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iTunes - FAQ
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ITunes Pro
iTunes is a free media combine program for OS X and Windows. It includes an iTunes Store content store, software for connecting and sharing data with iOS devices, as well as a media player that allows you to quickly and easily organize and listen to music.
ITunes version history.
This FAQ provides answers to the most common user questions about this program.

General issues

Work with media content

iTunes Store

Work with iOS devices

We hope that after reading our FAQ to use iTunes you become more comfortable and enjoyable!

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How to get an account on the iTunes Store

Description : In this manual you will learn how to register an account in the AppStore Russia without a credit card (or with a credit card). Proceed to registration:
1) Turn on iTunes. And click on the "iTunes Store" or "Go to iTunes Store"
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2) Scroll down the page and to the right, click on the flag (if there is not a Russian flag), select "Russia".
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3) At the top of the page, click "AppStore".
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4) In the middle of the right look in the list of "Top free applications." Novodim the cursor on any application and click "Free."
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5) iTunes will offer to login to your account. Click "Create Apple ID".
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6) Click "Continue"
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7) Carefully read the Apple Terms and Conditions Policy, tick the consent box and click "Accept"
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8) Fill out the questionnaire (it is desirable to use the world's most popular postal services), click "Continue"
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9) Specify the method of payment: No (if without a credit card), fill in the "Billing Address" (preferably a valid one). Click "Create Apple ID"
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10) After registering, you will be asked to confirm your account in the mailbox, follow the link in the email and confirm the activation of your account using your e-mail and password.

Do not be alarmed if the letter is very long, some have waited up to 4 days.

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Create multiple iTunes profiles

If you have several devices, then when you connect to iTunes, the content (programs, games) of the device that was last synchronized will be displayed. If you connect another device, then the synchronized programs will be programs from another device. How not to mix those programs / games with programs / games of another device and not to delete all the content in one fell swoop? Easy...
There is an item in the fake, but there is no description of how to create a media library.
Apple iPad - FAQ (Post # 5580539)
Task . Create profiles for iPad and iPhone.
We connect the device, for example, iPad to the computer.
Run in the computeriTunes and immediately press Shift . We see the window.
We press the button "Create ".
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We assign any name to the iPad profile (in our case, the name will be iPad).
We press "Save ". The profile is created - see the iPad folder.
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Sync iPad with a computer, then disable it and close iTunes.
Taboutsame himselfaboute praboutdo with iPhone.
There should be nothing in the program field before synchronization. If there are programs from the iPad, which has just been synchronized, then something is done wrong. If in this case, press the sync, then iTunes will want to completely clear this iPhone and say "Do you really want to remove all programs and install new ones?" ...Strictly deny this action .
How to get around the problem with the removal of programs, we read at the bottom of this topic.*
The correct result should be two profiles. The iPhone was last synced, so when you connect the iPad to iTunes, the programs and games of that iPhone will be shown. To avoid this, we connect the iPad, launch iTunes in the computer, immediately press Shift and see the familiar window.
We press "Choose ".
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A folder with profiles for all devices will appear. Choosing an iPad.
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Go to the folder and double click oniTunes Library.itl
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All - iTunes displays iPad content.
* Instructions on how to avoid iTunes hints about uninstalling programs.
When you sync, iTunes deletes applications installed via Installous.
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The reasons :
- Included item in Installous - Settings - iTunes Sync.
- when synchronizing in the iTunes window, which asked about the transfer of programs from the iPad, it was set to "Do not ask again."
We win the disease .
1. Turn off auto-sync - uncheck the item "Sync" in the "Programs" tab in iTunes.
2. Turn off iTunes Sync in Installous settings.
3. We reset iTunes warnings: we connect iPad ->In the list of devices on the left, click on it with the right mouse button ->Reset alerts.
If everything is done correctly, then there will be no more confusion.
If something is wrong and the message appears again, then click to cancel the synchronization and check whether you are in the correct profile! Maybe go to the profile of the iPhone with the device iPad. Or right-click on the name of the device (left in the column) - Transfer purchases.

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How to add music and video to iOS device
This topic talks about adding media to iPhone in various ways.

Adding music and videos using iTunes
Consider the work of the program on the example of version 12
  • Add the required file to your iTunes library. To do this or clickFile ->Add to library, and in the window that opens, select the desired file, or drag the file to the new music.
  • Now we connect the iOS device to the computer, open the Music panel in the “On my device” tab and click “Add”.
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  • A panel opens, where the computer’s media library is located on the left and your device is on the right.
    Attached Image

  • Now we drag music from one part to another, after the end we click "Finish", the music appears on the iOS device.

If enabledsynchronization iTunes and iPhone libraries (to switch on, go to the music panel in the device menu and select the necessary parameters, after adding new music to the iTunes library, click the Sync button, and synchronization will occur automatically.

In case you need to addplaylist (music or video folder), create it via File ->New ->Playlist In the new playlist, you can drag the necessary files from the file manager or add files from your iTunes library. After synchronization, the playlist will be available on the iOS device.

Add music and video using File Sharing to play in third-party players.
This method can be used if the developer has provided the File Sharing function.
  • We connect the device, select the item “Programs” in the settings panel.
  • Scroll to the tab "Shared Files". Here the list shows all the programs in which you can add files. Select our player, in the bottom of the list on the left we find the button “Add”.
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  • Opens the file manager, where we select the desired file.
  • After adding the files appear in the desired application.

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Where are the iTunes files stored?

By default, the entire iTunes library is stored in these folders:
  • Windows xp : C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ My Documents \ My Music \ iTunes \ .
  • Windows vista : C: \ Users \ username \ Music \ iTunes \ .
  • Windows 7 : C: \ Users \ username \ My Music \ iTunes \ .
  • Windows 8 : C: \ Users \ username \ My Music \ iTunes \.
  • Mac os x : / Users / Username / Music / iTunes .

Change the location of the iTunes folder
Open iTunes Preferences:
Windows : Edit ->Settings.
Mac OS X: iTunes ->Settings.
Find the Add-ons tab here. Replace the folder with the necessary.
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Common iTunes Errors

1- Not the firmware or version of iTunes
The firmware does not fit the device, or the version of iTunes is too old to work with this version. Update iTunes to the latest version, if the error persists, download the firmware again
2- The firmware is not assembled correctly
The firmware is recognized, but cannot be used due to the fact that it is assembled and packaged incorrectly (usually the error appears when working with custom firmware). Download firmware or try another
5, 6- Wrong firmware mode
The firmware cannot be installed either due to damage to the boot logos, or due to the fact that the device was entered into the wrong service mode (for example, the firmware is designed for DFU Mode, and you try to recover via the Recovery Mode). Enter the device in DFU Mode, if it does not help, download another firmware.
8- Wrong device
The firmware is suitable for iTunes, but not for the device (for example, it is not for that generation of the device). Download the firmware version corresponding to your device model.
9- Kernel Panic
Panic kernel in the device when working with firmware. It occurs either when the data transfer via cable is interrupted, or if the firmware is incompatible with the recovery mode selected Try to restore the firmware through the DFU Mode. Check whether the cable is securely fixed in the USB port and in the 30-pin connector of the device. Change the cable or port.
10- No LLB downloader
Damaged or missing low-level loader LLB due to crookedly assembled custom firmware. Download another custom firmware or rebuild it yourself
11- Incomplete firmware file
The firmware lacks a number of necessary files for downloading. Download another custom firmware or rebuild it yourself
13- Cable problem
USB cable or 30-pin connector problem or an attempt to install iOS beta from Windows. Change the cable or USB port. Disable USB 2.0 BIOS
14- "Broken" firmware file
During the flashing, a violation of the integrity of the firmware file was detected. Disable the firewall and antivirus, try changing the cable or USB port, try another firmware
17- Flashing from custom to custom
Attempting to upgrade from one custom firmware to another custom firmware. Before flashing, enter the device in Recovery Mode or DFU Mode
18- Damaged device media library
The media library of the iOS device is damaged. It is very likely that a flashing is required.
20- Requires DFU mode
Instead of DFU Mode, the device is in Recovery Mode. Enter the device in DFU Mode
21- Requires pwned DFU mode
DFU-mode error when jailbreaking. Enter the device in DFU Mode via Pwnage Tool, sn0wbreeze or redsn0w
23- Unreadable IMEI / MAC
iTunes cannot read the device's IMEI or MAC address. If the error is repeated on other firmware, then the problem is of a hardware nature.
26- NOR Memory Error
Error when working with NOR-memory because of the crookedly assembled firmware. Download another custom firmware or rebuild it yourself
27, 29- Looping the firmware
iTunes loops while trying to restore the firmware. Update iTunes to the latest version.
28- Memory issue
Failure of flash memory or contact group. Help you can only in the service
31- Out of DFU
The device cannot exit DFU mode. The most common error is hardware problems.
34- There is no space on the hard drive
Not enough disk space. Free up the hard drive on which iTunes is installed
35- No access rights to the iTunes folder
Corrupted access rights to the iTunes folder on the Mac. Run Disk Utility and restore access rights.
36, 39, 40, 306, 10054- No access to the update server
Problem with access to activation and signing servers. Disable firewall and antivirus, check the hosts file.
37- The loader does not fit the device
Low-level boot loader does not match the device model due to an error when building custom firmware. Download another custom firmware or rebuild it yourself
54- Unable to transfer purchases
Cannot transfer iTunes Store purchases from device. Delete old backups. Deauthorize computer in iTunes (menu "Store") and try again.
414- Content for adults only
You are not allowed to upload content with a rating of 17+ to your device. Correct the age data in your iTunes account (menu "Store - View my account")
1002- Copy Error
An error occurred while copying the firmware files to the device. Start the flashing procedure again.
1004- Apple servers overloaded
Apple servers could not send SHSH hashes to the device. Try to flash later
1008- Invalid characters in Apple ID
Your Apple ID contains invalid (iTunes-related) characters. Try not to use anything other than Latin letters and numbers in your Apple ID
1011, 1012 - Device modem not responding
The iPhone / iPad modem does not respond. Try restarting your device. If the error repeats continuously, then there may be a hardware problem.
1013-1015- Modem downgrade
iTunes tried to downgrade the iPhone / iPad modem version. The error indicates that the firmware has completed normally, however, the iPhone / iPad itself cannot boot after it. You must use the function Kick Device Out of Recovery in the utility TinyUmbrella
1050 - Apple server is unavailable
Apple activation servers are unavailable. Try to activate the device later.
1394- System files are damaged
System files are damaged as a result of a failed jailbreak. Restore the firmware and jailbreak again
1413-1428- USB issues
Problems with data transfer via USB cable. Check cable integrity and USB port health
1430, 1432 - Device not recognized
Device not recognized. Change the cable, USB-port, computer. May indicate a hardware problem.
1450- No permission to access the library file
Unable to modify iTunes library file. Restore access rights on Mac OS X, check the owners and permissions of the folder in Windows
1600, 1611- Requires recovery mode
Recovery to custom firmware is done through DFU Mode, although it should have been done through Recovery Mode. Enter the device in Recovery Mode
1601- No access to device
iTunes cannot get full access to the device. Disable all background processes, try another USB port or cable, reinstall iTunes
1602- Unknown device mode
iTunes cannot verify that the device is in the correct mode. Check the hosts file, turn off all background processes, try another USB port or cable
1603, 1604- Requires a jailbreak
The non-jailbroken device is restored to the custom firmware. Jailbreak on the current firmware. Please note: jailbreak through the Spirit utility and the JailbreakMe site is not complete and also leads to such errors
1608- iTunes is damaged
ITunes components are damaged. ITunes Reinstall Required
1609- iTunes update required
The version of iTunes is too old to work with the device. Update iTunes to the latest version.
1619- Operation in DFU mode is not possible.
iTunes sees the device in normal mode, but cannot work with it in DFU mode. Update iTunes to the latest version.
1644- Interference from the system
Other system processes prevent iTunes from working with the firmware file. Restart the computer, disable the firewall and antivirus, close all programs running in the background
1646- Device reboot required
iTunes could not load the device in the desired mode. Restart your iOS device, restart iTunes
2001- No access to device (Mac OS)
Mac OS X drivers block access to the device. Update Mac OS X to the latest version.
2002- Access to the device is blocked
ITunes access to the device is blocked by other system processes. Close all other programs, turn off the antivirus, restart the computer.
2003- Bad USB port
USB port is damaged. Clean the USB port, check the contacts, try connecting the device to another port or computer
2005- Bad cable
Damaged cable. Replace cable
3000, 3004, 3999- No access to the update server
Unable to access the firmware signing server. Disable firewall and antivirus. Set IE as your default browser.
3001, 5103, -42210- Unable to upload video
iTunes cannot load the video. Find and delete the service folder "SC Info" from the disk
3002, 3194- No SHSH certificate
It is not possible to request a suitable SHSH hash from the firmware signing server. It occurs if you redirected iTunes to the Cydia server via the hosts file or the TinyUmbrella utility, but there are no saved hashes for this firmware on the server. Disable TinyUmbrella or remove the line "" from the hosts file.
Also, error 3194 occurs when the user tries to install an irrelevant (outdated) firmware. To find out what firmware is relevant at the moment, you can in the subject.[FAQ] The relevance of the firmware
3123- Impossible to rent a video
iTunes cannot rent videos. Deauthorize the computer in iTunes and log in again.
3191- quicktime is damaged
QuickTime components are damaged. Reinstall player and QuickTime components required
3195- SHSH certificate damaged
Accepted SHSH hash is corrupted. Try to start flashing again.
3200- Incomplete firmware
In the custom firmware there are no required images. Download another custom firmware or create it yourself again.
5002- Unable to make payment
Unable to confirm payment in iTunes Store. Check your credit card information is correct.
8008, -50, -5000, -42023- Unable to download file
iTunes cannot restore the download session. Clear the contents of the iTunes Media / Downloads folder in the iTunes folder
8248- Incompatible plugins
The normal work of iTunes is hampered by old incompatible plugins. Delete the plug-ins installed to iTunes until the error stops appearing
9807- Digital Signature Request Problem
iTunes cannot contact the digital signature verification server. Disable firewall and antivirus
9813- Invalid keys
Keychain certificates are invalid. Clear Safari Cache (Safari-Reset Safari Menu)
11222- Server access is blocked
Access to iTunes services is blocked. Disable firewall
13001- iTunes library is damaged
Irreversible damage to your iTunes library file. Delete the iTunes Library file and files with the extension itdb in the iTunes folder
13014, 13136- Interference from the system
Other processes interfere with the normal operation of iTunes. Restart the computer, disable the firewall and antivirus, close all programs running in the background
13019- Media Library Error
Media library error while trying to sync. Check your iTunes library for damaged and incompatible files.
20000- Conflict with the Windows shell
iTunes conflicts with the Windows GUI. Turn on the default theme in Windows
20008- Conflict with TinyUmdrella
iTunes conflicts with the TinyUmbrella utility. Update TinyUmbrella and Reboot
-1- "Dead" modem
Critical modem error. Occurs when updating iOS to iPhone without a modem upgrade. Use redsn0w or TinyUmbrella to wipe the gadget from recovery mode
-35, -39- Error loading music from the store
Unable to download music from the iTunes Store. Update iTunes to the latest version, log out and log in again, disable the firewall and antivirus
-50- No connection with Apple servers
iTunes cannot communicate with servers. Update iTunes to the latest version, log out and log in again, disable the firewall and antivirus. In extreme cases, reinstall iTunes and QuickTime.
-3198- Downloaded files are damaged
The integrity of the downloaded files is violated. Repeat the download via iTunes again
-3221 - Not authorized (Mac OS)
Incorrect access rights to iTunes file on Mac. Run Disk Utility and make access rights restored.
-3259- Timed out
The iTunes Store timeout limit is exceeded. Check your internet connection
-9800, -9808, -9812, -9814, -9815- Incorrect date / time
Error shopping time in the iTunes Store. Set the correct date on your computer
-9843 - Download blocked
The iTunes Store security system blocked the download. Log out of your account, restart iTunes and log in again.
0xE8000004- problem with Wi-Fi
Check the Wi-Fi module, cables and antennas in the device
0xE8000001, 0xE800006B- Unexpected device shutdown
The device was unexpectedly disabled. Restart iTunes and reconnect your device.
0xE8000022- The firmware of the device is damaged
Irreversibly damaged iOS system files. Restore firmware
0xE800003D- No access to network settings
iPhone or iPad can not access the settings of mobile operators. Correct access rights (if the gadget is jailbroken), remove all custom operator bundles, as a last resort, restore the firmware
0xE8000065- The problem of custom firmware
Error while trying to install custom firmware. As a rule, an error occurs when working with firmware created in sn0wbreeze. Restart the computer, try to flash again, in case of failure, create the firmware again
0xE8008001- Unsigned application
Attempt to install an unsigned application into the device. Do not put pirated software
0x80090318 (iTunes does not see the Internet connection, although it is)

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Where can I download iTunes?

You can download the latest version of iTunes fromApple's official website .
For downloading of earlier versions for different OS you can usethis page .

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How to completely remove iTunes on a computer running Windows?
Read about where the iTunes library is stored.Where iTunes files are stored.

In addition to iTunes itself, the installation package also includes the following programs:
  • iTunes
  • Apple Software Update
  • Apple Mobile Device Support
  • Bonjour
  • Apple Application Support

Deleting these items in part or in random order may result inunpredictable consequences !
howright delete these components:
Go to
  • Windows Vista / 7 : Start ->Control Panel ->Uninstall a program .
  • Windows 8 : Conductor ->Settings ->Control Panel ->Remove programs.

Attached Image
In the list that appears, browse iTunes, click Remove, and confirm the deletion.
Find and remove the following components in the same way:
  • Apple Software Update
  • Apple Mobile Device Support
  • Bonjour
  • Apple Application Support

After the end of this action, restart the computer.

Delete auxiliary files if they are left
In most cases, after removing iTunes, no auxiliary files remain. However, sometimes such files may remain. They are in such directories:
Windows (32-bit)
  • C: \ Program Files \ Bonjour
  • C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support
  • C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Apple \ Apple Application Support
  • C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Apple \ CoreFP
  • C: \ Program Files \ iTunes \
  • C: \ Program Files \ iPod \

Windows (64-bit)
  • C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Bonjour
  • C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support
  • C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Apple \ Apple Application Support
  • C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Apple \ CoreFP
  • C: \ Program Files (x86) \ iTunes \
  • C: \ Program Files (x86) \ iPod \

To remove auxiliary files, delete the directory data.

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How to completely uninstall iTunes on Mac OS?

In Mac OS X / OS X, iTunes is a pre-installed application, so it cannot be removed by dragging and dropping into the Trash.
Deletion via Terminal
In the Terminal application, enter the command:
sudo rm -rf

After entering the password, iTunes will be removed.

Uninstall iTunes via GUI
Locate iTunes in the / Applications folder and select Properties from the pop-up window. Unlock the window by clicking on the lock icon and entering a password:
Attached Image

Now in the "Sharing and Permissions" menu, select the "Read and write" option for all users.
Attached Image

Then you can drag the iTunes file to the Trash.

The list of auxiliary files and folders iTunes:
  • ~ / Music / iTunes- iTunes library.
  • ~ / Library / iTunes- scripts, plugins updates for iPod.
  • ~ / Library / Preferences / settings file.
  • ~ / Library / Preferences / Equalizer settings.
  • ~ / Library / Preferences / determines the automatic launch of iTunesHelper helper program upon logging on to the system.
  • ~ / Library / Preferences / CD Info.cidb- information about CDs and a list of operations performed on them.

Accordingly, all these files and folders can be deleted after removing iTunes.

How to restore iTunes?
It can be downloaded from the official Apple site or from the Mac App Store update menu.

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Where did the sidebar go in iTunes 12?

Standard sidebar wasdeleted in iTunes. Now its individual items are displayed in the top menu:
Attached Image

Where to the left - sections, to the right - subsections.

The side menu is also displayed when an iOS device is connected.
Attached Image

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What file formats does iTunes support?

  • QuickTime Video (.mov)
  • MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4v)
  • MPEG-2 (OS OS Lion or later)
  • MPEG-1
  • 3GPP
  • 3GPP2
  • AVCHD (OS OS X Mountain Lion or later)
  • AVI (Motion JPEG only)
  • DV

  • iTunes Audio (.m4a, .m4b, .m4p)
  • MP3
  • Core Audio (.caf)
  • Aiff
  • AU
  • SD2
  • Wav
  • SND
  • AMR

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Visualizer and mini player

Mini player
When listening to music, the iTunes window may shrink to a mini player. If necessary, you can return the full view of the window at any time.
Turn on the mini-player.
To turn on while playing music, click on the corresponding icon in the process menu:
Attached Image

A mini player will open.
Attached Image

What actions can be made from a mini-player?
  • Cut to one line with the name and the most important parameters.
    Attached ImageAttached Image

  • Ordering and navigation features:
    Attached Image

  • Stop a song, go to the next or previous one, adjust the volume, search for a song.
    Attached Image

  • Show album.
    Attached Image

  • Return to the full window.
    Attached Image

The visualizer is available viaView ->Show Visualizer.
You can also customize the look of the visualizer.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Use the keyboard shortcut to enable the built-in equalizer.Command + Option + E(Ctrl + Alt + E on Windows) or go throughWindow ->Equalizer.
Attached Image

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How to convert music from one format to another?

iTunes has the ability to convert music to various formats. Namely:

  • Go to iTunes Settings (Mac : iTunes ->Settings; Windows : Edit ->Settings).
  • SelectMajor ->Import settings.

Here you can choose the format you want to convert to.
Attached Image

Now select the required tracks in the library and select File ->Create a new version ->Create a version in XXX format (where XXX is the format you chose during the configuration).
After that, the conversion will occur and the desired audio file will appear.

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Sort content in iTunes

Total information
With iTunes, you can conveniently organize your library for quick navigation through it. The program uses content ordering system by tags, playlists, smart playlists, playlist folders.
Each file has its own set of data, and it is for this data that further navigation is possible.

What to donot necessary(Not recommended).
  • No need to try to manage iTunes files from the file manager. This may disrupt their structure and data. All data in the library is in the iTunes Library.itl database, which is located in the iTunes library.
  • No need to add files to the library by dragging them from any folder into the program. At the same time, they can be saved not in the iTunes Media folder, and accordingly, it will be much more difficult to manage them. If such actions were carried out earlier, go toFile ->Media Library ->Organize a media library ->Collect files.

Migrate content to iTunes library
To copy a file from your library on your computer to your iTunes library, go to Settings:
Windows : Edit ->Settings ->Additionally.
Mac : iTunes ->Settings ->Additionally.
And enable these options:
Attached Image

Tags and work with them
Each file in iTunes is assigned a huge number of various parameters by which files can later be organized. Some of them are placed on the top panel of the library:
Attached Image

Here is the complete list:
Attached Image

Most likely, your media library before adding to iTunes was not organized by tags. Adding tags can be done:
Manually . To do this, select the name of the song, right-click, go to Details. There you can fill in all possible information:
Attached Image

Automatically . To do this, you need to use third-party programs:

Sort and search
Sorting occurs as in most file managers - by clicking on the desired tag. Sorting can be in ascending or descending order.
Search is carried out through the corresponding iTunes window:
Attached Image

Playlists are the same folders in a regular file manager. They are created by the user. You can create a playlist in several ways:
  • Through the menuFile ->New ->Playlist.
  • After selecting several tracks and moving to the menuFile ->New ->Playlist of selected.

To add music to the playlist:
  • Select the file, right-click and click "Add to playlist".
  • Drag the file to the playlist (when you start dragging, the playlist menu will open on the side)

In the playlist can be both individual songs, and entire playlists (that is, nesting is supported).When you import a separate folder from the computer, it automatically turns into a playlist.

Playlist folders:
To add music from specific playlists, a playlist folder is created (File ->New ->Playlist folder). Only playlists or other folders can be added to the folder.

Thus, thanks to the system of folders and playlists, you can create a file system familiar to many users without losing the ability to sort by tags.

Smart playlists
Smart playlists, like Smart Folders in OS X, is a fixed set of filters by which you can instantly find the necessary songs.
To create such a playlist, go toFile ->New ->Smart playlist.
Attached Image

Consider all the parameters of the playlist:
Attached Image

  • 1 - the conditions under which the songs will be added to the playlist. All conditions are not tag based - a tag must contain a specific set of characters or characters that the user enters.
  • 2 - The maximum number of files in the playlist, how these files will be selected (if the maximum number is greater than the set).
  • 3 - additional parameters (selection only from previously selected objects and the ability to add to the playlist without notifying the user.

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Music production

Music fade out
In order to give a smooth transition between tracks, iTunes uses technology to reduce its volume at the end and to increase the volume at the beginning.
To enable and configure this feature, go toiTunes - Settings ->Reproduction ->Song fading. This option does not apply to voice tracks.

Sound check
Due to differences in the recording equipment, there may be sudden changes in volume between tracks. To set the sound level for all songs, go toiTunes ->Settings ->Reproduction ->Sound check.

Shuffle music in playlist
To play songs in random order, click on the icon next to the playlist name:
Attached Image

Visually, the order will not change, but they will be played in a random order.

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How to add a cover to a book or song

Automatic mode
This method works only with albums!
Go to the Music Playlists tab, click on the playlist / album icon with the right mouse button and select “Get Cover”.
Attached Image

We confirm the action. If iTunes finds a cover in the iTunes Store, it will add it to the song.

Manual add
Click on the song / album / playlist with the right mouse button and go toDetails ->Cover. Click "Add a cover."
Attached Image

The file manager opens, from where we get the necessary picture.

If these options are inactive ...
Usually this method works:
Go toFile ->Media Library ->Organize a libraryand click "Collect Files".

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What is Genius?

Genius is Apple's free service for selecting songs that are similar in content. Selection takes place by tags and by some other data (the algorithm is not disclosed).

Initially, Genius is disabled, to activate it, you must go toScore ->Enable Geniusand activate the service. After 5-7 minutes, the Genius setting is automatically activated.
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Genius playlists
A Genius playlist consists of one or more songs, to which the tracks offered by the service are added. To create a playlist, select the desired song, right-click and click "Create Genius Playlist".
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Genius Mixes
All Genius Mixes are based on your compositions that are in the library and are combined with each other. Mix is ​​a group of songs of the same genre that are continuously played. You can view the list of all mixes on the left in iTunes (they are under the Genius section).
Genius Mixes are created automatically after clickingScore ->Upgrade Genius.

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How to use iTunes Gift Card?

The iTunes Gift Card is a gift card for paying for content on the iTunes Store. The cost of the card is equal to the value of the money that can be obtained from it. Money from the iTunes Gift Card is not attached to any credit card, withdraw such money will not work.
Using iTunes Gift Cardcan buy:
  • Any movie or song in the iTunes Store.
  • Any application or game in the App Store.
  • Book in the iTunes Store.
  • Internal purchase in the application or game.

whatcan't do with the iTunes Gift Card:
  • Subscribe to a paid Apple service.
  • Give the app.
  • Buy real, not Apple virtual products.

Cards can be of two types:
  • Real (bought in stores selling Apple products).
  • Virtual (bought in electronic money services.

The main thing in the card is the code that must be entered into iTunes. It is usually indicated on the check (if the card is real) or in the card information (if virtual) .To enter the code, click Redeem (Enter Code) in the iTunes Store:
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After re-authorization you will be asked to enter the code:
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Can't connect to iTunes Store
A source :

Warnings that occur when there is no connection:
  • “Unable to connect to the iTunes Store. An unknown error has occurred. ”
  • “Failed to fulfill your request in the iTunes Store. iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. ”
  • “ITunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. Make sure your network connection is active and try again. ”

Make sure your computer meets the iTunes minimum system requirements:
  • PC computer with an Intel or AMD 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM
  • Windows XP with SP2 or later, 32-bit versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
  • 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 require 64-bit iTunes installer
  • 400 MB free disk space
  • Broadband Internet connection required to use iTunes Store

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • OS X 10.7.5 or later
  • 400 MB free disk space
  • An Internet connection is required to connect to the iTunes Store.

Make sure the operating system is up to date:
  • For Mac: Choose Apple from the menu ()>Software update to view available updates for the computer.
  • For Windows computers: visit the webpageWindows UpdateMicrosoft company ..

Troubleshooting iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • Make sure that the device is correctly set the date, time and time zone in the menuSettings ->Major ->Date and time.
  • Make sure the latest iOS software is installed. To do this, selectSettings ->Major ->UpdateSoftware (iOS 5 or later) or connect your iOS device to iTunes and select Update from iTunes on the Overview page for your device.
  • Make sure you are within range of your Wi-Fi router or base station. On the cellular device, ensure that cellular data is included in the menuSettings ->Major ->cellular.
  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet. Background information about connecting to the Internet can be found in the device's user guide.
  • Check if other devices (such as laptops) can connect to the Wi-Fi network and access the Internet.
  • Try resetting your Wi-Fi router by turning it off and on again.

Troubleshoot Mac Problems
  • Update iTunes and Safari to the latest version.
  • In the settings of the firewall can be denied connection to the iTunes Store. To disable the firewall go toSystem Settings ->Protection and Security ->Firewall ->Turn off the firewall.
  • You may need to reset the keychain. Connection errors are sometimes caused by problems with the keychain. Go toKeychain ->First Aid Keychain ->Check ->Startand after troubleshooting, click "Restore".
  • If the problem still persists, contact your ISP and check thatspecifiedports and servers were open on the network.

Windows troubleshooting
  • Update iTunes to the latest version.
  • If the iTunes Store only displays the “iTunes Store” message,follow these steps.
  • Complete the following reconnect to iTunes Store on Windows.
  • As with any third-party firewall, you will need to configure Windows Firewall to allow iTunes to access the iTunes Store. Follow these steps if you are using OSWindows xp, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Disable proxy serverbuilt into the Windows OS. Proxy servers can cause problems, so it is recommended not to use them.
  • If a specific error message is displayed,follow these steps.
  • If the problem still persists, contact your ISP and check thatports and serverslisted in the article at this link have been included on the net.

In some workplaces, internal work resources may be listed in the hosts file, however, using this file can also block access to the iTunes Store. These instructions do not apply to Windows 8.
To create a copy of the hosts file and replace it with an empty hosts file, follow the instructions below.
The hosts file is in the folderC: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM32 \ DRIVERS \ ETC.
  1. Highlight the hosts file. A duplicate hosts file will appear in the folder named “Copy of hosts” (Windows XP OS) or “hosts copy” (Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS).
  2. Drag the original hosts file onto the desktop.
  3. Right-click a copy of the file and select "Open." You may be prompted to select a program with which to open this file. Double-click Notepad.
  4. When the Notepad program window opens, select Edit.>Select all.
  5. Select Edit>Delete.
  6. Choose File>Save.
  7. Close Notepad.
  8. Right-click the copy file and select Rename.
  9. Enter hosts and hit enter.
  10. Restart your computer and try to connect to the iTunes Store.

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How to activate the promotional code?

The promotional code is activated in the same way asiTunes Gift Card.
If the application is downloaded via the promotional code, the user will not be able to leave feedback about it.

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How does iTunes Match work?

Usually, music downloaded from the iTunes Store is synchronized via iCloud and is limited by the place in iCloud. iTunes Match expands storage for music that was downloaded from a computer. The service allows you to store up to 25,000 downloaded songs in AAC format.
When downloading content to iCloud, iTunes Match saves all its metadata and translates into AAC quality 256 Kb / s. At the same time, similar content is searched for, and if it is detected, the music does not load. That is, all the music in iTunes Match is publicly available and will be transferred to the device as it plays.
The cost of services is different for different countries. In the Russian Federation, its price is 799 rubles. in year. For the USA, Ukraine and a number of other countries in which payment for purchases is made in dollars, the service costs $ 25.

To enable iTunes Match in iTunes, go toScore ->Enable iTunes Match. Follow the instructions on the screen.
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