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Club loveteley Windows
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Welcome to our club !
When joining the club, we ask you to briefly tell about yourself and about the love of Windows.
This club was created to communicate on various topics: starting with the OS itself and ending with debates about Dark Matter.
In general, flooding ... except Linux and others like it, stubs, droids, and comparisons of the most beautiful Windows versions (the best of the best)!
Our friends:Mac OS Fans Club | Club linuksoidov | Windows phone club | Windows mobile club

What is Windows
Microsoft Windows (Pronounced [Microsoft vindous]) - a family of proprietary operating systems of Microsoft, focused on the use of the GUI while running. Originally Windows was just a graphical add-in for MS-DOS. As of March 2013 under the control of the Windows family of operating systems, according to the resource NetMarketShare (Net Applications) has about 90% of personal computers. Windows operating systems run on x86, x86-64, IA-64, ARM. There are also versions for the DEC Alpha, MIPS, PowerPC, and SPARC.

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Club Rules
Basic norms and rules of behavior in society

Kindness and attention to others are the most important rules of social behavior. But the list of good manners is quite extensive. Consider the main ones:

  • Think not of yourself, but of others. Surrounding people prioritize sensitivity, not egoism.
  • Show hospitality and friendliness. If you invite guests, treat them as the closest people.
  • Be polite in communication. Always say welcome and farewell words, thank for the gifts and services rendered not only in word but in deed.
  • Exclude boasting. Let others judge you by their actions.
  • Listen first and then speak. Do not interrupt the interlocutor - you will have time to express your point of view later.
  • Do not “poke” people with your finger and do not look with a piercing look. This confuses them, especially people with disabilities.
  • Avoid criticism and complaints. A man with good manners tries not to offend people with negative statements and does not complain about his fate.
  • Keep calm in all situations. Anger not only leads to unnecessary conflicts with others, but also brings dissonance into your own inner world.

  • What version of Windows do you have?
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  • New Year Greetings Contest
    According to the results of the survey, it is announced who took what places:
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    • 1st place : * znznznz , Congratulations!
      Option # 2, author:znznznz
      Happy New Year !!!
      All the buzz, every success, constant wealth, sincere joy, good health, beautiful music, fresh air, natural walks, real love, strong friendship, no nicotine, lots of positive, beautiful anime, exciting kine, new experience and development in the right direction, good luck and luck, unshakable friends, indifferent passers-by, good weather from nature, relatives and friends, too, all sorts of benefits.
      May the force be with you now and ever, and forever!
      : party:

    • 2nd place : * AndrewP_one
      Option # 1, author:AndrewP_one

      I hasten to congratulate you on Happy New Year! The passing year leaves us, but to trouble, too! Let the new year will bring a stable nestuchaschuyu Windows, programs and firewood good to forget about you blue screens and other problems with your ovens! That you went to the forum, just to talk but to have fun, make new friends and enemies lose! To our glorious club it was all in good-old, and only for the better, came only positive vinduzyatniki, and the fun did not end! The fun all year round, vinduzyatniki, you deserve it. Happy holiday !!!
      : russian_garmoshka:: clap:: party:: yahoo:: drinks:: russian:
      : congratulate:

    • 3rd place : * Ramsteiner
      option # 3, author: Ramsteiner

      Dear winduzyaty, vinduzyatniki and winduzyatischi! Happy New Year 2018 to all!

      : congratulate:
      I would like to wish everybody that one miracle happened to us in the coming year: the tenth Windows came out of the state of eternal beta, the registry stopped littering, and the left miners (and most importantly, amiga-like and other soap "joys") avoided. Crazy speed drives us and the "Internet".

      But back to real life. I wish sincerely all the simple human happiness, good health, mutual love, more smiles, good luck, constant moments of joyful and pleasant memories, new meetings and interesting knowledge! I also wish to successfully avoid disappointments and failures. And so that your desires coincide with the possibilities!

      : clap: And again with the New!

    • 4th place : * Arkanium
      Option # 4, author: Arkanium

      Happy New Year, dear Winduzians! This year was not an easy one for us all, but the coming one will be better than the outgoing year. I wish us all happiness, love, health to ourselves and loved ones, as well as not to see the blue screen of death on our favorite devices. Happy New Year with a new happiness!

Club activity

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Pretty weird club.

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syxarik312, There are clubs of fans of Linux, Mac OS. And Windows is not.

I will continue filling the topic cap tomorrow after 1:00 p.m.

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I love Windows. There is no better system. I hate Linux - continuous endless crutches.
Those who say that Windows viral garbage just Krivorukov and download viruses themselves on exchangers.
I hope I have not offended anyone, but there are no refuges from the truth.
Although I myself am now sitting on Linux on an old laptop without a monitor, but I cannot download a new normal Windows laptop, due to the situation in Ukraine, the Internet is 500 bytes.

P.S I seek refuge in Moscow.

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* tair_nirimov,
I can in the club: blush:

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Dmacklemore possible, all possible.

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Tair_nirimov @ 08/06/2014, 21:35*
There are clubs of fans of Linux, Mac OS. And no Windows
Not order, well done, restored justice: good:

power007 @ 08/06/2014, 22:42*
I love Windows
+1 I double: yes2:

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Not order, well done, restore justice

The balance of good and evil should be permanent: D

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Let's go to "Interest clubs"

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syxarik312, recorded.

dem0na, moved to a new house)
It is a pity that there is no virtual cat.

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Please write me too: yes2:

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texnopaw recorded)

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Windows 9 News
The next version of Windows with the code name Threshold (the presumed market name is Windows 9) will include a number of significant changes in the user interface in addition to returning to the classic Start menu and supporting the launch of WinRT touch applications in windowed mode. This week, there were reports of other changes that confirm the sources of the famous blogger and journalist Mary Jo Foley (Mary Jo Foley) from ZDNet.
http: //www.playground ...gie_izmeneniya-107567/

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Microsoft will provide critical updates for Windows and Internet Explorer.
Microsoft has announced its new Windows update, which will be available on Tuesday. In general, the corporation plans to release 9 security updates, two of which are rated as "critical" ...

A source:

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MSI Launches Three-in-One Windows Tablet S100
MSI has announced a new 3-in-1 S100 tablet, which is controlled by the Windows 8.1 operating system and comes with a complete physical keyboard and cover ...

A source:

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Something seems to me that there are very few lovers / users of Windows ...

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Something seems to me that there are very few lovers / users of Windows ...
No, it's just that the Linx and Makovody are experiencing a hard bather and post a lot of posts on how to solve this or that problem, and on Windows everything works 100% out of the box, so there's nothing to discuss here :)

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* power007, sorry: smile:

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As a matter of fact, in the case of this axis you do not love love, but you will eat cactus. I personally love.
And you can use it and everything works fine there, especially in recent versions. Only it is necessary to listen less to iksperdov, which habits to replace all system software with third-party software and disable half of the system services dragged from Windows 95 to the latest versions. Well, use the software that is updated more often 1 time in 5 years, or at least the one that is generally updated.

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syncmaster172n @ 08/11/2014 02:59*
Discussion of OS hacking and activation bypassing methods are FORBIDDEN!
Any comparison of Windows with Linux / Mac will be punished! For "holivar" there is a section "Meat grinder."

No, not so interesting ... Anyway, is it a bobbin, or where?

1. Prohibited by the rules of the site;
2. Then I will remove;
And about the picture, I did not find a normal one.

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Well, if this is a Windows fan club, then a windows emulator will definitely come in handy. (Napimer many cost 7, but chips with xp are not interchangeable)http: // id = 3702

Posted on 08/11/2014 09:22:

Useful applications for almost any version of Windows Ochttp: //windows.microso…u-ru/windows/downloads

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