LINUX on UEFI 32bit | [linuxos] tablets and TV box INTEL Bay \ Cherry Trail

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LINUX on UEFI 32/64 bit

The topic discusses installing any kind of LINUX on tablets and TV boxes on INTEL Bay [Cherry] Trail with UEFI 32 / 64bit

INTEL Bay [Cherry] Trail.
The screen size, touchscreen, Ram, Rom, it's all not important, they are almost identical, in tablets on Intel.
additional information
If you were able to launch Linux on your machine, write its name, what does not work and what works and how you launched it.
P.SThe topic is forbidden to discuss dualboot Android / Windows only linux / windows
Linux builds
Drivers and sources

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* laert00 Decided to introduce Kubuntu file bootia32, I wrote nomodeset and a miracle! Graphical user interface has appeared!
Honestly, I would navryatli guessed. Thanks!

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Decided to put of Ubuntu, something like a nomodeset graphical interface appears, the installation was successful.
But the system does not zagruzhaesya, black screen. Nomodeset I tried.

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* StepaBon ,
Try to place the image of a linuxium:
https: //

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* blue_2h,
there is even a nomodesetom (where ubuntu safe graphics, it seems there is already registered) will not ship, a black screen.

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Lord, zdarova. Asus t100ta, efi x32. I put on him all the time through the system ubiquity -b without bootloader. But then people from the forum threw me files for efi / boot directory to stick. The system arose from a standard installer without hornbeam errors. If someone is willing to test on other Planchet, the link to the file I can throw on the forum

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So. IMac is available in 2006 on the basis of processor Intel core 2 duo and Uefi x32.
I tried to put Ubuntu, Kubuntu. It seems to get up (on), but after hornbeam black screen (with nomodesetom). Now, hornbeam not put (when trying again ustanoivit).

If someone can throw off instructions (step by step) as to establish ubuntu (nk from the launch of the stick). I'll be very thankful. Thanks!

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Help solve the problem with rotated counterclockwise image ... all methods of instruction in the header tried, tried different scripts, etc., but after every turn on all of the old left, helps only after each start command xrandr -o right
Snow leopard netbook NB29, aboard linuxmint-20-cinnamon-64bit, everything works Tipo wifi, sound, blyupup ... trouble with the screen only

By the way everything is put virtually no problems ... put up with the bugs and grab2 without leaving later in the terminal:
sudo chroot / target
mount devpts / dev / pts -t devpts
apt-get update
apt-get install grub-efi-ia32
grub-install / dev / sdX

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Please help, here is my 2006 iMac with intel core 2 duo, uefi 32.
Now I should Kubuntu 64bit, hornbeam deliver.
If someone fumbles, tell the kernel boot parameters to the picture was, in fact with no nomodesetom pictures.
Tried: ro quiet splash (and there is still something long, starts at $), ro nomodeset and then that starts at $, just tried to nomodeset ro.
When you try to specify the parameters nomodeset quiet splash $ ... PC restarts

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* Griha60 ,
xrandr in autostart, what's the problem?

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* blue_2h,
Does not work

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* Griha60 ,
Try it in ~ / .xinitrc to register
And then I suppose you run the command to start the X's, not after

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* blue_2h,
No such file

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* Griha60 ,
So create))

https: //wiki.archlinux...1%82%D0%B5%D0%BC%D1%83

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Tried to Atombuke Irbis NB45 (Z3735) by Shell (32) and Grub (bootia32.efi and different from Arch) run some sort of version of Live CD Puppy,
but so far unsuccessful attempt - probably what it is, misunderstandings opportunities existing versions of Grub EFI
(For some, it is necessary to explicitly specify the location of the file where it grub.cfg placed and possibly root directory
set prefix = (hd0, gpt1) / Boot / Grub
set root = (hd0, gpt1)

for other teams do not have enough staff, if you do not find / i386-efi yes and what the commands are not recognized (perhaps more "new / old" and there is in the assembled bootia32.efi)
I saw an interesting solution in one startup.nsh file when he himself, by trying to find the name of the file directory where it is located and set its working (in the draft from the EFI BIOS update application Github)
About this content
@echo -off

if exist fs0: \ EFI \ BOOT \ fparts.txt then
set base "fs0:"
if exist fs1: \ EFI \ BOOT \ fparts.txt then
set base "fs1:"
if exist fs2: \ EFI \ BOOT \ fparts.txt then
set base "fs2:"
if exist fs3: \ EFI \ BOOT \ fparts.txt then
set base "fs3:"
if exist fs4: \ EFI \ BOOT \ fparts.txt then
set base "fs4:"
if exist fs5: \ EFI \ BOOT \ fparts.txt then
set base "fs5:"
if exist fs6: \ EFI \ BOOT \ fparts.txt then
set base "fs6:"
if exist fs7: \ EFI \ BOOT \ fparts.txt then
set base "fs7:"
if exist fs8: \ EFI \ BOOT \ fparts.txt then
set base "fs8:"
if exist fs9: \ EFI \ BOOT \ fparts.txt then
set base "fs9:"
if exist fsa: \ EFI \ BOOT \ fparts.txt then
set base "fsa:"
if exist fsb: \ EFI \ BOOT \ fparts.txt then
set base "fsb:"

% Base%

Even tried bootia32.efi of assembly LiveCD Windows PE (Strelec assembly) after the start of which it can be redirected to another run Grub Efi
What, I wonder, that with this disc on the beech and run EFI graphical application to test memory with operating arm (its speed just a little) This very WinPEs LiveCD does not boot on this beech, although start his, but gave screen of death.

ESP is a hidden partition on the beech "small" (100m) and there are a lot that are not located - svbodno about 36Mb (if not to touch anything in the UEFI / Microsoft and UEFI / Recovery)
(To him that a copy is loaded from an external LiveCD Puppy c EFI)

P.S. When, this, regular download any Live CD Uefi image (by selecting the download source in BIOSe) 32/64 occurs normally.
Of the unemployed - have yet to sound issues. (It is not even visible in the system)

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And, is there where the resource with which the applications made to run on UEFI?
At the same Github they are underrepresented, but what is there.

P.S. application Passmark memtest x86 (32) in the efi formatAttached fileMemtest_efД±.7z(444.95 KB)

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