Upgrading headphones | [Hand-made] repair and home-made with your own hands!

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Headphone upgrade

I suggest this topic describe the modernization of different headphone models with their own hands. We will fight for the sound quality!
As well as repair and homemade headphones with your hands!

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Remaking A4Tech T-500.
Akkuratno remove ambyushyury, otkruchaviem three bolts on one earpiece and we put on the table plate with the speaker (the second earphone do the same when one will do).
Now we need the stationery knife and rubber resin adhesive with an admixture of e.g. Hauser (universal contact adhesive). Take the knife and tykatelnymi movements around cut start dynamics between the speaker and the adhesive plate. When cut a circle, begin pulling the speaker when the speaker pulled we put on the table top membrane. Take a plate and in a circle where the speaker was pasted a very thin
a layer of glue is applied.
Now the glue in a speaker on a plate, not only because it was not earlier contacts facing down. Nor is it up. At his side, namely when the headphones are color speaker should be glued so that the contacts were as if in the direction of the head backwards, not forwards. Once pasted, we wait for the glue dries. In my case it was 15 minutes. Now collect earphone and a second earphone Do the same procedure.
The result: in the headphones was overstated scene. After the modification, we get rid of it and get a natural sound without distortions. Do not forget to remove the caps on the headphones together with a paper favorite, caps only stifle the sound.


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A long time ago it was necessary to improve the quality of BT (Motorola H350) headset. Or rather it was hard to hear. Since I'm a fan of in-ear monitor, then I took the old ones with a rubber band snapped half earpiece with a rubber band and glued to the headset. Naturally the volume increased and became better audible. Plus it is much better to stay: D
Here's what happened:
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Now I want to do such upgrades with the standard HDshnoy headset. Painfully, I like it.
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On Mahe I did not kovyratsya and stupidly cut "ears" and soldered with new inserts.
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Quality standard headset satisfied. Now we have to find resembling headphones for donation intracanal inserts and choose the way of fastening to a native ear.
We HD2 and waving the device speaker is absolutely the same. Therefore, without sacrificing native headset practice on Mach speakers
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When You Do not Know how to do accomplish your goal, and while waiting for the critics and suggestions. Maybe someone has already done similar things.

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If the quality standard garniturki satisfied, simply purchase a silicone tips on the type of headphoneshttp://euroset.ru/catalog/audio/headphones...t-nozzle-white/- they are placed on the "ear", making them co-channel ....
Itself with the problem of sound in the BT headset encountered when children poobryvali all rubber seals, and then picked up by the ear cups size porollonovye from wired headsets .... to "stick" until the hand is not raised, and a charging problem appears (kreddl). ...
And with nozzles funny thing happened .... I saw the first time it is with BT headset ... was tried on, I realized that large much upset and left ...... only came a couple of months, they are to the standard -So cool headphones fit !!!
It is not only in Moscow. I am from Vladivostok. In our showrooms Euroset they are also there for the same price. Analogs seen in the net, I can distribute links
http://goods.marketgid.com/goods/1014/2768852/(Not sure if this is - the same)

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Alexandra_2000 @ 7.2.10, 18:20*
If the quality standard garniturki satisfied, simply purchase a silicone nozzle to headphones

Great idea! Will need to use ... :)
And I umuchalsya with samsungovskimi ears ... fun to watch in the transport, as a man struggling with headphones, once you understand - fellow sufferers ... samsungoobladatel ...: D
I myself bought these:
life has become easier at times, but not as much as we b ...

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improving headphones
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It was invented by me 5 years ago as an alternative to foam rubber, and the competition is only - only appeared then inserts. It looks a little funny, but the results are astounding. Win as much as 4:

1. doubles the volume, and therefore it is necessary to reduce and thus save battery.
2. Most notably increasing the bass and the sound becomes more saturated, do not even need any EQ.
3. Cease interfere noises but not insulate as much as with the inserts.
4, do not fall !!!

Actually for the last 2 items I came to this decision. The most difficult thing was to pull the medical rubber tube to the headset, well, the rest think it is clear from the picture. Any regular headphones turned almost into high end. Something similar can be heard if you strongly push the headphones in your ears, but still, with elastic bands sound penetrates deeper and the pressure creates more.
I ride a bike around the city and no noise I am not afraid. Machinery hear, but they are in the background. Head often has to turn, but the headset is held firmly. I enjoy music no less than those who listen to it in the car.

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And soon deaf fuck ... Well, well, use ...

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I agree, dangerous construction, besides the rubber tube will distort the sound.

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Well, that, in principle, an ordinary structure enclosed or semi-gags. Copyright - is the use of self-made tubes. I like the idea, although I am not an adherent of the fucking middle ear. Author rights - the main thing is not to overdo it with the volume :)
And ears sooner or later will still suffer that with tubes that without them. On the street to listen to music in any way harmful.

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Friends, theory is one thing and practice - more. And it turns out like Zhvanetskogo: Let's argue about the taste of oysters with those who ate them.
I think that if in 5 years not seen any flaws, it is what it says.
If we talk about headphones as a whole, then the standard headphones is full of shortcomings for which they either do not use or are limited. I was one of them. On my needs closest to me ear, but they are not without drawbacks - either price or sound that is more akin to the buzzing. And a solution is found. Now I have no headphones are not a burden.

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maladtsa: yes2: everything just genialnoe-
I wish there was a similar attachment to buy, but instead of going to the hospital shop: D

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I say at once, the idea no one nepodsasyval, invented himself. Later remakes found here: P
In short, here is my story. Sat with their homework, and do it was a bastard. Listen to the radio (via phone), and suddenly I fell off the pen eraser, and it dawned on me: D Standard ears to my little animal - complete shit, if they are struggling to fit in your ears until blood and primotat Skoch around the head, the less, and so finally no bass and terribly often fall out
Well ГЄГ Г® as I have done: gum were on a smaller diameter so they warmed for a couple (did not help), then just pulled the most interesting thing that they are quite strong: huh: Then cut to a certain length
What happened:
In both ears derzhatstsa vkleinye, very comfortable, you can run jump, engage sekasa
Soundproofing fucking, on the bus stuck in their ears and listen to the surf
The maximum volume has become much, exactly 2 times louder, very much (too much) rose the bass, but this minus decides equalizer, which by the way I pulled up high, which in turn disappeared.
In general, it turned out very even nothing, the quality of post-EQ super, bass very best, even look real as purchased
Sori for quality fotkal body

Help pliz nubatsky very question, but to me he was worth nerves PPC: huh: I'm on the phone comes eternal crap:
Message from the network
the name of the small window, bottom, and wrote my town English letters with emoticon at the end .:

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Interesting idea, simple and ingenious. Message about this you come to the network communication, the so-called channel 50, turn off all communication (broadcast) network operator. how it will call names. The quality of pictures is the fact more here is not necessary, could be even worse, because and what's there to see? By the way, with the camera pictures is prohibited to spread.

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Kenter @ 27.2.10, 23:55*
Interesting idea, simple and ingenious.

: Rofl: I know how much of yesterday such gums broke I wanted to pull the original from the ROKR did not work E1.Nifiga: D.Tak one ear tried a lot of pressure .... No ice: blush:

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Industrial analogue Homemade people here:
30R / couple ... :)
PS Here's a similar theme:Upgrading headphones HD2

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They are not sold in pairs .... different sizes liner .... only 3 couples "package" ....

In general, this "intra-channel" I did on my BT a motor station from the stock to intra-channel headphones ... and I used to try, afterverting the "hood" - I didn't get it - I didn't sit well and not fasten it normal, and when I turned the "base" Passed. Well, it also fastened due to the fact that there is a risk on the headset, where the native seal was to be attached (no longer native and all the spare and everything that found on the replacement (Poron AmbГјshura) children lost in different ways).

Here in the photo "pravilnovyvernuty" (well for my case), "nepravilnovyvernuty" and "nevyvernuty" inserts. Insert the headset is attached, I'm sorry, "ribbon", cut off from the nylon sock - well, nothing is more durable and "flat", that site does not interfere with the ear at hand was not. Yes, earphone diameter 12 mm, insert taken the biggest.
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Krosskomment ofWe modify the headphones (Post # 4093247)
That's what happened to BT Motorollki of spare wheels to in-ear monitor ... and tried before the same, removing the "hood" - does not work - bad sitting and do not normally secure, and when turned the "base" - and famously sat entrenched. Well entrenched further by the fact that there is a risk garniturka, where he was attached native seal.

The photo "pravilnovyvernuty" (well for my case), "nepravilnovyvernuty" and "nevyvernuty" inserts. Insert the headset is attached, I'm sorry, "ribbon", cut off from the nylon sock - well, nothing is more durable and "flat", that site does not interfere with the ear at hand was not. Yes, earphone diameter 12 mm, insert taken the biggest - still idle.
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I also wear my Samsung Wep200 was not comfortable. And I have done more cleverly ...

I just lay half dead headphones Sennheisser CX400, which burned one earphone. The second is alive on all 200% !! And I decided to join Wep200 and CX400. For this it was necessary to disassemble Wep200. And to understand it seriously, because made by snap. After dismantling it turned out that the earphone in it screwed screws that just fine !!
Then, he separated from the working earphone CX400, removed the upper logo (such iron. Round). did the same bolt holes (burned soldering iron) and with the aid of bolts wep200 superglue and joined the new headphones and headsets. Solder the wires themselves have been the case for small.

Wear was really comfortable and it was heard in 100 times better !! Is that now inconvenient to charge the headset is now, maybe it is charged in the trunk, which is now in the headset does not fit. But when the hands reach, and do something with it.

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My garniturka too kreddle does not fit, but my "refinement" headphone allows you to press the headset contacts to kreddla simple application of a small force (crush "sound guides") and lock in this position in any way possible ... (I fix "Velcro" for compact cord) ...
when will cease to hold the headset speaker, I plan to attach an audio connector 3.5 mm instead of just "ear" unit and that the thread-type clothespins and used with conventional in-ear monitor ...

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After already a lot of time after modification headset, I got around to finish nakonetstaki sunduchok (cradle) to charge it.
I decided the whole thing just - burned hole soldering iron under the earpiece in the bottom of the trunk. Then processed hole knife and file. It turned out as for me it is quite normal. The headset is now charging well as alterations to the ...

The easiest way to see the photo

Attached Image
Attached Image
but the back of the hole is already visible and clearly. Sticker had to be removed.
Attached Image
Now the headset is perfectly charged
Attached Image
It is seen as the speaker speaks itself of the trunk.

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Alexandra_2000 @ 7.2.10, 22:20*
If the quality standard garniturki satisfied, simply purchase a silicone tips on the type of headphoneshttp://euroset.ru/catalog/audio/headphones...t-nozzle-white/- they are placed on the "ear", making them co-channel ....

I bought, tried ... now they are not fixed in the ears. In practice, it turned out that they do not reach the ear canal, the widest part of the headset, which is dressed gum, does not insert the liner into place ....

Will again "cut", I'll probably Paradigm and mounted them on a standard headset)))

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GarryBig @ 18.4.10, 18:46*
I bought, tried ... now they are not fixed in the ears.

Yeah. Analagichna. Rare hnya .... :)

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