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Dungeon Hunter 5 | [IPhone], [iPad] Continuation of the legendary game ...

Rep: (3006)
Dungeon hunter 5
version: 1.3.0
Catalog: RPG

Last update of the game in the header:06.08.2015

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Short description:
The sequel to the legendary game ...

The legendary series of Dungeon Hunter is back! The most addictive slasher game on mobile!
The invasion of demons into the kingdom of Valentia is prevented, but the world is split, it is destroyed at its very foundation, and its wounds are bleeding with devastation and ruin. The one who dares to correct everything, does not know yet that the world will no longer be the same ... Now everything will be different.

- An exciting single player campaign will cover 5 kingdoms, where players await battles in countless dungeons.
Together with the hero, the avenging world for exile and oblivion, you will go on a journey through the five ruined kingdoms to become the greatest headhunter.
- Joint game
Hire friends or other players to embark on an adventure full of dangers.
- Asynchronous multiplayer game
Your refuge is your castle. Watch him, protect him, inhabit different creatures, attack the competitors and rob them.
- Daily and weekly promotions
Daily dungeons will bring you useful skills and unique materials to improve equipment, and in the weekly trials of the “Bounty Hunt” series you need to occupy the first places in the ranking to get the best rewards.
- Unsurpassed Slasher
Thanks to the improved animation and thoughtful management you are waiting for amazing battles!
- Great graphics
AAA-level graphics and attention to detail make the game truly lively and rich.

Tongue Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English, Arabic, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, Korean, German, Portuguese, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, French

Compatibility Is required iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This application is optimized for iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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Homepage: Gameloft

Dungeon Hunter 5 Players Club

Hack 1.3.1
Not relevant
Hack 1.0.1
1.If for any reason the hack does not work for you, please check if you do not have tweaks for breaking into in-game currency (iapfree, locallapstore, iapcrazy). Try to turn them off first or delete them as a last resort.
2.Try this the way
3.If someone does not work through the installation of the deb file, try to put a tweak [FREE] Dungeon Hunter 5 Cheats from repositoryhttp://cydia.myrepospace.com/airmax/

Attached Image
What's new in version 1.3.0
Bounty hunters,
In the upcoming version of our ever-evolving game you will visit the wild lands inhabited by the barbarous Kenashi tribe. There you will master the art of making legendary weapons, and also strengthen the defensive abilities of your Stronghold, which reliably conceals all your good from greedy robbers:
- Open a new Valenskaya outpost and once again prove that there is nothing impossible for you in the constantly developing single player mode!
- Explore a new special dungeon, which is located in the stronghold created by the wicked Kenashi builders; Overthrow Dendrik Raider, the main boss of the dungeon, and get Kenashi Tickets for it.
- For Tickets Kenashes, obtained with such difficulty, you will open the chest with 4 new Kenashi armor, 4 new types of weapons, 3 skills and 4 new minions!
- New minions - the harsh warriors from the far North - will faithfully guard the new hall of your Stronghold. You will receive rewards with every increase in defense!
- Test your newfound abilities in the INFINITE LAND. Overcome the waves of enemies and get new, stronger materials!
- The materials obtained will be used to make the most deadly AMULETS. Take 3 charms with you and get new bonuses!
- Fight for your guild and hoist her flag to the very top of the ratings!
- Recover your progress on Facebook Connect and get rewarded for it!

1.0.1 Attached Image Attached Image

Post has been editedshagaliev97 - 26.08.15, 23:45
Reason for editing: hack

Rep: (4)
ip will be soon?

Rep: (3006)
* egas,
As soon as the store earns.
Earned, I'm downloading now ..
I apologize for such a long wait. Problems with the clutch were
Filled in Mail.

Post has been editedshagaliev97 - 12.03.15, 00:21

Rep: (1817)
The ipa file will be added soon. Please be patient :)

Post has been editedHoRRicH - 11.03.15, 22:52

Rep: (2)
It requires a permanent Internet connection. They already got with their Internet connection ((((

Rep: (913)
Jonny Moracano @ 03/11/2015, 23:14*
it requires a permanent internet connection

But there is nothing new. With the previous parts just as well

Rep: (2)
With 4 part of this nebylo. And then a permanent Internet connection. That's what infuriates (((((

Rep: (2)
shame geyloftu with its Internet connection.

Rep: (1817)
* - = Fry = -,
I make you a warning for ignoring the moderator's tag

Rep: (1817)
* Jonny Moracano
If such a booze went and that f2p is also a shame: D I even threw a DH series into 4 parts

Rep: (1817)
Yeah, the game showed that my nickname contains forbidden words. After such dibilizm game demolished: rofl:
Attached Image
Attached Image

Post has been editedHoRRicH - 12.03.15, 00:46

Rep: (913)
HoRRicH @ 03/12/2015, 00:42*
Yeah, the game showed that my nickname contains forbidden words.

Similarly, when I wrote the nickname "Novichok2008"

Rep: (2)
Lord, let GAYLOFT go bankrupt and will never again release free, donate, internet addicted games

Rep: (18)
Thats OK for me. : P Permanent Internet connection eliminates the hack on the crystals. AVE Developer!

Post has been editedswarog11 - 12.03.15, 01:15

Rep: (1817)
* swarog11,
You are so happy about the fact that there will be no hacks, as if you will donate in the dark for clothes and it would be unpleasant to see freeloaders: D. It is not profitable to donate at the current rate

Posted 12/03/2015 01:32:

Yes, and I smell a donut here will be above the roof, few object stars, so also added elements :) the greed of gameplay Rockefeller level

Posted 12/03/2015 01:36:

* ** novichok2008 **,
By the way, funny. Accidentally nickname was not generated when starting from Hz? I previously played in MC5, everything was in order there. Something they screwed up

Rep: (913)
HoRRicH @ 03/12/2015, 01:36*
Accidentally nickname was not generated when starting from Hz?

Yes, it was exactly like that.

Rep: (1596)
* HoRRicH,
And I have long suspected that something was wrong with your nickname;)

But seriously, it does not even deserve a place on the iPad.
But I feel a lot of noise in the subject.

Rep: (1817)
* Dyuss,
Well, in fact, the same eggs are only on the side of DH4, a game for fans to download for free in appstor. Or hang in the game 24/7 to get 2-3 star clothes, or donati. Yes, and the mission began in the course of no more than 5 minutes. In short, the degradation of the gameplay is complete. Better to play pixel heroes. And that interest is more: D

Post has been editedHoRRicH - 12.03.15, 03:56

Rep: (325)
In general, I understand that the game on a green robot does not need to wait and is not necessary, the game for casual became, based on the above text?

Rep: (94)
* SeriousSam99,
Dx 5 is the same garbage as dx3-4.

Rep: (45)
How do you like animation graphics? Better than 4th?

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