Chuwi vi8 - Firmware | [tabletpc] Windows 8.1 | 8 | Intel Bay Trail Z3735F 64bit 1.8GHz
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Chuwi vi8 firmware (Windows 8.1-10 and Android 4.4)
Windows 8.1 | 8 "| Intel Bay Trail Z3735F 64bit 1.8GHz | 2GB DDR3Gb
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All the manipulations with the device you do at your own peril and risk. Discussion participants are not responsible for the damaged device.

Before any manipulations with the tablet
  1. Need to knowModelandAudittablet
    Model and Revision
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  2. Make backup bios
  3. Make Backup Drivers
  4. Make a backup of the entire tablet using Macrium or any other program
  5. Flash Recovery(see the topic header)
  6. Choose firmware and flash, update, or make your own!
Template design post with firmware
[size = 3] [b] Firmware name [/ b] [/ size]
[center] Main screenshot [/ center]
[u] Author [/ u]: If the author is not you
[u] Firmware [/ u]: Version / Number, Code / Deodex
[u] Description [/ u]: The maximum possible description of the done
[SPOILER = Extras. screenshots] [/ SPOILER]
[u] Extras information [/ u]: Nuances, thanks, etc.
[u] Installation [/ u]: Installation Method / Method

Drivers, BIOS, utilities
Android firmware

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How do you bored with your hibernation. The tablet is quickly turned off and the meaning of his lull ??

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* manowar123
The topic of discussion is a direct link to the new driver.

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I want to flash to clean Windu from Onda. I do everything according to instructions. I press DEL tablet but does not want to go into the BIOS and a boot normally. The experience of such firmware is. Before that was the same Foundation I reflash without any problems. Can anyone tell me where the dog is buried? I would greatly appreciate it.

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* jnezz, to enter UEFU BIOS use the "ESC" key

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* extozi,
Plus you turnip!) Thank you.

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* jnezz,
have no insyde bios it's different. You use the manual where bios "AMI"
After loading the BIOS menu select the second icon, go there, if the flash drive is prepared correctly it will be the last in the list)

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* extozi,
I have this flash drive menu for some reason is not defined. Simply written internal EFI shell. already tried two pieces. Delall both instructions. Formatnul and renamed Winpe. Windows files dropped in the root of the stick. What I'm doing wrong? The header is written - and a USB flash drive bootable need to be willing to UEFI-enabled GPT. And how to do it with the support of the author is silent. )

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* jnezz,
fs ntfs?
boot do not necessarily if you use fat32 fs.

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* extozi,
Flehi formatted in FAT 32. Renamed in Winpe. Windu Onda downloaded it and unzip to the root of the stick, these 10 files. Bios oo for some reason does not want to see. (

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* jnezz,
Onda V820W - Discussion (Post by Beny # 38286450)
Install the program UltraISO. Open an administrator Hit File --- Open. Select an image Win8.1_x32_PE.iso. Bootstrapping --- click Burn hard disk image. Put a checkmark create boot partition. Press Record. We are waiting for the end of recording. Boot area is registered. Format the flash drive to NTFS. Next, copy all the files from the archive on a USB flash drive. Flash card ready.
4. Turn the tablet, click ESC. Choose BOOT Manager

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* jnezz, If the flash drive to fat32 and climbed up the installation image on a USB flash drive (no more than 4GB for fat32) then try the other stick. I have one tiny 4GB she focused not seen the BIOS even when creating a second hidden boot partition through the ultra iso.
By the way make flash drive bootable by ultra iso is not necessary if the image windose has a size of not more than 4 GB.

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Thanks to all! Really had to do was flash drive bootable. Bios flehi saw.

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People, someone wondered if the android can be transferred to a USB flash drive, and the internal memory is to give under windows?
If the opportunity dopayat another connector for the card would not do so for some reason.

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saap @ 15.04.2015, 18:11*
If the opportunity dopayat another connector for the card would not do so for some reason.

What's the point ....

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guys tell me how my current ROM windose 8.1 tablet that create another small partition for Linux (500-600 mbar) and a section of the image transfer from a LiveCD Linux and sdelt boot from this partition in Boot Managere our plate!
Very necessary! Help!

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* Membar
meaning that for Windows 7 available yet GB + 5 GB recovery image, a total of 9 + 12 = 20 GB of free space. And Android is on a flash drive with the section with what you want to do.
Here it is.

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I'll just leave it hereAttached MB)

It set the linux boot loaders which support switching and selecting from the menu system using the audio control buttons.

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kostyamat @ 16.04.2015, 01:36*
It set the linux boot loaders which support switching and selecting from the menu system using the audio control buttons.

Excellent, and how to install them on our plate, and configured to boot from a Linux partition on the hard disk D .. I just throw this section decompressed image from one of LiveCD Linux, here you need to see this image and boot from the disk D, when I there is in the hopper choosing ..

if I'm not mistaken, it's these two articles should I do something to help .. November is not very strong in the English language, so experts help does not hurt)

Tell me!

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boriswinner @ 10.01.2015, 11:37*
I figured out what to do with the official image of the system from the manufacturer. I translated the instruction from the Chinese on its installation, added it to the cap. The very image I shake and fill in on Ya.Disk.
Who can - download the rest of the firmware from the device on the link in the header from the Chinese site and perezalite on Ya.Disk. Homeland will not forget you.

And if you do not look? A file, and there is no isoshnikov then? I assume the downloaded archive. Unpacked by Ultraiso made him ISO then make a bootable USB flash drive. Installation begins and ostanavlivaetsya on copying recycler / scratch folder. I pull the stick to see what's there. This folder is empty. The manual says that it should be cast separately. But I do not understand from where ....

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Xakep1993 @ 13.04.2015, 21:06*
hibernation. The tablet is quickly turned off and the meaning of his lull ??

seem to understand, in the parameters of the power supply is not enough that you want to assign that never went into hibernation and assign chereztskolko go into hibernation,

but I also needed to assign the action by pressing the power button, I set - off screen

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