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Power Bank do it yourself
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There is a battery from the tablet.
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There is a desire to make him a charger.
Tell me what to stick to it and to which contacts to get a charger.
As an option, the most acceptable is an inexpensive PowerBank with ali without batteries :)

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At the very element only 2 contacts + and -. That is called the controller battery charge is bms serves to protect the battery. Pauerbank and so the normal version, the main thing that has been designed for lithium. Lithium-polymer Li-ion and have similar modes of operation, therefore, the charge and discharge board fit and also from those of the others. The boards are sold separately, without the box, there are combinations where the charge and discharge fee payment are located on the same board. :) I saw at DH shawl for 250rub there is also the small screen showing the battery level is.
Good luck! :)

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Thank! A link to such a scarf or its abbreviation?
I need luck: yes2:

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Powerbank do a little wrong with their own hands.

Go to ebay or aliexpress and buy there:

1) Elements of size 18650
2) A box for them.

Insert one into the other, get the benefit.

The charge can be torn out from the same box, but whether it will work with your battery is a big question. It may have to be redone, and for this you need a good knowledge of circuit design.

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The author, theoretically, can try to put a circuit with a controller for a charge-discharge from a Chinese bank, a link to which I cited below. The voltage modes seem to be identical. And the battery capacity is good.

There is one cunning idea .. :)
Expose to your judgment.

In general, there is a goal - do-it-yourself diary bank with minimal investment and maximum use of available material resources.

What do we have?
1. In excess AA AA Ni-MH (Ni-MH namely, not 18650 lithium) capacity ~ 2Ah ..
2. The ability to skolhozit from numerous electronic trash case for consistent installation of 3 AA.
3. Desire to cheat,to rob the cowsdo with your own hands a turn-bank ala "from what was" + a charge-discharge controller circuit with ali, for example,such.
4. What confuses? The scheme is designed to work with lithium, we have a consistent metal-hydrite.
We look at the specification of the operation of lithium in the discharge-charge mode and metal-nitride batteries connected in series in the amount of 3 pieces.

So, lithium is done with such protection:
Over current protection / short circuit - 7.5Рђ.
Overcharge protection - 4.25V
Overdischarge protection - 2.75V.
Response time - 20ms

What do we have for nickel?
Discharge to 0.8-0.9V per can, that is 2.75 (0.9 * 3) in the end, and we have.
The charge ends in the mode of 1.4-1.6V (depends on the specific can, for example, the stanchions have a higher voltage in the charged state and mode of operation, which allows using their capacity more fully). Again, 4.25V gives us the same 1.4V * 3. But at the same time, it is possible to charge banks in the intelligent BC-700 and to make them periodically discharge-charge prevention.

At the output, we get a bit cumbersome, but honest, with its 2Ah power bank, which is enough to fully charge the smartphone. A few sets of nickel batteries will allow you to charge the phone equal to their number of times. Profit? : D

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Gee, just recently engaged in the initial implementation of this idea. Already threw a shemka, it remains to search for suitable Li-ion.At one time, ponderderg semi-dead batteries from e-books, but after a while, almost all swelled. Each had 3.6-3.8V, just lay on the shelf. Chinese trash.
1. In excess AA AA Ni-MH (Ni-MH namely, not 18650 lithium) capacity ~ 2Ah ..

If used, then in the trash. Over time, their internal resistance increases, i.e. can not give a large current.

2Ah, which is enough to fully charge your smartphone.

But what about the efficiency of the converter and the linear driver for charging? Do not forget about the consumption of the phone.

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Slavik763 @ 01.26.2014, 18:31*
In excess of AA Ni-MH (Ni-MH namely, not 18650 lithium) capacity ~ 2Ah ..

one element 18650 is equivalent to three Ni-MH elements due to the fact that the latter has voltage 3 times less

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Everything is somewhat more complicated. you need to put a stabilizer, preferably a pulsed boost, because the linear part of the energy will release as heat .. if you're interested, I will lay out a circuit.

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We have the following Li-ion battery-stabilizer-converter = Power bank.

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Knowing people, tell me. that something happened to this board, self-discharge of the power bank, the diodes do not light and do not flash, but the tester confirms charging if you connect to the network, what can you do with it (is this beast repairable) or where to buy such crap?

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With a tester, check each jar if more than 3 volts.
Buy a car like this:

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if u buy thenhttp://www.ebay.com/it…sid=p3984.m1423.l2649,for the same money, but the question is that the case and the battery are there, but the fee does not work, it costs 2-3 bucks, and for the money that the case costs, you can order a whole power bank:http: //www.aliexpress...apshot/6022930460.htmlthat I eventually did, I agreed with the seller to put this scheme in addition, I paid 2.5 rubles for them. while on the road, I don’t know if they’ve put it or not.

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Is anybody here?
Good day.
I rummaged in my entresol, walked a lotg ..of good
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This is not all.
I want to assemble a Power bank with 4 banks of 18650 3000 mah from this (To charge a tablet 7000 and a couple of times the phone is 1500x2)
It must produce at least 2 amps, otherwise charging the tablet will take a very long time.
Chineseg ..I do not believe good. It is better to collect and be sure that there are banks for 3000, usb 2a.
Charge power bank, thought from power supply
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but we need an alternative, it would be nice to USB port of the computer
Can anyone help me with the scheme?

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For charge-discharge lithium-ion batteries using its own algorithm, which is implemented by a special microcontroller. Without knowledge, no way. You can buy a charging module and a 3.7v - 5v converter in some hobby shop, they are not expensive.

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Hello! I also decided to make a PowerBank. And I want to make it from a rechargeable flashlight and car charger. Akkum in the lantern to 6.5v. The lamp goes 6.5v. I took the car charger at 2A to stabilize to 5V. One question remains. Since the car charger is designed for 12v, and I give only 6.5v, as I understand it, some of the electricity is eaten by the resistor built into the circuit. So the question itself is how to find this resistor in the circuit and which one to change?

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The idea of ​​the vehicle is correct.
I, forcibly, faced the same problem.
I had a power bank, but the board burned out there - the Chinese craftsmen made the entrance to the bank and one of the exits was completely the same and without any identification marks or scratches - so I got lost: blush:
And the thing is good, because it gave, in addition to 5 V, also 19 (for my Acer W500, the most it is, and you can recharge the laptop).

eventually remained, smelling of burnt mikruham, housing; 8 batteries of 3.7 (connected in two in parallel and four in series = 16.8V).
Here, I made the scheme, we might need

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Here, I threw the scheme.
I ordered the parts (ready-made stabilizer boards, transistors and a decoder) in China, now I'm waiting.

The essence of the idea and scheme is simple:
1. I wanted to turn off the stabilizers (2 pieces) to save power.
2. turn them on separately or together with one button, and use the same button to select the voltage on the second stabilizer.
3. on the increase stabilizer adjustment (12-16-19).
A voltmeter on one of the stabilizers is disconnected when the load is connected - saving optyazhe: rolleyes:
4. management on one counter and 4 composite keys:
4.1. "on stabilizer в„–1" (5V);
4.2. "on stabilizer number 2" (12V);
4.3. "the choice of voltage on the stabilizer в„–2" (16V);
4.4. "the choice of voltage on the stabilizer number 2" (19V);
4.5.-4.7. "same as 4.2.-4.4. but with stabilizer No. 1 on"

Of course, the diodes at the output of the counter is something, but nothing more elegant does not fit into the head: blush: the encoder only.

The keys are composite because I did not want to turn on the stabilizers with a common wire, and the voltage adjustment there by "+" goes.
and if you include them on datasheet, you still need to put a composite key or put an inverter, so I decided to do so.
Yes, and in one case they.
so it seems to get into the body of the firefighter should: yes2:

The second scheme is control without diodes but on two mikruhs.

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1. find the "+" entry to the board.
2. Find the "+" acc.
3. short-circuit these points for 1 sec.
if it doesn't help:
1. find the "-" entrance to the board.
2. find "-" acc.
3. short-circuit these points for 1 sec.

Essence: this is a protection card (it disconnects the ACC from charging either according to the general, or by "+") when the emergency situation.
I don’t know what type you have, so if there is a tester, call the contact account before entering the board, if it rings, then the OTHER contact goes through the protection, so you have to take a short one.
Naturally when disconnected from the network: D
this way you will collect the protection and the board will start passing the current to the acc.

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Is it possible to replace the battery with powerbank for 18650 with 25660? With a fool I bought 2 batteries, but they did not fit into a fandarik ...

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if physical dimensions allow, yes.
The capacity, I believe, is 25660 more, it means that the charge current of 18650 is enough (usually it is 1/10 of the capacity), it will just take longer to charge.
but how are they different in voltage? if yes, then the controller must be "screwed up", if not - then everything is a bundle.

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