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Xbox One \ One S \ One X | Console new generation

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Xbox One \ One S \ One X | Buying an Xbox | Xbox One Gaming News | Xbox Live search for players to play together | Discussion of games and service Gold for Xbox / One / S / X / 360
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Instructions for sending your Xbox console for repair / replacement warranty
Sharing Game Pass Ultimate
Phones of Russian tech support
Instructions for replacing the hard drive
News, sales and more
Game backward compatibility
Difference Xbox One and Xbox One S
Browser HTML 5 emulator NES, Sega
1: Download the images of the game and upload them to your OneDrive account
2: On your Xbox One, open the Edge browser and go tohttps://nesbox.comorhttps://nesbox.com/embed (no ads)
3: The emulator page opens.
4: Click on Start and switch to browser control.
5: Click on add rom from onedrive (add image from onedrive)
6: Select the images you need. The emulator supports the following extensions:
.smc (Super Nintendo)
.nes (NES)
.gba (Game Boy Advance)
.gbc (Game Boy Color)
.gb (Game Boy)
.gen (Sega Genesis)
.bin (Sega Genesis)
.smd (sega Genesis)
7: If an error pops up, click ok, refresh the page (if it does not automatically load images into the list)
8: Click on Full Screen (fullscreen mode)
9: Click on Start and switch back to controller control.
Where to take the game:

UWP applications for Xbox One
Game Controller Tester- application to test the gamepad.
Game calendar- game release calendar
Simple Background Music Player- music player
Mini radio player- internet radio
Airserver- AirPlay

Backward compatible games with xbox 360
We buy prefix abroad- The easiest way.
Theme about buying xbox
Comparing prices for games in different regions
Another website comparing games in different regions

Questions about buying an Xbox one
1. The built-in PSU in xbox one is not universal, so it’s best to buy in Europe when buying in the US, you need to change the power supply (in xbox one, the power supply is universal)
2. There is no regional locking, disks from any region should start.
3. The language in the menu \ games depends on which one you choose, Russian, French, Chinese.
4. Purchased games in the store will be in the language of the selected region on your console. If this language is supported in the game.

The nuances associated with support for headphones on the Xbox One
1. USB headphones are not supported at all.
2. When you connect a mini-jack of the headphones to the gamepad, the sound on the TV will not automatically be turned off. Must be manually set to mute.

Why do you need Gold status?
1. Free games per month
2. Discounts for games
3. Ability to play online
You can also take a subscription EA Access
BU discs do not affect the profile
Buying codes for games is safe, but the site must be verified
Ban console usually flies for the use of stolen accounts in large quantities, bought on a fee, for example, or created independently.
Xbox one support- almost all the answers
Unpacking the Xbox one s
Review of the protective cover for the xbox one joystick
Xbox one gum pads
How to get an adapter for xbox one s kinekta
Just in case, before contacting, I attached all the serial numbers to my account - herehttps://account.microsoft.com/devicesand herehttps://devicesupport.microsoft.com/

On the pagehttp: //support.xbox....apter#upgradingthere is a link to support,http: //support.xbox..../kinect-adapter

I chose this item - CHAT WITH XBOX SUPPORT (To send a request, you need to be logged in.)
Every time I opened a new window with some kind of video that strained me. On the parent page was sohttps://yadi.sk/i/d-zeQeeDuFBsdText Unable to complete your request. Please call us directly too strained me, and every time I closed the window with the video.https://yadi.sk/i/heo2PRhLuFC5g
But it turns out that this is Microsoft Support window, you have to wait for a few moments, or a few minutes (it happened with me).
Then came Cedrick C :) He asked for the name and gamertag (player's nickname, as I understand it). He asked how he could help.
At the level of English that I speak, I described what I want:
“I have a previos version of Xbox, Xbox One with Kinect. I’ve been getting a Xbox One X. I’m receiving a Kbox.
He clarified whether he understood me correctly:
"It was a new one." adapter adapter compatible for your xbox one Kinect? "

Confirmed that there is a share:
“And you are right. You can get a little bit more information on your Xbox one.
And asked for the serial numbers of consoles. Serial number kinekta not asked:
"Great for you ... Just the SN for Xbox one and Xbox one S. Thank you."

Then he went to check the data for a couple of minutes, periodically thanks to my patience.

Asked delivery address:
“All I need is to make sure that it’s been on the right location. So I can have the following information ... Please contact your phone number, email and full shipping address
I decided not to experiment with the Russian address and the address of the intermediary. Just gave his brother's address and said that this is his brother's address. He asked the name to indicate it on the parcel. It would probably take the name from the account.
And actually everything gave me the order number. Do not do anything else, just expect delivery.

Hard drive replacement
Replacing a hard disk 2

Replacing HDD

Club members forum in xbox live:"Xbox fanssavagemessiahzine.com"

Owners Club Xbox One, One S, One X

How to join the event in the clubsavagemessiahzine.com

Do not forget to use the search Picture
If a forum member gave good advice that helped in solving your problem, do not post a message with the text “Thank you! You are super!!!". On our forum, it is customary to express gratitude by raising the reputation of a particular participant Picture

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Hello everyone, a question on xbox one - I want to buy the European version, I will not live to March. The console is natural in English, the question is whether it will be possible to localize it later, make friends with a Russian on the menu, register in Russia or how localized games and font support will go on it, is there anything at all kryakozyabry? Tell me who knows!

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Hello everyone, a question on xbox one - I want to buy the European version, I will not live to March. The console is natural in English, the question is whether it will be possible to localize it later, make friends with a Russian on the menu, register in Russia or how localized games and font support will go on it, is there anything at all kryakozyabry? Tell me who knows!

The same question, but as you can see in this thread there is nobody

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There is no Russian language of course
should appear with a new firmware before launch in Russia

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Something is somehow quiet in this thread. Has nobody really bought One from the forum yet? And I would like to hear the impressions of the new Kinekt) I’ve heard a lot about Sonya, I don’t smell innovation there, but I’d like to know about the accuracy of the new kinekt: happy: Yes, the sound control must be a cool thing

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I bought;) European. While all like it. Took another fortsu and grandfather Rising 3

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I have been crazy about happiness for a week ... I bought it, I play (Battlefield 4, Fifa 14, Call of Duty Ghosts and the free Killer Instinct) I like everything very much. Kinekt is particularly pleased with 360 ...: D: D

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Write someone already review how it works, or something. And then somehow very quiet.
ZY IMHO PS4 more attractive, because it is smaller and more powerful (GDDR5 vs. DDR3, 2.7 vs. 1.75 GHz), while it is cheaper.

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I will ask a question, I will revive the topic: happy: How to make the TV wake up when the box is turned on? PS4 did not see any problems with this. More: Does the game swing when you turn off the huang?

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Gentlemen, but I did not understand something about what to do with the card on which Fifa 2014 is written.
Tell me, pliz. : blush:

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In the Xbox Live code vbey, what's so complicated then?

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And where does the game come from? From live download?

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Of course, this is the same code for downloading Fifa 14. In general, you should know this better than me, all the same I don’t have an Xbox)

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Uh, well, I'm a noob in this regard. The last time I played a sega-mega in consoles about 20 years ago. Then the Internet was not everyone had a game on the cartridges.

In general, figured out.
You need to go to the Games / Use a code and from a distance of 2 feet show the kinekt qr-code.

I ate it with me at the third attempt, at first I wrote that Sorry, something went wrong. But then skipped and started downloading. Now downloaded 25% and already writes that Ready to start.

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Glumilo @ 03/04/2014, 10:55*
Then the Internet was not everyone had a game on the cartridges.
This is no doubt. Even when the PSP came out it was easier to go to Savelovsky and give 200 rubles for downloading the game than to download it yourself.
Glumilo @ 03/04/2014, 10:55*
Now downloaded 25% and already writes that Ready to start.
I do not understand why then only Sony advertises this chip.

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More noob-question. The command "Xbox on!" Does not work
Are voice commands somehow separately activated?

With gestures figured out. I do not like.

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I am looking for a partner for shopping games for two (Xbox One)

Glumilo, the team will work if the box is in standby mode

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I would wait for the console release for Russia, and it’s hard to believe that Microsoft couldn’t translate the console OS into Russian and a couple of games at the start, yet they have been familiar with our language for a long time. PS4 didn’t have any problems with the Russian ... Apparently they didn’t consider Russia to be a country for selling "hboksa onee" initially, but as a backup option. Yes, and kinekt already recognized themselves unsuccessful, separated from the console and the price is reduced by 100 bucks.

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Is it really so bad with the Xbox One that there isn’t even :(
In a month, they will introduce duties - calculated the price of boxing + shipping + soldering bp ...
But I also thought that there are no exclusives.
If you have a PS4 think you need it?

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There is no special demand for hbox boxes in Russia, as the office of the console will be brought in - the price should be below PS4 by a couple of thousand.

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There are exes. Dead Rising, Ryse, Fable, Halo and many more. I plan to take both platforms with time.

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