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How to play online on the stitched Sony PlayStation 3 without a ban | Tips, advice, questions and answers
How many you have received a ban for custom bikes?
I do not sign in to PSN [ 403 ] ** [37,45%]
the first PSN login [ 33 ] ** [3,07%]
a week later [ 35 ] ** [3,25%]
1-5 months [ 42 ] ** [3,9%]
in a year [ 44 ] ** [4,09%]
regularly, but I PSID [ 17 ] ** [1,58%]
has not received B) [ 502 ] ** [46,65%]
Total votes: 1076

Rep: (48)
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Recently zamorochitsya game on the network in the stitched slimke.
But what, and how, to not banned - no idea. At one point, detailed instructions are not found - in one forum what the other is.
In short, I decided to summarize found in more or less intelligible manual with which a beginner can afford even imagine how to play online on the PlayStation 3, stitched, and whether he needs it in principle.

Manual is the user comments from different websites - ps ****** eak.ru, p ** x.ru, rg ** d.org. Authorship do not apply, only aims to help in the same ignorant as I am, combining the necessary information in one place. If you have any complaints - you are welcome in the LAN.

None of the methods does not give 100% guarantee to avoid the ban console. Everything that you do with your console - you do at your own risk.

How to play on the PS3 online without a ban
In short - behave as users are licensed ( "almost"):
1) run the game only on the day of release (the date for our country, and we live in Russia look in google).
2) alter Cobra on firmware functions using PSN Patch with pure ID. Use images of games in ISO format from IRD (desirable).
3) Forget what the PSN version of the game and DLC + other change in PKG format (patches, fixes, for the XMB screen). You do not buy them, therefore you can not use them (clever people who will beat his chest and scream that I am smarter than everyone and play already so a year, go to the forest to take a word not force, I say that really works )
4) does not start until the PSN Will you come to the mounted image of the game, before entering the game LAUNCH PSN Patch. To start a new game console reboots and repeats the sequence of actions again. ON->mM->image games->PSN patch->launch obraza->input in PSN.
5) For the online better Establishments individual user on PS3 + to make a fresh registration.
6) Periodically (especially after registration) Download the demo games occasionally make small purchases (the profile should be "life").
7) Forget all that this run applications from third-party developers while in PSN and about reconciliation prizes. In statistics, awards reflect the date of receipt of the first prize, if you were playing before the release, it will be reflected. Geniuses who believe otherwise are known address ...
Upon follow the simple steps and behave modestly, does not matter, do not tell me that you're smarter than the others and play "for free". Do not run applications like youtube (though highly controversial point, specific statistics on this subject are not present).
The reason for the ban console - non-observance of the above items.
P.S: If you want to play with the license disk, set startup disk manually and use the same PSN Patch before entering the game and then on PSN.


ALL WHO Ban was activated PSN content. What does it mean? Here is a simple example: buy people. drive, download the disk image - no relation to your account, that is, no one will know if you bought it in the store, gave a friend downloaded from torrents. If the game does not require any online passes, then it can be safely spire online without fear of ban. But some online games require a pass - additional content that is not free, and here begins your direct way to the ban. Online passes, DLC and other bun is all purchases solely PSN, that is all that binds specifically to your account. Accordingly, all kryaknut and installed and is not registered as buying leads to ban your account for illegally purchased content, as a consequence of which is enough to see a couple of these games on your uchetki and come to the simple conclusion that you are a pirate, then banned and console. And received a ban of the user, first uchetku a couple of days the console. In the same way I got my ban uchetki, saved by the fact that at that time I used anbanom not get banned console, so he revealed the secret of the ban. Everything was much simpler. Good luck online.

Council as a minimum REDUCE THE RISK BAPNA:
New on the PS3 two users, one for all the pirate Staffa (PSN games, DLC, ps2 and so on) and 2 for online disk version games without all of what is acquired through purchases on PSN (in our case kryaknut PSN versions), so do not sync trophies.
ps .: at least ACC can legally buy PSN Online Pass or online DLS maps for games that really sooo want to play.

And add on my own, to establish additional SEN Enabler, then walk into multiman choose the game,
which was going to play on the network (only pure image without any impurities were: cheats, fixes, hacked DLC, etc), montiruesh game throws you in the XMB - PS3 main menu, go in September enabler push R2 - is clean history, then you press R1 - flashing modes, choose OFW pressing the R2 mode, then if you wanted to test done if you are all right in the hay enablere push L2 - is a system infa there you should see that you have disabled warning lv2 peek / poke disabled, if you will see it - you did everything correctly. Then move on to pure user created specifically for the game on the network, and there have already run the game and never use REACT PSN he catches all users. Do not go into the PSN in the old user where you proydonnye games earned trophies on hacked as DLC if you suddenly want to see what you're there for the trophy received during the game and clicked on the review of the trophies while you are logged into PSN they synced without your participation and is pale if the list of trophies you find that you get a trophy for passing hacked DLC - for such a ban word 100%.


The risk of getting banned is always there, if you play with custom firmware. I will give you some tips that I use and I do not banyat already half a year:
1) Create two users on ps3, the new user will never go into the instal pacakeg files, not run homebrew, play on this account only online games.
2) Choose the image of the game in the manager of the old user, then to launch psn patch, click on the triangle, go on the net online account, is not included in the SPE MENU XMB !!, start the game, and only it already go into the PSN - so safe.
3) If you have an old Prosha (I 4.55) Use sen enabler, it is the safest spuf and also psn patch, it is necessary to turn off the system calls the firmware, so safer.
4) also tried to look for stealth programs, they are masked and not palyatsya at the entrance to the SPE. Also sen enabler always come in and press the L2 need to clean the history of running all applications, it is also for safety.
In general, I said how do I behave. I already once banned in March after a week of the game, then of course I did not use all of these ways, then I bought a new consoleid and became prederzhivatsya all safety rules, and six months is not banyat.
AND DO NOT play multiplayer CALL OF DUTY - banyat INSTANTLY !!!


Spuf ... it feykovye broadcast network firmware version ... Need for Online! By just saying!
(Spuf not feykovye broadcast since spufa files are copied to your firmware of the new firmware.)


After the ban can continue to play online with the help of simple actions: it is necessary to install PSNPATCH, buy one that is clean IDPS (worth an average of 300 rubles) and create a new account and new account PSN.


PSNPatch should be used only in the case of substitution aydishnika. That is, if you have console banned. Also, this program is used to protect against the ban. If the console is not banned because you have, in principle, you can safely put spuf and forth online. But to fear the ban.


B: When you press the game gta 5 throws me in the playstation store and wrote a buy for 2500 gta 5. can the problem is that I have gta 5 through the pkg set, rather than through multiman?
O: Yes, most likely you repak or PSN version of the game. They through the pkg-fayy installed. These versions of the games can not be updated, otherwise it will fly error (usually asks to renew your subscription to Ps Store and is not included in the game). Now you have to look pofiksenny patch specifically for your version of the game. About PSNPatch: I wrote above, that it need not be installed, if your console is not banned. In general, if your not banned, then forget it for this program.


B: and besides GTA 5 I play other online games? let battlefield 4? I saw lists of online games that can be played on the pirates in the ps3, but cant find them now. you do not know in what other games you can play online?
O: If your console and PSN uchetki not banned at the moment, then you can play all the games online. However, there are some games (there are very few) that use the so-called online pass. This is the key that unlocks the networking capabilities of the game. But even in this case there is a workaround. All you need for this - ReactPSN program. On the site it is, and instructions for use, too. But I personally do not highly recommend to use it, because the risk of a ban after its use will increase.


B: Yesterday I went to Psn and I wrote that got 4.66 update and asked to upgrade - it's an official firmware or something? I just need to disable your spoof 4.65, download the new 4.66, install and everything? By the way, if there are spoof 4.66?
O: Yes, this is a new official firmware. Spuf already left. First deactivate the old spuf and delete it. Then download and install the new one and activate it later. And PSN will be back at your disposal.


B: I downloaded a far cry 4, and installed it on ps3 November 19, at the output of the game November 20. Now if I could play on the network in it, or it is necessary to remove it completely from the ps3 and reinstall. game data and save too to remove? or, you can now play without any Wraith?
O: Yes pritsipe can already play. If before the release date to run the game, then do not just sync trophies and play on the network, and after the release, you can enter the game and play. But synchronize trophies still not recommended, great risk of ban.


B: but it does not sync trophies? I have 2 users on ps3, on one play pirated games, and the other on the network - there do not appear save the game? that is, I can play on the network at the 2nd user?
O: Yes, you can. Only on the second user from the first save will not work, they must be perepodpisyvat to continue playing. At the 2nd user will be displayed saves those games that you ran on this profile.


B: By the way, after the game on the network if they are working in multimenyu huh? I just did redownload edge of the headlight 4 in multimen, and then I had him through the pkg set)))
O: In all games you can play on the network, including those who are in multimenyu. And you, by the way, rightly so, that the game disk image uploaded, so the risk to catch smaller banks
Saves about: to continue his game, which was on the first profile, you will need to re-sign the preservation of the first profile to the second. Zaguglit, there are appropriate programs for this purpose.


There are at least 3 rules that will help to live longer online:
1. Do not go into the PSN of the XMB (in any case not to go into Multiman, when already logged in).
2. Do not play certain games (Black Ops 2 for example).
3. Minimize the use ReactPSN4. Desirably sit online via Yet Another Bypass.


I'd add - all online on stitched curling is reduced to the substitution of the console ID and directly to his search.

Option 1. Fishing.

So, to play online Freestuff ID, ejected in the secret network of patrons, we need to "keep watch" (sometimes long) on ​​thematic sites in anticipation of this. And when a coveted key, run headlong into PSN and hope for good luck. If you're lucky and you still have time to come - congratulations, you can play no more nor less than to turn off the console or to the end of the session. Re-entry with this ID, it is unfortunately impossible. Why, I think it is clear - it banyat almost immediately, because the number of users, "on duty" with you is clearly large. Some people are lucky with this ID, someone the next.

Option 2: Purchase.

It is also possible not to bother waiting khalyavnykh keys and acquire a unique ID for the n-th sum (usually 300-500r.). The uniqueness lies in the fact that with this ID, you can go online at any time and you do not need to worry that the ID was banned because of the actions of other players, because Key will be sold only to you (here already all depends on the seller honesty). Ideally - if you are banned, it is only because of your actions nekakkuratnyh.

I believe the 2nd option for a more acceptable because do not play too often, and time "fishing" sometimes not at all. But as you know, the owner - a gentleman!
Thank you for attention!


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At the same time must be added in large red bukaffkame that none of the methods does not give 100% guarantee to avoid the ban konsoli.Vso that is done, it is done at your own risk ...

Rep: (1372)
there were cases when svezheproshituyu pure console run at PSN give bath ....: sveta:

Rep: (48)
* cooler.nvkz,
Well, and what then substitute ID console? if you do not want your console is not net svezheproshitaya luminaries your ID, then replace it with someone else bought / found on the Internet, the business somehow. Now, even if you and the word ban, it is only at the ID, who bought / found in the network and your net svezheproshitaya console will remain pristine untouched.

Rep: (512)
IMHO, the best option or two consoles.

Rep: (1372)
set48 @ 04.03.2015, 13:46*
IMHO, the best option or two consoles.

slightly cheaper option: proshivayka E3 flasher in a complete "full" (a cradle for screws) .... having two screws can methane ofitsialki on custom and forth for several minutes ....

Rep: (48)
* cooler.nvkz,
a good solution, but for those with straight arms and a variant with a substitution of suitable PH fine.

Rep: (512)
* cooler.nvkz,
Oh, vschaz easier ofitsialku super slim take zanedorogo b \ y, well, although now zanedorogo-term otnositelnoe.Pered superslimy jumps courses at all penny out on the secondary-took it and forget about all sorts of diamonds ...

Rep: (1372)
* set48,
only a license to buy and in your and in my case it will be necessary: ​​lol:

Rep: (512)
* cooler.nvkz,
Well konechno.No in general, games, interesting precisely in terms of network support is not so much.
After playing on the pirates, you can determine whether this game is interested in the multiplayer mode, well and accordingly, if so, to buy the same disk on the same secondary housing.
In the end, if all of this license podnadoest kitchen, it is always possible to sell, leaving the soul to the good old custom))))

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Questions to experts - using sen enabler GTA5 played online. Then, with the company entered the PSN and it appears that I have it playing. Is this normal? Do not ban shines in the near future?

Rep: (5)
Have not played online, but decided to try GTA5 worth Roger 4.50 and senenabler, the network goes down. Now the question is, when you start the game, said to play online need a pat 1.23, I just accept and download it? By the way the fuck away from duplex.

Rep: (512)
* psychild,
First, download the latest firmware to date 4.70, better features Cobra!
Secondly, as long as fulfilled first download a clean image of the game, without the pirate-svistoperdelok the vast Ineta he has.
Third, do not try to install a pirate Nick dopkontent content and synchronize achievements.

Rep: (1372)
Fourth, install the latest patch for the game ...

Rep: (5)
All ATP, updated to 1.23, I beg to DARKNET 4.70 =>Play!
psyhoho if that adds!

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Tell me, please, if stitched console banyat, something more with it will not be able to play online and it comes in complete failure? Firmware after the ban does not fly, it will be possible to continue to play at pirates in the single?

Rep: (512)
* nick_bzhik,
Nothing flies. You will not be able to play online and buy.

Rep: (1372)
Add a Poll to this topic at the request ofSkat-76

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And if you re-sign saves GTA v, online profile, too, continue? Or the need to re-download your character?

Rep: (36)
Thanks for the instruction.

I'm new to consoles. It turns out that you can put different versions of the game for different users? One pkg with DLS, to another with the images?

In some games I do not play online and they only pg. You can put them on to users for offline?

In online play only want batlu4, Turismo 6 and is very unlikely to GTA 5

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