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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - AOSP Firmware (KitKat)
What 4.4 firmware are you using?
Updated to 7.x [ 300 ] ** [31,45%]
Updated to 6.x [ 59 ] ** [6,18%]
Updated to 5.x [ 56 ] ** [5,87%]
One of TouchWiz [ 78 ] ** [8,18%]
Rolled back to earlier [ 34 ] ** [3,56%]
CyanogenMod 11 [ 209 ] ** [21,91%]
Omnirom [ 24 ] ** [2,52%]
EHNDROIX V by Nitrox [ 3 ] ** [0,31%]
Slimkat [ 46 ] ** [4,82%]
AOKP [ 10 ] ** [1,05%]
One of the "unofficial" [ 87 ] ** [9,12%]
One of the "archival" [ 48 ] ** [5,03%]
Total votes: 954

Rep: (996)
Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - AOSP Firmware (KitKat)
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III, SGS3, GT-I9300
Description | Discussion | FAQ | Accessories | Marriage / Repair | Wi-Fi setup and problems | Power consumption (autonomy) | Editing system apk | Modified and stock kernels | Custom recovery | EFS Recovery (IMEI) | Firmware:Official | Custom | MIUI | OpenSource (4.x | 4.4 | 5.x | 6.x-7.x )

Important information!

Be sure to backup EFS and keep it on the external card / PC / in the cloud storage. Right now. Otherwise there may be a lot of things.
go wrong .
Do not reset to factory settings via the firmware interface! Those who want to reset - read THIS.

Frequently asked Questions
Alternative firmware (ROM) - is an aftermarket firmware for cell phones and tablets based on the open source Android OS system. It has features that are missing in the official firmware of the suppliers of Android devices, including the original theme, the codec for Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), compressed cache (compcache), a large APN list, OpenVPN client, reboot menu, support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth , USB modem.
ATTENTION: there are no Samsung programs in the firmware and it does not support KIES!

The main features of alternative (custom) firmware:
Full root access (in some firmware it is necessary to install separately or enable it in the system via the menu)
FLAC support
Compress Cache (compressed cache)
Firmware code optimization
High speed and smoothness
Regular updates and support from developers
Preset equalizer DSPManager with analog Voodoo Sound
Incognito mode in the browser
Built-in tuning and customization
Profile Settings Support
Camera with a choice of a place to save photos and videos (in the official assembly is available when installing a mod camera, see under the spoilerGapps, modems and other utility )
The ability to fine-tune the color
Support themes
Customizable shortcuts from the lock screen

Installation Instructions
  • Download the necessary firmware and place it on the memory card
  • Restart the phone in Recovery (volume up button + Home button + power button)
  • After entering Recovery, select the following items:
    !!! If you have a PhilZ Touch custom recovery, then instead of all the points below, we use only one - Clean to Install a New ROM (i.e., then go to step 4) !!!

    - format system
    - format data
    - format cache
  • Next, choose choose zip from sdcard (if the firmware is in the phone’s memory) or choose zip from external sd card (if the firmware is on the memory card)
  • Select archive with firmware
  • Restart your phone, wait for the firmware to load.

Q: Do Samsung's proprietary technologies work on CyanogenMod? (Such as SmartStay, MultiWindow, etc.)
A: No, they do not work.

Q: When KitKat firmware appeared, did ERROR Status 7?
A: The old recovery does not support the installation of QC. Updated to the latest versions.

Q: I want to post logcat / report an error. What should I do?
A: Post in topics on the night assemblies AOSP KitKat. Since this is a nightly assembly, do not expect a quick fix. The rest of the discussion, for example, suggestions on what you would like to see in AOSP KitKat, leave in the official topics on the discussion of AOSP KitKat or in the topics on the discussion of night assemblies. Do not forget to follow the rules.

Q: Some applications crash with / do not start. What can be done?
О: Settings ->Applications ->Find the problem application ->Clear data ->Reboot. If this does not help, then perhaps the application is not compatible with the current version of the android. In this case, check if the application has been updated to fix problems, or contact the developer and report the problem.

Q: Why was there no night build today?
A: Either there were no new changes, or Jenkins (the assembly server) could not compile as a result of any problem. If the latter, then someone will manually check the problem and solve it. Please be patient and do not clutter up topics with similar questions.

Q: Is there a patch from Exynos root exploit and from Sudden Death ("Sudden Death") in AOSP KitKat?
A: Yes, there is. You should also use patched recovery to completely get rid of Sudden Death. Recovery can be found on xda.

Q: How to enable "Developer Mode"?
О: In Settings ->About phone, click 7 times on the "Build Number"

Q: What is Google Apps and what are they for?
A: Google Apps are Google applications and services (for example, Google Play). Initially, they are not added to the firmware (under the license of Google, developers are not allowed to do this). GApps need to be installed independently after each update.

Q: I can not find a market / add a Google account /
A: No Google Apps package installed. Download it from the links in the header and install via CWM.

Q: I installed AOSP KitKat some time ago. Now I saw that since then there have been several updates. Do I need to put all the updates in a row or is it enough to put the latest.
A: It is enough to put the latest.

Q: Why does the network icon change color after connecting to the Internet (from gray to blue)?
A: Blue is a connection to Google servers. You can disable the check only by turning off the background data transfer.

Q: Where can I turn on closing the application by holding the Back button?
О: Settings - For developers - Closing applications (check the box).

Q: Where can I see the numbers on the SIM card?
A: In the standard contact manager, they can only be imported.

Q: The regular player does not play AVI files.
A: There are no AVI codecs in the firmware - the Cyanogenmod team has no right to add them. they are proprietary. When developing CyanogenMod, only OpenSource is used. Use alternative video players.

Q: The program% name% does not work.
A: Check the compatibility of the program with KitKat (if you have ART mode, then compatibility with ART). Most likely, this is the problem of the application, not the firmware.

Q: The program% name% is not available in the Market. "Device not supported"
A: The program may not be adapted for Android 4.4. *. Perhaps the reason is the modified DPI, if you changed it.

Q: Why does the battery consume so much?
A: 1. The first 2-3 days after the firmware can quickly discharge the battery. To calibrate the battery must go through 2-3 cycles of full discharge and battery charge.
O: 2. After disconnecting from the BB, reboot and turn off debugging, if enabled.

Q: How to configure the restriction of the use of Internet traffic?
О: Settings - Data transfer - Set a limit (put a checkbox). In the diagram, set limits for warning (orange slider) and shutdown (red slider). To view the use of Wi-Fi in the Menu (press the touch Menu button), you need to turn on Wi-Fi traffic display.

Q: How to disable background data transfer?
О: Settings - Data transfer - Menu - limit the background. dir (tick box)

Q: How to disable broadcast messages?
A: Look here:Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - AOSP Firmware (JellyBean)

Q: How to set 3G / WCDMA only mode?
A: We dial in the dialer * # * # 4636 # * # *, select WCDMA only, go back, after about a minute the phone switches to WCDMA only mode.

Q: How to assign the completion of a call to the Power button?
О: Settings - Special features - tick the "Power button ends the call"

Q: What is the "nightly build"?
A: Automatically generated firmware builds with all the latest changes. Go out daily. May include errors.

Q: I recovered data using Titanium Backup, but my applications don't work?
О: Do not restore the system data, you will not see it. The AOSP KitKat has a different data structure.

Q: Does AOSP KitKat have music switching by holding the volume buttons?
A: Yes, there is.

Q: Why does my light bulb turn green by 90%?
A: Regular batteries are initially designed to charge up to 90% and not up to 90. Firstly, this prevents excessive battery wear, secondly, it helps to avoid overcharging (link1, link2).

Q: And why then on other firmware the light comes on at 100%?
A: The most plausible explanation is that in official firmware, the threshold for current drop in charging, switching the light bulb to green, is significantly lower than in AOSP KitKat. In fact, the battery still charges up to 90%, just AOSP is more honest about it.

Q: During the conversation, the interlocutor does not hear me and I also cannot hear him. What to do?
A: Readthis message.

Q: After flashing CM11 / OmniROM / AOSP / AOKP, KIES does not see the connected phone. What to do?
A: The fact is that the "Kies from Samsung" program works only with official firmware for phones that were officially released by Samsung. And all the mods coming out on the basis of or under the name CyanogenMod are an unofficial development. And in this case, the Kies program simply does not see the firmware data.

Q: What is the folder "0" and is it possible to remove it?
A: This is because Android 4.4 supports multi-user profiles. You are the first user and your personal folder on sdcard "0". Add another user and a folder "1" will be created for the new user.

Q: Tell me the device with this firmware is defined in Mac OS?
A: Yes, it is determined. Detailshere.

Q: How to make a screenshot of the screen?
ABOUT:AnswerorAnswer number 2

Q: What is ART? How to turn it on?
We read here:Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - AOSP Firmware (OS 4.x) (Post # 26598688)
or here://savagemessiahzine.com/2013/11/09/123502

Q: MTP connection problems. What to do?
A: Who has problems with the MTP connection, try to go to Settings->Memory. Next, click the left button, the item "USB connection to the computer." and put a tick there. There should also be a tick in the settings for developers on the item "Debug USB".
CyanogenMod 11
Draft CM is closed. Site not available. Last snapshot mirrors:

Download | Official page

EHNDROIX V by Nitrox
Download | XDA thread

Slimkat | FAQ
Download | Official page | List of changes | Slimgapps

Download | Official page | List of changes
Informal builds

[P-EOL] [ROM] LineageOS 11 for I9300
Unofficial SlimKat 9.1Under the link with xda does not swing. Mirror:Google drive
ArchiDroid V3
Temasek's CyanogenMod11 | Download the latest version | Mirror 1(newest build 162) |Mirror 2
Pacman rom
Team (UB)
Biftor ™ SlimKat Rom
Mahdi rom
Firmware archive

Google apps
Yank555.lu kernel
yank555-lu.net - registration required!
The option of kernel settings and a description of the functions during installation:
* Consider I / O as CPU load - Yes
* CPU maximum frequency - 1.6
* MMC readahead buffer - 1024
* MMC I / O Scheduler - CFQ
* Low Memory Killer Presets - Light
* Hardswap - Yes (or space setting, I don’t remember. It’s on exactly, in general)
* zram - 250
* Fast charge - did not change
* Sound output level - both +1
* Dynamic fsync settings - On
* init.d script support - off

If briefly explain -
* Load the processor while the disk is loaded
* Maximum processor frequency
* Preloading buffer (allocating space to the application before its request for allocation. I do not advise you to set great value, because the application may not require it to allocate space)
* CFQ - preset on disk write performance. There are still Noop and Deadline in this core - both to save charge
* Setting the closure of applications when there is a shortage of RAM. I put almost the most gentle, because with my applications it is simply not necessary =)
* In fact, the expansion of RAM, allocated a section on the disk that acts as a buffer, there are cached processes. It may slow down the download of some applications, but I'm not in a hurry =)
* Compressed section of RAM, to save it
* Fast charging (change of voltage). I do not advise to play with it, because you can burn the power controller, if you do not know. I have a charge for Nokia with a current of 1.2A, but I still do not increase it, for nefig.
* Sound booster
* Long to explain what it is. In short - recording performance gains without any damage to the battery.
* Too long to explain, but I do not advise you to change it if you do not know what it is.
Thanks for the info sayzweck777
Download the latest version - Description and change list
WOLFSON-temasek.zip - version with a Wolfson audio codec and support for Adaptive Body Bias
WOLFSON-NOABB-temasek.zip - version with Wolfson audio codec and WITHOUT support for Adaptive Body Bias
BOEFFLA-temasek.zip - version with Boeffla Sound and Adaptive Body Bias support
BOEFFLA-NOABB-temasek.zip - version with Boeffla Sound and WITHOUT support for Adaptive Body Bias
XDA thread


What is NG? This experimental core is based on Samsung source code.

Application to configure the kernel "Boeffla-Config V2"
DescriptionAGNi PureCMfromAnomalchik
XDA topic
Modems, recovery (ERROR Status 7) and other utility
Many people get an ERROR Status 7 when flashing. It's okay, you have an old recovery, you need to update it. Several versions to choose from you kindly provided Nikitushka. If you do not know what Recovery is, how to use it or which version to choose, then you HERE

Fix for camera Cyanogenmod 11
CyanogenMod Installer- Application for quick installation of custom ROMs CyanogenMod
Topics for CyanogenMod11- The catalog of topics for the new engine
Topics for CyanogenMod10 / 11
Fix for camera- if the camera often falls off and the flash does not work (it works crookedly) with touch focus. Suitable for all AOSP having a problem with the camera. If there is no problem, it is not necessary to sew fix.
Scripts to clean the phone from the firmware and cores
mod after installation (MAI)- removes a bunch of applications and libraries, puts a camera fix, puts gaps, etc.
Timed Toggles (Auto Airplane)- an application that may save battery power at night by automatically switching the phone to airplane mode and back for a specified time. Also saves you from unnecessary calls and SMS
Locklockfull day of the week
Spirit FM radio Spirit2: Real FM Radio 4 AOSP- Radio for AOSP
Callrecorder- a program to record conversations from the line
Chronus- clock widget, weather, calendar for the main screen and lockscreen, an advanced analogue of the weather in SM
Camera and Gallery of CM11S
Modified Dialer, without English alphabet
SGS3 Easy UMS- mount an external memory card as an external drive
CyanDelta Updater- CM11 firmware update in terms of the changes made in each subsequent nightly version, you no longer need to download and flash the entire firmware
List of applications that can be removed:CM 11
Viper4AndroidforGalaxy SIII- advanced equalizer, allows you to improve the sound
Comparison of snapshots of a camera with a drain and with CM11hereandhere
Mod for cleaning firmware from garbage, as well as gapps.
Screenshots CyanogenMod 11
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Screenshots of AOSPA 4.4 Kit-Kat (Paranoid Android v.4)
Attached Image
NeatROM 4.4 screenshots
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Team Screenshots (UB)
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Screenshots of ProBam ROM 44.2
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
More screenshots CM11
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Screenshots SOKP
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Polls archive
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image


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Rep: (10)
Good day ladies and gentlemen, please tell me how to get the rights to Ruth omni, 4.4.4

Rep: (0)
Hello. What to do if you do not work on the nfc data transmission (android beam) on Cyanogenmod 11? All-inclusive, the second phone Nokia 3.1 is not transmitted. In general, the proposal does not appear to convey. I know that in the non-original batteries, there is no antenna NFC. But. I completely original Accum. Bought 2 years ago for 1500. All NSF checks show that the NFB is working. But in the context menu in the gallery, Youtube does not appear to convey a proposal for android beam. Also there is the original battery that is planted in an hour, just in case I checked (it has an antenna 1000%). And there is the same picture! GT-I9300 Cyanogenmod 11 last snapshot.

Rep: (3)
Does anyone have AOKP in the cloud? The link does not work.

Rep: (104)
I tried a bunch of firmware and I note that the CM11 - this is the best firmware for our unit.
I have a working Xiaomi Mi Mix3 and see that our unit on CM11 him not far behind.

Rep: (3)
Guys, is a problem. On the keyboard does not sink Russian language and when you try to download the language pack from the settings of the keyboard list is empty. That is, they are not loaded. What could be the problem and how to make Russian language ??

Rep: (104)
* wer540 ,
Try this:
Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Informal firmware (OS 4.xx) (Post noskojv # 28013617)
I think due to the support of Claudia.

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Rep: (1505)
I reset via settings. Now I turn on smart, but he does not see the SIM card. What to do?
Firmware SlimKat 4.4.4

Rep: (0)
madgit @ 16.01.20, 22:03*
I reset via settings. Now I turn on smart, but he does not see the SIM card. What to do?

It is time to buy a new phone and this put and watch sometimes as itrarity

Rep: (1505)
* SPalarius ,
I after it was s4 (many Roma did for him), and now s8.
S3 wanted to sell, there is a client dropped, and he now sees no sim card, serial number and bear on the ground, I do not understand why.

Rep: (0)
Good afternoon, trying to find a core Boeffla i9300 cm11 ng 2.14 (latest version). Searching the internet - it was no maximum version 2.11. If there is anyone - please write to the forum, I think many will be helpful. Thank!
P.S .: kopipasta messages from the section about the modified and stock kernel.

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Rep: (27)
* batoidea ,
https: //forum.xda-deve...inaro-zzmoove-t2629184
Here in the references there are mirrors all core CM
Attached fileBoeffla-kernel-2.14-CM11-NG-i9300-u600-2016-01-17-005609.recovery.zip(5.69 MB)

Rep: (0)
Hello to all! I can not find the firmware Samsung i9300. Help me. there is nothing to download

Rep: (0)
Guys help me, put on a snapshot boeffla2.14 not ship with a Samsung screen. What boeffla go on it, it is desirable to link

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