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We retrieve personal data from a damaged / broken machine

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We retrieve personal data from a damaged / broken machine

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It's no secret that with our "smart" devices anything can happen, including such an unpleasant breakdown as a broken touchscreen. What to do in this case? After all, it left all our data: contacts, messages, etc.

Of course, the simplest solution is to replace the damaged screen. But if it is not, and the data is needed yesterday? In this topic we will try to collect all possible ways to restore the data we need.

Enable USB debugging
Connect USB mouse and USB keyboard at the same time.

1. The most obvious is changing the touchscreen. Where to get? Ask inaccessories themeyour device orhere.

2. If the device supportsMHL protocol, you can try to connect it via HDMI to a monitor or TV. We connect the mouse via Bluetooth or USB and in case of successful connection we try to save our data to the memory card.

3. If USB debugging was enabled, then try using the ADB command
adb pull /data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts2.db
or through the applicationQtADB. You can read more about ADB in this thread.ADB and all that can be done with it

4. We try to get contacts using the application.MyPhoneExplorer. We put and copy the contents to the computer. The telephone part of the program is installed without confirmation from the display.USB debugging must be enabled!

5. ThroughDroid Explorer (PC) - how to pull out the contacts (Post # 12272051)

6. Another way through the system menuRemoving personal data from damaged / broken machine (Post # 33349654)

7. Through the Wonershare MobileGo app:Extract private data from damaged / broken machine (Post # 37392987)

8. If Viber was installed on PCRemoving personal data from a damaged / broken machine (Post nic-flas_VRN36RU # 45351907)

9. Online contacts2.db to vCard converter

10. Enable USB debugging using screenshots(if the touch works, but the screen does not work)

11. Method for Samsung with disabled USB debugging

12. Access to a smartphone with a broken screen. Requires a PC with installed GNU / Linux (for example, Ubuntu)

The method of obtaining contacts in the open form without root and without online converters.

Experience in recovering data from dead or half-dead smartphones on an MTK processor

ZTE Blade AF3 (Spreadtrum SC7731)

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Here there is no single way when you have a broken screen and off. debugging on USB! so alas guys here only if broken takskrin or debugging is enabled on usb

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And another way to convert contacts2.db in * .vcf
Throughonline converter- select your file, save the created. Its import inguglokontaktah.
Tested personally - option works.
Comrade found that some ready-made tool to convert, it is for those who have paranoia combed to the blood and does not trust their contacts online converters.

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Zimons @ 01.02.2016, 00:24*
Here there is no single way when you have a broken screen and off. debugging on USB! so alas guys here only if broken takskrin or debugging is enabled on usb

Those. if the screen is broken up tightly and no debugging, all just a screen to change?

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* Pincky
Yes, poluchaetsya so!

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It turned out to pull the contacts in the phone whereIt was not included on the USB debugging , The phone No display , worked touch . In the end, connected to a computer (otobrazhvetsya removable disk), hold the volume down and power - take screenshots, open on your computer screenshot (Screenshots folder understand where are now and where to click), and so the screenshots and poking) comes to settings and turn on debug mode via USB and further into the cap all described.

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Welcome formuchane!
At me such a question,
Recently broke Iphone 4 screen into pieces like the whole "front" of the telefona.Gruba speaking, flew off everything from the screen itself (such bollocks thick, 3 mm thick), finishing with just the front of the body, which is just hanging on net.Kamera scrap of wire.


The phone stays in full working sostoyanii.Zvonyat sound there will mute button, the vibration is.
So I have a question for you:

Can I transfer photos / movie onto a laptop? Laptop sees it, but that would have allowed him to Iphone (laptop) access to the information you need to click the "Trust" .But Screen is not! There are ways to get around this with him?

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Thanks, helped prog MyPhoneExplorer
Wives phone HTC Rhyme was drowned, dismantled, cleaned all the alcohol and a toothbrush dry.
As a consequence, the phone is fully working, but not working screen.
Subtracted sms, tel. a book, etc.
Thanks again.
The program works under vYn10 64bit.

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Telephone Goldsmiths! There is a Chinese unit type on samsung Spreadtrum sc6820, interrupted train of the display and the touchscreen is not working power button (turn on a thin wire jumpering two button contacts). When the only white screen. We asked to get contact with this phone. YUSB debugging is not enabled, it does not sync. I tried all the programs, but zero sense. How to be, advise!

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Hey. Would you like puzzle? : Lol:

There is a phone with a broken touch screen. Phone DNS S4502
It is necessary to recover data from it. The point is that it is necessary to recover deleted data from it
It was a video, you have to restore. By default, the video is written to the memory card or in the phone's memory?
If the drain-type backup or image, then restore the deleted data will not work well.
I understand all sorts of programs that work with remote data rabotyut directly with the physical carrier (remove data from it), but not with images

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ntecod @ 24.02.2016, 07:42*
DNS S4502

Support OTG and MHL are?
Anything seen on the screen?

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Good afternoon. There Megaphone + Login with broken screen and not working sensor. You need to extract the data contacts. USB debugging is disabled. The phone was in use at the girl, so that the standard setting. Is it possible to do that? How not to try to use the options of caps everything depends on the debugging via USB. Very necessary contacts.

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greetings to all!
is it possible to get pictures with a broken nexus? provided that the phone is broken into 2 parts to pieces ... their whole remained only the upper part

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Changed with the touch screen screen. but it turned out to be defective unit. The screen is not working. Ruta No USB debugging off. But all the contacts stored in the Google account. But the problem is that the owner does not know the login and password of the account (s someone once created it). You can somehow find an account of emeyu, phone model, and so on?

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People, help, please! : Help:

Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II

Description of the problem:
On Samsung Note II hands with a broken screen, shows absolutely nothing, the unit is turned on.
It is necessary to remove from his mind the greatest possible amount of information (most importantly - photos).
When enabled when connected to a computer is defined as a player.
Did you turn on USB debugging is unknown, there seems to be. Help me please!!!

There have been actions:
Installed on the PC Mobogenie, requests that USB debugging
Installed on your PC Wondershare MobileGo, requests that USB debugging
Tried to enable debugging over USB through Hyde Enable USB debugging, but it is impossible, QtADB asks "Connect your phone", although the phone is switched on and tried to enter the cwm / twrp (do not know if they are at all) using the vol up / down + home + power

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Tell me plz.
There are body AMOI N821 broken tachem the screen, it LEWA firmware.
copy the contacts does not on a computer, where further to dig?

C: \ android>adb pull /data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts2.db c: / android
failed to copy '/data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts2.db
'To' c: /android/contacts2.db ': Permission denied

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Guys, help me please, is the unit SM-T231 with fully broken screen. At the bottom of a little seen, it works fine, though, and all bent. The machine was bought Navitel Navigator through PleyMarket to transfer the license to another device I have to remember under what account was bought old. Can the system files (normally connected by USB) to know at least the old account login?

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Try to drive change in the D: \

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SileLence @ 08/05/2014, 16:26*
and there was found an interesting menu "backup user data".

Lenovo P780 also has become a brick, you need to pull the pins out of memory. But there is no such item.
Attached Image

According to the logic of custom suggests rekaveri some other place h possibility of unloading of personal data. So?

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There was such a situation:
There htc one M7. Fully working, BUT dead power controller or something similar. Appears like this: when you connect the cable it a second charge, then 10 seconds of silence. And so the circle. Phone - a European, it was a guarantee from left office. There vaypnuli all the data, and then said: "you scratch the glass and the back cover - in the guarantee refused." I know, you fool, you had to understand further, but then other things were on his throat. For repair services are asked by 5000.

In short, the connection cable to the PC is not possible, only interested in photos from a vacation that does not fly away in a cloud due to lack of wi-fi in the hotel.
Stock Firmware, rue not rekaveri original. Battery is charged from the power supply unit and is inserted into the phone, or directly from the PSU, then the phone is fully functional, except for the usb.
There are some ideas how you can try to recover lost photos?

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Good day! Broke off LG Optimus L9, after two weeks of inactivity, it will not turn on at all, when connected to a computer peretykivaetsya OMAP4430 several times. On the phone were photos that I want to retrieve. What should I do to remove them? Sew afraid, because data can be erased. Or you could somehow restore the bootloader?

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