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Selection of media player (Android TV box).
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Useful OTyurisavagemessiahzine.comand other users

List of sites with reviews of TV boxes

List of main processors installed on TV boxes and their characteristics
Attached Image
Attached Image

HiSilicon Hi3798C V200
Attached Image

Realtek RTD1295DD
Attached Image

Realtek RTD1296
Attached Image

Rockchip rk3399
Attached Image
Rockchip RK3328
Rockchip RK3328
Attached Image
Rockchip RK3318
Rockchip RK3318
Attached Image

Allwinner H6
Attached Image

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A little about everything.

Term library
AFR (Auto Frame Rate) - adjust the display frequency to the video frame rate.
ARM(architecture) - (from the English. Advanced RISC Machine - an advanced RISC machine; sometimes Acorn RISC Machine) is a family of licensed 32-bit and 64-bit microprocessor cores developed by ARM Limited.
x86- (eng. Intel 80x86) - processor architecture with the same instruction set, first implemented in Intel processors.
Openwrt- Built-in operating system based on the Linux kernel, and intended primarily for home routers. Core components include the Linux kernel, util-linux, uClibc or musl, and BusyBox. The size of all components is optimized due to the fact that in most home routers the amount of memory is severely limited.
Samba- a package of programs that allow access to network drives and printers on various operating systems via SMB / CIFS protocol. It has client and server parts. It is free software, released under the GPL license.
HDMI- High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) - an interface for high-definition multimedia that allows you to transfer high-resolution digital video data and multi-channel digital audio signals with copy protection (English High Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection, HDCP).
CEC- Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is a bi-directional serial bus using the industry standard AV.Link protocol for remote control of electronic devices.
HDCP- (English High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection - "Protection of Broadband Digital Content") - Media Protection Technology developed by Intel and intended to prevent illegally copying a high-quality video signal transmitted via DVI interfaces (for this HDCP interface is optional option), DisplayPort (For this HDCP interface is an optional option), HDMI, GVIF or UDI. The protected video signal can only be played on equipment that supports HDCP.
S / PDIF- S / PDIF or S / P-DIF - stands for Sony / Philips Digital Interface (or Interconnect) Format (also described as IEC 958 type II in the international standard IEC-60958). It is a set of low-level protocol and hardware implementation specifications describing the transfer of digital audio between various components of audio equipment.
Dolby digital- (English Dolby Digital, AC-3, ATSC A / 52) is a digital multichannel sound system developed by Dolby Laboratories, Inc. in 1991 to create high-quality optical phonograms of combined films.
DTS- Digital Theater System (Russian Digital Theater System) is a family of digital multichannel sound recording systems created by Digital Theater System (Digital Sea System) to demonstrate digital phonograms in cinemas in sync with film production.
HDR- High Dynamic Range Imaging, HDRI or just HDR - technologies for working with images and video, the brightness range of which exceeds the capabilities of standard technologies.
H.264- H.264, MPEG-4 Part 10 or AVC (Advanced Video Coding) is a licensed video compression standard designed to achieve a high degree of compression of the video stream while maintaining high quality.
H.265- H.265 or HEVC (English High Efficiency Video Coding - highly efficient video coding) - video compression format using more efficient algorithms compared to H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC.
VP9- open and free for the consumer video compression standard, developed by Google. Previously developed as Next Generation Open Video (NGOV) and VP-Next. It is an evolutionary development and successor of the VP8 standard. Both standards are used with the WebM container.
Wi-Fi- Wi-Fi Alliance trademark for wireless networks based on IEEE 802.11 standard. Under the acronym Wi-Fi (from the English phrase Wireless Fidelity, which can be literally translated as "wireless quality" or "wireless accuracy"), a whole family of standards for transmitting digital data streams over radio channels is being developed.
Bluetooth- (from the words of English. Blue - blue and tooth - tooth; pronounced / blutu /) - Production Specification of Wireless Personal Networks (Wireless Personal Area Network, WPAN). Bluetooth provides information exchange between such devices as personal computers (desktop, pocket, laptops), mobile phones, printers, digital cameras, mice, keyboards, joysticks, headphones, headsets on reliable, free, universally accessible radio frequency for neighboring communication. Bluetooth allows these devices to communicate when they are within a radius up to 10 m from each other (the range strongly depends on the obstacles and interference), even in different rooms.

About processors

Topic rules
Attached Image

1. The most basic and important rules !!!

1.1. The topic discusses only the recommendations for the choice and purchase, more detailed discussion of firmware and cooling inprofile topicsunless soClub lovers android TV boxes.
1.2. If the discussion of prefixes is very important to specify what kind of firmware, enter its name, but without further discussion, and so forth.
1.3. It is allowed to discuss only those devices that were or are on sale, i.e. There are users of these devices, and not just reviews on YouTube.
1.4. If you share your experience or provide information, this data must be either from the experience or from reputable sources. Information "I heard somewhere" or "I then said ..." and the like are considered to be misinformation.
1.5. If you specify the criteria for selecting the value of the device, then it is desirable to specify in dollars or euros, rubles according to the exchange. And not in marks, MNT, tanga, Som, UAH, etc. We are not nationalists, just use a known currency for the convenience of members of the forum.
1.6. If you recommend a specific model, specify its full name, if there is a topic on the forum, give a link.
1.7. Friendliness and respectful attitude to each other !!!

2. What categorically can not be done! and what is fraught with
2.1. All discussions, arguments and references(Exception, see para. 1.2)about firmware in the future will apply to offtopic!
2.2. To give answers without comments and explanations, such as "super", "x3 cube.". Those. Any answer should be reinforced at least by any comment, like "Take this particular ..., and not that ... because ..."
2.3. Holivar, Flooding, offtopic, misinform, to hold public squabble whose unit is better or worse, etc.(20% of warnings + RO - depending on the severity of the offense)
2.4. Dismissive, rude, rude, insulting refers to other forum members, including the use of MATa as manifestly and beyond veiled (hidden mat). Or simply the use of such words in the text.(20% of warnings - without talking)
2.5. "Shkolota", "rogue" and other insults, equated to the mat(20% of warnings + RO - without talking)
2.6. Post referral materials or promotional materials (links, coupons and code words) in any form is prohibited and is equated with commercial activities. For this purpose there is a corresponding profile topics on the purchase of certain devices.(20% of warnings + PO from 2 days - without talking).
2.7. PR, advertising other resources (without the consent of the administration)(20% of warnings - without talking).
2.8. Ignore warning, moderators, moderators, etc.)(20% of warnings + PO from 2 days - without talking)
FAQ for beginners(required to read)
All recommended boxes are ina hatThe name is clickable, go to the box theme that will be interested in and read in the topic header:
  1. Section "Useful": existing problems and solutions.
  2. Section "Firmware": Actual firmware, ports and mods.
Feel free to ask questions in profile topics.
Instructions how to ask questions.
How to ask questions on the forum.

You must take into account:
1. If you want to purchase an inexpensive TV box for up to $ 50, in most cases:
a) You should at least be aware of what a device is flashing, have basic knowledge of flashing at least mobile devices.
b) Imagine what Root Access is.
c) Be able to install Recovery / TWRP yourself, as well as be able to use its settings.
d) To have "straight arms" and not be afraid to attach your knowledge of the "lead designer" to him, namely to be able to disassemble the console and modify (improve) the cooling - not all devices in this price category are required ..
If you are not ready for these steps, go to step 2.

2. You simply purchase a box from one of the leading brands at a price of 70 (100) dollars and enjoy the operation of the device out of the box and also receive hardware support for DTS / Dolby Digital audio output, with the exception of devices purchased at the start of sales. In this case, you just need to wait a bit until the leading programmers of the manufacturers of these TV boxes fix all the bugs found in the firmware.

The future owner of the tv box, who asks for advice on buying a console and wants to get the most accurate answer, should indicate in his question:
1 - How the prefix will be used:
(a) without special requirements, for the kitchen, cottage, business trips
(b) mainly as a media player for watching IPTV and any video from various sources
(c) mainly as a game console for heavy dynamic games
(d) universally, as a media player and game console for heavy games

2 - ready to pay for the prefix n
(a) up to $ 50
(b) up to $ 90
(c) up to $ 140
(g) up to $ 200 and up

3 - after the purchase of the console its owner
(a) will use the prefix out of the box "as is" on native firmware, using official updates
(b) is ready, if necessary, to track the profile forum of the set-top box, to "modify" it in hardware (eg cooling replacement) and software (eg manual flashing, editing system files, etc.) plan.

Recommended boxes and their topics. (12/20-1 / 21):
-Ugoos AM6 Plus
-Ugoos X2 Cube, X2 Pro.
-Ugoos X3 Cube / Pro / Plus(*)
-Mi Box S(*)

- Tox1 (*)
-X96 MAX + 2(*)
-AX95 DB.(*)
-A95X F3 / F3 Air / F3 Slim
-H96MAX X3.(*)
(* Watch "Notes")

The current table of TV-boxes (from the box) for beginners with prices descending 20.12.2020.

* Notes on recommendations.

-UGoos X3 will be locked last firmware. (There is no possibility of kickback)

-Xiaomi Mi Box no port lan

-Tox1 No AB and SPIDIF. Last firmware is placed.

-X96 MAX + 2Different revisions of the boardand models:X96 maxPlus 2.
X96 MAX PLUS 100
X96 Max Plus Q2
X96 MAX PLUS Q100.

-AX95 DB LAN port 100MB

-A95X F3 / F3 Air / F3 SLIM 100MB LAN - (ask in the subject),

-Tanix TX9S For stable operation, it is recommended to use a modified firmware.
-N96s x3 There is a blue revision with different modules of Wi-Fi, one of which has no ports.

New items.(Discuss in profile topics)

Temporary Topics Acting Curator:triak

The topic is conducted "Hard moderation"And carried out"teleportation"

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Reason for editing: Work on the actualization of information

Rep: (17)
BOUDA @ 11/07/2016, 17:43*
MAG-250 ($ 25) + EDEM for $ 1. Parents will be happy.

Here! Such a board was needed, apparently.Thank you
MAG-250 It turns out without Wi-Fi ... Does it adequately work with external Wi-Fi adapters? With any, or picky?

Post has been editedareskz - 07.11.16, 17:58

Rep: (254)
Guys, I’m already tired of this Asus O Play, everything seems to be normal, but somehow slowly chtoli, looked in the direction of Androyd, here I understand everything is normal with programs for viewing online.
question 2.
1) is it worth changing your Asus with a realtek chip on Ketai
2) what advise in the range up to 2500re, looked mxq pro 4k, impressed. I also read about the mini m8s, even better. can anyone set the right path?
I plan to buy 11.11 at the sale. thanks to all.
What I want: at least 2 usb, remote control - mouse, android, optical output, Internet wired, HD to read and 5.1 sound output.

Rep: (1)
And mi box 3 with two gigami RAM option to take?

Rep: (17)
ARESKZ @ 11/07/2016, 18:49*
MAG-250 It turns out without Wi-Fi ... Does it adequately work with external Wi-Fi adapters? With any, or picky? Thank you.

Works with external Wi-Fi adapters. Wi-fi-evil for IPTV. That wayMAG 245/250/254 [Other OS]

Rep: (42)
Terakon @ 11/07/2016, 15:06*
It is better to wait 11.11

After correspondence with one of the sellers, I understood for myself that it was just an advertising trick because On this day, the sellers will remove the goods from the sale, and then return, and some prices have already raised, which would come back to the old

Post has been editedvalera krm - 07.11.16, 21:00

Rep: (2)
Ijleoh @ 07.11.2016, 16:52*
What advise in the range up to 2500p, watched MXQ Pro 4k, impressed. I also read about mini M8S, even better. Maybe someone will put true on the path?

Here with a discount full of mini m8sii
http: //….html? rmmds = mywishlist

Rep: (2)
People what is better to buy for viewing video codes + iptv via the Internet (people if anyone knows where you can see skyItalia Premium).

I look at models on Amlogic 912

Amlogic S912 Octa Core CSA93 Streaming Smart Media Player Wifi BT4.0 4K TVbox KODI
Beelink GT1 Amlogic S912 Octa Core H.265 2.4G / 5.8G Dual WiFi Bluetooth 4.0 Media Player
COOWELL V3 Android TV Box Rockchip 3368 Octa-core
ANEWKODI Z4 android 5.1 Lollipop OS RK3368 Octa Core 64Bit TV Box Z4
Or something else on 3368 or 912 or something else

Budget up to $ 70

Will be connected to the Samsung UE 50ES7000 (they write something there for the green screen)

Rep: (154)
Which of the modern boxes on android up to $ 100 supports autofraimreit?
I ran through the themes, but I did not find anyone other than Minix. But it is more expensive.

Rep: (466)
* AlexSSS2,
TRONSMART VEGA S95 (Telos, Meta, Pro)

Rep: (203)
Ripperr @ 08.11.16, 08:01*
Will be connected to the Samsung UE 50ES7000 (they write something there for the green screen)
On the gnusmasham, the green screen is not marked yet

Rep: (154)
Viper_rus @ 11/08/2016, 00:42*
TRONSMART VEGA S95 (Telos, Meta, Pro)

Thanks, I will look

Rep: (1159)
ARESKZ @ 11/07/2016, 17:49*
MAG-250 It turns out without Wi-Fi ... Does it adequately work with external Wi-Fi adapters? With any, or picky?

List of compatible adapters.

Rep: (584)
Alexsss2 @ 11/08/2016, 00:38*
Which of the modern boxes on android up to $ 100 supports autofraimreit?

I have boxing signatures (Attention only on S905 without "x" ) To which there are ports with Miniks and Whek with a working autoframe. In addition, it is this indicator that is important for you, I advise you to look at the accrehensions that support Openelec (LIBREELEEC).

Rep: (4)
Tell me a cheap box for Internet video via Wi-Fi (YouTube, TV series).
https: //www.aliexpress...on=&categoryId=5092303
I understand so nothing
Is it enough 1 gig RAM?
Is 8 gigs enough ROM (EMC), or better pay extra for 2GB / 16GB?
Internet surfing is possible on such inexpensive boxes?

Rep: (929)
Valera KRM @ 11/07/2016, 20:31*
that it's just an advertising trick

And the seller C zidoo x9s is it alone on Ali?

Here is another one for $ 113 with a cpotcup 11.11
https: //ru.aliexpress....-emmc/32735549424.html
Coupon -10 $ for coins or purchased.
Discount Ali $ 10 from 129 $ it is -7 $
TOTAL 96 $ You can throw another cachekkom 5-8 $

Just a red price of this console 85-95 $ more than $ 100 pay no sense for it.

Post has been editedfull-length - 08.11.16, 11:58

Rep: (659)
* full-length,
117.71 I see 113 I do not see.

Rep: (7)
I ask for advice.
I plan to purchase TV boxes of the middle price range.
Already available vega s95 telos everyone is satisfied. Need to the second TV.
I looked at TRONSMART S96 and Beelink GT1 on S912.
Help determine.
Bilink will be cheaper, but the TRONSMART is already less familiar to me the company,
In addition, the cheap bilink is at the zhirbesti, and the TronSmart from the seller on Ali, who has bought repeatedly.

Rep: (119)
Agolub @ 11/08/2016, 10:38*
In addition, the cheapest bilink is on a zhirbesta
Normal Labaz, no worse than the seller on Ali, I would even say on the contrary, I just do increasingly less large purchases there.
on the topic - if everyone is pleased, take the same, buying "modern" is to find trouble on the fifth point

Rep: (7)
This daughter is to the telly in the room, and it will be possible to play.
Probably S912 will be better for games.

Rep: (929)
Kuzzman @ 11/08/2016, 12:25*
I do not see.

Discount up to US $ 6.00 on orders from US $ 59.00
To one order in the store you can apply a few special packs

Post has been editedfull-length - 08.11.16, 13:55

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