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Installation, configuration of IP cameras

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BBS64 @ 24.09.20, 23:11*
The question remains in a million: what to replace? The same class, but with anxiety. I can not imagine how such a handkerchief to look at Ali ...

As an option to buy another camera which can be connected to the DVR, but it will be technical:
Put it in a dark box, configure the motion sensor which is in the chamber, with the notification where necessary, and in the box to have a diode bulbs, and bulbs can prisobachit reed switch or something else, when triggered, lamp lights, motion sensor is triggered, there is a notification via camera.

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madbux @ 25.09.20, 16:43*
lamp is activated lights, motion sensor activated, an alert goes through the chamber

so you can buy Malinka, teach her to send telegrams to the alarms.
she understands the reed switches on the input.

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