Instructions and issues with advertising on the screen and status bar, with SMS extortionists and blockers of all kinds

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Instructions and issues with advertising on the screen and status bar, with SMS extortionists and blockers of all kinds.

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Talk in topic: Viruses | Advertising in the notification panel | Annoying advertising notifications | Advertising banners | Advertising banners in browsers | Opening applications (for example Google Play) without a request | Advertising on the lock screen | Advertising banners fully blocking device | Install applications without prompting users | Suspicious files |

  • Where and what kind of advertising happens.
    It happens that by installing an application, or an update to a device, an annoying advertisement appears in the blind (notification panel). Sometimes it can be seen as a pop-up banner. Sometimes advertising appears on the lock screen. It even happens that the device is completely blocked and you see a message asking you to send an SMS, or pay a bill to unblock it.All this is cheating and do not believe him! Options for such "a divorce for money" lots of. Carefully read the instructions provided in the spoilers below to get rid of malicious files that run on the device advertising banners or otherwise harm you and your device.
  • "Infection"Sewn into the firmware initially.
    Unfortunately, increasingly"malware"There are sewn into the system files of the stock (standard) firmware of the device initially. Antiviruses may often not see them, the user may not notice anything for a long time (weeks or even months), but then advertising banners or other manifestations will appear"contagion".Most often this can be observed in Chinese devices and firmware. If you are just going to buy a new gadget, be sure to visit its profile topic on our forum. It is risky to buy devices that have just appeared, then you become a pioneer and if you yourself have no experience, then there will be no one to tell you about your device. If there is a suspicion that"infection"In the firmware, carefully study the header (first message) of the profile topic on the device firmware, in turn type in the search for the topic requests:"viruses", "banner" , "advertising" . If after that you did not find out the information, ask the question in the topic itself, whether someone from the user had such a thing. Read the recommendations below to find the source. "contagion" and getting rid of it. Read the ready-made instructions of those who solved the problem and shared this solution.
  • Banners in the browser.
    Banners may also occur while browsing the browser. The most unpleasant of them appear in pop-up windows, closing the main browser window. Contain frightening butcompletely lying information that "The device is locked MVD", "There is a virus on your device", or "You need to download an important update" and the like. The pop-up window (browser tab) must be closed using the browser, without clicking on the banner itself. It is recommended after that to clear the browser cache. Below you can find links to useful applications for blocking ads and pop-up banners in browsers, as well as learn how to block ads in other ways (for example, through the hosts file).
  • Advertising in applications and on the Internet.
    Regular advertising in installed applications, or while surfing the Internet is not dangerous. But you can get rid of it by installing the necessary program to block ads. Also, ads can be removed if you buy the full version, or by installing a modified / hacked version of the application without ads, most of these versions can be downloaded from our forum. In the application topic header, they may be indicated, for example, as:"Full", "Pro", "Without advertising", "Premium", "Ad-Free" ... Or you can order to modify the application, removing advertising from it in a special topic: Club Mod APK . Keep in mind that not all applications on our forum are allowed to modify. If the profile of the program says that the version and modification are prohibited, then you can’t ask about it on the forum.
  • Do not believe what is written on the banners.
    Never trust information on pop-up banners, or other manifestation."malicious". Do not send any messages or replenish the account to anyone! All this "divorce for money" and you will not receive any promised code! Do not follow the suggested links!
  • How to quickly stop data transfer.
    If, however, you clicked on the advertising link and the download began, or the sending of your personal data (usually occurs without a request),put the phone inFlight mode which will avoid sending SMS to premium numbers. In the case when all the same SMS sent and withdrawn funds from the account, read the recommendations from the topic: Attention! SMS fraud on Android .
  • Download applications from trusted sources.
    If you downloaded the application / game and advertising banners appeared, or other manifestations"malware",not always to blame the developer. Often,"malicious"can be added to a popular application by an attacker and uploaded to the website from which you downloaded the installation file.You can not download applications and games from unverified sources! The best applications, as well as their light versions without ads, banners, sending your personal data and other things, can be downloaded from our forum.
  • Find the source of the "infection".
    The appearance of advertising banners is not always solved by simply removing any one application. When fightingcomplex "malware"the most basic thing to do is find the source"contagion".Emerging banners, advertising in the curtain, self-installing applications do not arise from nowhere. It is necessary to find the services and files that activate the appearance"contagion".Carefully read the instructions below, they have all the necessary information on how to find the root cause and get rid of it.
First steps
  • We remember how it all began.
    First of all, you need to find out which applications, or files on your device aremaliciousand get rid of them. If the "trouble" began after installing some application, or a game and you remember what was installed last - feel free to delete it.
  • We scan the device with antivirus.
    Install antivirusDr.Web.Perform a full device scan for viruses. Remember that if you do not have Root-rights, the antivirus will not be able to remove malicious files that are registered as system files (they are in the system files). Only Root devices can access the system.
  • If necessary, we get Root-access.
    Most of the tips from this topic imply Root rights on the smartphone. How to get them is written in the theme of your Android - Devices, or you can tryuniversal methods for obtaining Root rights.
  • We are looking for a source"contagion".
    If suspicious files are found on the device; Self-installing applications (which reappear after your removal) need to find a malicious source somewhere in your device (most often in the system folders) and manage the installation and download of all these files.
  • Source Search Application"contagion"and control access to the internet.
    Keep track of applications that access the Internet before the appearance of advertising, or downloading questionable files will help firewall:NoRoot Firewall.A source"contagion",It often loads ads on your device via the Internet. The firewall also blocks access to the Internet to all applications that are trying to get it and shows you those applications that made such a request to the Internet access. Gradually allow access to applications and see in the "event log" of the firewall which applications went online when advertising appeared on your device or some files were downloaded.
  • Remove ads from the notification bar.
    If an advertisement appears in the notification panel, install the application:AirPush DetectorSometimes it helps to find which of the applications send ads to the notification panel. You can try to find out from which application the notification comes by holding your finger on the notification itself in the panel and then clicking on the exclamation mark that appears to the right.
  • The best way is flashing.
    If you don’t want to receive Root on a device, or it is not yet possible for this device - flash the device. Changing the stock (default) firmware to custom (unofficial, modified) is the easiest and most effective way to combat"malware"which were installed in the firmware initially. Also to those for whom independent source search"contagion"complicated and who fears do more harmflashing is recommended.In the firmware thread on your device, find out all the instructions on how to flash the device and how to choose the firmware.
  • We continue to study the instructions.
    Carefully read the topic header, a lot of useful instructions are available in the spoilers below. There is also a list of applications that users find dangerous.
  • Other applications.
    In all the recommendations from this topic it is proposed to use the most famous and well-proven applications, but if for some reason they are not satisfied, you can ask their counterparts in the subject.Help in finding programs for Android OS.
The authors of the instructions are not case of your wrong actions. Before any removal operations; replace; editing system applications is highly recommended Make a backup of the firmware through the recovery.
The device is completely blocked by the banner
Recovering after removing "malware"
Useful applications
Questions about how to use the applications are set in their profile topics at the indicated links. Search for other applications is conducted in the subject:Help in finding programs for Android OS
Dangerous applications
Information about the applications below cannot be 100% correct. It is possible that the developer has already deleted the virus code, or the application with the virus is distributed only on some sites. The list was not created to discredit the developer’s “honest name”, but as a warning to users, be careful with these applications.

Many thanks to all who filled and filled the topic with useful instructions. Special thanks to the distinguishedW.Masterfor the activity and constant assistance to users.

Theme needsCurator . Those who wish, please read Requirements for candidates to the curators of the forum . If the desire is not lost, the application can be left in the topic - I want to be curator .

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I have a similar problem, removing the game "Fool Pro" helped. Casper and Dr.Web did not find the problem and the fly scan also did not help.

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connected to the Internet, and now always when the lock is unlocked pops up a window with ads, "find top apps and offers" and a proposal to install the program. how to get rid of it?

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Hello everyone, advertising also started after popping off the block, popping out, deleting the IQ test and it became all normal. The program was set up a long time ago, but the ad started out a couple of days ago. The most interesting thing is that I didn’t even open this test, and the advertising started to climb.

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Indeed, deleted the IQ test and everything became normal. Symptoms are similar to those of lenin2683.

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I also started to open different sites, and also installed Fool Pro, deleted, it seems that sites do not open anymore ..

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I was installed "Cheeky Barsik". : sorry: All the symptoms described earlier are similar. I stopped the application and after unlocking everything went away, no ads. Launched the badge and advertising again after unlocking. Oh, sorry to delete, sometimes fun to listen to.

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Andrey Komarichev @ 08.27.2014, 00:06*
There was a problem with advertising in the browser after unlocking and when watching a video (full screen), everything was decided by removing the iq test in Russian. He did not show any signs of life for 2 days, whatever they thought of him, but now he was raging.https: //…s? id = com.iwolt.iqtest.And read reviews please. I hope to help. And I want a hat! What would everyone see, I helped someone)

After unlocking the screen, the browser opened and the page was loaded, after which it was transferred either to the play market with all sorts of slach applications, or to the slag in the breezer. Removing iq test helped.

Admins, in the internet about this info it was quite difficult to find. Found this solution only by searching through the forum. Add infu to the cap!

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I caught the banner, connected the tablet to the PC, held the shutdown button down for 10 seconds, 10 disks connected to the PC appeared, started formatting, the tablet screen turned black, it seemed to work, the sound went, apparently the video driver was removed, how to solve the problem? Can I reflash? and how to do it

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Can I reflash? and how to do it

Find the model of your device in this section.Android - FirmwareAnd follow the instructions.

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I confirm, demolition IQ Test solved the problem

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Chinese Tablet Advertising

OS and firmware: android 4.2.2

Description of the problem:
Good day to all. I received a Chinese tablet with Ali, he calls it like this: 9inch GT90X Dual Core Tablet PC Allwinner A23 1.5GHz 8GB ROM Android 4.2 Dual Camera WIFI Bluetooth (link to ithttp: //ru.aliexpress.c...d-4-2/1702660388.html)

In general, the rules work, but there is one annoying "but" - this is annoying advertising on the whole screen.
And it does not always appear.

I downloaded the browser from Yandex.Store, because native completely miserable. So when working with a "non-native" browser or with downloaded programs with annoying regularity, rush to full-screen advertising. And rushing to a brazen one, supposedly from Google (redirection to the Google ad network with settings, and the settings, of course, do not help). And if you work in your own browser - everything is fine, there is no advertising.
If anyone came across a similar, please enlighten how to solve the problem. Thank.
The antivirus program does not see anything, the programs for blocking add-ons are also powerless. Resetting to factory settings gives nothing: after installing J. Browser, the exact same song again.

The device shows:
Model: GT90H
android 4.2.2
PROS DualCore-A23

There have been actions:
The antivirus program does not see anything, the programs for blocking add-ons are also powerless. Resetting to factory settings gives nothing: after installing J. Browser, the exact same song again. Adblock Plus does not help.

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* denmaloyreb,

4. Try the applicationР’В® LBE Security Master (carefully read the description in the program topic !!!) - control over the activity of applications in the system.
From the first post threads read?

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Denmaloyreb @ 09/23/2014, 1:20 PM*

And further. I noticed that Baidu browser is constantly appearing on the tablet from somewhere: you are demolishing it, but it is no longer worth it after the next release. Maybe there is something sewn up with the firmware, along with Baidu and advertising?

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4. Try the applicationР’В® LBE Security Master (carefully read the description in the program topic !!!) - control over the activity of applications in the system.

Requires root-rights. And where are they to take on this body?

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Denmaloyreb @ 09/23/2014, 2:26 pm*
Maybe there is something sewn up with the firmware, along with Baidu and advertising?

Maybe baidu is “Chinese Google”, and the desire to promote it among the Chinese is as great as a dislike for Google.

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All of these methods did not help.

Installed ES Task Manager. In it, the Startup Manager has disabled all recommended programs, you can simply click Optimize. Problem solved. The advertisement stopped to get out in the tray, the browser also stopped automatically and open the advertisement. Returning the program one by one established empirically, that spam Putin says 2. But for this method, you need root and superuser.

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A friend from work brought the LG Optimus Black (P970) with a porn banner on board.
Previously, I did not come across such things on a PC, much less on smartphones.
I read the available information on the problem in the internet and managed to win the disease.

1. Boot in safe mode (turn on the phone with the G button held down)
2. Removed the malicious application (settings ->applications ->application management ->downloaded / working / all ->we search for suspicious application and delete it. In my case it was an online player )

P.S. Specifications in parentheses are for a specific model.

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I was also helped by the removal of the Fool Pro program.

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A colleague brought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, blocked by a banner - Video Player. We spent three hours with him searching for a way to get rid of this application. As a result, after reading this topic and then acting by the method of "scientific spear", this muck won.
First, go to the path already indicated above:
1) pressed the power button.
2) waited for the full load.
and here the most important !!! As soon as the desktop was loaded, I pressed the Off button, so that the screen would turn on and the banner would not appear !!!
3) made a dial from another phone.
4) as soon as they appeared answered the call!
5) went to the statusbar from there to the settings.
Well, then went to the method of "scientific spear"
6) went into the developer options, put a tick in the value-debugging via USB.
7) in the value of "select the application for debugging" from the list selected "Video Player"
8) put a tick in the meaning of "wait for the debugger"
9) went out of settings - (the banner did not appear), launched Kaspersky, updated it and launched a full scan. Kaspersky found and deleted "Video Player" and along the way a couple of ad viruses.

Something like this: D

P.S. The owner of the tablet was very happy that the case did not reset, because he has there some kind of toy in which he has been building something for a year and a half :)

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Xperia z1, Xperia Z1 Compakt, Xperia Tablet Z2
OS and firmware: Android 4.4.4

Description of the problem:
The problem looks like this:
In the browser (both in Chrome and in Mozille) windows of different advertising content are opened (from antivirus ad, to porn)
Screen in attachment.
A full reboot of the tablet and phone did not help (with cleaning the built-in media, the Sd card is removed).
Plus, for some reason, when connecting via wi-fi, it does not work in VKontakte - it says there is no connection (at the same time it works on 3g
The same problem on the computer, but it did not perezaliv - this is at least a day hemorrhoids.
Who can tell me what I caught, and how to deal with it?

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