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MP3 Audiobook Player | [IPhone] [dev] Listen to audiobooks in MP3 format without converting

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MP3 Audiobook Player
Version: 1.123
Catalog: Multimedia

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Short description:
A convenient player for listening to audio books in MP3 format without the need for conversion.

MP3 Audiobook Player - the easiest and most convenient way to listen to audio books in MP3, M4B, M4A, OGG, AWB, FLAC, OPUS, MP4, WMA, AAC on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad!

*** The application does not contain audiobooks! It plays your audio files. ***

The main purpose of this app - make listening to audio books in MP3, M4B, M4A, OGG, AWB, FLAC, OPUS, MP4, WMA, AAC as simple and convenient!
There are many websites on the Internet where you can download audiobooks on a variety of topics read by both professional actors and enthusiasts. Most of these audiobooks are distributed in the form of a folder with many MP3 files or an archive with such a folder. And it is for listening to such books, without converting, that this application is intended.
I, the author of the application, constantly listen to audiobooks myself and tried to put everything necessary for the Audiobook MP3 to make this process easy and convenient.

• No ads. No hidden features for extra money.
• Plays MP3, M4B, M4A, OGG, AWB, FLAC, OPUS, MP4 audio books.
• Adjustable playback speed (from 0.5x to 3.0x).
• Volume booster (for silent books).
• Informative statistics.
• For a cover, a picture from a folder with a book or a picture from a playing file is used.
• Automatically stores audiobook playback positions.
• Ability to control through CarPlay
• Go to any file (chapter).
• Headset remote control.
• Playback control from the Control Center and Lock Screen.
• Sleep timer with the ability to set different periods of time or until the end of the chapter.
• Add / remove books via iTunes and over WiFi from a computer

System requirements:
- iPhone 5s or later;
- iPad 4 or higher;
- iOS 10.0 or newer system

The application is distributed in two versions:
1) Paid, without restrictions and advertising: https://itunes.apple.com/app/mp3-audiobook-player/id889580711

2) Free with a limit on the length of the book you are listening to (12 hours) and advertising. Both of these restrictions can be disabled through in-app purchases. https://itunes.apple.com/app/mp3-audiobook-player-free/id891797540

Application site: http://mp3audiobookplayer.com/

How to support the project
If you like the program and you are waiting for its improvements, a big request if possible, tell other people about it, take a screenshot of the application and share it in social networks. Write a small review of youtube or on other sites - forums. Leave your review in the AppStore. The larger the community we have, the better the program!

Past versions

Post has been editedBiOM - 27.08.20, 12:25

Rep: (28)
I often listen to audiobooks, because this player bought almost immediately after placing it in the AppStore, because it has been looking for an application with such functionality for a long time that it would be nothing to throw a folder with mp3 files of a book and listen with avtozakladka, therefore I bought it without thinking . The only thing I do not like, for some reasonif it pauses, and I make an outcome. the call then drops to the beginning of the last file , forgetting the place where I paused. And if the book is broken by large files, it is quite annoying to unwind every time. Otherwise, everything is perfect. 5s 7.1.2 jail.

Post has been editedlife4dream - 29.09.14, 22:03

Rep: (60)
How to use? Minimally specify where to put the mp3 file / book to put the player to see it. Regularly, mp3 files, iPhone does not understand. I tried to launch mp3 via IFile, but the player is not listed there either.

p.s I figured it out myself, there is a certificate in the player.

Post has been editedpin1000 - 01.10.14, 12:15

Rep: (66)
The new version has already been sent to Apstor and should be out soon.
* life4dream I tried to solve the problem of forgetting the position, added a system of bookmarks and jumps buttons 15 seconds ahead / back through the book. In addition, there are a number of smaller fixes.

* pin1000,
You can download via iTunes:
- connect the phone to the computer,
- choose your mobile phone in iTunes,
- go to the program section and scroll the window down to the list of applications that support data loading,
- choose MP3 Audiobook Player in the list,
- in the file field next to the list, drag the FOLDER with the audiobook files.

The folder name is used as the name of the book.

And the second method via the web interface:
- on the phone, open the application,
- go to the section with books,
- click "Add", a window will appear with instructions for downloading books,
- at the bottom of this window is the address of the device for the browser.
- on your computer, open the browser and enter the address specified on the phone,
- the current version supports audiobooks packed into one ZIP file (you pack the folder with the book into a ZIP archive on your computer and download this archive via the web interface)
- A new version (1.08 which will be released soon) supports downloading MP3 files right away without the need for packaging. You can simply click on the file selection button on the page and select all the files in the book. After clicking the "Download" button, the files will be uploaded to the phone. The name and cover of the book will be created on the basis of tag metadata from uploaded files.

Rep: (28)
I had no doubt that over time, fix it (forgetting after the call). I used SpeedUp Player before your application, I remember there was a similar problem in earlier versions, but with the release of updates, it was cured. functions, let it remain exactly what it is now!)

Rep: (7927)
Loved it. For audiobooks in mp3, that's what I wanted. Bought and have no regrets. Recommend

Post has been editedDinochromic - 06.10.14, 11:40

Rep: (257)
I put a free version on trial - I was attracted by the ability to work with zips. But there is the same disease as with speedUp: the application does not roll over with the device flip.

Rep: (2)
Is there no version for iPod Toch 4g on iOs 6.1.6? I wanted to download in the store, and wrote that the version should be 7 or higher.

Rep: (0)
* BiOM,

I've been waiting for something like this for a long time.
Today bought - at 8.1 - works until the books are loaded.
After downloading books - instant departure.
In the reviews, people have the same picture.
I hope - correct :-)

Rep: (66)
* ivan1999, Zip support only when loading via wifi browser. The archive itself after downloading is unpacked and deleted. Regarding landscape orientation - I have not set it in my near plans.

* Elektrik2142, About iOS6 support - unfortunately versions below 7 are not supported and there are no plans for this. Too small percentage of users stayed with this system. And there are a lot of problems with 6 + 7 support.

* Senseyspb About the departure - the new version has already been sent to the app and should be published within a week. Reason for departure - iOS8 changed the type of response when receiving the cover of the track, so the application crashes on some files.

Post has been editedBiOM - 23.10.14, 09:12

Rep: (257)
* BiOM,
I'm not talking about landscape orientation, which is also needed. I'm talking about a 180-degree coup - you have to drive upside down or twist the device. (Ipad)

Post has been editedivan1999 - 23.10.14, 10:34

Rep: (66)
* ivan1999,
Hmm ... But this can be turned on without any problems. And to make an option in the settings - allow rotation or not ... Thanks for the idea!

Rep: (28)
Unfortunately, the position and flies if you make a call, even if you pause before that.
BiOM, can you still try to fix it like that? -Very annoying ..

Rep: (0)
There was an update.
Now on iOS 8.1 - everything works fine.
From the further small strokes I would like to in the pop-up menu of the player, in addition to + - 30 seconds - go through the chapters and the speed slider (so as not to climb into it in the settings).
It would not hurt the program to memorize the speed on each book separately.
And of course m4b format support! (so much time is spent on converting a large collection, and it is more convenient to listen to them through this program).
I will recommend this program for purchase to all audiobook lovers.

Post has been editedSenseyspb - 26.10.14, 09:12

Rep: (66)
In the next version, the problem will be completely corrected with the fact that sometimes the position in the chapter flies to the beginning.
In the pop-up panel added buttons to go to the next / previous chapter
Let me estimate the possibility of setting the reading speed on each book separately ... But for the time being I don’t promise.

As for m4b, I will not say anything yet ... It will be necessary to experiment.

PS: C m4b has passed without any problems! In the next version there will be support for this format!

Post has been editedBiOM - 26.10.14, 17:06

Rep: (257)
* BiOM,
Do not forget the coup 180 '

Rep: (66)
Already done. Turns on / off in the settings.

The biggest problem is now - sometimes when using a headset, the player pauses and you can’t continue playing from the headset until you go to the application interface and click the button ...

Post has been editedBiOM - 26.10.14, 17:17

Rep: (0)
* BiOM,

For mb4 - special thanks.
I could not reproduce the problem with the headset - I tested it on both wired and Bluetooth.
And memorizing the speed for each individual book would not be bad because of the big difference in the performers.
If you listen to several books in turn, then this function is very convenient.
But this is already so ... Maybe I want too much :-)
I don’t know if there is an opportunity to make the books temporarily removed from the Iphone, and then again uploaded to the smartphone, pick up the bookmarks previously made on them.

Post has been editedSenseyspb - 26.10.14, 17:52

Rep: (66)
Bookmarks are remembered regardless of the availability of the book in the device. It is important that the re-filled book was in a folder with the exact same name as before. Well, the files to be tezhe.

In terms of speed, the idea is also clear to me and I like it - I implement it whenever possible.

Rep: (0)
* BiOM,

There is such an interesting opportunity for a competitor in the face of SpeedUp (which you have already almost completely won) - how to pick up the video downloaded from YouTube in the "open in .." menu.
That is, we take some kind of program like Instatube and download an interesting program to it, many of which can be quietly listened to in the audio version, since they show only the host (or his guests) on the video.
Next, go to the menu and the standard (for almost all similar programs) item "open in ...", select the desired program.
The same SpeedUP is on the list.
And your, alas, not yet.
Next - the downloaded file is opened by the program for listening to audiobooks, where we can take advantage of all its charms - speed control and bookmark installation.
There are a lot of programs on Youtube of such a plan and on the aforementioned competing player, I use it all the time.
There, she, however, has a strange glitch - opens the audio track from the second time.

Post has been editedSenseyspb - 27.10.14, 09:45

Rep: (66)
Next version sent to Apstor. Meet in about a week. I'll think about YouTube, but so far I do not promise anything.

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