Synthetic test results

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Synthetic test results
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In this thread we post the results of passing various tests with your devices.

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In this topic, you can upload the results of performance tests of your devices. Your messages must contain all the necessary information that is supposed to be a template (device, OS version, program used).

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iPhone 11. iOS 13.2.2. Antutu V. 8.0.1.
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Apple iPhone 8
Firmware version: iOS 13.2.3
Jailbreak: No
Name benchmark: AnTuTu Benchmark 8.0.1

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Crashes after second test 3d iphone ios 13.2.3 8
What to do?

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11 iPhone, iOS 13.2.3, Antutu 8.0.2
P.s. Yesterday I bought the phone out of the box was iOS 13.1.2, drove Antutu showed 446k points. Now I put 13.2.3, turn airplane mode on and put the phone on the test time in the fridge and voila 517k points linked to this difference with iOS or fridge, I xs

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* Wolfson1994 I have this same version antutu (8.0.2) and on the same axis version (13.2.3) scored the same number, 517,000 were tested on the windowsill, was skvoznyachok)) and if the room is on the table, the maximum gains 511.000. In the previous version antutu scored 521.000 (screenshot above).
In general, most of the iPhone is now 11 does not reach more than 483,000, most likely due to one of the versions of IOS 13, probably the maximum frequency of the processor in it (whether in 13.1.2, or 13.2.2 to) clipped, limited.
I CPU section now Antutu scored as much and the older models (about 11, about 11 max), namely 169,480. And for many it does not reach more than 155,000 now!
And you what version, 64 GB of memory, or 128/256 GB?

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* Appocull 999,
I have to 128GB. But I was not as tests, and the difference in shade edging cameras greater strain

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Well, here's the result Antutu test after updating to iOS 13.3. iPhone 11, AnTuTu v.8.0.2 ..
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And the new version of the AnTuTu. 8.0.3
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Device Model: IPhone 11 128gb A2223 dual sim
Firmware Version: 13.2.3
Jailbreak: no
Name benchmark: antutu 8.0.3
Test results
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Additional information: A test was conducted in airplane mode, without sills and holodosov)) (optional)

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iPhone SE
Antutu V.8.0.6

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iPhone X 13.3. Antutu v.8.2.0.
Result 347 142.

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iPhone 7plus. I'm not a fan of synthetic benchmarks, but for the sake of interest made. In the transition to 13.4.1 to 13.3.1 phone just started to fly. Very sensitive performance boost!
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But to pay for everything. I already wrote that the phone and warmed for 3-4 hours landed at zero.
On the recommendation here in the thread, sew through 13.5 Tuna (before shilsya only OTA).
Lag is not found. The phone works quickly, but smoothly. And most importantly, the evening took off with the charge in the morning and remains 100%. Today, over 3.5 hours of active use FB and youtube (practically turned off the screen), 65% left. I believe that the rate is excellent. Antutu the furnace, more they do not bother)))))

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