Beelink R89 / Tronsmart Orion R28 [Android] | [TV Box] [Rockchip RK3288]
Firmware from 12/01/16
Which firmware works best on your console?
Stock (110-111-112) [ 107 ] ** [26,88%]
Wasser Kikat 2.0.x [ 16 ] ** [4,02%]
Wasser Lollipop 3.0.x [ 24 ] ** [6,03%]
Wasser Marschmallow 4.0.x [ 169 ] ** [42,46%]
Ugoos 3.x.x [ 19 ] ** [4,77%]
Orion R28 Box Lollipop Beta 150811 [ 5 ] ** [1,26%]
R28 / R89 / HPH Finless 1.2 ROM [ 2 ] ** [0,5%]
Image-UT3_220 r28patch [ 1 ] ** [0,25%]
UGOOS_stage - hisound [ 12 ] ** [3,02%]
OPEN HOUR CHAMELION 1.0.24 hisound [ 4 ] ** [1,01%]
another [ 39 ] ** [9,8%]
How do you use the firmware SDCard Wasser?
I use on an ongoing basis [ 58 ] ** [14,57%]
in reserve [ 36 ] ** [9,05%]
I do not use at all until I need [ 131 ] ** [32,91%]
the first time I've heard [ 165 ] ** [41,46%]
Total votes: 398

Rep: (834)
DiscussionBeelink R89 / Tronsmart Orion R28
PictureTV Box RK3288 Cortex-A17 Quad Core
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Processor (CPU): Rockchip RK3288 Quad-core 1.8 - 2.0GHz (Cortex-A17)
Video chip (GPU): Mali-T764 3D GPU Support OpenGL ES1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0, OpenVG1.1, OpenCL1.1 and Renderscript, DirectX11, 2D GPU input support 8Kx8K, 4Kx4Koutput
RAM (RAM): 2Gb and 4Gb (DDR3)
Inner memory (Internal Flash): 8Gb, 16Gb and 32Gb (System + Applications + Virtual SD)
Interfaces: USB port x 3 (Host \ OTG), SD / MMC card reader (SD 3.0, MMC V4.41), Micro USB OTG port (also serves as the 3th USB port), HDMI 2 (support 4K H 2K decoding output), AV receiver, IR receiver, RJ-45 Ethernet jack (10/100 / 1000Mbps) - Supports hotspot sharing via Wi-Fi
Video Output: HDMI в„ў 2. Ultra HD 4K 3840 Г— 2160, 3D movie file format supported
OS: Android в„ў ICS 4.4 .. (... upgradable)
Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi: AP6210 : WiFi 2.4G / BT4.0 WiFi 1T1R (65 Mbps), AP6330 : WiFi 2.4G, 5G / BT4.0 / FM, WiFi 1T1R (72.2Mbps), AP6335 : WiFi 11ac 2.4G, 5G / BT4.0 / FM, Wi-Fi 1T1R (433Mbps)
Power: DC 5V, 3A adapter included
Audio Output: HDMI в„ў 2, Optical S / PDIF, AV
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Tronsmart Orion R28 is a copyBeelink R89only in another case!
Developer and manufacturer of Tronsmart orion r28. is anNetxonby the way they own the brandBeelink
There will be four versions of the board with different Wi-Fi chip and memory, but the firmware will be the same, as always from the Oman team
Differences Beelink R89 from Tronsmart 28 and why Beelink is cheaperBeelink R89 / Tronsmart Orion R28 - Purchase
Detailed text review of the twin - Ubox R89
A photo
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Reviews and Videos

1. What is the equipment package?
Typically, the box contains the device, HDMI cable, Remote Controller (remote), mini-USB cable, USB-OTG adapter, DC 5V, 3A power supply, user manual in English.

2. Where can I buy a device?
In online stores or portals like,,, etc.

3. How much memory is in the device?
In the device 2Gb or 4Gb of RAM (RAM), some of them will always be occupied by running applications.
Internal memory - 16Gb or 32Gb. Of these, part is reserved for the system partition (internal memory) and the user partition (sdcard).
The external microSD card is designated external_sd. Officially supported cards up to 64Gb.

4. Is there a root device?
There is no root in the factory default firmware, but you can do

5. Does the device support Russian and other languages?
Factory and other Android firmware support the choice of most languages.

6. Is it possible to connect external drives, card readers, flash drives to the device?
Yes you can. Both directly and through a USB hub. However, devices with more power may require additional power.
Devices with an NTFS file system for reading may require installing additional applications.

7. What screens can I connect to the device?
Theoretically, you can connect any screens with an HDMI input.
On the factory firmware from the box, the screens work with standard resolutions: 1280x720, 1920x1080, 3840x2160

8. Can I install and transfer applications to an external SD card?
Yes you can.

9. Does the device have GPS, compass, other sensors?
Not. They are not provided.

10 Is it possible to output sound to external acoustics without connecting USB audio?
Yes, there is a built-in audio card

11. Is there a USB-OTG device?
Yes there is. The input is a mini-USB connector on the side of the device. On most devices, it is labeled - OTG.
Through it, using the adapter that comes in the kit, you can connect USB-flash drives, hard drives, card readers, keyboard, mouse, modems, etc.
In addition, you can flash devices through this port

12. Does the device have infrared?
Yes, the device has an infrared port, as well as a remote included

13. Can I install another lunch on the main screen?
Yes, you can set up another luncher - at your discretion.

14. Can I connect a microphone via USB?

15. Can I connect headphones without connecting USB?
Yes, AV is present in the device

16. Is it possible to output multi-channel sound - 5.1?
Yes, the device has Optical S / PDIF (digital optical audio output)

17. Can I connect an Ethernet cable to the device?
Yes, the device has an RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 jack

18. Is there a Bluetooth device?
Yes, the connection is made automatically as soon as Bluetooth devices are within reach: Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Wireless network equipment, Bluetooth printers, Wireless mice, Wireless keyboards, Bluetooth phones, Bluetooth joysticks, Games control Bluetooth

19. How to get rid of friezes
Beelink R89 / Tronsmart Orion R28 - Discussion (Post by johnson72 # 45012494)

Getting root
root is already installed in all firmware from 2015 and above
Another way to get root
We get in a known wayVRoot
It is enough to drop the zip file into the root of the memory card and install it via the update.
Drivershttp: //


after the stock Lollipop, everything is sewn, except for the drain and finless.
And from the wasser, and from mo123, and from hph, and from ugoos, and from hisound - are sewed, and drains are not,but the opportunity to return to stock after Lollipop

Instructions on firmware
(>>>Instructions<<<) Ways to upgrade firmware
Several ways to update the firmware.…89-tronsmart-orion-r28

Update method via AndroidTool 2.3Beelink R89 / Tronsmart Orion R28 - Discussion
FAQ on firmwareBeelink R89 / Tronsmart Orion R28 - Discussion

ps:As usual, everyone does all actions at their own peril and risk and under their own responsibility.

(>>>Instruction<<<) Ways to update the firmware

Ported firmware OPEN HOUR CHAMELION 1.0.24 under Tronsmart Orion R-28, Beelink R-89
Overclocked cores
Android 5.1 Lollipop Beta Tronsmart Orion R28 V150709
Official firmware 112k4111
Official firmware 111k4110
Official firmware 110k4109 password -vekn) orhttps: // pli = 1(flash through RK3288_FactoryTool1.35)Changes.
Official firmware 109khttp: //www.mediafire.c...10/update_20140916.ziporhttp: //
Official firmware 108k4107http: //www.mediafire.c....wnload/x5r9s8hroq99a4d
Official firmware 107k4106http: //www.mediafire.c....wnload/muoud8ksji38r58
Tronsmart Orion R28 111k4 Firmware 2015.01.15
Ugoos V4.0.0b Android 7.1.2

Third-party mods and firmware
Orion R28_Box Lollipop Beta_150811
UBOX 4K firmware
NEW - R28 / R89 / HPH Finless 1.2 ROM
Ugoos UT3 3.0.4

in the firmware from Wasser does not work native remote in Tronsmart Orion R28 Meta
Links to other file sharing from users.
Download most current versions Beelink R89 / Tronsmart Orion R28 - Discussion (Post by ErnestoGuevara7 # 51944928)
Installing TWRP on wasser firmware
Wasser archive

Firmwares from other TV boxes on the Rockchip RK3288 chip

HPH-FO-N6_RK3288_4.4.2_EN_US_FT0_V1.4.1 of 01/07/15!5…trjndQzrZE_uzt9zx_is4c

HPH RK3288 New ROM v1.4 Released - 01/01/2015
UGOOS UT3 / UM3 official linux firmwaries
Image-UT3_220 r28patch (modified under Tronsmart by Ugoos) + YandexDisk

Multicast kernel.img for IPTV for those who do not have iptv support on the router.
Beelink R89 / Tronsmart Orion R28 - Discussion (Post # 35717191)

Manufacturer's Site
Useful files and information
TWRP 3.0 by Oma’s

Release_DriverAssitanthttp: //www.mediafire.c....wnload/kq22epum410lc18
TWRP recovery for 111k4 firmware//…31872/111_recovery.img
Android Tool_Release_v2.3http: //www.mediafire.c....wnload/kwdfy9vu8clvf4m
FactoryTool_v1.33http: //www.mediafire.c....wnload/rv04px3nx8fpiaa
RK3288_FactoryTool1.35_driver4.1.1// pages / g ... load% 2Fhy8jo579149m1jm
Multicast kernel.img for IPTV for those who do not have iptv support on the router.
http: //www.freak-tab.d...las/R89/kernel.img.rar

Installing games / locations on an external SD card
AllCast Streaming any content from a smartphone (Android) to Beelink R89 / Tronsmart Orion R28 through eHomeMediaCenter
Full dump \ backup prefix, with recovery via AndroidTool
Installing games on micro_sd
Useful programs for Android TVbox
We remove podlabivaniya on YouTube when watching videos in 1080p
Firmware comparison
Wi-Fi testing on stage_2 firmware
Backup problem in firmware Stage_2
Firmware review Image-UT3_220 r28patch
Anpak system.img
Cons when flashing not in 2G
All about cooling
Modification of the cooling system Tronsmart Orion R28
Script Installation Guide
Patches TV1 TV2
Tweak from "stuttering -1 + 2
Modification of passive cooling Tronsmart Orion R28 to active
(3d) incorrect stereo pairing
Temperature test
Additional cooling
Cooling Modification
Support cifs and nfs in firmware 111k4110 from Tronsmart
Proper disassembly of the player
TWRP for rc1
working TWRP
TWRP not work on vaser)
HD UI (1920x1080)
SD UI (1280x720)
2160p60hz works on the console !!!
Access to the contents of the console from the local network + addition
The first thing to do after taking the device from the post office. - 1and2
Setup in LazyIPTV torrent-tv
Playlists - torrent tv
For those who do not have enough internal memory
Viber reanimation if it does not see access to the network via Ethernet and WIFI
The problem with Skype is the disappearance of the sound at the start or the disappearance of the video at the start is not in the old version of Skype version The latest build of Skype from the market and many others (the rest) are buggy on all firmware.
backup selected channels LazyIPTV
Memory replacement
Restore \ Modify the performance of the original remote
For those who have a remote with a speaker and microphone
the "correct" file that causes KODI to use the buffer for any videos
Sometimes the console goes off for a second - the solution
Disable indexing external hard drive
Solved. Does not want to enter the LOADER mode (was defined as an unknown device, and in the MASKROM mode did not want to format the internal memory and write something to it.)
Run Wasser-4.0.10 and 4.0.11 from an SD card (Ugoos 3.0.7 image added) if NAND memory died (native)
uart - connect to the virtual com-port on your computer to see the logs from the very beginning.
mount "balls" on cifs protocol
mount "balls" on the NFS protocol

Supported Equipment

Arduino Uno R3

Most work(if you use yusb-daky \ external sound. cards - then Skype will not work)
Logitech k700
Logitech C170
Logitech C270
Logitech C310
Logitech c905
Genius islim 320
Sven IC-9300 Web

Joysticks, gamepads
G910 Blutooth Gamepad
Xbox 360
PS3 (original)

3G modems

USB WiFi Adapter

Almost everyone works

USB Keyboard Mouse
Measy RC11
Measy rc9
MX3 2.4
Tronsmart Mars G01
Rii Mini2
Logitech k400
3D-mouse Upvel Air Mouse UM-510KB -does not work

The list of equipment is constantly updated.
Screenshots of previous polls
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

New consoles that come with firmware 2.1.1 do not allow the firmware version to be lowered, whoever does this gets a brick

There is no curator in the subject. If there is a user in the subject who wants to become a Curator and the correspondingRequirements for candidates, he can apply in the topicI want to be curator(after having studied the topic header and all materials for curators).
Prior to the appointment of the curator, on filling caps, contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.

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Reason for editing: Ugoos V4.0.0b Android 7.1.2

Rep: (49) @ 07.07.2015, 10:35*
I seem to them too, "I am not able to see," while sitting on the runoff from the outset.

Mikrofrizy unfortunately I see, but the sound can not be distinguished from flac mp3, 64kb of 256kb, 2 from 5.1, 6.1, 7.1
Stoke basically Useful firmware, activate initd and scripts set TV1 and TV2.

Post has been editedAndreyZ1980 - 07.07.15, 12:12

Rep: (139)
AndreyZ1980 @ 07.07.2015, 11:52*
but the sound is not different from flac mp3, 64kb of 256kb, 2 from 5.1, 6.1, 7.1

Well "2 of 5.1" I think the difference, - when, for example, a plane sweeps over the head with the front speakers to the rear.

Rep: (49)
* mynik,

I personally would like to save (originally understood that the raw device), I have now satisfied all (iptv stream, playback of network media playback, but a small fly in the ointment - mikrofrizy (wife and their son did not notice). In the fifth and final Bette they are minimal, so I think in six months and will be finished inexpensive, suitable device.

Post has been editedAndreyZ1980 - 07.07.15, 13:30

Rep: (128)
* AndreyZ1980,
I have to Wasser 5 beta hopped scale, can not be used. On hisound have mikrofrizy - as they are called here, something stroboscopic films, but for use as a minikomp good. I am fully satisfied with my miniksami in this theme look in hope to establish the 4th screen in the house, not critical, but it can not hurt :)
So I resent when people ask - is it worth buying, and hear in response, instead of the truth - yes, take it, everything will be cool! Come to a local digital dealer (pusher?) ...

Rep: (327)
mynik @ 07.07.2015, 14:04*
and hear in response, instead of the truth - yes, take it, everything will be cool!

The whole truth about this poll box in the cap threads of the first 3rd points. Although I am personally in the console would suit all, if vanquishedmikrofrizy (And to do so can only kitaezy and this is done in our time is quite simple, you just want to). And so, in comparison with a smart TV set or other boxes without any type OSes iNEXT-well, it's a box on his head higher in price by 3-10 times lower than the other devices. And it's still necessary to consider that I have at the moment the stump as or flew half of the memory or firmware that is not seen. :)

Rep: (24)
Friends welcome, can not be heard when the bucket: D it will support 3D MVC or BD3D, but it is already almost a year may not be realized.

Rep: (75)
shadowgames @ 07.07.2015, 22:20*
it will support 3D MVC or BD3D

ever, the issue of licenses to the sound, the presence of drm, etc. etc.
though like should be such as backdoors through openhour, kodi, spmc (though I suspect that have not picked sour)

Rep: (16)
In of.beta no way to disable the transmission of data over the wire or I just do not see? This week promises a revised firmware. I just could not find how to turn off and wrote to them and they will not understand what I want, can have such an opportunity, and I do not see at close range?

Posted 07/08/2015, 4:48:

Maybe someone knows how to make it work xposed?

Rep: (360)
Subject cleaned.
Key panelists punished, others a verbal warning.
No need to clutter up the theme, you can quench your thirst to communicate through QMS !!!

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Rep: (631)
Additional cooling for the media consoles

Do it yourself

Attached Image

Attached Image

Examples of cooling, collected all they saw and find it useful to review. For those who still thinks to put or not :) Beelink R89 / Tronsmart Orion R28

We do "smart" active cooling system for a mini-computer or media consoles -

link to purchase the micro fanshttp: //ru.aliexpress.c...1%82%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B0

throw in a personal reference, add to collection

Everything you do with your handheld device, you do at your own risk!

Attached Image

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Reason for editing: In the header

Rep: (14)
Prompt delivered firmware 3.0.0 b5 is there for rekaveri for this firmware
figured it out

Post has been editedAnd2re - 08.07.15, 12:06

Rep: (46)
Hello, friends. I have not visited topic. Have Beelink R89 2/16,wasser 2.0.4a Whether it makes sense to update to a newer firmware?

Rep: (49)
h0lly1995 @ 08.07.2015, 13:01*
Hello, friends. I have not visited topic. I have Beelink R89 2/16, Wasser 2.0.4a, whether it makes sense to update to a newer firmware?

It is better to wait for the release of lolipopa Wasser, I think soon will.

Rep: (16)
AndreyZ1980 @ 08.07.2015, 16:10*
It is better to wait for the release of lolipopa Wasser, I think soon will.

Oh, no, it is better to install it now lolipop stock! to test and write them do not like to have corrected while they are engaged! from a handful of Chinese who work this firmware writing can get more than one sense (although sensible) intuziasty. then start whining again
"Oh what they are bad, damp firmware without anything that does not work, it does not plow, and laid out as a stable and correct do not want to!" but now all are silent in a rag, wait until itself will succeed.

Post has been editedm__g - 08.07.15, 14:29

Rep: (49)
* m__g,
A NETXEON not going to make the firmware? They're kind of worked our box ...

Post has been editedAndreyZ1980 - 08.07.15, 14:38

Rep: (16)
it is known only to them. even in theory, the box has been released some time ago, after she has a lot of things rivet, why should they bother with the old?

Rep: (35)
m__g @ 08.07.2015, 14:55*
it is known only to them. even in theory, the box has been released some time ago, after she has a lot of things rivet, why should they bother with the old?

It seems to have created 2 new processor. I think not that old box

Rep: (1)
ErnestoGuevara7 @ 08.07.2015, 10:23*
Examples of cooling, collected all they saw and find it useful to review. For those who still thinks to put or not :)

A mine where? :)

Rep: (2)
gun-fan @ 04.07.2015, 20:42*
Flash card Class 4

Router<- TVbox wifi5 --- 29 Mbit / s
Router<- TVbox lan ----- 72 Mbit / s
Router ->TVbox lan ----- 142 Mbit / s
Router ->TVbox wifi5 --- 40 Mbit / s

usb HDD 3.5

Router<- TVbox wifi5 --- 37 Mbit / s
Router<- TVbox lan ----- 95 Mbit / s
Router ->TVbox lan ----- 141 Mbit / s
Router ->TVbox wifi5 --- 38 Mbit / s

What is "Router"? I wrote something on some kind of storage? And read it the same? Which drive is connected?

Post has been editedTaBuCo - 08.07.15, 19:28

Rep: (16)
It is written as vrode.fleshka 4 class and hdd
Carefully re-read the original post, all painted the same as where

Post has been editedm__g - 09.07.15, 03:58

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