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SMS Edit | Editing received messages sent

Rep: (2807)
SMS Edit
Version: 2.0.8

Last update of the program in the header:03.10.2018

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Short description:
Editing received or sent messages.

A small application for editing already received or sent SMS messages.
Allows you to edit the number, date and the text of the message.

It may be useful if, for example, after any restoration of the backup of the messages themselves, the date and / or time do not match.
It can also be used as a drawing program (see screenshots before and after editing)

Android required: 2.0 or later
Russian interface: Not

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Developer: Ray y
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rayy.android.editad

Version: 2.0.8 [Ad Free] Message в„–14, author Alex0047
Version: 2.0.6 SMS Edit (Post Dgonix # 50622691)

Past versions

Post has been edited$ iLence - 03.10.18, 13:59
Reason for editing: 2.0.8 [Ad Free]

Rep: (201)
It is difficult to come up with sensible use, but the idea is interesting. Perhaps the owners of jealous spouses will find her application)))

Rep: (126)
* van4ozzz Well, for example, it can be useful for "sticking together" messages. When SMS curves come from banks or some services. I often receive SMS curves from the bank that are not displayed in the programs for collecting statistics (incomes / expenses) about card accounts. I'll try this program.

Rep: (5514)
SMS Editv2.0 from 02.16.2015

Download: Attached fileSMS_Edit 2.0.apk (1.06 MB)

Rep: (21)
Last program update in the header: 04/17/2014

Please correct in the header. Yet in2015 year here put the latest version.

Rep: (0)
Still there is an application of the same authorSMS Toolkit Pro .
It includes all the functions of its individual applications, such as:
• Schedule: sending SMS on a schedule,
• Fake: create any type of fake SMS with any status on your device,
• Edit: edit SMS,
• Backup / restore: backup and restore SMS.

Who has this good?

Rep: (436)
moon_zodiak @ 06/03/2015, 20:08*
SMS Toolkit Pro.

moon_zodiak @ 06/03/2015, 20:08*
Who has this good

Rep: (7)
SMS Edit v2.0.2 of 12/23/2015

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Attached fileSMS Editor 2.0.2.apk(2 MB)

Rep: (2875)
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Rep: (12646)
Attached ImageSMS Edit v.2.0.6

- Improve the change sms dialog.

PictureAttached fileSMS Editor_2.0.6.apk(1.57 MB)

Rep: (5008)
SMS Edit v.2.0.7without advertising from SW.namok o95 Attached fileSMS + Edit_v2.0.7.Rus.apk(872.93 KB)

Post has been editedpapasha55 - 24.06.16, 18:40

Rep: (1)
Does anyone know why, after successfully changing a message with this program, the Google assistant still reads the message that was before the change?

Post has been editedszi5un - 26.12.17, 23:03

Rep: (71763)
SMS Edit v2.0.8 [Ad Free]
What's new
- crash fix

Mod Info:
- Ads Removed
- Mod Off Line
Attached fileSMS Edit v2.0.8.apk(967.52 KB)

Rep: (544)
SMS Edit v2.0.8 from 05/03/2017
From Play Store
Android 3.0 and up

What's new:
- crash fix

Attached files

Attached filecom.rayy.android.editad_2.0.8 (17) .apk(1.56 MB)

Rep: (0)
Stopped working (
In the program itself, everything is saved, and you leave everything as it was ..
samsung android 9

Rep: (94)
great app, it is a pity the author abandoned the project

Rep: (0)
The app works fine! But modern management SMS cache the sms, and after editing it is necessary to erase all the data SMS application.

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