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Installation, configuration of IP cameras

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gjktoerb @ 25.06.20, 16:59*
I have yet to find an application for the company

Applications not only with IE installed active X.
Or by CMS

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The people of this hikvizion DS-7216HGHI-SH - worked worked and lost picture, food is, the power icon is green - what pinout in 4-pin connector - there are two Clem should be 12 volts or what?

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uriyjeans1 @ 26.06.20, 14:27*
Power icon is green - what pinout in 4-pin connector - there are two Clem should be 12 volts or what?

Power to the ICC cable usually goes alone in PD ...
This hybrid regik as you have the camera connected, pictures, screenshots, etc., as do not understand where that green

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Camera with his power, he tryndets block more than 10 volts does not issue, but when you connect nothing happens normal unit - audible crack as the screws, working to cool - the power indicator on the green block. I tried and vzha connector and shdmi - the result of one - on the screen is empty. Another question - it turns on when you press the back (typical loading and the works) or to run the system need a remote?

Here's a - I was just with them had no business, my computers and hedgehogs with them, he grunted at school - so no one really can not say.
It found only that the standard is not issuing unit 12 volts (there was a short circuit in the socket and clear tan block). When the computer unit connection - it comes to life inside (as mentioned above).

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if there is no image on the CAA - carry in repair hikvizhn

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* uriyjeans1 ,
In an Internet write that sometimes rewrite work, try:

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http: //ftp.hikvision.r...%82%D0%BE%D0%BC%22.pdfI tried so - he did nenahodit (and antivirusnik cut off compatibility and do, etc., etc.). Is there any other way - without desoldering and lump port?

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