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Processor: AmLogic Cortex A9 dual core 1.5GHz
Video processor: Mali-400 MP, OpenGL ES 2.0
Operating system:Android OS 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Platform: Spark 2
Flash Memory: 1 GB DDR3 RAM, 8 GB ROM
Network adapter: Ethernet 10/100,Wi-Fi 300 Mbps b / g / n
Tuner: DVB-S2
Body: Aluminum
Fan: no

Streaming: DLNA, Miracast. AirPlay, AirShow
Digital display
MPEG2 / MPEG4 and H.264 hardware decoder
Work with motorized antennas
Support for Transcoded DiSEqC Switches (1.0,1.1,1.2 and 1.3 USALS)
Built-in teletext decoder
Favorite program lists
Timeshift function

Support: Android apps (Youtube, Skype, Twitter, Office, Gmail, AngryBird, etc.), DLNA, Adobe Flash 11.1, HTML 5, Google Play Market, XBMC

Video: MKV, DivX, Xvid, TS, AVI, VOB, MPEG 1/2/4, H.264, H.263, TP, M2TS, RM, RMVB, BD-ISO, DAT, ASF, TRP, FLV, WMV , ASF, MP4, 3GP, VC-1, MJPEG, RV10
Subtitles: IDX, SSA, SRT, SUB, SMI
Internet browser: yes

- 1x CA - card reader
- 1x USB 2.0
- 1x SCART
- 1x HDMI 1.3
- Digital optical sound output S / PDIF
- 1x RJ-45
- microSD card slot
- bay for 2.5 "hard drive

Dimensions: 168x64x138 mm
Weight: 661 g
Options: remote control with a G-sensor gyro and built-in microphone, manual, HDMI cable
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I bought it, which means that I’ve got myself such a device for watching satellite channels, because I have been interested in this issue for a long time, I used the Amiko SHD-8000 tuner before. In general, anyone interested, I ask in the topic for discussion ...

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Topic moves toMedia consoles

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Robbycat @ 09/09/2014, 16:14*
Bowing to Amiko A3 Spark2
for those who are tired of waiting for the perfect All-One receiver

Brief summary of reviews and sites
XBMC (Kodi), streaming video over the network, the ability to install HDD 2.5 (1Tb works), the built-in WiFi is good,
Dolby and DTS audio (license), Oscam (sharing, there is a built-in Monitor on the web, for removing logs and controlling 192.С….С….С….С…: 8888) and Mcas (emulator, static keys), remote control with gyroscope, voice control. There are 3 application stores - A3, F-Droid, Google Play, you can edit channels and favoritesdreamboxEDITorstock(provided compatibility), in XBMC you can put your ownrepositoriesetc.
Downloaded from their site
[attachment = "5070577:"]
In Americaalready sold $ 249
Not without flaws
The price is still unstable work on Oscam (they posted a new resolution for tests [attachment = "5070756: Softcams Amiko A3.rar"] in XBMC - only HD 720, shutdown in standby mode, opinions were divided on the quality of output to TV.

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I bought myself an Amiko A3. In general, the idea is not bad. I like more than not. The only negative is the picture. HD picture is nothing, you can watch. But the SD picture on fast scenes infuriates with a small square mosaic. I'm thinking of returning to VU +.

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But how is the device downloading content over the torrent network? possible at all?

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Shoveled the whole Aliexpress, but Amiko a3 is not anywhere! Although GI Spark2 is sold in almost every stall. Maybe I don’t understand something, but in China there should be a lot of them ... I am using GI fly now - it seems nothing, but I would like something more smart.

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in which foreign stalls did you see GI Spark2, if possible in more detail.

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ViolationRulesClause 4.9 + 20% UP

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Half an hour ago I bought this miracle, and I can connect it only a few days later when I return from a business trip.
Can't understand if Russian is on the menu?
I understand English, but my wife will kill me if I have to translate her)))
Amiko produced in Hungary, where does China? ;)
... specifically, I bought the A3 model today in Kiev in an online store, I don’t understand what the problem is

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Is there Russian language. Also purchased a week ago, updated by air to the latest firmware. While I like the device ...

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Latest OScam and Mcas withRomanian site
Attached MB)
Attached MB)

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Installed a 1TB hard drive,
I usePixel Media Serverto access files on smart TV, sees folders, rewind works! (Can be installed from the integrated app store)

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Yardo-65 @ 06/14/2015, 14:37*
Amiko produced in Hungary, where does China?
I don’t know what they produce in Hungary, but the whole Spark family is manufactured by FulanSoft, which is actually in China.

one more brother can be added to the capSogno spark 2
I study this box the second day. set
- IPTV Console Emulator
- FS VideoBox

The idea of ​​the game mode in the remote control (in the sense of the remote control) is interesting, but as it turned out, it does not replace the real GamePad! In Asphal 8 you have to use it as a mouse. and actually in all the rest I tried :(
from here a question!
can anyone know about android joysticks? which support most games ???

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Discussion gamepads for android-devices

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Help!!! (urgently)
How to use the Recovery button?
Where to get the factory firmware?
Resu is two weeks old, rebooted last night and did not start anymore - hangs on the boot screen.
I am happy, or rather, in SHOCK! I just had time to launch the "mega" ((

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* Yardo-65,

Firmwarehttp: //
spark2 mini upgrade guide.ziphttp: //www.sat-support...wnload/file.php? id = 912

for GI Spark 2 version 2.0.72!2... D3Q_r2zRw2mFqq--9N6Iz4
taken here

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Thank! Now I’ll understand what’s what. (Sorry it’s not so strong in English, as though not to break firewood in a state of affect)

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* Yardo-65, ;)

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Hello people! Bought a screw to it. Formatted everything, sees it in the explorer. With EX.UA and the like, it does not allow you to select a record on the screw, only on the internal memory. How to overcome?

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* oleg.dp,
Write to software developers to add the storage folder. almost all programs go only to the mnt folder.

Well, in theory
You can try to create a symlink in the mnt folder on storage

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