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HTC One (M8) for Windows - Discussion | Smartphone 5 "

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  • 5-inch Super LCD3-display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels;
  • Quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor with a clock frequency of 2.3 GHz;
    graphics accelerator Adreno 330;
  • 2 GB of RAM;
  • 32 GB of internal memory;
  • support for microSD memory cards up to 128 GB;
  • main 4 megapixel UltraPixel camera with a depth sensor;
  • front 5 megapixel camera;
  • battery capacity of 2,600 mAh;
  • stereo speakers BoomSound;
  • HTC Dot View cover support.

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Will this miracle appear on the open market, without reference to Verizon and with international LTE frequencies?

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First of all, it all depends on HTC, since only they have sales statistics for the United States.
If there is a demand, it will probably be released to the world market. But it will be more difficult to promote, since there is already One M8 on the android, and not to attract with operator chips like a preferential contract

It is also possible that there are some agreements with MS, since the LUMIA 930 is weaker in terms of hardware (800 vs. 801 for the M8, and the lack of an SD slot) and it’s also necessary to sell, and many will prefer HTC at the same price

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AndR:) x @ 10.21.2014, 11:56*
and many at the same price will prefer HTC

You are mistaken. The power of stereotypes is great. Most people think with the template “if VP means, Nokia”. And no arguments related to the advantages of the device from another vendor will not change their choice.

I suppose that the delay in the start of international sales (after all, 2 months have already passed) is connected exclusively with the terms of an exclusive contract with Verizon. And it is so annoying. Do we in Russia care about the competition of American operators?

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Good day! I found the firmware for the operator. And how to install it on a smartphone now? Who will tell?
PDM_W8_WL_BLUE_00_VERIZON WWE_1.06.605.02_Radio_1.00.50.0806_release

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yes .. not too lively here is a conversation.

I have great joy. at & t (my telephone operator) finally added htc one (m8) for windows to its range. Before that, this device could be bought with a contract only from verizon. since my contract expires at the end of November, I look at this phone with interest. in the store, he has already felt more than once, and he seemed to me very much nothing.

in fact, I once had htc under wp - htc hd7. excellent machine - only the most pleasant memories remained of him. but then I went to the Nokia clan (lumia 920, lumia 1520). and now I look again at htc.

in fact, confused, of course, a few moments, and most of them smutitelny - camera. 4 megapixels - not enough to noneshnie a century? in fact, if you think of it, some do not. given that the pictures now (especially taken with the phone) usually fly directly to the web, which is usually squeezed to 640x480, 1024x768, and very rarely to higher resolutions, the MPCS 4 - for the eyes. I'm not talking about instagramme. resolution more than 4 MPCS may need to print, but, for example, I've already forgotten the last time I printed photos.

so, probably, the camera 4 mpx can not be considered a disadvantage. although..

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* blackofe,
There is an opinion that the M8 camera module itself is not very high-quality, regardless of the number of megapixels. I saw examples of shots taken in low light conditions (not that darkness is just a dull day or weak electric light) - so, the impressions are negative. A lot of noise, and the image itself resembles the result of shooting at some Siemens of 2005 year of release.

Of course, we are talking about the version that is on the bucket, but I do not think that the VP in terms of software processing of images will greatly change the situation.

So if the camera is very critical - I'm afraid that One is not an option. In any case, he was not standing next to the 1520/930 camera.

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* Mortare, on the other hand, according to aesthetic characteristics, not a single lumiya next to the M8 stood

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It is unconditional. Yes, and a slot for memory cards - a clear argument in favor of the M8 in comparison with the 930th.

But what's the point, if it hasn’t been on sale yet>_<I am afraid that I will not wait and I will buy myself 930 for NG.

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It is also interesting to see the instructions for the firmware. ROM update utility not found for M8 for Windows (

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* Mortare,
I have absolutely the same impression about the photos. how many I revised them - dark and inexpressive. in any case, they didn’t roll around with nokia at all.

in terms of aesthetics, of course, the M8 wins. you take it in your hands and feel it - elegant, solid. from such a feeling does not arise. but here is the unfinished ..

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in terms of aesthetics, of course, the M8 wins. you take it in your hands and feel it - elegant, solid. from such a feeling does not arise. but here is the unfinished ..

The M8 has another advantage in comparison with the 930-koy - significantly longer battery life. 930, if you believe the reviews (including the fact that here, on the forum) barely live to the end of the day with an average intensity of use. M8 on VP, judging by the few reviews that can be found, lives confidently for 1.5-2 days under a similar scenario.

Of course, 1520 is even better in this regard, but ... Personally, I used it for 2 months, so I could not get used to the size. Although I had once the 3rd Galaxy Note, 1520 is even more than that.

So due to the combination of factors, the M8 looks to me a very attractive option, the benefit is that the camera is not important for me at all.

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I bought myself from Verizon, unencumbered, I did not find any problems in Russia, LTE works smartly on the megaphone and got a new, not expensive, compared to Andrew, for only 18,500 shipped from America.

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Hello everyone in our small company of the owners of this device.

Actually acquired Factory Unlocked from VERIZON.

I wanted to ask someone to make it work in our LTE networks? If so, how?
I myself have a sim MTS and MegaFon - it finds only 3G and HSPLA. LTE never watched.

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Not who did not bother about the redefining of the android flagship in Wp and on-site, by firmware? Iron is one thing.

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Before the very ng I bought a child a subject. To him - dot view case. From the case of a child in full delight. Especially liked the "holiday" themes. and also - that you can control the player without lifting the lid.

damn, I, straight, so wanted this. : blush:

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DIMQN @ 01/12/2015 03:25*
Not who did not bother about the redefining of the android flagship in Wp and on-site, by firmware? Iron is one thing.

There is no such. And it seems to me, alas, will not.

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But it is theoretically possible.

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Well, if you "checkout" the android version of the subject, to the state "my computer sees only qshusb_dload, help what to do", after that
you will find a programmer, a jitag, you will find the necessary firewood to fill the bootloader from the VP (which by the way cannot be found,
This is not a Chinese android tablet, where it is easy to fill in the bootloader),
SC will not help you here, they will not stroke a head like that, IMEI is easier to change, believe me, people tried
so do with android phones from Nokia, were politely sent.
If you find all of the above, then the bay loader from a computer with Linux, you can not even further suffer,
just for the money I beg.
But from hardbrick, to date, no one pulled it still on the VP.
Neither here, nor on XDA, nor on the central and other geek forums.
The HD2 experience is unfortunately useless here.
P.S. The battery holds 1 in 1 as 930, testing on video, games, everyday (sms, music, vibeer, etc.),
really 1 to 1, the differences? The camera is worse (at least Verizon), especially in the dark, the presence of covers (in addition to the Dot View), of course, pleases, a little different screens (here it tastes like), metal plus (although black 930 ... hm).
In general, smart is worth its money, but I would not compare it with 930 or 1520.
Plus, hemorrhage with updates is possible, as it was and is with 930 amerikosovskoy.
Oh yeah, my bottom speaker wheezed at 90-100% of the volume.

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LTE of course does not work?

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In general, smart is worth its money, but I would not compare it with 930 or 1520.

Well, I do not know, I would gladly exchange my 930ku for a subject.

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