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HTC One (M8) - Discussion | Smartphone 5 "

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DiscussionHTC One (M8)
PictureHTC M8, One 2
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Began upgrading to Android 6.0 MM and Sense UI7.0
At the moment, OTA is being sent (usually within two weeks to everyone) for the following versions of the device:
* Europe (base * .401. *)
* US unlocked / DevEdition (base * .1540. *)
* Asia (base * .709. * And * .708. *)
* Asia WWE (base * .707. *)

Let me remind you modestly that in order to successfully update OTA you must have a completely clean system without root and changes in the / system folder
You can learn more about this in the subject.Firmware

Characteristics and photos
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

All colors of HTC One M8
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Manufacturer: HTC
Model: One
Other names: M8
Year of issue: 2014
Operating system: Android 4.4 + Sense 6.0 (with upgrade to 6.0 + Sense 7.0)
Accum Capacity (mAh): 2600 (non-removable)
SIM card type: nano SIM
Dimensions (mm): (width x height x thickness) - 146x70.5x9.45 mm
Weight (g): - 160 gr
Processor Type: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (8974-AB)
Clock Frequency (MHz): 2300
Graphics processor (GPU): Qualcomm Adreno 330, operating at 578 MHz
RAM (MB): 2048
Type of RAM (RAM): LPDDR3 with a frequency of 933 MHz
Total memory: 16 (32) GB
Flash memory (GB): microSD (TransFlash) memory cards up to 128 GB
Phone: GSM 1800, GSM 1900, GSM 850, GSM 900, LTE 800, LTE 900, LTE 1800, LTE 2600, UMTS 1900, UMTS 2100, UMTS 850, UMTS 900
Bluetooth: 4.0
Wi-Fi: 802.11a, b, g, n, ac
Additionally: improved HTC BoomSound в„ў speakers
two front stereo speakers with built-in amplifiers
Sense Voice Noise Reduction System
Supported Audio Formats:
Playback: .aac, .amr, .ogg, .m4a, .mid, .mp3, .wav, .wma (Windows Media Audio 9)
Record: .amr
Supported video formats:
Reproduction: .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .wmv (Windows Media Video 9), .avi (MP4 ASP and MP3)
Record: .mp4
Screen size: 5,0
Screen resolution (px): 1080 x 1920
Screen Type: Super LCD 3
Video accelerator: Adreno 330
Rear camera: Dual Camera Duo (4 UltraPixel) (BSI Sensor, 2.0 Вµm pixel size, 1/3 '' sensor size, f / 2.0, 28 mm lens, HTC ImageChip 2, 1080p Full HD video recording)
Autofocus: there is
Photo flash: There are (two diodes, different colors)
Camera front (MP): 5
Speaker: stereo
Headphone Out: 3.5
Other: FM radio, G-Sensor, Gyroscope, Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Digital compass, Barometer, IR remote control
Security class: IPX3 (protection against splashing water with a deflection angle of up to 60С” from the vertical)
Management and input
Touch screen: capacitive
Buttons: soft buttons
Connectors: MHL, USB host, microUSB

Reviews, comparisons, examples
A bit about Android 6.0 + Sense 7.0

AT:They say you can make a memory card internal? Combine with internal? And throw there a bunch of games and other trash?
ABOUT:Indeed, such a function appeared in all devices on Android 6.0. But I advise you first read articles likethis,andhere is this interesting post. And then decide for yourself whether to do so.

AT:How to create your own themes using the NTS editor?
ABOUT: The answer is here

AT:The color of the dialer does not change, it is impossible to put a dark dialing phone number
ABOUT: Solution here

AT:Backup does not work, how to enable data backup through the cloud on Android 6.0?
ABOUT:On SENSE 7 with the sixth android, backup is available only by standard means from Google. You can read about them in the article.Data backup in Android Marshmallow

AT:After upgrading to 6.0, OTA is left, how to delete this temporary file?
ABOUT: Solution here

AT:Ahh The speakers sound different! What to do?
ABOUT:Learn to use the search on the topic or take a dry toothbrush and clean the grate.

AT:The phone is dead / turned off and does not turn on, what should I do?
ABOUT: As an option

AT:Do you want to disable the system application, and the Disable button is inactive?
ABOUT: It described the cost method without root

AT:In the shooting mode (on the resulting photo), red (purple) highlights are visible at the edges. Purple camera.
ABOUT:Partial solution - manually change the ISO value (the smaller the value, the smaller the red edges). If this does not help, then, alas, you have an iron problem (yes, yes, “yak to m7”)

AT:Tired of the onscreen buttons! How to remove?
ABOUT:With the help of special programs.For example, if you have root-rights.
Or if not) Hiding the onscreen buttons (without root): GMD Full Screen Immersive mode

AT:How to run the native Sens TV app?
ABOUT:Try this

AT:In the standard player to some songs loaded lyrics. Can I add lyrics to my own?
ABOUT:You can go for it!Manually adding lyrics to the Gracenote system in the stock player HTC Sense

AT:After upgrading to Android 5.0.1 - the option to select "lock screen" and "lock not used" has disappeared in the security-lock screen item!
ABOUT:Solution here

AT:What's new with us?
ABOUT:A detailed review of the update 4.16.401.10 (to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop)

AT:I am a retrograde and I still sit at 4.4.x. How can I enable data recording on an SD card?
ABOUT: How to set up reading and writing to SD card
Transfer data to SD card!
How to set up reading and writing to SD card without S-OFF
Let me remind you that since 5.0 this feature was returned to Android, access to the memory card is activated through the standard Documents application. Read morehere

AT:HTC Sync Manager does not sync standard browser bookmarks.

AT:I want to be able to block the phone without using the power button!
ABOUT:How to block the phone without the top power button
AT:They say you can change fonts without root at all?
ABOUT:That's right.Sense 6 Fonts

AT:How to make synchronization of Google bookmarks in a regular browser without root
ABOUT:Solution (did not work on 5.0.1
Beat Sound Enhancement

AT:Is it possible to somehow increase the service life of a single battery charge?
ABOUT:Can usetips on improving autonomy

AT:I want to add news from VKontakte to BlinkFeed.
ABOUT:Yes please

AT:Choi that I bought a phone, but I do not know whether it is a fake or something Chinese?
Would you first readhow to distinguish the original from the copy of the M8

AT:I decided to play fixes. Where to get video disassembly?
ABOUT:The process of disassembling the M8 and replacing the lenses on the camera, VIDEO

AT:The vocabulary of the NTS keyboard is slightly larger than that of Ellochka-Cannibal, what to do?
ABOUT: We read here how to enrich the dictionary of the NTS by 4968 words

AT:Tired of pop up update notification! I want to sit on the old stuff, what to do?
ABOUT:Find out here how to make sure that there is no check for updates.

AT:Sense TV is no longer supported.
ABOUT:It does not matter, it was only a branded versionPeelSmartRemote remote
or you can use a third-party remote for different equipment, for examplesuch

AT:I began to keep a bad battery like .. How to check the level of aging thereof?
ABOUT:Standard means from NTSBattery test

AT:The keyboard does not come out in applications, what should I do?
ABOUT:There is no panacea yet, but here are some solutions:
1. Clear the cache and data of your keyboard through the application settings menu
2. Just turn on / off screen
3. Well, the standard reboot

Camera bug fix

Having problems after the update? Reset to factory settings!
In connection with the frequent incidents of malfunctions and serious problems, do not discharge the phone less than 15% and even more so to zero! This leads to damage to the battery, and there are cases of arbitrary reset of application data!
Instructions for HTC One M8 -Attached filehtc_one_m8_user_guide_rus.pdf(4.45 MB)

Body replacement

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.
If there is a user in the subject who wants to become a Curator and the correspondingRequirements for candidates, he can apply in the topicI want to be curator(after having studied the topic header and all materials for curators).

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Rep: (14)
This is exactly the HTC M8 judging by the last photo leaks and it will be:
Attached Image


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Rep: (116)
motor2110 @ 12.02.2014, 19:22*
And the power button again on the hike from above? what are they thinking ....

Yes, of course on top! I think the dimensions of the smartphone will not change, 5 inches will press the bottom black bar where the logo was, and on this place they will make the on-screen buttons.

Bukkie @ 02.12.2014, 22:09*
What else 800 snap?

They say that modernized some. Yes, probably as usual, just raise the frequency and that's it ...

Nelux @ 02.13.2014, 23:30*
TAKE OUT! =) Only two questions, how will it look in black and will it have a SIM card slot ...

And sincerely I hope that the screen will be no more than 5 inches ...

Just like the first version of VAN. They promise to release 4 colors. For me, so champagne looks very cool. A mixture of black and gold ...
Attached Image

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Rep: (142)
the role of the second camera is not clear at all, will it be 3de? Or is it a fingerprint scanner?

Rep: (116)
the role of the second camera is not clear at all, will it be 3de? Or is it a fingerprint scanner?

It seems like a separate camera sensor, which should contribute to better focus and image quality.

Rep: (0)
Why did they move the light and proximity sensors to the camera? I do not believe that the problem of one with the light falling on the proximity sensor because of what the screen turns on during a conversation could not be solved in another way.

Objectively ugly decision about obviously much less attractive compared to one. Symmetry is broken and it does not color the device at all.

Rep: (68)
So all the same, the HTC logo will be left?

Rep: (12)
The same smartphone, only with 330 adreno slightly modified housing and 2 cameras behind. And they said that there would be only one htc one gygy ...

Rep: (698)
It was a question that flagships in 1 generation will not be stamped. And it is not quite right - a butterfly.

Rep: (125)
Doesn't it seem to anyone that in photos with a strip under the logo and a twin flash, the mini version? Somehow it looks small in the hand for a 5 "device. Can it present 2 devices at the same time?

Rep: (437)
Amaj7 @ 15.2.2014, 18:12*
Doesn't it seem to anyone that in photos with a strip under the logo and a twin flash, the mini version? Somehow it looks small in the hand for a 5 "device. Can it present 2 devices at the same time?

Yes, no, it looks normal. My nexus 5 in my hand is exactly the same in width. He also has 5 ".

Rep: (0)
Somehow an unforgivable lot of space is occupied by the logo ...

Rep: (553)
GAMBIT21, IMHO solutions as the first one was better.

Rep: (-1)
Whether the design has become boring, or the small minor differences in design make themselves felt, but this phone doesn’t have the same charm as the HTC One

Rep: (116)
Daenlo @ 02.16.2014, 23:45*
Whether the design has become boring, or the small minor differences in design make themselves felt, but this phone doesn’t have the same charm as the HTC One

I agree! The design is not the best left. On the front side, these grilles do not look ergonomic. Behind the horror. It looks like a star warrior droid: D

Rep: (1)
a photo
Attached Image

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Reason for editing: spoiler

Rep: (125)
If it is the same as in the last photo, I will not buy it. I was going to take a new one from which it was required only to have a bigger screen with the same dimensions and a better camera. So far, some disappointment. Spoiled great design, another bath. The original one has unique sloping ends with the famous aluminum and plastic sandwich. A great example of industrial design. If the receiver is like on the last photo, then this is a step back.

Rep: (6)
The bath is much better and more functional if that. No cracks, plastic, no luvtof.
Really solid body.

Post has been editedtertterttert - 18.02.14, 23:09

Rep: (592)
I can not understand - why they did not remove their logo from the bottom. would make it some kind of engraving on the bottom speaker. so much space useful it eats away. the screen is still a centimeter more you could do ...

Rep: (125)
Snapdragon 801 - SoC Challenger for M8


The difference from 800 is small, but still the GPU frequencies are from 801 to 578 MHz against 450 MHz e 800.

Rep: (592)
about the camera

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