Upgrading headphones | [Hand-made] repair and home-made with your own hands!

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Headphone upgrade

I suggest this topic describe the modernization of different headphone models with their own hands. We will fight for the sound quality!
As well as repair and homemade headphones with your hands!

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Remaking A4Tech T-500.
Akkuratno remove ambyushyury, otkruchaviem three bolts on one earpiece and we put on the table plate with the speaker (the second earphone do the same when one will do).
Now we need the stationery knife and rubber resin adhesive with an admixture of e.g. Hauser (universal contact adhesive). Take the knife and tykatelnymi movements around cut start dynamics between the speaker and the adhesive plate. When cut a circle, begin pulling the speaker when the speaker pulled we put on the table top membrane. Take a plate and in a circle where the speaker was pasted a very thin
a layer of glue is applied.
Now the glue in a speaker on a plate, not only because it was not earlier contacts facing down. Nor is it up. At his side, namely when the headphones are color speaker should be glued so that the contacts were as if in the direction of the head backwards, not forwards. Once pasted, we wait for the glue dries. In my case it was 15 minutes. Now collect earphone and a second earphone Do the same procedure.
The result: in the headphones was overstated scene. After the modification, we get rid of it and get a natural sound without distortions. Do not forget to remove the caps on the headphones together with a paper favorite, caps only stifle the sound.


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And for the repair of the headset, no one cooks? :)

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In general, so the problem is in what, googlyl, but so nothing and did not find anything)
Who understands I ask the help, from me I respect and plus naturally)
LG P500 I have without a headset (3.5 mm input)
Found Nokievsky Xpress Musik (4 Pina, 3.5 mm) WH 102 HS 125 with one button)
Inserted into the LG, they work terrible, with a slight pulling out like nothing, so you need to overpass the pins in some places. But what wiring to change the concepts of the concept not, I did not find the schemes ((
There are such wiring:
-zooty which wipes white prolonged wiring

I ask you!

Please do not write that headphones GG and throw it out, it does not matter .. the main thing is that the button, microphone and speakers worked

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Well, if I am sure that you can overpass, then, probably, is not a problem and call the tester?
Generally watch connectionsHEREBut judging by your description, do not match the layout on contacts 4 (the closest to the cable) and 3. Contacts No. 1 (the tip) and 2 (second on the tip) is always the left and right channels, respectively. But from 3 and 4 - who, like :(
Most 3 are common, 4 are a microphone and a button with a resistor, and some are on the contrary.
My advice to you: Take the tester and ring the resistance from the contacts of the connector to the guides: Well, to the connector how to attach one contact of the Ommeter, you probably can be able to be able, and the second contact is pressed to the metal thinnest (best - "insulin") needles from the syringe And neatly piercing her isolation of the conductor. So find out "Color differentiation of pants" :)
And the scarf, you will need to cut-cross out somewhere in the cable, the conductors coming from contacts 3 and 4.

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tester no (
cut, then I have already broken down, but what wiring to change the places I do not know)
I tried a tyk method, but nifiga (that is, it is not convenient to mount them between them, and then change again, and again fix and change again)

I just think who did anything like that and help)

Thank you very much!


Oh I will try tension to spend on these pins and definitely that where when, instead of tester_)

That's just necessary to deal with LG where 3 and 4th contacts must go.
thanks again)

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Alikurtveliev @ 01/23/2012, 23:35*
Tester no

Well, do a substitute from a 1,5-volt battery connected consistently with some current indicator: other headphones (click on the contact of the contacts), a flashlight light bulb or a LED (check first, whether there are enough batteries for it so that it caught fire when connection directly) ...

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Yes, yes, I did it with a diode))
Everything worked out! Thank you)

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Hi!! Since I have on my hands only a headset (there is no chest) I do not tell what kind of contact plus and what minus. thank you in advance....

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I want to do such a headset for the optimus, but it does not work (I soldered the wires, and did not touch the ears, the truth is on the microphone 1, ears 2, and another 2 more. Does not switch

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Conclusion of the connector of your telephone headset standard (seeHERE)
If you correctly identified the conductors of the existing headset and without errors and the closures have merged with the cable, then everything should work.
To check the wiring of the headset and the color of the conductors (but you need to check)HERE
It is absolutely accurate that you need to change places (cut and unwind the "nest") conductors coming from contacts 3 and 4

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ATP FurryGoth, helped! Verified on the Huawei Honor. And headphones!

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Hello expensive inhabitants PDA)
I have a Sony Xperia Neo V phone, there are headphones from Nokia, when I connect them to the phone, the words of some songs sound very quietly, and in general the quality of songs are like old WMV, and when they connect them some crackling in headphones. Interested to connect headphones to PC, sound like an echo, but when you press and burn the button on the headset, the sound becomes normal, and when you press this button on the phone, the song is changed, or the sound is added, or in general, Google opens Acaunt. I tried to connect Explay headphones, sound at all does not go to the headset, and simply the phone reproduces the sound with its speaker ......

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Once there is a button, this is already a headset, Nokia was, and maybe there is a pointer about your headset, there are two wiring placed in places. Either open and change back, or buy really headphones, such a problem will not be, as well as a microphone with a button.
About Explay - Who knows him, this Rossey Ketai ...

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There are overhead headphones, initially the norms were but after 5 months of passive use it became so that when sticking to the end, sounded with the Echo effect. And everything is quiet, if you do not chat a little bit of all the rules ... who knows the cause and decision? Thank you all.

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JudasDesperados, It is clear that contact, but you need to determine what the problem is in the headphones, or in the device nest. Try to stick the headphones to another device - the problem will be saved? If so, then the problem is in the headphone time, if not - you need to disassemble the device and adjust the headphones nest paws.

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In all the devices, such a problem and 3 android smarts and on Nokia..sttecher must be changed?

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JudasDesperados, Yes, it means the problem in the plug.

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Is it possible at all without microup wires to interconnected?

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maf1abotan1q, can. Just need the land from the ears on white solder and green and red, respectively, to the same at the output. For the WH-102

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this_is_djushik @ 05/24/2013, 12:35*
can. Just need the land from the ears on white solder and green and red, respectively, to the same at the output. For the WH-102

And the earth is what color?

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Having bought out the coupling for 2 kilubles, you can save money for many more years, so at one time there were good headphones from Sony, Quince, Panasonic and Sainthaiser.

Revive the deceased ears can be repeatedly, one my ears already17.5 years old Of the original parts, only high-quality speakers remained in them, actually what happens to the ears for such a long age of their lives:
Breaking wire
Pulling plug
Porolon elapses \ Rubber comes in disrepair (if rhizinov)
Plastic el - you are hitting the ears on the head or sliding parts

What can be done if the headphones broke down but the quality of the headphones themselves you like or budget does not allow you to buy new, everything is easier and nowhere :)

1. Replacing silicone \ rubber / foam elements on original or similar.

2. Wires can be soldered (do not confuse the phasing on the speakers) if the hands grow in the wrong side or you do not know the word type of the USSR, then it is better to ask people who know how to keep a soldering iron (do not buy a soldering iron for 37 rubles;))

3. Plastic el-you can be glued
(I advise you to glue super glue with the addition of soda. Glue in safety glasses in a well-ventilated room.)

4. Replacing everything that broke
Lie ears at all in the trash \ on them, your grandmother or a cat played: D
Porolon killed and plastic is decorated, then we buy
Userleon @ 08/03/2013, 10:17*
A4TECH T-500

For the price of them is not so much biting and insert their speakers in them, well, it is possible and the wires for one thing if there is a desire for such a cheap technology, the native wires are torn more than on more Orthodox :)

Introductant to take different dynamics and inserted into some ears, my friend has so checked, says they say Listen like my ear work, I had enough 2 seconds to make eyes on 5p and say wow I glad on the left 8 [x

Inserts, plugs \ vacuum, overhead, monitor ears are treated in the same principle: the search for a similar modern model for a more acceptable price with the subsequent introduction of speakers in them;)

PS I had chinese lining
"Super Bass": d In addition to the hull that came to my head perfectly :) I didn't have any good idea how I remember the speakers from them now from "Tetris" he "Brick Game", had enough of this case for a couple of years and then thank God , More from very cheap "linings", I will not remember anything that is completely, we usually take it similar to 500-700 rubles similar to the size of up to 500-700 rubles. For what is cheaper breaks very quickly.

That before the ears of vacuum
-Od modern youth (a guy in the city cut into parts by train, exactly they were chopped in the sliced ​​head, they were quite difficult to disassemble the original headphones because they are breeding, but you should not worry, you can neatly shake by savats or knife to smooth and the main thing"Your KPP" Further we go to any store of cheap products from 15 rubles to 150 rubles and we buy China-babai, usually China-babai is dealt with hands or even fall apart directly in the hands, so there should be no problems with disassembly, we will not have the labeling of the wires \ taking up new speakers We collect well and can be glued a bit :)

A little rusty or what did once do:
The photo is not mine that came into walk too lazy to look for iron

For my daughter, I made mod on insertion in the wing of speakers
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Still comrade for work asked for such insert mp3 player and an additional battery counterweight
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