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We retrieve personal data from a damaged / broken machine

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We retrieve personal data from a damaged / broken machine

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It's no secret that with our "smart" devices anything can happen, including such an unpleasant breakdown as a broken touchscreen. What to do in this case? After all, it left all our data: contacts, messages, etc.

Of course, the simplest solution is to replace the damaged screen. But if it is not, and the data is needed yesterday? In this topic we will try to collect all possible ways to restore the data we need.

Enable USB debugging
Connect USB mouse and USB keyboard at the same time.

1. The most obvious is changing the touchscreen. Where to get? Ask inaccessories themeyour device orhere.

2. If the device supportsMHL protocol, you can try to connect it via HDMI to a monitor or TV. We connect the mouse via Bluetooth or USB and in case of successful connection we try to save our data to the memory card.

3. If USB debugging was enabled, then try using the ADB command
adb pull /data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts2.db
or through the applicationQtADB. You can read more about ADB in this thread.ADB and all that can be done with it

4. We try to get contacts using the application.MyPhoneExplorer. We put and copy the contents to the computer. The telephone part of the program is installed without confirmation from the display.USB debugging must be enabled!

5. ThroughDroid Explorer (PC) - how to pull out the contacts (Post # 12272051)

6. Another way through the system menuRemoving personal data from damaged / broken machine (Post # 33349654)

7. Through the Wonershare MobileGo app:Extract private data from damaged / broken machine (Post # 37392987)

8. If Viber was installed on PCRemoving personal data from a damaged / broken machine (Post nic-flas_VRN36RU # 45351907)

9. Online contacts2.db to vCard converter

10. Enable USB debugging using screenshots(if the touch works, but the screen does not work)

11. Method for Samsung with disabled USB debugging

12. Access to a smartphone with a broken screen. Requires a PC with installed GNU / Linux (for example, Ubuntu)

The method of obtaining contacts in the open form without root and without online converters.

Experience in recovering data from dead or half-dead smartphones on an MTK processor

ZTE Blade AF3 (Spreadtrum SC7731)

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* 5/2,
If on an MTK processor, dump the entire contents of the internal flash using SP Flash Tools.
Find where the PMT table is located, calculate the address of the Data section. Extract the contents of the DATA section from the dump.
Unpack section - find a database of contacts, etc.
I pulled everything from the tablet and smart (built-in battery) with broken tachi and displays, without OTG, with the disabled
debugging via USB, blocked by a gesture, but with a lively motherboard and a good USB and a RESET button.

For other processors - look for similar tools.

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Such problem: I watched the news in the "Play Newsstand" tablet freezes, crashes, stops at "the Google" label, runs 10 seconds, restart, and so on forever. I squeezed off button and volume rocker down by first selecting "Start", and restart again, reboot. Reconnect clamped power button and volume rocker down, chose "Power off", includes all is the same, "Google" sign, 10 seconds to reboot. In rekaveri only: Restart the device, updated by the ADB, a wipe to factory settings and wipe cache. I decided to do a wipe to factory settings, but I have a lot of necessary information.

There are options for transferring data?

Tablet Google Nexus 7 (2013) 32gb LTE, Android 4.4.4., Without a flash drive slot.

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Good day! We have on hand Galaxy Note 2, the LCD itself is broken. When activated, the LED blinks when connected to a PC (no adb, because the MacBook is), the memory is not displayed, although debugging is enabled. Replace the screen so far not to offer, I hope for good advice. Thank you in advance.

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Good day, we asus padfone note 6, stopped normally included, ie Asus inscription appears below the spinning wheel load, and then the screen goes blank, and again there is an inscription with a wheel, and so on ad infinitum. How can all this user data extract, photos, videos, diary entries (really do not know where they were made), contacts and everything else? When we connect to a notebook, folder, but I understand that it is not all that it is? Will I see the hidden data, if put into the laptop the "Show hidden files and folders"? Or do I need something else to do? I know nothing at all (((Aw ... repair in general, difficult to explain, it is required that I was able to retrieve all the data ((Please help me ...

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good day
The screen crashed iocean x7, the touch does not work.
The task is to remove data from the internal memory card.
In device manager it is defined as Linux File-CD Gadget USB Device

The equipment ID contains the following lines:
USBSTOR \ DiskLinux ___ File-CD_Gadget__0000
USBSTOR \ DiskLinux ___ File-CD_Gadget__
USBSTOR \ DiskLinux ___
USBSTOR \ Linux ___ File-CD_Gadget__0
Linux ___ File-CD_Gadget__0

ADB drivers are not installed, I tried to deal with the installation inf, I registered the VID PID is not suitable.
MobileGo does not see.
The phone turns on, everything works, except for the touch.
help me please

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Found a solution, quite simple, can help someone:
We connect the mouse, enter the settings and set the checkbox to enable debug via USB.
Next, the MobileGo program sees everything.

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Guys help please. Can I restore contacts from backup firmware, my own? There is a zip file (firmware itself). Can contacts be stored there and how to get them?

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I am grateful for the post about Wondershare MobileGo, and it turned out.
HTC one X, the screen is shattered. begged to get contacts.
HTC proc's native prog phone stubbornly did not want to see. Firewood was installed on a portable device, something like copied the entire contents of the internal memory (it was often disconnected) with photos and other rubbish, but the data directory is not there. I tried several more droid explorer, May von explorer, also wasted.
This program began to try to see, but the connection progress bar could not reach the end, the connection was constantly broken. I tried a bunch of laces, I used different ports, I overloaded the phone and the computer — I couldn’t see it, or I couldn’t see it, or everything would be broken
I got an old laptop, installed only one Wondershare MobileGo on it, began to try on it. a pair of three breaks - and lo and behold !!! connected I began to duplicate the screen of the smartphone, displayed contacts, successfully extracted everything.
Apparently, other installed programs on synchronization could interfere with the main computer and conflict with each other, adding problems.

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HTC Desire one S
Constantly rebuses. Found a solution - apparently only hard reset can help.
The problem is that in the phone photos that need to be saved.
Who knows how to get close?

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Good day! Is it possible to recover data from a phone that does not have a touchpad if USB debugging is disabled (there is no possibility to enable it - the connected mouse refused to work)?

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Guys, save! Is it possible to restore HTC desire SV contacts after resetting to factory settings (there was no synchronization with the cloud) ???
I would be very grateful for the help! : hysterics: :(: helpsmilie:

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* POWER !,
No Unfortunately.

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The screen crashed. Contacts and other information remained in it. Yusb debugging disabled. Password for Google Account changed trying to register in the new phone. tried all sorts of programs did not help. It seemed that there was only a screen replacement to remove the information or pull the SC to restorepersonal data that did not want to, but helped usb adapter-OTG connected the mouse and voila)

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I will add my five drops, as I once took out the contacts from the firmware backup that did not load. Or how to convert the file contacts2.db to .vcf

This, if you need to pull out the text, and after a hard reset, you can replace it in the system, will the contact photos be restored? I did not find such a file in Galaxy Ace, there is not even a folder com.android.providers.contacts

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Such a problem, asus nexus 7 2013 does not turn on, it turns on more precisely, but it does not go further than the Google label. They said that a full wipe is needed, but I have important files on my tablet, they need to be copied (archives, text files, and folders with different files), so you can try to make an image of some kind of image, so that these files are saved is it done?

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Hello! There is a body with a broken screen LG T370, when connected to the BB it sees it as a removable disk, you only need to pick up the contacts if it is at all possible)))
Immediately I write, I tried it with different programs from Windows, no one defined it (ps suites and others like it) apparently in the body itself before the accident, USB debugging is not set and it is not yet clear whether it is blocked or not, I attach the photo.
If it's not difficult, tell me how to swim in what direction, maybe I can get it through ADB, I never worked on it once, but I can quickly learn, I have the ability! Poke your nose if that, thanks to any answer!
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Help guys! SGS4 mini The screen of the phone is broken, can I transfer data to a computer? Contacts are most interested
The problem is that the picture has been protected on the phone, and with a broken screen there is no way to unlock the phone.

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* - = UR = -,
In general, nothing is visible, or partially visible but does not work? If partially, then try to connect the mouse to it. If not, then first try the options from the header.

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* Gridzilla
In general, nothing, just a black screen. I tried programs from the header, it does not help, because. there is a protection pattern on the phone

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Good people help. I broke the display. The Fly 4415 phone failed. Urgently, you need to pull out the SMS.

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