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Financial counter + | finance accounting

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Financial Counter +

Last update of the program in the header:10.09.2014

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Financial meter is a simple and convenient application for monitoring information about your expenses and income.

*** To transfer data from a free application to this, use the menu item "import / export", make a backup copy of the free program, and restore it in this application. ***

*** To remove an expense / income / category, press and hold your finger on them to open a pop-up menu ***

Entering data with a category selection takes only a few seconds, you can do it even while shopping.
Keep track of your financial situation with convenient visual charts. With the help of the function “where the money goes,” you can always find out what funds are spent to a greater extent.

  • Cost and revenue
  • Fully Metro-style
  • More than 20 categories already configured, the ability to change and sort them
  • View expenses and income by date and category
  • Balance charting
  • Display of the most costly positions
  • Fast entry of new data - just a few seconds!
  • Many icons to customize your own categories
  • Displays the balance, expenses and income on the tile app
  • Save and restore backup in Skydrive

Russian interface: Yes

Previous versions

Marketplace Web: http://www.windowsphone.com/ru-ru/store/app/Financial counter / 08adb518-6172-4ee1-8c9c-1ec96e866061

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A new version has been added, added:
- Multicurrency
- delete data
- support for transparent tiles.

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Yes, as Kuz18rus said, a new version came out (almost long-term construction), but it was worth it.
In addition to these innovations, there are a couple of small but interesting improvements:
- The report "where the money goes" displays the amount of all rows
- While adding an expense or income, you can flip through accounts with a gesture with your finger left or right across the field - accounts will be switched in turn
- The tip above works for the consumption date field
- App launching from the main tile is noticeably accelerated

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.Maxim. @ 09/09/2014, 21:35*
The tip above also works for the consumption date field.

Super! And I did not know! It has become very convenient, because it often happens that you have to make an expense yesterday, and I always cursed about myself, that there is no way more convenient than opening the date selection dialog. It turns out there is! :)

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Greetings Is there a financial counter from the same developer for android? Constantly used it on lumii, I was satisfied with everything, now I am switching to android, I would like to see the same great and convenient application for it! Or can someone tell me something similar?

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Good day. I used a financial meter + on Lumiya, now I changed my smartphone and I need to transfer it to android. Who faced how to do this?

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I have the same question as the previous speaker.
I can not find anything more convenient on the android.

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I can not go into ondrayv to restore backup. There is simply no "Allow" button. In the profile, access to the program is allowed
"-ram": a global problem judging by the reviews in the store

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Has anyone switched to android? Is there an analogue or base transfer capability?

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Hello everyone, I am the author of the financial application Monetal. After Microsoft abandoned WP, ​​I rewrote Monetal underAndroyd, and in 2017 there was a version foriOS. I myself have been using Monetal for 6 years now, so the development does not stop.
Now I have an idea to write a data importer for transferring data from popular applications, including from the Financial Counter, but I need test data.
Is there anyone here who is still interested?

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I'm here;) Meni tsikavy Import

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Vendigo18r @ 04/04/19, 09:44*
I'm here meni tsikavyi import

Good. Then I will write how the first results will appear.

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Good afternoon. Why did you abandon this application on Windows? I can not synchronize with one drive. Can you repair it? A good application

Posted 09/04/2019 14:34:

I mean the application Financial Counter +

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AAA1977 @ 04/09/19, 14:33*
I can not sync with one drive
A couple of months ago, there seemed to be a problem, for the new year everything was exactly the norm (unloaded Excel and reserved it).
Maybe in the ondrayve it is necessary to configure something, to give permissions to the application?

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I write the same thing

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I got the first results for import to Monetal ((iosorandroid). If someone is interested, write in a personal, tell you what and how to do.

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write in lichku

That write instructions and all the cases. Faster temptation will appear on another phone to switch))

Rep: (82)
That write instructions and all the cases.

Unfortunately, the functional is still in beta testing, it’s too early for public access. It is necessary to check the concept, and if everything works, then arrange the interface and then open public access.

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Tell your mail where to write

Rep: (82)
AAA1977 @ 06/18/19, 18:51*
Tell your mail where to write

Good afternoon, mail [email protected], but generally herehttps://mymonetal.com/jumpToMonetal.phppage to go to Monetal;)

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v.vv @ 17.04.19, 09:58*
A couple of months ago, there seemed to be a problem, for the new year everything was exactly the norm (unloaded Excel and reserved it).

Same problem

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