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We retrieve personal data from a damaged / broken machine

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We retrieve personal data from a damaged / broken machine

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It's no secret that with our "smart" devices anything can happen, including such an unpleasant breakdown as a broken touchscreen. What to do in this case? After all, it left all our data: contacts, messages, etc.

Of course, the simplest solution is to replace the damaged screen. But if it is not, and the data is needed yesterday? In this topic we will try to collect all possible ways to restore the data we need.

Enable USB debugging
Connect USB mouse and USB keyboard at the same time.

1. The most obvious is changing the touchscreen. Where to get? Ask inaccessories themeyour device orhere.

2. If the device supportsMHL protocol, you can try to connect it via HDMI to a monitor or TV. We connect the mouse via Bluetooth or USB and in case of successful connection we try to save our data to the memory card.

3. If USB debugging was enabled, then try using the ADB command
adb pull /data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts2.db
or through the applicationQtADB. You can read more about ADB in this thread.ADB and all that can be done with it

4. We try to get contacts using the application.MyPhoneExplorer. We put and copy the contents to the computer. The telephone part of the program is installed without confirmation from the display.USB debugging must be enabled!

5. ThroughDroid Explorer (PC) - how to pull out the contacts (Post # 12272051)

6. Another way through the system menuRemoving personal data from damaged / broken machine (Post # 33349654)

7. Through the Wonershare MobileGo app:Extract private data from damaged / broken machine (Post # 37392987)

8. If Viber was installed on PCRemoving personal data from a damaged / broken machine (Post nic-flas_VRN36RU # 45351907)

9. Online contacts2.db to vCard converter

10. Enable USB debugging using screenshots(if the touch works, but the screen does not work)

11. Method for Samsung with disabled USB debugging

12. Access to a smartphone with a broken screen. Requires a PC with installed GNU / Linux (for example, Ubuntu)

The method of obtaining contacts in the open form without root and without online converters.

Experience in recovering data from dead or half-dead smartphones on an MTK processor

ZTE Blade AF3 (Spreadtrum SC7731)

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It was decided that everything has already been done, there is this file in the left column (blue line), it turned out that it is already on the computer :)

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4. In the menu that opens, select the first item Entre recovery mode and use the power button to confirm the selection. The phone will start loading.

And if at this point of your instruction, when you press the "Power" button, the Battery symbol appears for a second and the phone turns off, is that all?
Or are there options on how to make it load further?

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Appeared on HabrГ©articledescribing the experience of extracting data from a device with a damaged screen. I hope someone comes in handy.

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Good day to all!
There is a HTC One Mini with a broken motherboard. No sign of life. The service said it was easier to buy a new one. Is it possible to download photos and contacts from the flash memory of the phone, since the owner did not backup? I read about the possibility of transferring flash memory to a donor phone, but how realistic is it? Thank!

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Hello, tell me, what is the difficulty in opening a file with the backup extension? Created through menu recovery. After all, the android can unpack it and restore it to the device. So why not do this on a computer. I don’t know how a man opened it with 7 zip, that he wrote earlier, I already did not try it.

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Hello everyone!
Help with a kind word. There is a dead machine MOTOROLA XT910s and its CWM backup, the task is to pull out at least the contacts.
Everything would be fine, just backup in some strange format: there are 2 folders "backup" and "blobs", in the folder "backup" there are three files: data.ext3.dup pds.ext3.dup and system.ext3. dup, and the folder "blobs" - 3089 folders with files without extensions.

Question: what to do? can this backup be converted to .backup? maybe there will be other thoughts?

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The guys redirected me to this topic, I have Sony z1 completely broken in half, the insides are whole, only the acb cable is torn, how can I remove working documents and contacts from it? Adb was not turned on, just connecting to a computer without akb did not give any signs, if I apply power to the board, can I somehow remove the data?

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Good day. I broke the screen with a touchscreen on the Galaxy S2. You need to pull out the contacts from him. I read the methods described here, but they do not suit me, the debugging mode via USB is not turned on. It seems that he once made a backup of the system through recovery (official firmware 4.1.2), are contacts stored there?
PS or backup did not do it, forgot something already

PS in general, everything turned out to be quite simple. We download the Kies program from the Samsung offsite, connect the phone and synchronize the necessary data. No root and enabled USB debugging is needed

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Guys, help me, such a problem: I broke my phone, this is not the first time, it makes no sense to change the screen again, I want to sell / rent, but the problem is that my VK / Inst / Google accounts are open there and so on and you need to- then log out of all accounts ..
Maybe you know some programs for controlling a phone with a PC or is it worth buying an adapter between a phone and a computer mouse?

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I will share how I restored contacts ...
The other day I broke the screen on my device, all the data on the phone, and last connected it to usb in charging mode (offensively because debugging via usb was turned on), but there was a backup copy from it usingNandroid managerrestored contacts2.db ... By the way, my backup in android 4.0.4 was recognized, but did not open any data (backup from android 4.4, possibly because of this), installedBluestacksI added a backup folder to it, installed Nandroid Manager, everything read and I was able to extract the contacts2.db file from the data.ext4.tar archive ... Then I went through the Internet and forums, and for some reason methods are described everywhere using programming languages (which I don’t know), or to get numbers without names .... however, on one English site I found an Excel file with a macro that ultimately creates vCard - this option suited me perfectly ...... what I did:
1. Installed SQLiteStudio prog from of. site
2. Connected contacts2.db as a DB
3. Right-click on the data table - export, default csv format, did not touch all other settings, it turned out data.csv
4. Launched the file convert-contacts2.db-data-to-vcard-vcf.xlsmAttached fileconvert-contacts2.db-data-to-vcard-vcf.rar(26.77 KB)

5. In Excel, I turned on the Developer panel, in it Macros - I selected convertDatatoContacts - run ->selected a csv file .... voila all the contacts in the list
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6. Then executed the second macro writeContactstovCard - as a result, in the same folder where the file convert-contacts2.db-data-to-vcard-vcf.xlsm lies, vCard.vcf appeared
7. When I threw it into the phone and downloaded, then only 7 contacts displayed correctly, because were in English, everyone else in Russian signed up with krakozyabry ... I tried to import via google contacts .... everything was displayed correctly .... synchronized with the phone and still rejoice .....

I hope infa will help

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Help the advice. Brought a familiar phone Huawei U8860 recessed. Touch does not work. You need to pull the info from it: contacts, etc. The phone is not routing, firmware 2.3.x. It did not work from the Huawei cap from the Huawei cap and this topic, apparently because USB debugging is not enabled. I wanted to install CWM and Ruth, turned on the phone into a "pink mode", but no removable disks appear in the system, apparently there is no such firmware. As I understand it if you put another firmware from a memory card, then all the personal info will be removed. How is it possible to "revive" to tightening information? Maybe it is possible to flash recovery from the CWM from the stock recovery?

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the contents of the DATA section from the dump

But what to get the files from the dump? Merged ROM through Flesh_Tool. It turned out a file weighing 1.5 gig, does not work to open!!?

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There is a smartphone MTS970, it worked, and then suddenly stopped turning on showing a red screen ad infinitum, although if you connect it, charging goes multi-colored. He also enters the engineering menu. I understand it now only reflash? Is it possible to somehow pull out photos that are in the phone’s memory itself? : unsure:

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Guys, read the message fromSwitch74 that on the first page, I did according to his instructions and everything turned out, the phone was dead dead, USB debugging was not turned on, the body hung on the screen saver.

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Thank you all for your advice.

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that’s helped) installed the driver and the flash drive on the PC, then put cwm on the phone and going into it, leaked the full backup to the USB flash drive, after which the archiver already pulled out the entire media library)

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Here, many brakes occur because of disabled USB debugging, because it is impossible to turn on (the sensor is broken or does not work) what needs to be done. Take a look at this topic.Enable USB debugging.In short: install custom recovery, install the QtADB program, use the command line to enable USB debugging (all this is in that topic) and only after that QtADB will see the contents of your phone, well, there it’s already pull out what anyone needs - photos, contacts, sms

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There is a GT-I9506 body with a completely broken screen. Firmware LRX22C.I9506XXUDOC5

Of the everything mentioned in the header, only DroidExplorer and QtADB see the body.
You need to fish out SMS from the body. I can not find the file mmssms.db in the list of files ....

If anyone has ideas on how to get SMS, I will be very grateful. QtADB can not read SMS, it shows only a list of files and info about the phone, and then, it is very slow ....

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Hello, there is an asus memo pad hd 7 me173x tablet with a completely broken screen, you need to remove data (pictures) from it, it turns on (when you press the volume rocker, it “picks” - that is, the volume is adjusted, the problem is that the screen does not display and when you turn it on when you connect it to your computer - there’s no reaction in the device manager, only when you turn on it appears for a while MediaTek Preloader usb vcom, I don’t know about debugging and root - it came into my hands like that, HDMI is missing,
help me find a way to get photos out of it, thanks.

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Help, broke the display, how to install custom recovery if the display does not show anything ??? or how else can you get information out of there ???

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