts" medium size constantly flashes, which is very annoying. How to make this tile static?
Tile contacts cannot be made static when it has a large or medium size. If reduced to small, then they will not.

How can I add buttons to the top curtain? And then I have a little four pieces.
Buttons with labels are always four, no longer can be put. On these four, you can put only the most necessary.

How to add more details to the screen lock? Five is not enough for me.
There are only five shortcuts on the lock screen, so this is also the most necessary.

I don’t use the 2nd sim card, but its icon is constantly visible as an inactive sim, is it possible to remove it somehow?
It is impossible.

Is it possible to paint the tiles of calls (and SMS) in different colors depending on the SIM?
The colors themselves are not changed. The color of the first tile is the main one set in the settings, the second one changes depending on the installed system color (it differs for a couple of tones). (You can also see an example with screenshotshere).

Is it possible to display the weather and calendar on the screen off? (About GlanceScreen)
Clocks can be displayed, and notifications of selected applications. Weather, it seems, only the lock screen is possible.

What about oleophobic coating?
Oleophobic coating is, and it is of good quality. There are almost no prints, and those that appear from somewhere are erased by one movement.

Discounts added up?
No, they do not add up.

Support wireless charging (QI)?
Information is specified. At the moment it is known that for Lumia 640 there will be no QI support at all.

Like the 640 with GPS, do satellites catch well?
Excellent catches.

Does this device have a full-fledged offline GPS or GLONASS?
In Lumia 640 of all modifications there is a full-fledged receiver of signals from GPS and GLONASS systems.

How to build? Does the crunch crackle? Is there any backlash?
It is assembled perfectly, everything is tight, elastic, without gaps and backlashes.

What is the width of the frame on the sides in mm?
together with the case of 4 mm

How does the sensor / multitouch work?
10 touches, everything is fine.

Is the voice speaker in the 640 model normal, not deaf like some? You can clearly hear the interlocutor on that side?
You can hear clearly, the interlocutor did not hear extraneous noises

Is there a sensor sensitivity setting?

Can I install on the desktop two rows of middle tiles?

Is it possible for the on-screen keyboard to enable vibration, as on the system buttons?
There is no such possibility.

If the vibrating alert is on, does it vibrate a couple of times at the beginning of the call when it rings, then only the ringing tone plays?
Yes. This is a WP feature.

What is the maximum memory card capacity?
128 GB

What type of memory card formatting is supported?
The memory card must be in FAT or exFAT format. The smartphone itself formats in exFAT.

Does this line of phones support USB-OTG?
No, it does not. Perhaps something will change with the release of Windows 10 Mobile.

Does Flash video play in Internet Explorer?
Not. Windows Phone does not play Flash content.Yes, absolutely.

Will the chargers from other companies? (Asus, Samsung, LG, etc.)
Original best. But, at your own risk, you can try third-party chargers that are suitable for the parameters.

What program constantly pulls the GPS when unlocking the device?
Settings ->Phone search ->Uncheck "Periodically save location until the battery is discharged."

How to turn off the sim card?
Settings ->Cellular network + SIM. There are settings items installed SIM-cards, where they can be disabled.

How to make a Full Reset (Hard Reset) and Soft Reset (Soft Reset)?
We readhere.
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Record of telephone conversations is not supported, neither on 8-ke, nor on 10-ke.

Post has been editedvelikashkin - 23.11.20, 11:42

Rep: (2094)
* Demon7777,
Windows 10 Insider Preview for phones (post biboy85 # 49086170)

Rep: (63)
MetalTurner2 @ 05/08/2016, 00:47*
It will not help, Yandex still opens, checked more than once, and not on one phone.

Yes, well ... So I have an effect: rofl:

Search by clicking on "Lupu" (US region)
Attached Image

How Cortana appears for Russia, you can return the region back until such a crutch ...

Search for Microsoft Edge (default)
Attached Image

something like this...

P.S.>Do not look at the "my" version of 10ki, because, above the above, it is true and for the release of WM10 bilded, including.

Post has been editedslavsat - 07.05.16, 19:39
Reason for editing: clarification

Rep: (51)
* alexummc, After receiving the license, it writes a mistake. Download does not start.

Rep: (2094)
* Demon7777,
Attached Image

It was downloaded without problems.

Rep: (31)
Demon7777 @ 05/07/2016, 19:46*
After receiving the license, it writes a mistake. Download does not start.

Constantly such problems ... You can try it later to update or delete and download again (always helped)

Post has been editedcow__boy - 07.05.16, 20:14

Rep: (63)
H.Z. I just do not have problems with downloads ... Although the devices of one model apparently jokes in all different
Maybe an Internet is not stable?

Post has been editedslavsat - 07.05.16, 20:25

Rep: (181)
Demon7777 @ 05/07/2016, 19:46*
After receiving the license, the error writes

Literally half an hour ago there was the same error on HERE +. Now I pressed to start re-in the store - downloaded. Prior to that, 3 times within an hour did not want. Shop indulges?

Rep: (77)
and Don't Track When it is turned on prohibits tracking? Or do not turn on

Rep: (63)
GOSH60 @ 05/08/2016, 03:02*
Do Not Track

Literally "not track", so the inclusion prohibits tracking, well, how it prohibits, the HTTP header is sent, allowing to bypass your actions tracking

Rep: (3)
Is it possible to save these cards here, what would during the transition to 10-ki they stayed and worked?

Rep: (254)
IJleoH @ 05/06/2016, 21:21*
Something did not arrive, the update, 640 3g ds black from the wife's orange. Mari El Region (Volga Region), operator Megafon and MTS. What to do?

I’m talking about updating at 10, I’m sitting on 8.1 so far.

Post has been editedalexummc - 08.05.16, 05:52

Rep: (54)
* iJleoH,
Upgrade advisorinstalled?

Rep: (132)
Ijleoh @ 05/07/2016, 21:36*
... I sit on 8.1 so far.

So you will sit on 8 until the advisor put

Rep: (2)
Slavsat @ 05/07/2016, 19:34*
yes well ... then I have an illicit

Taki and the question was "When you press the" Search "button, Yandex (Search Terms in a row) opens. Is it possible to remove this nonsense?"
If Google is in the search in the address bar, then the Yandex (Search Terms in the row) opens when you press the "Search" button.
And if you change the region that there is no eager open.

Rep: (0)
When you turn on the backlight, location tracking is constantly turned on, although the search is disabled. What else can track location?

Rep: (63)
MetalTurner2 @ 05/08/2016, 05:35*
And if you change the region that there is no eager open.

Well, firstly, the fact that opens when pressed on the magnifier said nothing was said, it was about the search, which by the way is looking for both the Internet and in the system, Pts. conveniently

Secondly, in 10K, I search for Cortana (Bing), which is not yet in Russian, so ...

Third, as you noticed
MetalTurner2 @ 05/08/2016, 05:35*
Clicking the "Search" button opens Yandex (Search Terms in line). Is it possible to remove this nonsense?

Is my advice not suitable for an answer? Full fit

P.S.>... 905th page of the same questions and sweatshirt ... :(

Rep: (0)
Guys, but what is the name of the native MS navigator on VM10? And then I look at me only the application card stands.

Rep: (337)
Stigmat666 @ 05/08/2016, 10:48*
Guys, but what is the name of the native MS navigator on VM10? And then I look at me only the application card stands.

Navigator inside cards.

Rep: (214)
* StigMat666,
Navigator is built into the card. In the maps go to the menu - Routes.

Rep: (3)
Today the strange thing began, the phone all the time requests the entry into the account, it seems to and goes, but then again asks the password ... Mail is valid (checked on the laptop) if you press the cancellation, then the synchronization error is written again. It all started with the notes at the notes and it happens after the entry into standard applications. Reboot did not help ... What is it and how to solve?

Posted on 05/08/2016, 11:56:

... and when it goes in the settings, it writes "Take Meas"

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