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We retrieve personal data from a damaged / broken machine

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We retrieve personal data from a damaged / broken machine

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It's no secret that with our "smart" devices anything can happen, including such an unpleasant breakdown as a broken touchscreen. What to do in this case? After all, it left all our data: contacts, messages, etc.

Of course, the simplest solution is to replace the damaged screen. But if it is not, and the data is needed yesterday? In this topic we will try to collect all possible ways to restore the data we need.

Enable USB debugging
Connect USB mouse and USB keyboard at the same time.

1. The most obvious is changing the touchscreen. Where to get? Ask inaccessories themeyour device orhere.

2. If the device supportsMHL protocol, you can try to connect it via HDMI to a monitor or TV. We connect the mouse via Bluetooth or USB and in case of successful connection we try to save our data to the memory card.

3. If USB debugging was enabled, then try using the ADB command
adb pull /data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts2.db
or through the applicationQtADB. You can read more about ADB in this thread.ADB and all that can be done with it

4. We try to get contacts using the application.MyPhoneExplorer. We put and copy the contents to the computer. The telephone part of the program is installed without confirmation from the display.USB debugging must be enabled!

5. ThroughDroid Explorer (PC) - how to pull out the contacts (Post # 12272051)

6. Another way through the system menuRemoving personal data from damaged / broken machine (Post # 33349654)

7. Through the Wonershare MobileGo app:Extract private data from damaged / broken machine (Post # 37392987)

8. If Viber was installed on PCRemoving personal data from a damaged / broken machine (Post nic-flas_VRN36RU # 45351907)

9. Online contacts2.db to vCard converter

10. Enable USB debugging using screenshots(if the touch works, but the screen does not work)

11. Method for Samsung with disabled USB debugging

12. Access to a smartphone with a broken screen. Requires a PC with installed GNU / Linux (for example, Ubuntu)

The method of obtaining contacts in the open form without root and without online converters.

Experience in recovering data from dead or half-dead smartphones on an MTK processor

ZTE Blade AF3 (Spreadtrum SC7731)

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Ivsilver @ 07/29/2016, 00:23*
Good day of the forum, help pliz, Lenovo S 860 hangs on the download (Lenovo's screensaver) does not see it, it is possible to get the contacts and info from it, thank everyone in advance

Try to make backup firmware in not native recovery and pull out the file contacts2.db

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Good evening there is a tablet of RoverPad Air Q10 3G tablet two months, breaks the touch, the screen is all the rest of the rest, you need to pull the SMS messages there are very important messages.
Tell me really or not, if it is really going to start with it.
Touch ordered but wait about 50-60 days for a very long time.

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Little lifehak. If only the touchscreen is broken, you can try to connect the mouse through OTG. Alternative to Tach.

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Kettle ^ 2 @ 07/30/2016, 23:34*
Connect the mouse over otg

If there is a USB-OTG support ...
And so best in advance and connect the Bluetooth mouse, and even better a set of mouse and keyboard.

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The screen crashed. Not even sure that the smartphone turns on (sound sounds). Is it possible to copy the data from it? System files need (there is a password from the working wi-fi). How can I do that?

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Phone turned intobrick. (It comes to logo and reboots) Is it possible to restorea photowhichin phone memory? : Huh:

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Hello everyone wanted to ask the connoisseurs as you can enable usb debug when the phone is locked by a key for example PIN code or graphic key through recomputors Have options?

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Aydin09 @ 03/03/2016, 22:55*
You can enable usb debugging

You definitely need to enable debugging in the system, or you need something for what you think is needed by debugging?

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Broke the screen in the phone. He worked, there were only cracks on the glass. After 2 weeks began to disappear image on the screen. It helped pull the battery, after which he worked fine again. A week later and it stopped helping. At the same time, the touch works. The sound unlock sound is heard, calls, it can be seen that the screen and the buttons are highlighted. Tube raise you can raise at random on the screen. Phone: BlackView BV2000. What could be the causes of breakage? And how can I fix it?

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* okouser,
What do you think is needed by debugging?
Well, to flash something for example for firmware of the same CMW scream USB Debug you need that the computer saw the phone let's say it is full

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Aydin09 @ 08/04/2016, 22:02*
for firmware of the same CMW

Probably, it was still in mind CWM.
So, not needed for this.

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Help, please, smartphone Samsung A500. After the phone fell to the ground, the display does not shine and the touch does not work, the debugging on yusb was not included. How can I remove contacts from it?

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Hello. The question is whether it is possible to check whether the tablet works in general, and then I don't see the idea of ​​buying a new display module if he does not fry. There is a touchscreen and screen, when connecting to PC there is no reaction at all. Tablet ASUS Nexus 7

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I found a way to get contacts from Samsung'ov without debugging enabled via USB.

You only need two offs. SAMSENG programs: itSamsung kiesandSamsung smart switch .

Install both programs. The order is not critical. In the installer, all painted in detail, how to install.

1. Open Smart Switch and do the backup. Waiting for completion of the process.
2. The backup is stored on the path: C: \ Users \ Username Computer \ Documents. The file is called Contact.spb
3. To open this file, and we need to Samsung Kies. Open the Samsung Kies, left click on the tab "Contact Us" and select "Open the file with a contact," we are looking for a file in C: \ Users \ Username Computer \ Documents \ Backup \
4. Open the file in the program will show all the numbers that have been on the phone. And if someone has to be. On top there is a button "Save as ..", can be saved in several formats (.spb, .csv and .vcf)

Try. I have everything worked out.
Good luck!

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Tell me, please, how to copy the info if the screen is smashed, but the root and debugging on yusb is not?
When you cling to yusb to the computer, it is seen only that the "only charging" mode
Nobody is blind, there are no details available (and it's a pity to spend - only infa is needed).

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People tell me how to extract \ tolerate contacts from the body to WP8? In a manual is not an option. Where is the Prague eats to transfer through bluetooth?

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* Pruf , * Pruf Good, but how to install Smart Switch if the screen is broken and nothing can be seen where to press.

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Guys help pliz. Tele2 mini died. Broken and tauche and screen. It is very necessary to pull two SMS with phone numbers today. Debugging via USB is enabled but in any program it writes confirm the security exceptions tap the screen that is not real. There is one more so much to disassemble it for warranty. Can you merge completely firmware with all the info and to zlight on another?

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Sher.VOFF @ 08/15/2016, 20:20*
People tell me how to extract \ tolerate contacts from the body to WP8? In a manual is not an option. Where is the Prague eats to transfer through bluetooth?

All contacts Windows automatically stored in Live.outlook.com. Go under your account in Outluk and you can copy all contacts in the CVM file. In this regard, Windows is better than android. ;-)

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PRUF @ 08/10/2016, 22:10*
I found a way to get contacts from Samsung'ov without debugging enabled via USB.

Good afternoon, the forum, the method worked with me. Nothing on the phone does not need to be confirmed and it is not necessary that debugging was enabled. The main thing that the phone itself worked, and then as written.

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