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Sony PlayStation 3 - Hacking
The console is ... (from 01.09.19)
What are you using the console for?
Games, Games and Once Again Games (PS3) [ 863 ] ** [59,39%]
Emulator of old consoles [ 63 ] ** [4,34%]
As a movie theater [ 38 ] ** [2,62%]
For everything in a row [ 333 ] ** [22,92%]
Just a dust collector somewhere on the closet [ 156 ] ** [10,74%]
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Playstation 3 - Firmware \ Hacking
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1. How to hack and play for free on the Sony PlayStation 3?
CFW - custom / unofficial firmware
OFW - official firmware
HFW - hybrid firmware (OFW with modified content)
Homebrew Apps - Unofficial Apps

You do all the manipulations with the console at your own risk, the administration and users are not to blame for the inoperability or blocking of your accounts / consoles.

There are 2 ways to actual hacking consoles:
1. Installing custom firmware - This method works only on flash consoles, you can install games and homebrew applications.
2. Using HEN - this method works on consoles not be sewn, the method for installing games and homebrew applications.

Part 1.
To hack the PS3 console, you need to know the console model. To do this, go to the topicSony PlayStation 3 - discussionand look at the spoiler "What kind of PS3 consoles are there?"
  • If the console Fat (fat), then go to part 2.
  • If the console is Slim 2K (slim), then go to part 3.
  • If the console is Slim 3K or SuperSlim (super slim, SS or SS), then go to part 4.

Part 2.
If you are reading this, then CFW can be installed on your console. Now you need to know the version of the installed firmware. Go to Settings ->System settings ->System Information ->We look at the line System Software:
if version 3.55 or lower, then download CFW (spoiler 3), install (spoiler 7), go to part 5.
If version 3.56 or higher, then carefully readthis material.

Part 3
To hack the console of the Slim console, you need to know its Date code (date code list), to do this, turn the console over and look for this sticker:
Attached Image

  • If the date code is from 6A to 0D, then CFW can be set. See part 2.
  • If the datecode is 1A or 1B, then you need to remove the dump and check it through PS3DumpCheckerMod or just look through hex. If you have metldr first revision, you can install CFW. Go to part 2.
  • If you have metldr2, then CFW cannot be installed. Go to part 4.

How to find out the version of metldr, described in detailhere.

P.S. If for some reason can not find Date code, then go to the spoiler software, find the Minimum Version Checker, do what it says. If shows 3.55 and below, you can sew custom for instructions.
Part 4
If you are reading this, it means that your console cannot be flashed to CFW. To hack the console you need to install HEN.
If ODE (drive emulator) is installed on the console,this postmay help with an update ofw.
How to install HEN. This topic is highly recommended to study everything tabs and clickable links (usually highlighted in blue). Start learning with tab insertion.
I also advise you to installHen Toolbox Mod.
2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ / FAQ)
3. Informal firmware - CFW
4. Official firmware - OFW - latest 4.85
5. Software
Henbrew store
Software under any custom firmware 4.84
PS3DumpCheckerMod and PyPS3checkerGui
PS3GameExtractor- extraction and packaging of games in 4GB / 2GB / Entire parts
plugin sMAN v1.11n
Minimum Version Checker- check the version of the factory firmware
MaxModMan v2.5 - description and download link - mirror - mirror
Universal Downgrader from any CFW to 3.55- Downgrade, Enable QA flag, Reset Syscon / de-hashing
multiMAN on the Brewology Store
Irisman- latest version
Game Sonic Manager- latest version
webMAN MOD v1.47.05 - webMAN | Key Features Guide and Game Launch
Control Fan Utility v4.00 -rghost, mediafire - source (ital) - mirror (rus)
PS3P PKG Ripper V1.4.2- tool to extract PKG files
PS3XPAD Plugin 0.8
Movian- Multimedia Player, Torrents.
PS3Lock and XMB Lock- protection against updates, etc.
6. Emulators of other PS3 platforms
7. Instructions for firmware / firmware upgrade
Before installing the firmware, be sure to remove the Blu-Ray game disc from the PS3, if there is one in the drive (this is necessary because the PS3 is first updated from the disc).
Method number 1
01. Rename the downloaded firmware file to PS3UPDAT.PUP.
02. Copy the file with the PS3UPDAT.PUP firmware to a USB flash drive (FAT32) in the PS3 / UPDATE folder.
03. Insert the USB flash drive into the PS3.
04. Turn on the PS3.
05. On the PS3, select the system update, update from the media, then follow the instructions on the screen.
06. Firmware installed.

Method number 2
01. Rename the downloaded firmware file to PS3UPDAT.PUP.
02. Copy the file with the PS3UPDAT.PUP firmware to a USB flash drive (FAT32) in the PS3 / UPDATE folder.
03. Insert the USB flash drive into the PS3.
04. Disable the PS3.
05. Press the power button and hold until you hear two short beeps, after which the PS3 turns off, then release the button.
06. Press the power button again and hold it until you hear one short beep first and then two short beeps, then release the button.
07. Do everything according to the instructions on the screen, select the system update located in the very last paragraph.
08. PS3 will turn off several times (do not touch the console at this moment) and as a result will bring you the initial setup screen.
09. Firmware installed.

Method в„–3 - How to update the custom firmware using the NTFS disk.
Sony PlayStation 3 - Hacking (Post jokfur # 90526689)
8. Where to download games? Links to torrents
https://rutracker.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=886- registration is required
https://nnm-club.me/- registration is required
https://tapochek.net/- need an invite
https://consol-games.net/- without registering
9. Useful links and posts from the topic.
Installing Linux on PS3 with custom firmware
https://www.pspx.ru/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=135- subsection about breaking ps3 (RUS)
httpss: //psprices.com/region-ru/index- a site where you can monitor the discounts in PSN (I certainly understand that we are discussing a hacked prefix here, but it may be useful to someone)
Sony PlayStation 3 - Hacking (Post chuvachok123 # 35331253)- PS3 error codes
https://www.ps3-themes.com/- themes for PS3
https: //www.youtube.co...YmSnUVe7eIf8Hi_Nl-_J2Q- channelAlex Lightrainwith a bunch of useful information for ps3
Sony PlayStation 3 - Hacking (Post set48 # 42306903)- Easy and fast transition from any custom firmware to another, any version, without software downgrade, including
Sony PlayStation 3 - Hacking (Post set48 # 42307098)- The easiest way to connect FTP
Sony PlayStation 3 - Hacking (Post flowerkingZ # 43393298)- launch bin images from the first PlayStation from Synology NAS
PS3 Recovery Menu or Safe Mode
Sony PlayStation 3 - Hacking (Post davich # 43592171)- Mounting online games on Open Media Vault
Notifications from android to PS3 (custom firmware)
A lot of bukav pro fan
Sony PlayStation 3 - Hacking (Post vanic-97 # 47734700)- a possible solution to the problem for those who ps3 does not see the external drive
Sony PlayStation 3 - Hacking (Post [RabinoVich] # 48703722)- hang in Uncharted and other games - a possible solution to the problem
Sony PlayStation 3 - Hacking (Post piratkoc # 48882304)- solution of two problems: resetting the ip address settings of the wM balls to the default one and so that the scammer sees and installs pkg files from the BB to FTP
webMAN | Key Features Guide and Game Launch
launch of PS2 games on PS3 with configuration files correcting errors
HDD replacement instruction from stratege
10. Past polls
roll call owners - What do you use?
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Roll Pirates - What firmware or clothing do you use? The survey ended ~ 08/31/15
Attached Image
Player Calling - Do you play online? 08/31/15 - 12/03/15
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Do you have any purchased games? 12/4/15 - 04/02/16
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How many playStation consoles do you have?
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Consoles of other manufacturers (02/05/19 - 09/01/19)
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What are you using the console for?
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FAQ for installation on the PS3 Games

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You do all the manipulations with the console at your own peril and risk, the administration and users are not to blame for inoperability.

Sony PlayStation 3 - Hacking (Post in1975 # 96694791)

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Reason for editing: FAQ on installation of games on PS3

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Tell me please if I have about 4.55 pro, can I flash it on a custom? what would the pirates play without interfering with the board! } -)

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hardware downgrade if the console pozovlyaet or emulator drive .... and there and there you need to throw in money ...

PS: if you tell me the model and datacode, then I’ll say exactly what you can do ... look for the model and datacode on the underside of the console)

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If I’m not mistaken, I’m mistaken. 1A here’s how it’s so simple I saw a program for rolling back from 4.55 to 3.55 well, on one site, so I didn’t understand

And even if you throw the pirate on a flash drive and turn off the Internet, will the game start or not?

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If the factory was 3.55 or lower, then you can roll back.
Otherwise usehttp://www.cobra-ode.com/orhttp://www.e3-tech.net/index.asporhttp://www.3k3y.com/

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1. software downgrade (dropped the file on the USB flash drive, inserted the USB flash drive into the console, launched the update) only for already-stitched consoles ... for downgrading from the official firmware - only hardware downgrade
2. Datacode 1A - maybe the firmware, or maybe not ... you need to check ....herein the third message there is a checker ...
3. the games are launched both with the Internet and without ... most do not even recommend entering PSN - you can earn an account / console ban (on an offline game, it doesn’t affect anything - you just won’t have access to PSN)

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Hello, I have a playstation3 fat 40 gb console, an official 4.05 firmware, something like this. I’m thankful to do so to play pirated games and download from the Internet and play in advance

Rep: (1382)
1. hardware downgrade ... but you need to look - there are two types of memory ... NAND and NOR .... NOR any schoolchild will flash ... NAND is usually not taken to flash ....
2. hardware emulator optical drive (abbreviated in English - ODE) ...

combined topics

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Then, through the programmer, roll back the firmware and fill in 3.55 and then install the custom and what better custom firmware say that it is better not to install the cobra.

Rep: (1382)
1. think correctly ...
2. Who told you about a cobra? : rofl:

Rep: (3)
tell me how to make a downgrade and what programmer to buy

Rep: (1382)
for NOR, look for e3 flasher .... for NAND it is better to sell the console and buy another ...

PS: what type of memory you have - an autopsy will show ...

Rep: (3)
where to solder the chip wiring

and how to play on the official firmware drives expensive

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Who knows what to do ?? ... There was a stitched console roger 4.46 gave a person to play, he accidentally updated to 4.55, the prefix bought thick in 2007

Rep: (186)
he accidentally updated to 4.55

You need a device for downgrade.

Rep: (1382)
Darthmalak @ 05/18/2014, 15:31*
accidentally updated to 4.55, the prefix is ​​thick

There is a sticker on the bottom of the console ... CECHxxxxx is there .... if you say it completely, I will tell you which way to dig ...

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cechc08 date code 7A

Rep: (1382)
NAND memory ... you need a ProgSkeet programmer (for aliexpress at around 50 bucks), straight arms, do that

Attached Image

Then merge the firmware, patch, fill, flash on the desired one (in this case, 3.55) and you can remove this spider ...

Rep: (1382)
darthmalak something like this - http://xbox.vn.ua/foru…-ps3-fat-s-nand-pamyat

just see what you order ... programmers of different revisions ... FIG know how different ...

By the way, you can do without soldering .... you can buy another clip for the memory chip (put on the mikruha on top) .... but this garbage stands as a programmer ...

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Tell me what to do was firmware 4.55 cwf my brother updated to off 4.60, there were a lot of games on multimen now don't start
Model Sesn-2508B, date code 0D. Can you please follow the instructions

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* Seregalav
Above there are links and clarifications. You can only help downgrade, it is better to contact those who specialize in this. Well, or buy the device yourself, which is higher in the photo if you are friends with a soldering iron.

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