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Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy Note 4
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In this topic, we discuss the power consumption of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on different firmware and with a different set of software!
Please indicate the firmware, the main installed software and describe the problem in detail.

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Justification problems with firmware:
Letter to Samsung on 19/09/2015:
After you update your phone to the new firmware N910CXXU1COH4 | 5.1.1 had a problem:
1. Phone hangs spontaneously reboots.
2. Hang a fingerprint.
3. Hang curtains.
Resetting the phone does not work.
Samsung answer:
Thank you for your letter.
We express our sincere regret that caused inconveniences are relevant to the brand Samsung technology.
We inform you that earlier to our company has not received complaints about the incorrect work N910CXXU1COH4 software | 5.1.1.
Thank you for the information provided, it is directed to developers for analysis.
As for the release of updates for software (SW), it is performed as identifying critical errors in the current version, or the accumulation of suggestions and comments from our customers, as well as non-critical error information in the current version of the software.
In addition, before the new version of the software will be publicly available, it must go through extensive testing. A plan for the duration of this process is very difficult. Therefore, the exact timing of release of the new update is not available to inform possible.
However, since your current version of the software is indeed the case you described a critical error, and because of the information it has already sent to the technical department, we believe that the release of the next update which fixes this error - it is not so distant future.
If you have any additional questions, please contact us by phone 8-800-555-55-55 (toll-free in Russia).

Contacting Samsung of 8 September:
After the firmware update came with the battery problems (rapid discharge of up to 20, 20 after the phone off). the purchase of new batteries the situation has not changed. everything was normal up to the new firmware. And another problem with the widget S Note - pictures disappear from the widget. It helps remove the widget from the screen and add again.
Samsung answer:
We are very sorry that you have faced with such unpleasant situation at Samsung technology exploitation.
Cause difficulties with the device may be powered software conflicts that have arisen in the process of renovation. it is recommended to do a hard reset the device to eliminate such conflicts. It's pretty simple, but at the same time is an effective procedure that allows you to restore all default settings.

For information on how to reset You can look at this link:http: //www.samsung.com...upport/skp/faq/966585.Since the reset deletes the data from the device's internal memory, before it is executed recommend that you save all the information to external sources. This can be done using a PC and Smart switch PC program. Smart Switch program can be downloaded from our official sitehttp://www.samsung.com/ru/support/smartswitch/.

In the case of a fault after the repetition of discharge without the assistance of qualified person, unfortunately, can not do. For this reason, we recommend that you contact one of our authorized service centers. Their coordinates can be found on samsung.com website under "Support":http://www.samsung.com/ru/support/locator/.

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xgenkam @ 19.09.2016, 12:05*
Justification problems with firmware:

then just roll back to an earlier firmware.
I'm still sitting on N910HXXU2DPEA, yet I do not think even updated. very stable firmware.

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I have not inserted with the SIM card, the statistics show 75% of the costs of mobile phone operator? I'm not ponyatkah, vai -fay the same number can not spend, and more hanging a circle in the upper right corner with tsiferkami charge next to the interest-not figured out how to remove ?

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* Dreem air,
To mobile operator did not eat the battery turn airplane mode on and then can turn vayfay, Bluetooth and so on. D.

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Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Hello, per night 11% gone. What can eat battery?

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* DJArhon It is clear that location and vayfay

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* DJArhon,
My two cents - I personally see as quite famous zhruna - vatsap.

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* axel92,
* vladix68,
Lord, but at night only one message, and the screen is off. Vayfay like I should not eat much in sleep mode

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* DJArhon I have to 910F vayfay eats so that I had no reason not to leave it in idle raboat

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* DJArhon , And still vatsap feybuk guzzle so I turn them off.

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* LukasAddon,
and facebook all disabled in the system

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* maga1992,
Most likely in the battery
Respect others, comma !!! impossible to read !!
Here's a bag of the commas (,)

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* DJArhon,
9% of waking up is not much, the screenshots you all ok.
Do not forget that when you 3g or 4g internet then he eats well.
I have 12% of waking up the device and then did not fight already.

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prompt that may be - 100% after 10 minutes shows 70% after 20 minutes turned off and shows 0%, the battery end or soft buggy?

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* nebrnar, the last couple of pages read tried? Most likely the battery.

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fibra @ 23.09.2016, 18:20*
the last couple of pages read tried?

I do not have much time, so asked.
Instead of morals it could be easy to answer or tactfully silent.

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Hi all guys tell me what could be the reason, the phone automatically turns off when I'm in it laziyu or when trying to install the apk file in the manual does not turn, turn on only when connected to charging the battery or when pulled

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Good evening! Prompt, who can know - how do you know the battery production date. There is a serial number - AA1FB28SS / 2-B, and there is still room - 1ICP6 / 42/96
This is my old Accum familiar offers new Accum in the package for 1100 rub (bought in store SAMSUNG) summer
1 question is how do you know the date of manufacture?
2 question how much may lie in new packaging akkm

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Oleg_5 @ 24/09/2016, 19:27*
1 question is how do you know the date of manufacture?

Well, in theory should be the date on the packaging stand.
Oleg_5 @ 24/09/2016, 19:27*
2 question how much may lie in new packaging akkm

Despite the conditions under which, generally samsungovskie batteries designed for 3 years.

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1 - When you buy a new one, it is written on the box - and that the phone costs?
2 - it can accommodates 3 years of work - and lie in korodke?

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