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Handbook of tires and wheels | Application for motorists

Rep: (2807)
Handbook of tires and wheels
Version: 1.0 build 13

Last update of the program in the header:07.12.2015

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Short description:
Help program for the selection of the correct dimensions of tires and wheels.

Help program for the selection of the correct dimensions of tires and wheels.

It may be useful for those who want to sell their old wheels, as it can show which car models use the given dimension.

Android required: 1.5 and above
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: ncuxo3
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.agsm.carandwheel

Version: 1.0 build 13 Post №2, author hussein209

Past versions

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Rep: (544)
Handbook of tires and wheels v1.0 build 13 from 07/12/2015

Android 1.5 and up

What's new:
Data from several sources has been added to the database, thanks to which the volume has increased significantly. Unfortunately, different sources may name models and modifications a little differently, for example, TD is written for one diesel engine, and in another TDi it is almost impossible to track this. Therefore, some data may be duplicated.
Due to the strong increase in storage, the storage and retrieval system was redone, so now you need less memory to work.

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