Upgrading headphones | [Hand-made] repair and home-made with your own hands!

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Headphone upgrade

I suggest this topic describe the modernization of different headphone models with their own hands. We will fight for the sound quality!
As well as repair and homemade headphones with your hands!

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Remaking A4Tech T-500.
Akkuratno remove ambyushyury, otkruchaviem three bolts on one earpiece and we put on the table plate with the speaker (the second earphone do the same when one will do).
Now we need the stationery knife and rubber resin adhesive with an admixture of e.g. Hauser (universal contact adhesive). Take the knife and tykatelnymi movements around cut start dynamics between the speaker and the adhesive plate. When cut a circle, begin pulling the speaker when the speaker pulled we put on the table top membrane. Take a plate and in a circle where the speaker was pasted a very thin
a layer of glue is applied.
Now the glue in a speaker on a plate, not only because it was not earlier contacts facing down. Nor is it up. At his side, namely when the headphones are color speaker should be glued so that the contacts were as if in the direction of the head backwards, not forwards. Once pasted, we wait for the glue dries. In my case it was 15 minutes. Now collect earphone and a second earphone Do the same procedure.
The result: in the headphones was overstated scene. After the modification, we get rid of it and get a natural sound without distortions. Do not forget to remove the caps on the headphones together with a paper favorite, caps only stifle the sound.


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Gentlemen, is there any instructions for the manufacture of magnetoplast or electrostatic emitters for Helds? Saw collected from g ** on, stick and aluminum foil, but specifically, according to the points "From A to Z" I can not find

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Suharb @ 05.11.20, 17:55*
or electrostatic emitters for mani-tree

The electrostatic emitter can handle to the grave. Voltage on the electrodes there is not at all sour.
And at home to make it good to put it mildly problematic. One emitter represents a whole problem. It should not be done from the foil, it should be simultaneously hard and easy

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Guys, hello. Help plz. Bloody G501 headphones broke. Covered wire. There is a five-tier wire with yusb exit at the end. I was looking for Google to buy and replace. I could not find anything. Prompt plz where you can buy? Thank you in advance for your response.

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* Casperik,
Try searching for Aliexpress.

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Tell me, what will the wire go?Alik Cord

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* Casperik,
In general, how you yourself see it is clearly not for headphones.

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Good evening. I do not know where you can ask about it. I did not find the answer in Google.

Came from Alika here is such a module.

Holds as stated, 7-8 hours. But it is indoors.

In transport, grabs maximum per hour. Charged three days ago until a complete charge. From work food for about 20 minutes by bus. For three days I used them only during the trip home.

The question itself: Does the speed of discharge of headphones depend on the movement or is it wrong?

There is a thought that this is due to the permanent attempts not to lose touch with the phone. When walking, sometimes breaks. There is no breakdown during ride.

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Arthur_F @ 23.12.20, 19:24*
The question itself: Does the speed of discharge of headphones depend on the movement or is it wrong?

Briefly, even if you run over the bus on the "Speed ​​of the discharge of headphones" it will not affect: happy:

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People, and maybe someone suggest which filters are installed in the compensation holes in Dynam. Shipping, and where they can be ordered. Here I visited the thought of building headphones to himself, or rather customize the sound in SSA C10. I thought that the compensation hole was just a hole, but no, Tama filter stands on the inside, which, I understand it, you can configure the lower edge of the frequency and the number of LF and the subbaz. Who has any considerations about this?

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* Bloxer. ,
I asked a similar question.
I was suggested to use tea bag (paper).
The contents pour out, and then cut in size.

I use to this day, 2 years have 2, if not more.))

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* Artur_F, And how, normally went? Just at the manufacturer, some synthetic material is used as I understood on self-keys. Apparently having certain frequency characteristics. Only damplement filters for Armaturin come to Ali.
In any case, I want to understand what is done for what. If with ordinary acoustics, it is more and less understandable, there is a corresponding literature, then about the headquarters in the network especially information and no, especially on the plugs.

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* Bloxer. , well gone. Sound as it was before.
The only moment, I used 2 layers.

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* Artur_F, I realized. ) Well, okay, I will try

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