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We retrieve personal data from a damaged / broken machine

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We retrieve personal data from a damaged / broken machine

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It's no secret that with our "smart" devices anything can happen, including such an unpleasant breakdown as a broken touchscreen. What to do in this case? After all, it left all our data: contacts, messages, etc.

Of course, the simplest solution is to replace the damaged screen. But if it is not, and the data is needed yesterday? In this topic we will try to collect all possible ways to restore the data we need.

Enable USB debugging
Connect USB mouse and USB keyboard at the same time.

1. The most obvious is changing the touchscreen. Where to get? Ask inaccessories themeyour device orhere.

2. If the device supportsMHL protocol, you can try to connect it via HDMI to a monitor or TV. We connect the mouse via Bluetooth or USB and in case of successful connection we try to save our data to the memory card.

3. If USB debugging was enabled, then try using the ADB command
adb pull /data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts2.db
or through the applicationQtADB. You can read more about ADB in this thread.ADB and all that can be done with it

4. We try to get contacts using the application.MyPhoneExplorer. We put and copy the contents to the computer. The telephone part of the program is installed without confirmation from the display.USB debugging must be enabled!

5. ThroughDroid Explorer (PC) - how to pull out the contacts (Post # 12272051)

6. Another way through the system menuRemoving personal data from damaged / broken machine (Post # 33349654)

7. Through the Wonershare MobileGo app:Extract private data from damaged / broken machine (Post # 37392987)

8. If Viber was installed on PCRemoving personal data from a damaged / broken machine (Post nic-flas_VRN36RU # 45351907)

9. Online contacts2.db to vCard converter

10. Enable USB debugging using screenshots(if the touch works, but the screen does not work)

11. Method for Samsung with disabled USB debugging

12. Access to a smartphone with a broken screen. Requires a PC with installed GNU / Linux (for example, Ubuntu)

The method of obtaining contacts in the open form without root and without online converters.

Experience in recovering data from dead or half-dead smartphones on an MTK processor

ZTE Blade AF3 (Spreadtrum SC7731)

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After a backup is the way of the rules as written above

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It is impossible to open the backup by using 7zip, tell me how can it be more open?

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People and someone tell me how you can get access to the phone's screen (display image of the phone on a PC)?

The bottom line is this: there is a Galaxy 2 with a broken screen (vvse that can already be pulled from there) but I thought - why not use it as androyd-stick on the radio.

Actually my main goal - to get access to the phone's screen and activate Bluetooth to be able to pick up a bluetooth mouse

The main problem is that the OTG can stream or only video or operate the mouse (but not the blind turns)

Can prompt manner or who know where to buy a OTG 2 razeema - for HDMI and mouse

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Hello everybody! Tell me how to get photos and videos from the Nokia Lumia 925? Split screen, but everything else seems to work, as the call comes in and connecting the phone to a computer in sight. But does not open access, due to the fact that you need to enter the password :(

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program has helped my phone explorer

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No one knows? for a week waiting for all silent :(

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[Quote name = "n-bear" date = "27.01.2015, 18:31" post = 37579077]
If on an MTK processor, dump the entire contents of the internal flash using SP Flash Tools.
Find where the PMT table is located, calculate the address of the Data section. Extract the contents of the DATA section from the dump.
Unpack section - find a database of contacts, etc.
I pulled out all of the tablet and Smart (a built-on battery) with beaten tachami and displays, without OTG, with disabled
debugging via USB, blocked by a gesture, but with a lively motherboard and a good USB and a RESET button.

and it is possible for more, please

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Good evening, please help with the following problem: the tablet is broken touch, but there is a wire to connect the mouse. USB-hub is not. You need to connect the tablet to a computer via the adb, USB debugging is enabled, but as soon as I connect - on the screen pops up a confirmation that I want to connect to a computer with USB debugging. I pull out the wire to insert the mouse - proof, logical, disappearing. But without a mouse, I can not click OK. Is it possible to somehow remove the mandatory confirmation ??
Tablet - asus memo pad 302c, android 4.3

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Hello, this problem: There is a telephone SGS I9003, crash sensor, the screen is full, a sensor that is naturally stopped working where it is not possible to go, how to download from the internal memory pictures? Naturally you need to hem to a computer that could do it, but what program to use? I have to say that USB debugging is disabled.

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Guys, please help. That's what problem - downloaded an update for one toy, the phone blocked and just died. Through the volume + incl. Located in the menu and backup. The phone was dropped to the initial settings - earned, but half of the contacts and information with the programs were on the "body of the phone" and respectively were removed. Tried to restore from the backup, just through the volume + incl. , then the phone again "died" as it was for the first time. What program can you open this file with the .Backup extension ???? I want to climb there, and pull out that buggy program. Well, accordingly, restore all the data. I tried to open with the help of 7zip, RAR, and a bunch of other "useless" programs, nothing helps. I need help. Who can tell something scented, I will be glad very much.

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* Darkmorron,
try thishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNXed7RGR2g

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broken screen on your ZOPO C2. Display is working, but do not touch that detects pressure. Wanted to make a backup using rekaveri, but you can not manage it because worth TWRP 2.8 version. Tell me how to remove custom rekaveri that you could uprvavlyat buttons?

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Pull data from the brick (asus padfone 2)

asus padfone 2
OS and firmware: Android 4.1

Description of the problem:
The other day flew firmware with Padfone 2, and a photo with him were desperately needed!
Recover from the top (as advised in the center of the service) are not able to put a second system.
I dig deeper on the web and in general .... or I do not know how to search for, or nothing sensible ...

There have been actions:
Solved the problem because (based on taking an article about the firmware and solution of the problems of treatment of bricks:
worlok @ 07.12.2012, 20:58*
1.Skachivaem archive with the necessary root pack a68.zip files (18.67 MB)
. Unpack it in the c: \ Boot (folder can choose any, but later in the way instructions on that folder).
2.Ckachivaem date for your Padfone 2 latest firmware from the caps, carefully look at the flash region. unpack the downloaded archive file to RU_xx-x.x.x.xx-0-ota-user. in the same folder where you extracted the previous archive. And rename it to update.zip (not required, but it's more convenient.
3.Perevodim PadFone in Recovery mode: press simultaneously power key and the volume down.
4. In the menu that opens, select the first item Entre recovery mode and use the power button to confirm the selection. The phone will start loading.
5.Podklyuchaem PadFone cord to a computer, wait for the driver installation. If you do not set - specify the path to the previously downloaded fresh firewood from ASUS
6. Open a command prompt Start-Run- cmd. It is typed "cd C: \ Boot" and press Enter
7. Execute the following commands: enter the command "adb devices" (the answer should be tipoList of devices attached<numbers and letters>recoveryEsli numbers and letters does not, then the driver is not installed or not properly installed), enter the command"Adb push update.zip / data / media" file must be copied to the body and write the copied volume (if you get the answer:. Failed to copy 'update.zip' to '\ data \ media': Permission deniedznachit again a problem in the drivers probute reset manually or by A68Tools.exe Utility sacrisgm, it puts the driver when running, and may overload the telephone in fastboot and recovery mode)
8. Do not overloading the phone from yrecovery, select the item apply update from external storage.
9. In the next menu, choose the file update.zip our firmware. Then everything will be done automatically.

[Quote name = "worlok" date = "07.12.2012, 20:58" post = 17628828]

Later in recovery, select the item apply update from external storage, there we find the desired folder (Its name is required for the command line with all capital letters and signs)
I needed as I wrote earlier photos, and they in the DCIM folder
Further instead struck from the citations introduce adb pull / data / media / DCIM
The command line will start up with the address where it is copied to the computer
If you go to copy all that is on the brick team looks adb pull / data / media

Hopefully someone helped. If this topic was, do not judge strictly.

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please help, how to pull data from a dead machine (Alcatel OT IDOL X)

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On the phone died Google Play Services, disappeared, most applications. it is not clear - whether Ruth stayed.
Question: How can zabekapit application data? I have always enjoyed the Titanium, but here it is for obvious reasons does not fit: it does not exist in the launcher.

I found a solution. Titanium blew through the settings, and set him again through the adb, everything works. Now I do a backup and reflash.

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Good day,

smashed display huawei honor 3. objective of the whole operation - get votsap posts, but the problem is that the SIM card does not work in Nepal Rio, where I am now (a new validation code does not get to me after flashing).

replace the second embodiment of the display itself. not sure if this will not need to reinstall votsap.

Are there other ways of solving the problem?

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And in such a situation, what to do?
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Guys, help! :) The screen, the touch are broken into the trash (you can see one small piece) The body hangs on the Lg logo, and does not load further, but the main problem is
that the stock is worth Recovery, estessno via adb and such a program can not go maybe not access enough debug mode I can not kerf and deliver custom Recovery, too, I can not, maybe, all programs require debugging.
Prompt that juzat to either enable debugging or how else to get into the root system. Files are very necessary =>Making a hard reset is not an option.
Thank you all: blush:

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Display function does not work -Connect the sensor arm and did everything! (Sony z)
I think you can add a spoiler

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Guys need help, and he came here to this step, you need a file that is marked by an arrow (SMS), what to do now? It is necessary to restore sms and I have something further braked until cut in.

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