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Customer service for our machines | Call addresses, praise, criticize.

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This topic was created to exchange views and information about service services that support our cars. Please do not flood about a bitter and hard life in general, but exchange real information.
Information on specific services is welcome: memory expansion, Russification, etc.

Specify CITY in your messages. But it is not clear.
The names of streets, companies and phone numbers often in different cities are the same, but your information, respectively, is not. And understand who praise or scold incomprehensible.

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1. Prior to the Glofiish X800, distributors provided service to the devices. They gave a guarantee. Everyone gave their own. That is, there were devices with coupons of service companies on the market:

1) CPS (telephone of the central office +7 (495) 797-34-34)
Sample warranty card:watch

2) Vobis (telephone of the central office +7 (495) 163-53-40)
Example warranty card: - temporarily unavailable

3) MakTsentr (NEW phone of the central office +7 (495) 660-51-81).
An example of a warranty card (with the old phone number):watch

Accordingly, with the guarantee of one distributor, it was not possible to go to another - do not accept the device for warranty repair in this case.

2. Starting with the Glofiish X800 model, the card has become one for all, the warranty is provided directly by the manufacturer.

An example of a warranty card that MUST be bundled with the X800 and all subsequent Glofiishs !!!

Now E-TEN has 4 officially authorized centers:

IT Service

1. IT Service Company (central service center in Moscow and Moscow Region)
Address: Moscow, Shkolnaya Street 47
Tel: +7 (495) 660-51-81
Road map:http://maps.yandex.ru/map.xml?mapID=100&am...0%E4%EE%EC%2047


2. Company "Pro-Service"
Service centers and reception centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and 70 cities of Russia.
A single reference telephone in Moscow: +7 (495) 771-73-26

Address number 1: 127055, Moscow, st. Novoslobodskaya, 62, Bldg. 19, Savelovskaya metro station. Tel: +7 (495) 771-73-26. Mode of operation: daily from 9:00 to 21:00.

Address number 2: Mode of operation: daily from 9:00 to 21:00. Address: Moscow, m. Belorusskaya, pl. Tverskaya Zastava, possession 3 - on the territory of the communication salon of the company Euroset, Tel: (495) 771-73-26


3. The company "Telemix" (central service center for the city of St. Petersburg and the North-West region)
St. Petersburg (central office): +7 (812) 327 8190

Scala Telecom

4. Scala Telecom Company (central service center in the Southern Federal District, Samara, Togliatti, Volgograd)
Rostov-on-Don (central office): +7 (863) 200-17-66

Theoretically, the device with the warranty card E-TEN can be carried to any of the mentioned service centers.
But we recommend still looking at the regional “confinement” of a particular center. That is, in Moscow is still best to carry in
IT Service, in St. Petersburg - in Telemix, in the regions - in Pro-Service.
Just regional service centers most quickly respond to
consumer needs in a particular region.

Before you go to the service center we recommend to clarify
possibility of acceptance and quick repair of the device, availability
parts - by phone.

Also, a direct line is open for consumers for appeals, claims,
wishes:glofiish_service_eng [@] etencorp.com

There you can write in Russian.

The letter MUST indicate:
+ Model of the device
+ Date and place of purchase of the device
+ Scanned copy / photo of check, warranty card, serial number of the device (S / N)
Name, E-mail and telephone number of the owner
+ Actually the essence of the claim

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I added a list of 70 cities where Pro Service works to the Racial Club. Who needs..........

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I gave my little animal on November 6 in the Smart Service, the one on Cherkizovo.
That's something they have been feeding me breakfast for a rather long time.
No parts, then we will wait.
Return - accomplish your goal, the negative so far only in the fact that already 17 days without the beast (breaking).
We suffer, we wait! : clap:

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And what device did you give? What problems?

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Help me please.
Last week, I gave my X500 in warranty repair in Telemix, which is located at 5th Soviet, 41 in St. Petersburg.
The print is LLC "Orion" ..
The problem is standard. Here is a description:

Missing sound from the rear speaker.
They listened to music through headphones, and then, when they were taken out, it turned out that only the telephone speaker works on the X500.
Statics and Krivorukov engineers engineers them in the swing. The X500 thinks the headphones are still plugged into it, although they are not there.

In addition, I asked to install the latest firmware and WM6. I could have done it myself a long time ago. But when I consulted in the same center, I was previously told that in this case I would lose the guarantee, so I myself did not do that.
I bought the device in Mobilwood.ru almost a year ago. That is, the warranty ends soon. I was told on the phone that they discovered mechanical damage during the autopsy, so regardless of the reasons for it, the device is removed from the guarantee in accordance with the E-Ten warranty policy. I was very surprised by this. Does E-Ten really have such a policy? That is, even in the presence of factory mechanical defects when they are detected, the device is removed from the guarantee. What then is this guarantee?

I did not open the device, did not inflict mechanical damage on it. However, they are not interested. On the phone, they did NOT say they found traces of the autopsy. Moreover, since the device was removed from the guarantee, they stated that the firmware would cost 300 rubles, and the repair was 1500r.

Are they right?

And I would also like to know if they should provide me with another communicator for the period of repair. I have everything there, and a computer and a telephone, and music and books.

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Please help, who has experience of communication with service centers.
I can not believe that the guarantee from E-Ten is just a fiction.
How do I get warranty repair?

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Service Center Vodafone (United Kingdom) - complete awful! Charging on TyTN broke, I called, they say give a new one, they promise to send ... after 2 weeks I bought it myself on ebay, only I made a mistake with amperes (0.5mA instead of 1A), in short after 2 months I ruined the battery ... I call, let's say new a battery, they say that they no longer sell these models and the battery must be ordered specially, which can take up to 3 months !!!
In short, after all this hassle, I bought the battery myself again on ebay, and I called them and said that I lost the pipe and asked for a new one (I pay for insurance for 5 pounds a month) ... They apologized for a long time that they did not sell these PDAs anymore and offered me TyTN II, which I gladly took :) gee gee.
In short, do not mess with Vodafone. In UK, T-Mobile and Orange have a much higher service.

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in July 2007 on my TyTNe flew gsm module, a SIM card is not opoznovalas communicator on guarantees given to the CPS in Moscow, he live in Bryansk, inquired about the repair by mail state, my repeated requests / demands / response threat always standard " we do not have spare parts ", ended with the fact that HTC has taken away the license of CPS in November (after 5 months) had to drag commune in PRO-service (by the way it is now Obraztsova, 14), there is vigorous young men took communes, clarified the truth which I took it in Euroset or not (and I took it in VebPanel), and promises but by vomu law repaired within 30 days, waited 45 days, passing stopped in the service, they said that all the same parts, and never will, and wrote a certificate of impossibility of repair, time to go to the store I had returned home, osotrel communicator noticed broken seal (or at least opened) has decided to insert a sim card, porobovat, and lo and behold the communicator immediately found the net, sms sent and called everything works as before. Here. I do not want to accuse anyone, but it is an organizational mess some! I wonder where the same it was repaired in the CPS or the Pro service? Question: If the device was still broken, what can I say in VebPanel about exchange or refund (after 3 months of the end of the guarantee).

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From KEI, I was so surprised .....: censored:
What happened:
In KC "KEY" I bought a Gigabyte GSmart i128 communicator. The next day, a line of white dead pixels came out on the screen exactly in the middle - when I checked it I checked it - there was nothing like that. In the SC he was accepted and in the store on the same day they gave out a new one. At this pleasant experience from SC KEY end.
After 4 months, the headset jack literally falls out of the communicator. In fact, mechanical damage, but this defect, judging by the forum is found in this model quite often. Plus, the warranty card does not indicate a loss of warranty in the event of mechanical damage to the device.
In SC KEY and there - lo and behold! - it is accepted for conditional warranty repair. The next few weeks I regularly called the SC, they promised to send a request to the manufacturer’s SC, but apparently they didn’t do that. After 45 days I am writing a refund statement, promised to reply by mail within 10 days. The answer did not come.
Today in the SC they said that according to the application - a refusal, the goods are still under repair. : censored:: censored:: censored:
If they do not want to repair, then why keep it for 2 months?

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In Telemix, a charging connector for 1500 rubles was soldered. Could and cheaper. And under the guarantee of this, they ruled backlash. Alevo to the right seems to have been removed, but they said they could not go back and forth. This is how it is.

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I changed the headset plug in Qtek-htc center on clean ponds.
operatively everything is done normally.
good service

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Do you guys need to know where to buy a keyboard (the buttons themselves), and a rubber pad, for the glofiish M700? and the approximate price, so I am from Nizhny Novgorod, but it is possible through a proven Internet shop, although in my city it would be preferable

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Andreich777 , and how is your question related to this topic?

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LukDaGodlike ,


For money change or not?

I do not have an address on Chistyhprudy in the warranty card on the NTS.

Does this mean no repair? Give us your address.

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Rostov-on-Don. Service center Asus "SK-1". The joystick broke (upward direction did not respond to pressing). The communicator was held for 21 days, and calls were answered rudely. On the 22nd day after the "good" conversation, the communicator was ready. I think it is easy to guess the assessment.

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I wanted to ask where in St. Petersburg you can repair the X 500 (except in Telemix and the service). They don’t take it in the latter.
It is required (probably) to replace the GPS module.

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ASUS Service Center: ASK-service (Moscow, Vavilova, 5).
I was there several times, last week ago, so I conclude that it is always there.

To call by phone is unreal. Most often long beeps, sometimes a stupid secretary will answer, connect to nowhere.

Bring the device into service is not easier than to come to Bill Gates to visit. Find Vavilova, 5, building 3 is difficult, but it's very simple. At the entrance crowds turn of the unfortunate owners of smartphones and laptops ASUS, waiting like manna from heaven gaps in service. To obtain a badge you need to call the service, but there is no one picks it up. Periodically passing by the service staff, but they pohren that there is a crowd of people and many of them are respectable people, for whom such an attitude - an insult. Sometimes happiness happens, and manage to get through the crowd to the service, but the minute joy gives way to disappointment - there is still a large crowd in a queue for delivery of faulty devices. Accepts device 1 inspector. Are a few sofas and armchairs, but spare a seat - a rarity. People are hopelessly waiting for hours. "Process" Franz Kaffki nobody read? :) Online repair is not at all, the device is repaired 1-2 months or even more. A scoop of pure water. Guys, anything can happen, but such a support clients not go into any gates.
What can I say, just take a look at the photo of the director of the service ASC-Service,Viktor Tamanov

And this is all despite the fact that the hardware is good for ACUS.

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And nobody knows the address of the Asus service center in Kiev? or is it not at all? Because there is no document in it, but it seems that I heard that it exists. Google sends me known where

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Streammer @ 05/31/08 06:42:01
And nobody knows the address of the Asus service center in Kiev?


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tell me the GSMARTa service center (ms800) in St. Petersburg (screen replacement) !!!!

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