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Xiaomi Redmi Note - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi Note - MIUI firmware
PictureXiaomi Redmi Note
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Mini FAQ * Useful information

Important information!
Drivers and Utilities
Attention!!! drivers best to put on windows 7 for other versions prepare a tambourine

Firmware MIUI V6 - MIUI V9 on Android4.4 KitKat

Revealed firmware bugs!!! Required for review !!! Please write about new bugs not in the subject, butHERE
Tips on how and what to configure in 4.4
How to call with one touch or swipe on contact in miui6
If third-partyno topics are postedThemeManager.apk file to take fromfirmwarewith the same number
Replacementfull-timemiui6 applications

Patch memory changes of the weekly version and kernels with adb support updated post from wert21

MIUI V5 firmware on Android 4.2 from our members of the forum
Note that:
  • Official firmware and custom firmwares are made with Wipes Cache and Dalvik or Factory reset after firmware.
  • Miui ports from other phones and alternative (not miui) firmware - Factory reset before flashing.
  • FunctionalMi tools module in WSMstarting from version 34 firmwaredoes not work completely.

Official MIUI WCDMA firmware from miui.com is only English-Chinese, the market is present
ATTENTION!!! with its installation, you will overwrite your custom Recovery if it was installed
In the firmware only English and Chinese, as well as stock Recowery
Download the latest versionHERE
Previously released versions of official firmware

Multilingual firmware MIUI5 and MIUI6 from xiaomi.eu


Root / Recovery


On miui6 root is! for applications that need to be given resolution If this item is not in the menu, then use Patch to enable native rootstable MIUI 6 and read detailed instruction
Enabling root on a stable firmware version
Ruth on Global Stables
Then everything refers to miui
We put Root withBaidu rootif we fail to read further
Get and enable Root - 1
Get Root - 2
Who did not have enough

Patches and all sorts of different improvements

HaveKrachatspruceSTVbutto firmware

Useful utilities and applications
Those who recently purchased the device

Phone authentication check, do first !!!
Authentication Programfrom Xiaomi.!!! ATTENTION !!! There were fakie being tested. Check 2
You can also install the applicationAIDA64if you haveother datathen you have a fake. If you have a fake, immediately return it to the seller, do not write about your problems in the subject. If you change the firmware on a fake device, you will get a lot of problems about which you readhereandhereandhere

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there looking

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* O_Funkillo,
Flipping above seek links with Yandex mail.ru

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zdess Message 19664
How to find evo

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* adik_88,
Attached Image

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Guys probably off topic, but I have a phone redmi note 7 pro, small that it stumbles, and now after the lock for 5-20 seconds on a different phone "scraping on" 1 just do not understand Th for crap, from applications aliekspress and Sberbank. That the factory ... Maybe piliknut sometimes at a moment when the screen razblokiryvayu ... and during scraping on AaAAaaaaaaaaaaa ... ...! fed up .... who can faced ...

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Go to the appropriate topic!

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* get for,
There were no such problems. All questions to someone who has ported firmware

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Good afternoon guys! Such a request someone has on a cloud all versions of Global firmware? Starting from the MIUI MIUI 9 7 ending desirable to present the Russian language. Please give a link or who can share here or in the QMS? The device is not present, you need manuals on the Internet I found all the current Chinese and English, and all! I will be very grateful

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Welcome interested in this question, telephone redmС– note 8 tons, icons constantly change their location?

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Why do you write in the topic of the first?

Brains isolated themselves?

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sews through fleshtul. why then rekaveri version is not replaced. I flashed firmware still is not intended firmware. then the firmware upgrade did. then format download. zater preloader and now does not react to pressing. the screen does not turn on. piercing through fleshtul Full Version 37 firmware nothing. what to do?

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superbamba @ 02.07.20, 21:28*
sews through fleshtul. why then rekaveri version is not replaced.

after the firmware should be loaded into the system without the right to enter the rekaveri, or changes in the stock.

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I did not try to help. now a brick. fails to raise. firmware loaded under fleshtul writes OK. but it is not included. Help your friends be like?

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* superbamba,
Solder memory. Nothing else will help.

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