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DiscussionSmart TV Box HD18T2 (EM6T2) (Vigica C6) AML8726-MX, mali 400, dvb-t2
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DVB T2 Receiver Tv Box Android 4.2 HDMI IPTV Smart TV Box HD 1080P Amlogic 8726-MX Cortex A9 1GB / 8GB ET02 DVB-T2 (HD18T2), (EM6T2)
Hardware Specifications
Chipset AML8726-MX
GPU Mali-400
Power Supply Specifications
Power Supply DC5V / 2A
Power Indicator (LED) Power ON: blue; Standby: Red
Main Features
Android OS 4.2.2
3D Hardward 3D graphics acceleration
Support Decoder format HD MPEG1 / 2/4, H.264, HD AVC / VC-1, RM / RMVB, Xvid / DivX3 / 4/5/6, RealVideo8 / 9/10
Support Media format Avi / Rm / Rmvb / Ts / Vob / Mkv / Mov / ISO / wmv / asf / flv / dat / mpg / mpeg
Support Music format MP3 / WMA / AAC / WAV / OGG / AC3 ​​/ DDP / TrueHD / DTS / DTS / HD / FLAC / APE
Support Photo format HD JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG / TIFF
USB host 2 High speed USB 2.0, support U DISK and USB HDD
Card reader SD / SDHC / MMC cards
HDD file system FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS
Support Subtitle SRT / SMI / SUB / SSA / IDX + USB
High Difinition video output SD / HD max. 1920x1080 pixel
OSD type of languages ​​English / French / German / Spanish / Italian / etc multilateral languages
LAN Ethernet: 10 / 100M, standard RJ-45
Wireless Built in WiFi
2.4GHz wireless mouse and keyboard via 2.4GHz USB dongle
HDMI HDMI 1.4 up to 1080p
3G support
DOLBY TrueHD and DTS HD DOLBY TrueHD and DTS HD Bypass through HDMI
DVB-T2 Support
Software Specifications
Network Function Skype chatting, Picasa, Youtube, Flicker, Facebook, Online movies, etc
Other feature Free Internet searching, thousands of android applications, many kinds of games, etc.

HD18T2 Photo

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photo disassembled HD18T2 (EM6T2)

Firmware from chinese comradeslink to
Factory firmware
hd18t-20140414-12252013p-m6-dvbt2- 04/14/2014on on Yandex
hd18t-20140523-12252013p-m6-dvbt2- from 05.23.2014(problem, not all work correctly)
on on Yandex
hd18t-20140617-12252013p-m6-dvbt2- from 06.17.2014on on Yandex
hd18t-20140717-12252013p-m6-dvbt2- 07/17/2014at on on Yandex --does not catch DVB-T2
hd18t-20140813-04282014p-m6-dvbt2- dated August 13, 2014MultiPLP-Is -on
Warning August firmware a bit buggy and when you roll back you can getBRICK

Possible pitfalls of the August firmware
rollback option- theoretical in practice has not yet been tested.

hd18t-20141006-04282014p-m6-dvbt2- 10/06/2014on on Yandex
hd18t-20141016-04282014p-m6-dvbt2- 10/16/2014on on Yandex

Custom firmware
Do not forget to thank the developer + in reputation.

FromGuRuLviv on the base hd18t-20140414-12252013p-m6-dvbt2 - link to post.
based on hd18t-20140617-12252013p-m6-dvbt2 -from 06.17.2014with rootsigned_hd18t-20140617-mod_01- link to post.
based on hd18t-20140717-12252013p-m6-dvbt2 -dated 07/17/2014with rootsigned_hd18t-20140717-mod- link to post.- does not catch DVB-T2
on the basis of the corrected hd18t-20140717-12252013p-m6-dvbt2- 07/17/2014with roothd18t-20140717-mod_06K- link to post.DVB-T2 works
based on hd18t-20140813-04282014p-m6-dvbt2 -from 13.08.2014with roothd18t-20140813-mod_01- link to post.MultiPLP-Is
Possible pitfalls of the August firmware
Warning August firmware a bit buggy and when you roll back you can get a BRICK

rollback option- theoretical in practice has not yet been tested.
V2 based on hd18t-20140813-04282014p-m6-dvbt2 -from 13.08.2014with roothd18t-20140813-mod_02 - MultiPLP-Is
Recovery has been removed from the firmware - due to which there may be a rollback problem. those. Recovery is not replaced but remains the same. but other problems remained (AV output, auto search ...)
based on hd18t-20141006-04282014-m6-dvbt2 -dated 10/06/2014with rooton password: HD18T MultiPLP-IsNot tested. Perhaps all the same diseases as the Augustow.

How to flash
1. From the archive with the firmware we get the files and throw them on the SD card or on the USB flash drive.
. Sample file set
. factory_update_param.aml
. recovery.img
2. insert the card or USB flash drive into the animal.
3. Next, two ways.
3.1. In the first we go on the way all apps select “update” then “local update”
Next, select the archive with the firmware *******. Zip and sew. - In this method, it suffices to *******. zip file.
3.2. The second way is that you plug a small object out of the socket of the animal into the AV socket until it clicks.
(match, toothpick, etc.) and power up after that you remove the match - the firmware will start.
We are waiting for the end and rejoice.

If receivedbrick and nothing helps you, then look here - detailed instructions for recovery using the UART.

for those who want to roll back - and if it does not work by date or gland, we lookHERE

getting Root
Taken from here -getting Root
How to get RTH (root), a device based on AML8726-M6 (MX) OS 4.2.2

1. Downloading the file (thanks to the Mersey guys)

2. Copy it to a regular usb-stick (memory card - may not be seen by the system) under the FAT file system. FAT32, probably even NTFS

3. Insert the USB flash drive into any port of the device

4. In the application menu, we find UPGRADE / UPDATE

5. There we choose where to get the update (flash drive)

6. The device will reboot and voila.

Well, after we setRoot explorerWe give him rights and we can watch everything and everywhere.

Instructions, as well as problems and solutions
How to get to Recovery.
1 way. - plugging the M-BOX out of the socket through the AV connector, plugging the toothpick in until it clicks and turning on the power .
2 way. - from the system using the Rebooter program (available in custom firmware and need Root).
3 way. -
Editing channels (programs) - thank * lucky555

On the remote, click "Menu" - then Section Program - Program Edit - password Enter 0000 - move through the channels - select the desired one - press OK for a long time - figure it out :)

Remove duplicate programs -see previous item

How to search for channels in manual mode

About channel numbers and broadcast frequencies

If receivedbrick and nothing helps you, then look here - detailed instructions for recovery using the UART.

other (additional programs, utilities ....)
CWM- starts only with a sd card for full backup. - if you know how to use.
SDcardMaker_eng - to create a bootable SD card - English version
How to put in autorun iptv or DTV - you can useautostart - no root

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the "Complaint" button under the messages for which you need to imo add link

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I bought this miracle, I can not find a single channel.
I sin on the fact that there is no support for the Russian channels at all, there is a filter by languages ​​when searching, how to remove it xs, help out ((


A photo

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he doesn’t find or doesn’t allow him to search? I haven’t yet reset it to the factory ones, he didn’t let me enter the DVB-T menu. 20-25 km, there is a direct visibility. Try a better antenna: rolleyes:

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The firmware is crooked, you can’t remove the unnecessary channels. I asked the Chinese about the firmware, so he gave a link to the exact same one and said that this is the most recent one. Just like that.

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I have the same - not all channels are

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I bought this miracle on Ali .. it seems that PLP does not support multiple. I configured 8 channels. Any ideas how to fix it?

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Here is what the Chinese wrote:
DVB-T2 firmware:

Step for download
http: //

upgrade steps.
follow the steps as below to upgrade.
1.Open the files to your SD card.
2.Plug HDMI cable and upgrade

3.Connect your device to the power supply.
4.When you see your hands go.

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No this is not an update, I was the same from the beginning, only in vain time spent

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All good! I am also the owner of this wonderful thing.
Essentially, the TV immediately hit 10 programs of the 1st multiplex on an ordinary slingshot, after re-scanning it showed 10 more channels of the second multiplex, launched the STS bubbled for a couple of seconds and tightly everything hung. Overloaded ... now, not a bit like the first multiplex
The TV application settings are all in English, choose the location of Russia is not possible ... something like this
Now further. Installed parom tv barely works constantly swears at a weak Wi-Fi signal (next to Weifai, it works great on a smart and on the iconbit whistle)
Then the online video through the browser terribly slow. If you look through ivy or megogo, then more less but there is little of what I need.
There is a wonderful prog of media center in the whistle from aykonbit, but it does not start on the subject.
Further ... I control the subject with the mouse, so if for example you need to run which program when the browser is started (or something else), you can get to the desktop or the program menu only by successively returning back (no home button)
He wrote his questions and wishes to the seller, bought by mail from Vladivostok, he replied that the product was new and could not help with anything. Can you tell a prefix

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for ease of control with the mouse, you need to enable the lower bar: go to All apps / SettingMbox / Display / Hide Status Bar (off)
My wi-fi works stably, online tv (Our TV) It works without brakes, but the advertising shatters.
Dvb-t2 tuner caught only 8 channels of the first multiplex. It works through time, often freezes ...

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maybeitproducts webpage

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it looks like

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And how to check the possibility of dvbt2 (I can where in the file which well and so on)

Posted 04/23/2014 09:37:

Yes, and what other player can dvb

Posted 04/23/2014 09:39:

But how else to get the root?

In short, I'm even confused. The console is written HD18T2, apparently this.…18t2%252F%3B500%3B500., in build.prop the name of MBX DVBT2 and there is nothing about dvbt2
How to figure it out ???

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Reason for editing: added information

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There was no sadness, a woman bought a pig. Has managed to buy me this prefix. On IVI it seems it shows everything suits. But the digital channels never managed to catch a single one. Although I reset it to the factory ones and manually tried to adjust everything in any way. The Chinese gave the link to the firmware download but for three days I can not download it

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merksor, Throw a link to the firmware

Rep: (1)
rom39, But above it and laid out. I updated the firmware and there is no sense in it.

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I had this originally

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merksor, spv 777, guys, I here looked at the photo from the first post I have externally box such ], according to the characteristics everything seems to fit
About the firmware I know that there should be g18ref (a platform like this)
SchA seller sent a link to the firmware, download, please, unsubscribe.
From the very beginning, out of the box, she even caught 10 channels, and after resetting to the factory ones, she stopped che
Butherehappy owner of this wonderful product, everything works

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rom39, throw a link to the firmware

Rep: (23)
In short, I stitchedby this. Attention in the build.prop file should be specified version of the platform g18ref without any postscript !!! The first multiplex wound up immediately sees 10 channels and three radios, but I need 20 channels. I will continue to understand
Cheto link does not open, here is a new

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spv 777,
Do you have a box like mine? Write to the seller, maybe he will tell you what is reasonable. How many channels do you broadcast in the region?

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