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Happy Chick (Android) | A powerful emulator PS1, PSP, N64, NDS, NES et al.

Rep: (18)
Happy Chick (Game Emulator) for Android Mobile & TV 2017
Mobile Version: 1.7.11
TV Version: 1.1.8

Short description: Happy chick- a real combine emulators of various consoles, consoles with a huge collection of games from different platforms and generations.
Extended Application Description:
Happy chick - This is an emulator of various consoles, consoles with a comprehensive collection of video games.
from different platforms and generations. The database has over 10,000+ games.
Currently supported games from:
PSP(PlayStation Portable)
N64(Nintendo 64)
Nds(Nintendo DS)
GBA(Nintendo Game Boy Advance)
MD / Genesis(Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis)
SFC / SNES(Super Nintendo Entertainment System)
FC / NES(Dendy)
MAME / MAMEPlus(Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)
Wsc(Wonder Swan Color)
GBC(Game Boy color)
DC(Sega Dreamcast)
Ngp(Neogeo Pocket)
PCE(PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 Emulator)
ONS(Open Network System)
ARCADE / FBA(Emulator of a huge number of gaming machines - CPS1, CPS2, Sega (SYSTEM xxx), SNK, Visco (NeoGeo), Konami, etc.)
ANDROID(Operating system Android)
The most interesting and convenient in the Happy Chick emulator in addition to all sorts of settings:
1.All EMULATORS and BIOSES are downloaded and updated from the application menu and are "embedded" in the program itself!
2. In the program itself there is also a whole "gallery" of games for different platforms (emulators)!
Screenshot application
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Screenshot games
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NEW! YouTube App Reviews

Developer: xiaoji001.
Homepage: http://www.xiaoji001.com , http://www.happychick.hk/download.html
Developer Email: [email protected] (it is desirable to send wishes about the translation into Russian. language).
Preferred language of correspondence with the developer: Chinese, English ( Yandex translator to help ).
Application name: Happy Chick (happy chick).
Application language: English, Chinese.
Operating system: Android
Application Type: apk
Devices for use: mobile phone, television receiver.

Version 1.7.11 (288A128)
version 1.7.8 version 1.7.8
version 1.7.5 Attached filehappychick.apk (56.96 MB)
Version 1.7.1 (for Mobile)RUS: Happy Chick (Android) (Post Puzzak # 58920724)
Version 1.1.8 (fot Tv)
Version 1.1.7 (for TV): Attached filexiaoji TV.apk (45.65 MB)
How to upload game images to Happy Chick application servers
It is very pleasant and convenient to play localized games - translated into Russian. The question is: "How to download them into this miracle application?"
Game images can be downloaded to the server in the Happy Chick app section -> " Manage " --> " Upload Games "
Attached Image

GamePad and Launcher Icon for Happy Chick TV

Happy Chick for Mobile (RUS
Past versions for TV
Past versions for Mobile
version Happy Chick (Android) (Post ZUPeg # 63580391)
Version 1.7.3 FINAL (for Mobile): Attached filehappychick 1.7.3.apk (56,43 MB)

Version 1.7.2 Final (for Mobile): Attached filehappychick! .apk (56.37 MB)
Version 1.7.2 Beta: Attached fileHappy Chick Beta.apk (56.37 MB)
Version 1.7.1: Attached filehappychick.apk (56.32 MB)
Version 1.7.0: Attached filehappychick.apk (56.31 MB)
Version 1.6.9: Attached filehappychick.apk (55.71 MB)
Version Happy Chick (Android) (Post Artemia Metro # 54120598)
Stable Version 1.6.7: Attached filehappychick1.6.7.apk (55.09 MB)
Version 1.6.6 Stable: Attached filehappychick-1.6.6.apk (54.87 MB)
Version 1.6.6 beta 3: Attached filexiaoji_1.6.6beta3.apk (54.86 MB)
Version 1.6.6 beta 1: Attached filehappychick_1.6.6beta1.apk (54.86 MB)
Version 1.6.5 Stable: Attached filehappychick.apk (51.37 MB)
Version 1.6.4 Stable: Attached filehappychick.apk (18.74 MB)
Version 1.6.3 Stable: Attached filehappychick.apk (50.04 MB)
Version 1.6.3 Beta 3: Attached fileHappyChick v.1.6.3 beta 3.apk (50.04 MB)
Version 1.6.2 Stable: Attached filehappychick.apk (48.56 MB)
Version: 1.4.9 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/7197377/Happy+Chick++v1.4.9.apk
Version: 1.4.5 Happy Chick (Android) (Post>ORG @ niZM< #43658458)
Version: 1.4.2 Happy Chick (Android) (Post fbmk # 42524290)
Version: 1.4.0 Happy Chick (Android) (Post fbmk # 40924784)
Version: 1.3.8 Happy Chick (Android) (Post nestar1580 # 39942154)
version: 1.3.7 Happy Chick (Android) (Post nestar1580 # 39579781)
version: 1.3.6 Happy Chick (Android) (Post nestar1580 # 38846070)
version: 1.3.5 Happy Chick (Android) (Post nestar1580 # 37949986)
version: 1.3.4 Happy Chick (Android) (Post # 37629719)
version: 1.3.2 Happy Chick (Android) (Post # 37041843)
Version: 1.2.9 Happy Chick (Android) (Post # 35081651)
Version: 1.2.8 Happy Chick (Android) (Post # 33932498)
Version: 1.2.7 Happy Chick (Android) (Post # 33144249)
Version: 1.2.5 Happy Chick (Android) (Post # 32364777)
Version: 1.2.4 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/4657980/xiaoji.apk
Version: 1.2.3 Happy Chick (Android) (Post # 31264567)
Version: 1.2.2 Happy Chick (Android) (Post # 30643235)
Version: 1.2.0 Happy Chick (Android) (Post # 29592982)
Version: 1.1.2 + 1.1.3 beta Happy Chick (Android) (Post # 28846109)

Applications from this developer:
Happy Chick for PC (PC) -LINK
Happy Chick for iPhone & iPad (iOS) -LINK

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Rep: (21)
* nacher22 , There is a folder in the phone memory or most likely may be a memory card, the choice of the setup menu. Folder games it has a folder with the names nes psp such as set-top boxes, etc. in the most prog update. There is nothing complicated. Original instructions.
Attached Image
except that in the menu already downloaded games press should be local.

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Rep: (0)
It is unclear how to update the Appendix. after adding games to the appropriate folder in the path specified in the TV version adj. TV box, it is not clear how to enter the menu of downloaded games (serving zhamknut "locale"). Once again I want to ask - who turned out to add the game in the Appendix. TV set-top box to the TV - write, pliz how to implement it.

Rep: (10)
Hello guys I have n-video tv box emulator great worth tv-version !!! But it does not work sega dc ?! How to run this emulator? thanks in advance

Rep: (29)
Hello, I want to put on the TV box, it is necessary to put version 1.1.7 (for TV)?

Rep: (31)
Download version tv and usually on the E box, do not set write error, the reason may be what?

Rep: (2)
Nageneril banner for Android TV. This application is necessary in order to run the Happy Chick set from the main screen.

Attached Image

Attached fileHappychick_ATV.apk(138.96 KB)

Rep: (10)
Prompt in the Sega Dreamcast save and load saved? All of the Chinese, I can not understand

Rep: (8)
great app. extremely alarming that lezit and requests access to other programs which access is not needed. with it on so much that the protection of the Samsung s8 nichinaet scream that cut ...
not too dumb ???

Rep: (3)
At the TV version has all the settings? on my mi box 3 there is a problem with the sound ...

Rep: (39)
After downloading roms 2 climbs ver.1.7.8 this window
Attached Image

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Rep: (3)
sedGSM @ 01.03.19, 20:28*
great app. extremely alarming that lezit and requests access to other programs which access is not needed. with it on so much that the protection of the Samsung s8 nichinaet scream that cut ...
not too dumb ???

Too, it was curious, but the answer is likely we will not know

Rep: (0)
Very strange application: if you install and then uninstall, then re-install the same version will not work. And now, after the installation of 2 Roma asks Fallaway their group tweeted to download still rums.

Rep: (29)
In the version for android tv on xbox gamepad sticks left stick in the game after pressing, the mobile version this is not observed, but the mobile version on android box is not convenient

Rep: (172)
What are you all this tv version of Dragon, which has not been updated for years now? Yuzayte usual, all it normally on telly and in terms of the interface and in the work plan.

Rep: (88)
a3uat @ 17.03.19, 20:16*
And now, after the installation of 2 Roma asks Fallaway their group tweeted to download still rums.

I support. how to overcome

Rep: (0)
* kirikill , Good dnya.perechital almost all positions, I really just can not download any game? Requires registration on Twitter, do everything and no tolku.ustanavlival different versions on the X96

Posted on 26/03/2019, 18:16:

* kirikill , Put the latest version of the caps and lo and behold, Mario skachal.budu further juzat

Rep: (1)
How to overcome this Twitter? Nothing to upload ......

Rep: (115)
sedGSM @ 1.03.19, 21:28*
extremely alarming that lezit and requests access to other programs which access is not needed.

What do you think about you will collect the data, if the application is not in the store.
Hardly you from China to present something, so I think that the reason for the excitement is not.

Rep: (8)
well, if only for the sake of it is not scary, and if get into credit card numbers, passwords, or something ???

Rep: (8)
* ZipperHeaD_1995 There written guide. Subscribe to the developers on Twitter and send your code that is highlighted in green in the HP developers and you will, you can download everything!

Posted on 04/04/2019, 22:39:

* lexxx354 Download twitter and do as requested) case for 5 minutes

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