LINUX on UEFI 32bit | [linuxos] tablets and TV box INTEL Bay \ Cherry Trail

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LINUX on UEFI 32/64 bit

The topic discusses installing any kind of LINUX on tablets and TV boxes on INTEL Bay [Cherry] Trail with UEFI 32 / 64bit

INTEL Bay [Cherry] Trail.
The screen size, touchscreen, Ram, Rom, it's all not important, they are almost identical, in tablets on Intel.
additional information
If you were able to launch Linux on your machine, write its name, what does not work and what works and how you launched it.
P.SThe topic is forbidden to discuss dualboot Android / Windows only linux / windows
Linux builds
Drivers and sources

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Reason for editing: + autorotation guide

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* Silent forest , * Silent forest At paragraph 8 auto-rotation set up?

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* ivan34,
Yes, on the 8th.
I had a trial and error to pick up $ ORIENTATION in the script.

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* Silent forest , Thank you, I'll try.

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Problem was solved, I would like to thank you for useless advice and lamerskie ridicule, as well as ignore when searching for a solution.

blue_2h @ 29.08.20, 16:56*
The normal image of Windows only solution, if everything is OK with iron
Vozmodno you have a problem on the level Softpedia

laert00 @ 29.08.20, 18:07*
assembly of Bob? Put images MSDN

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* serega199505 ,
In this case, share experiences
This information is useful to someone in the future
And what lamerstvo something is? You expect kilometer responses, even without informing the model of your device? You just been written, most likely a problem in your way. Where there any taunts or anything like that?

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Chuwi hi10 dualboot put (write all that does not work the rest of the screen, battery, keyboard, buttons and so everything else works)
Ubuntu 20.04.1 64bit - Sensor does not work, but the accelerometer works crookedly
Mint 20.04.1 all versions - does not work and an accelerometer sensor
Debian 10,5 and lubuntu 20.04.1 to install WiFi was not working and I canceled the installation
Kubuntu 20.04.1 not working sensor and accelerometer stopped on kubuntu since it livelier work, compared with Mint xcfe
Can anyone help with drivers on the sensor. In the group of the device there is an instruction on the installation, but it does not work on my device. I reach up to the moment when you need to throw the driver in the folder through the terminal, an error occurs. I download this file separately and throw as root, the miracle does not happen, the sensor does not work after a reboot

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Hello. No one will tell you how to beat the blade wifi every five minutes, and after sleeping on Ubuntu 20.04?

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* karelinars , Probably in hibernation uhodit- look in this thread how to disable energosberezhenie for vayfay

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Mixanic1997 @ 10.03.17, 15:58*
For android support there. It is written and more here.

* Mixanic1997,
Please tell me how these drivers installed on android86?

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Silent Forest @ 28.09.20, 10:39*
Look in this topic for how to disable energosberezhenie vayfay

It did not help. But Reddy advised to put a custom kernel. And surprisingly started to work adequately wafer and a cooler (yes in my plate cooler).

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* karelinars ,
If it `s not a secret
Which kernel you have set?

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blue_2h @ 02.10.20, 08:18*
Which kernel you have set?

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Hello! Do not tell me how to install majaro linux 32bit on prestigio 116a03.

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After installing the kubuntu with linuxium website tablet ONDA V820w (z3735f, 2gb RAM, uefi32) collided with a wild zhorom batarei- processor does not sleep and is constantly plowed into performance mode.

Maybe someone will come in handy and helped install intel-microcode:

apt install intel-microcode

PS Once advise utility powertop- it is convenient to control what eats the battery, and you can limit the appetite.

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