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iTunes | [IPhone] [iPad] Program for managing content on iOS devices

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Version: 13.0
Catalog: PC software
Last update of the program in the header:08.11.2019

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Short description:
Apple content management software

  • Navigation by multimedia library, letter by letter search, data presentation in the form of a list of songs or albums, grid, Cover Flow.
  • Organization media libraries (multimedia library), creating playlists, smart playlists, folders.
  • Genius - iTunes Store service, which creates playlists and mixes from the combined songs and gives recommendations based on the songs in the iTunes library.
  • Editing metadata of songs such as “author”, “composer”, “cover”, etc.
  • Record and import tracks from CDs.
  • Reproduction music, movies, podcasts, multiband equalizer, visualizer, mini-player mode.
  • Internet radio .
  • Purchase music, movies and programs in the company's online store.
  • General access - allows you to open access to the music library and listen to music from other record libraries in the local network using the DAAP protocol
  • Audio conversion AIF, WAV, AAC, MP3, Lossless
  • iTunes Gift Card - The ability to make a gift for friends and relatives using the iTunes Store service (application store, audio, video, etc.)
  • Backup - create a backup for reliable storage of information, as well as for quick data recovery during flashing.
  • Synchronization - allows you to exchange data between all your devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV) automatically / on schedule / demand.
  • Creature and export Ringtones for iPhone - set your own ringtones
  • File-sharing - fast data exchange between PC and programs on your device
Homepage: https://www.apple.com/en/itunes/

https://support.apple.com/downloads/itunes(with a choice of versions)

Useful links:
iTunes - FAQ
iTunes - Errors
All versions of iTunes
iOS 9 does not need to transfer applications from the device to iTunes
Solving the problem with error 0xc0000142 when running itunes 12.7

Before you ask a question - readiTunes - FAQsure!

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I don’t understand why Apple needs it, and it’s all soaring: creating a new system for transmission, recoding, etc.? It was not easier to do, as was always done: insert, transfer, without all the various programs. No, they did some kind of rubbish. At first, when working with the player and when synchronizing with the bb, I spent a lot of time in this convention - relocation, pulled it out several times, connected the device (player) to here, then finally I was told that where and how ...

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kyk_rr ,
They have their own system in the players, but not the total

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Zoom4eg , here it would be better to have settled on a design that is good, but they did not trick with their software system. :)

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kyk_rr ,
They are not wise! Look all over the world, people with iPods buy songs through the iTunes store (licenses), since the songs are ordinary, like we are Russian, used to download and listen to are illegal! That's why you need it

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I need help .... I can’t synchronize the I-background with the video files placed in I-Tunes .... I-Tunes swears. That this phone cannot read them ...

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kiselevalexander The files must be of certain formats, mp4 for example.
To make such a file from AVI - you need a converter.

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Hello! help is needed !!! when I purchased the iphone I synchronized it with the computer via aytyuns .... the next day I decided to transfer music, but when I connected my phone to my computer, the restart started on the computer immediately. The phone itself works. iphone was version 1.1.3. after removing the block, they made version 1.1.2., they said it would work better. Toko apparatus week, and such a problem. What do advise !!!!! ?????

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Denis_KUZ Remove iTunes, then reset all settings on the iPhone, install the latest version of iTunes 7.6.1 and try again.

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: (Alas, unfortunately this did not help ... can it be reflashed again ??

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Football 02/29/08 1:29:03 PM
Denis_KUZ Remove iTunes, then reset all settings on the iPhone, install the latest version of iTunes 7.6.1 and try again.

:( did not help..........

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The problem is this:
1) as with i-phon'a to transfer pictures to the computer ... whether I'm stupid, or computer. because you can throw anything in the opposite direction - in the stub
but to the contrary - it does not work
2) besides, I have a problem in ICQ. everything seems to be set ... as written in the forum. I entered both the ICQ number and password. Yes, and with the connection to both wi-fi, and to the edge there are no problems, but it does not work ... writes an error and even crack it ...
there is something wrong with his software ... cho what to do?

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Yes, with photos, I did something a bit stepped ... then i-tunes is not needed at all. but with ICQ as there was a problem, it remains ... someone will tell you what to do ...

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Polinka how unlucky you are ... i have the same thing, i need to get pictures from the device and now i'm suffering like you.

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If you need to get exactly the pictures (and not just pictures), then just connect the device to the computer and it defines it as a fotik, from My computer you open the e-mail and there are pictures.

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Already boycheg)
Subject abandoned)

Right now it is already 7.7.1

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More precisely rolleyes:

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Guys, please tell me how to chop off optimization when transferring photos to an iPhone?

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I have a problem. Itunes does not recognize iPhone after PC Suite. In PS Cuite, everything works relatively well.
So here. Aytyuns requests to restore the phone to factory settings. This is where the problem arises:
The phone is unlocked with firmware 1.1.4, and it is going to restore to 2.0.1 like.
I understand that I have to downgrade and unlock again, right?

Are there any other ways to improve the work of aytyuns?

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and what prevents to go to a newer firmware?

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: offtopic: Last time I heard about problems with unlock 2.x.x
Or is it all right now?

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