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Sony PlayStation 4, Pro, Slim - Discussion | All about SonyPlaystation 4, Pro, Slim
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Attention! This topic discusses the PS4, its problems and their solutions. This is not a topic for discussing games, buying a console and exchanging nicknames.

CPU : 8-core AMD Jaguar x86-64 CPU (1.6 GHz base clock, potential overclocking to 2.75 GHz)

GPU : approximate analogue of the Radeon HD7850 / 7870 with 18 computing units (1152 scalar processors), 1.84 TFLOPS

Additional ARM processor : responsible for running background and standby applications, energy efficient

Ram : 8 GB GDDR5 (5500 MHz) (has an additional 256 MB of DDR3 memory). GDDR5 throughput - 176 Gb / s

HDD : 500 GB (408 GB available to the user), the user can optionally change to another with a large amount

Optical drive : 6-speed Blu-ray and 8-speed DVD drive

Connectors : USB 3.0 and connectors for external connections: Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T), 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR), HDMI, optical S / PDIF audio output
General Information / HDD Replacement
What comes with the PS4?
PS4 with 500 or 1000 GB HDD, DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, micro USB cable for charging the controller, mono headset for voice chat, power cable (1.5 meters) and HDMI cable (2.0 meters).

What ports (in / out) and connection types does PS4 support?
HDMI output; Optical S / PDIF audio output (not available in Slim version), Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T), 2 USB 3.0 ports (2 USB 3.1 ports and 3 USB 3.1 ports in PRO version) and an additional connector for the Camera PlayStation. Integrated Wi-Fi module - 802.11 b / g / n (a / b / g / n / ac in Slim and PRO versions) for wireless Internet connection and Bluetooth 2.1 (4.0 in Slim version and 4.0 (LE) in PRO version) for DUALSHOCK 4 controller.

Does the PS4 support analog audio / video output?
Not. HDMI is used to output audio / video; it is present on most modern HD TVs. In addition, PS4 Fat and Pro can output 5.1 or 7.1 audio via the optical output.

Can I use a standard definition TV (SDTV) with the PS4?
Through an HDMI connection, the system changes the resolution automatically, depending on the TV or monitor connected to the PS4. Of course, the PS4 was designed for games with good high-quality graphics, which is best enjoyed on an HD TV.

What screen resolution does PS4 support?
The resolution of PS4 & PS4 Slim is 854x480p, 1280x720p, 1920x1080i, 1920 × 1080p (60Hz) + HDR.
PS4 Pro resolution - all previous formats, plus 3840? 2160p (60Hz) + HDR.

Will PS4 support 4K content for video and games?
4K is currently supported for video and games on PS4 Pro.

How powerful is the PS4 PS3?
PS4 is superior to the PS3 processing power 10 times. The system is equipped with a high speed GDDR5 8GB RAM, eight-X86 powerful CPU and GPU. As stated, the PS4 will allow developers to implement more detailed and larger world that they could not implement on the PS3. More realistic lighting, more advanced physics and particle effects, more diverse and realistic animation of characters, more than a clear environment and textures on objects, high-resolution (up to 1080p), increasing the frame rate (up to 60 frames per second), more extensive multiplayer battles and much more will be possible thanks to the capabilities of the PS4 - the next-generation entertainment system.
How does the PS4 Pro differ from the usual PS4?
PS4 Pro is much more powerful than the usual PS4. The advanced PS4 Pro graphics processor inherits many features from the latest AMD Polaris architecture, and also contains some innovative features. It is much more productive than conventional PS4 graphics processors.
In general, this increased computational power gives developers the opportunity to realize more demanding visual effects and functions of equipment performance, including smoother or more stable frame changes, 4K visualization support, advanced graphical functions, etc.

What can you say about the graphics processor (GPU)?
Graphic processor PS4 (GPU) comprises a single array 18 of the computing units that are capable to give 1.84 teraflops computing power and can be freely used for graphics processing, modeling tasks, or directly for these two purposes. PS4 also provided with 8GB single system memory to facilitate game development and improves the yield achievable goals. High-speed GDDR5 memory provides the system, a total of, 176GB / s bandwidth and contributes to a further increase in graphics performance.
PlayStation 4 Pro - is already more advanced in technical terms the system. system performance has increased dramatically, there is support for TV with the highest today 4K resolution and support technology HDR (High Dynamic Range), which makes the image more realistic. The frame rate in games is also increased, since the system uses a new graphics chip from AMD (4,2 teraflops. In the original 1.84 teraflops for comparison), eight-processor AMD Jaguar x86-64, as well as 8GB of GDDR5 memory.

Do I need an external PS4 power supply?
Not. The PS4 has an internal power supply, universal at 110-220 volts.
Console purchased in any other country will work in Russia, but you will need a cable. The need for converters from 110 to 220 volts is missing.

What type of HDD is used in PS4?
The PS4 initially installed a 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive.

Will users be able to change their native HDD to a more capacious one? How to choose a new HDD for PS4?
Yes, PS4 users can easily replace the standard HDD. You will need any SATA II / III hard drive with a thickness of not more than 9.5 mm and a capacity of at least 160GB.Instructions for data transfer

Is it possible to connect an external hard drive, for a general increase in the pivot space on the PS4?
Yes, this feature is supported on PS4 starting from software version 4.50.

What are the dimensions of the PS4?
Fat (CUH-10xx, CUH-11xx and CUH-12xx): 275 mm (width) 53 mm (height) 305 mm (length). Weight 2.8 kg.
Slim (CUH-20xx, CUH-21xx): 265 mm (width) 39 mm (height) 288 mm (length). Weight 2.1 kg.
Pro (CUH-70xx, CUH-71xx): 295 mm (width) 55 mm (height) 327 mm (length). Weight 3.3 kg.

Can I put the PS4 vertically like a PS3?
Yes, PS4 can be set both horizontally and vertically. You can buy a vertical stand for € 19.99 / 16.99.

When did the development of the PS4?
The company began discussing the PS4 concept five years ago, in 2008.

Who leads the development of PS4?
PS4 has become a joint project of the engineering group SCEI, developers from Worldwide Studios, the corporate design center of Sony Computer Entertainment and many other divisions. The project's system architect is a veteran developer - Mark Cerny.

Do I need to reset the video when replacing the TV, as was the case with the PS3?
This process is optional for PS4.

Will PS4 support 3D content, including stereoscopic 3D in games?
Technically, the PS4 supports 3D already on launch.

What disk format does PS4 support?
Blu-ray Disc.

Can I watch Blu-ray / DVD movies on PS4?
Yes. To do this, you will need to update the PS4 software to version 1.50 and make a one-time activation to view compatible Blu-ray and DVD movies.

Can I listen to an audio CD on PS4?
No, this format is not supported.

What is the advantage of the new technology Blu-Ray Disc for PS4?
The BD drive in PS4 is faster than the drive in PS3 and supports larger discs.

Do I need to install any data on the HDD when I play the disk version of the game?
Yes, all disk games will save data to the HDD, for further play. However, not all games will require you to wait for the end of saving data.

If I take a game disc and then decide to buy it in digital form, can I not download the game, but simply activate the already installed data?
No, you need to completely delete all game data and download the digital version.

What if I don't want to connect my PS4 to the internet?
Owners of PS4 in Europe can contact SCEE technical support and request activation of Blu-ray discs via email.

How loud is the PS4?
The PS4 is slightly quieter than the PS3 and is fully optimized for use in the living room. For stable and correct operation, the system should be installed in a place with good air circulation.

Will PS4 have a standby mode?
Yes, the PS4 will go into standby mode, disabling the primary functions to reduce power consumption, but the controller charging and downloading updates will continue to work. As an added benefit to PlayStation Plus subscribers, the PS4 will be able to automatically download games and patches in standby mode.

Will PS4 require an update at launch sales? How will the system software update take place?
At launch, the PS4 will require an update for new features to work. After connecting to the Internet, the PS4 automatically downloads the update in the background. During this process, you will be able to play offline.

Can I install software through a USB drive?
Yes, you will need to download the software on a PC and transfer it to PS4 using a USB drive. The software is installed in safe mode. When the system is off, press and hold the power button for 7 seconds to enter safe mode.

How many friends can I add to PS4?
PS4 supports up to 2,000 friends, compared with 100 friends on the PS3. You can also quickly add as friends the players you have recently played with, like the Players Meet feature on the PS3.
PS3 will support only 100 friends. If your friends list on the PS4 exceeds 100 friends, the server will automatically filter out friends when you play on the PS3. In addition, you can set and record a predefined list of friends to be used during the game on the PS3. In most applications and games, support of all your friends is planned, but in some cases, the list will be limited to the current limit of 100 friends.

Will we be able to change our PSN ID with PS4?
No, but you can use your real first and last names in addition to your PSN ID, as well as, you can upload your photo using Facebook and use it as an avatar.

Will there be children's ps4 accounts? How will they work?
Yes. Will work as well as on the PS3.

Will the child account of my child become primary when he turns 18?
Unfortunately not. We encourage you to create a new account and apologize for any inconvenience.

Will parental control in ps4?
Yes. You can set restrictions on games, applications and browser usage.
Also, for each child account, it will be possible to set restrictions on the use of chat, personal messages, on the ability to upload and view media content, it will be possible to control the monthly spending limit in the PS Store. Child accounts do not have the ability to bind to their social profiles and cannot use their real names on the network.

Does the PS4 menu have a name, like, for example, PS3's XMB?
Yes, the menu is called PlayStation Dynamic Menu (PDM). We designed the interface based on the following key concepts: Simplicity, Speed, Sociality, Integration, and Personalization.

Will PS4 support dynamic themes with PS3?

Will I be able to manage notifications so that no one interferes with me while playing a game or watching a movie?
Compared to PS3, you can control more pop-ups and notifications, including messages, friend requests, trophies, download status, and more.

Does PS4 support media servers or DLNA for streaming video from a PC?
The PS4 system supports client functionality for media servers starting with software version 4.50.

How can we buy games?
Games can be purchased on discs or in digital form on the PlayStation® Store. Buying digital versions can be made using the Sony Entertainment Network online store through a PC and supported mobile devices, through the PlayStation® App, and if your PS4 is on standby, it will automatically download the purchased game.

Will I be able to buy a digital version of the game, on the day of its release on the disk?
Ultimately, the decision remains with the publishers. Nevertheless, we assume that most PS4 games will be available for purchase in digital format through PlayStation Store on the same day as the disc version.

Can I play PS4 games from PS3?
No, PS4 is not backward compatible with PS3, PS2 and PSone.

Can I transfer to PS4 any content purchased on PlayStation Store from PS3 or PS Vita?
In a sense, yes. For example, some popular digital games like Flower®, flOw, Escape Plan and Sound Shapes will be available for purchase on PS4 after launch. Players who bought these games for PS3 or PS Vita (only PS Vita, when it comes to Escape Plan) will have the opportunity to download these games on PS4, with improved graphics and additional features, completely free.

Will there be cross-platform online for PS4 and PS3?
This is technically possible and some developers may include support for this feature in their game.

Is it possible to pause the game process and resume it later?

To play, PS4 should always be connected to the Internet?
No, in order to play singles, an Internet connection is usually not necessary, but to play online, you will need an Internet connection and a PlayStation Plus subscription.

PS4 need to sometimes connect to the Internet?
Except for updating the software and one-time activation of Blu-ray / DVD movies, an internet connection is no longer required. Disk games do not require any network authentication. However, in order to enjoy all the pleasures of the PS4 gaming system, we advise you to establish a permanent Internet connection.

Will PS4 authenticate disk games?

Does the PS4 have regional restrictions?
Digital and disc games will not have regional restrictions, but we advise you to buy the games of your region for convenience. In some cases, the publisher or developer may regionally block their product at their discretion, but Sony Computer Entertainment expects that such cases will be the minimum.

PS4 will automatically download updates?
Yes, for all users of the console.

Will PS4 automatically download patches for games?
Yes, download and install for all users. PS Plus subscribers can do this when the system is on standby.

Will users be able to set the frequency and time for autodiscovery, download, and installation?

Users will be able to continue the game, while the system detects, downloads and installs a new patch?
Users can continue to play when the system detects and downloads the patch. But, depending on the game, users may lose access to online features until the patch is installed. To install any patch, you need to exit the game.

Should PS4 always be enabled to download updates and patches?
No, PlayStation Plus subscribers can receive updates while the system is idle.

Will I be able to access my digital collection from any PS4 system?
Yes, log in to your SEN account with a PS4 connected to the Internet and get access to your digital collection, friends and trophies. Outside of your main console, you can only log into the network from one console at a time.

What will happen to the content when I log out of my account?
When a user logs out of their account, their content becomes inaccessible.

Can multiple accounts be registered on the same PlayStation 4 system?
Yes, as in the case of the PlayStation 3 system, users will be able to switch between multiple SEN accounts.

Can multiple users on the same PlayStation 4 system use automatic trophy synchronization and content download services?

Is a web browser embedded in PlayStation 4?
Yes, the PlayStation 4 system has a built-in web browser that is faster and more convenient than the one used in the PlayStation 3.
Used Games
PS4 supports used games?
Yes, everything is similar to the situation around the PS3. PS4 has no limitations for used disc games. When a player buys a disc for PS4, he can use it at his discretion: sell, exchange, donate or keep it. In addition, players do not have to go through the stages of activation or payment of any money.

Will PS4 games require a network pass?
Games developed by Sony Computer Entertainment do not need a network pass. When it comes to third-party titles, the PlayStation cannot dictate strategy to publishers regarding the Online Pass program. However, most third-party developers refuse network passes, so they are unlikely to appear on PS4

Can PS4 owners share games?
Yes, they can exchange disc games without restrictions.

Can PS4 owners sell their games?
Yes, they are free to sell disc games.
Dualshock 4
How long does the DualShock 4 battery run?
Approximately 5-8 hours.

How long does a full charge of DualShock 4 last?
Fully charging the DualShock 4 controller will take approximately 2 hours.

How can users charge the DualShock 4 controller? Will the charging cable be included with the console?
Users will be able to charge the controller using the PS4 system, which is in active or "waiting" mode, via a micro USB cable, which is included in the console package. In addition, you can use universal chargers with micro-USB.

Can I charge my DualShock 4 controller using the PS4 system when I'm not playing it?
Yes you can. Users in Europe will need to go into the system's power saving settings and turn on the voltage on USB 3.0 ports.

How many DualShock 4 controllers can I connect to the PS4?
PSt 4 allows you to connect up to four DualShock 4 controllers simultaneously.

How do I synchronize the DualShock 4 controller with the PS4 system?
You need to connect the controller to the console using a micro-USB cable, just like when you synchronize DualShock 3 with PS 3.

Can an extra port on the back of the console be used for something other than the PlayStation Camera?

How does the DualShock 4 integrated touchpad work?
The built-in touchpad controller responds to actions such as dragging, quick touches and simultaneous touching of several fingers. How to use the features of this panel will be decided by the developers of specific games. For example, in Killzone: Shadow Fall, using the touch panel, players will be able to give orders to their SOVA drone.

What can users do with the luminous panel integrated into the DualShock 4 controller?
This will also be decided by the developers. For example, in Killzone: Shadow Fall, a luminous panel can alert a player to their level of health. In other games, it can be used otherwise. When a camera is connected to the system, the luminous panel acts as a beacon, with which the system determines its position in space.

Will users be able to turn on and off the backlight of this panel?
Not. The fact is that the luminous panel is also an indicator that the controller is on. In various games, the brightness and color of the panel may vary, but it is impossible to completely turn it off.

Is the headset included on the PlayStation 4?
Yes, the PlayStation 4 comes with a mono headset that will allow you to chat in voice chat and give voice commands in games in which this feature will be supported. Also, voice chat and commands will be supported by the separately sold PlayStation Camera.

Can I connect any other headphones or headset to the DualShock 4 controller with a 3.5mm plug?
The PS4 system will fully support the headset for the PS Vita, as well as some third-party devices can provide basic functionality, but SCE does not guarantee this.

Is it possible to output the entire gaming sound through the DualShock 4 to the headphones included in it?
Yes, you can choose whether to display the entire game sound through the controller, or just voice chat.

Will PS3 and PS4 users be able to communicate with each other through voice or video chat?
No, just using text chat.

How many participants support cross-game voice chat on PS4?
As with the PS Vita, the PS4 will support up to eight people in one conference. This chat will also support cross-platform communication between the two consoles.

Will users be able to send each other voice messages?
Yes, the duration of such messages should not exceed 15 seconds.

What impact will the integrated DualShock 4 speaker have on the gameplay?
The built-in speaker DualShock 4 will help developers to identify certain sound features of the game, for example, in Killzone: Shadow Fall, diaries and recordings will be played through this speaker. So, the use of this controller feature, as well as others, depends on the imagination of the developers.

Has the built-in motion sensor of the DualShock 4 controller been improved in comparison with the DualShock 3?
Yes, the advanced motion sensor SIXAXIS has become noticeably more accurate in comparison with that used in the DualShock 3.

I heard that there will be an improved vibration in the DualShock 4. What does it mean?
The controller DualShock 4 built several motors that provide vibration, which will give players a new feeling.

I heard that the DualShock 4 controller is distinguished from other controllers by a smaller delay. What does it mean?
All wireless devices have their own delay, then a short time between performing an action and observing its result. Thanks to the new technology, the responsiveness of the DualShock 4 controller has improved markedly in comparison with the DualShock 3.

Can I connect a DualShock 4 controller to a PC?
Yes, you can, using a micro-USB cable, and it will support basic management functions.

What are the color options for DualShock 4 controllers?
Together with the launch of the PlayStation 4 console, in addition to the standard color “Jet Black”, DualShock controllers will be available in versions “Magma Red” and “Wave Blue”.
Playstation camera
What are the features of the PlayStation Camera?
PlayStation Camera, specially created for PS4, includes two high-sensitive camera that can capture the depth of the space. With this device, players will be able to log in to your account on the PS4, using facial recognition, and even use their body movements and voice for even greater immersion in the game, which will support these functions. PlayStation Camera can recognize color luminous panels DualShock controller 4, to mark the position in space of several players. Price camera is € 49.99 / Ј54.99 (RRP).

Why are there two cameras built into PlayStation Camera?
In order for the camera to fully process the three-dimensional space. This technology allows you to determine which of the players is closer and who is next, and much more. How to use these features, clearly expanding the boundaries of the gameplay, the developers will decide.

Are microphones built into the PlayStation Camera?
Yes, four microphones that will help to capture the sound quality for voice chat and feedback commands.

Does PS4 support voice commands?
Yes. For their return, you can buy a PlayStation Camera or use a headset from the basic kit. After enabling voice control, you can control all key console functions using voice commands. Currently six languages ​​are supported: English (American and British), Spanish (European), Italian, French (European), German and Japanese. With the following console updates, new languages ​​will be added.

What are the dimensions of the PlayStation Camera?
This device is small and very light. 186 mm (width) x 27 mm (height) x 27mm (length). Weight 183 grams (approximately 4 pounds).

What games will support PlayStation Camera?
PS4 has a pre-installed PLAYROOM application that supports various actions related to the PlayStation Camera and the DualShock 4 controller. Using the PlayStation Camera, players will be able to comment on their stream on Ustream and Twitch, and using voice commands to launch games and take screenshots.

Will PlayStation Camera support Augmented Reality (AR) technology?
Yes, it will, including in the game application PLAYROOM.

Is a PlayStation Camera required to use PLAYROOM?
If desired, players will be able to undergo limited training using the DualShock 4 controller, but for a full dive, a camera will be needed.
Other Peripherals & Accessories
What PS4 accessories will be available at launch?
In addition to the DualShock 4 controller and the PlayStation Camera camera, at the start of sales there will be available: a stand for the vertical positioning of the console and a device for charging two DualShock 4 controllers at once.

Will external devices for PS3, like sticks for fighting games and steering wheels, be compatible with PS4?
In general, no, but at the start of sales, some games will probably support them. Such a decision will be made by developers.

What PS3 devices can I use with a PS4?
The following:
PlayStation Move - can be used;
Controllers (except PlayStation Move) - can not be used wirelessly, but when connected via USB, some developers can add compatibility;
Headsets - can not be used wirelessly, but when connected via USB and after installing the update 1.50 - you can;
Keyboard - can be used. both wirelessly and when connected via USB;
Charging station for DualShock 3 - cannot be used;
Mice - can not be used;

Will the now available Wireless Stereo Headset and PULSE Wireless Stereo Headset be supported? And what is the situation with headsets and headphones from third-party developers?
Yes, the PS4 will support the Wireless Stereo Headset and the PULSE Wireless Stereo Headset, with an upcoming system update. Third-party headphones and headsets will not work wirelessly, but when connected via USB, they will be fully supported after update 1.50.

Can I use a DualShock 3 controller with a PS4?
No, PS4 will not fully support this controller.

Can I use the remote control for PS3 on PS4?

Will PS4 support PlayStation Move motion controller?
Yes, developers will be able to continue making games using this controller. But already released for PS3 games under PlayStation Move, will not be supported on PS4.
Remote Playback On PS Vita
What is remote play?
Remote playback is a function by which a player can broadcast an image from PS4 to PS Vita, instead of a TV, via Wi-Fi. SCE expects that most PS4 games will support this feature, with the exception of projects that require additional devices, such as the PlayStation Camera.

When does remote playback work best?
Remote playback works best when PS4 and PS Vita systems are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Can remote play be used when a player is outside their home network?
SCE strongly recommends using remote playback when both consoles are on the same network, otherwise the operation of the technology is not guaranteed. It may or may not work, depending on the quality of the available Internet connection. For stable operation, you will need a wide Internet channel.

How much better is remote playback between PS Vita and PS4 compared to PS3?
Remote playback between PS Vita and PS4 is based on the Gaikai gaming broadcast service, so the PS4 supports this feature at the system level. All player actions, including the purchase of add-ons, getting trophies and saving games, will be supported during remote playback.

Should the PS4 be enabled for remote playback?
Yes, moreover, the PS Vita system can remotely bring it out of the standby mode, if this feature is enabled in the power saving settings of the older console.

Can I use remote play on a 3G network?

How will the cross-platform feature work between PS4 and PS Vita?
Just like with the PS3. Those games that will support this feature can be held together on different consoles, connecting over the network. Online play will require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Will there be any new cross-platform features for the PS4 and PS Vita bundles?
Players will be able to arrange a voice or text chat between the two consoles, using the "Party" application.
PS Plus And Multiplayer
Is a subscription to PlayStation Plus required for online play?
Yes, a subscription to the PlayStation Plus is required to play online.

Will those players who do not have a subscription be able to play online games with a free distribution model (free-2-play)?
In some - yes. For example, in Blacklight Retribution, DC Universe Online and Warframe.

Is it possible to play online games without a PlayStation Plus subscription?
In general, no, except for some free online games.

If I am not a subscriber to PlayStation Plus but logged in with my PS4 account, the owner of which is subscribed to this service, can I play over the network?
Yes. If you do not have a subscription, but you are logged in with your PS4 account, which is set as the primary user who has subscribed to the PlayStation Plus, you can play over the network. For example, if someone in the house has a PlayStation Plus subscription, everyone can play online. Also, all users on the same console will be able to use each other's content.

How many users can play on the network on one PS4, which is installed as the main user with a subscription to PlayStation Plus?
All users registered on this console and up to four people at a time.

How many local accounts does PS4 support?
In addition to additional guest accounts, the PS4 supports up to 16 local profiles.

What are the advantages of PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4?
This service offers access to PS4 network features, monthly free games for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, regular exclusive discounts and more.

What are the features of a PlayStation Plus PS4 subscription?
The following:
Network play;
Selection of free games;
Cloud storage for stored data (10 GB);
Early access to demo versions, automatic download and installation of patches for games, and much more.

Will my PlayStation Plus subscription, now active for PS3 and PS Vita, be extended to PS4?
Yes, the subscription applies to the account.

Free PS4 games will also be provided to subscribers, as now for PS3 and PS Vita?
Yes, at the start of console sales, PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive Resogun and Contrast for free. Every month in the free collection of games will receive a new downloadable game.

What network services for PS4 will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription?
The following:
Access to a variety of entertainment, movies and television;
The ability to share screenshots and record gameplay through Facebook, Twitter or the Ustream and Twitch services;
Sending video to Facebook;
PS4 remote playback on PS Vita;
Comparison of the received trophies with other players;
Sending and receiving text messages;
PlayStation Store access;
Activity tapes in the dynamic menu of the console;
Cross-game chat "Tusovka";
Web browser;
Features PlayStation App for iOS and Android.

Can I block access to the Internet using parental controls and limit the time my child can play?
You can prevent the inclusion of a web browser, but limit the time to use the PlayStation 4 by the console - no.

Can I block and unblock certain users of the system?
Yes you can.
PS Store And Digital Games
What is PlayAsYouDownload? Will all PS4 games support this feature?
PlayAsYouDownload is a new feature in the PS4 that lets you start playing the digital version of the game before it is fully downloaded. Users need to download only part of the data to play, and the rest will be loaded during the game process.

How much data do I need to get started?
The amount of data depends on the specific game and its total volume. Some games, for example, Killzone: Shadow Fall, will allow the user to choose what to download first - a single-player campaign or a network component.

Can I access content I bought on another PS4?
Yes, you can use your purchased games and applications on two PS4 consoles at the same time.

Can more than one person access my content?
If you set your home console as the primary, then all users who are registered on it will be able to use your content.

Can two people use the contents of my account on two PS4 at the same time?
Yes it is possible.

Will all the contents of my account, including games and trophies, be transferred from PS3 to PS4?
PS4 is incompatible with PS3 games, and trophies are tied to an account, so yes, they will be transferred.

Will I be able to buy content from PlayStation Store in other regions?
Yes, but we recommend that you use the services of a store in your region.
Digital Entertainment
What entertainment services will be available at the start of PS4 sales?
At the launch of the console, the services Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited will be available. We are also announcing other services before launching the console. Follow the latest news on the PlayStation blog and site.

What is Music Unlimited?
This is a cloud music service in which users can make a playlist of their favorite songs and listen to them right during the game. The service is compatible with various portable devices running iOS and Android, as well as PS Vita.

What is Video Unlimited?
Video service available through PlayStation Store, which allows you to watch movies and TV shows. With this service, you get the opportunity to receive content before it appears on DVD or Blu-ray. Watch the latest TV shows the next day after their show. The service is available for the following devices: PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, BRAVIA® TV and Xperia ™ smartphones.

Will I be able to listen to music while playing games on PS4?
Yes, using the Music Unlimited service. You will need a subscription for this service.

Will the PS4 have a built-in music visualizer?

Will PS4 support MP3 format?

What is the PlayStation App?
The new application from Sony, which will allow devices running Android and iOS systems to perform the functions of the second display. Through this application, you can buy games while being away from home and download them to your PS4. Depending on the device, operating system, software version or other factors, some users will not be able to use the application.
Share button
What does the Share button on the DualShock 4 controller do?
It allows players to save and share gameplay recordings, screenshots and broadcast gameplay in real time.

Will a PlayStation Plus subscription be required to use the Share button?
Not. All features are available without a subscription.

Where can I upload content using the Share button?
On Facebook, Twitter, Ustream and Twitch.

How can I tell about my posted content?
You can tell about it in social networks and give a link to your content.

Ps4 always writing gameplay?
Yes, PS4 always records the last 15 minutes of the game in the background, regardless of whether you clicked the Share button or not.

Do I have to constantly record gameplay?
You can not choose to record or not. Until you click the Share button, the record will not be saved.

Will users be able to record and broadcast any parts of the game?
No, some parts of the game will not be possible to record or broadcast. Developers can choose in which areas to allow, and in which areas to prohibit recording. This is done in order to avoid the publication of frank spoilers.

How long can I record videos on PS4?
PS4 will automatically record 15 minutes of the last gameplay that can be posted on Facebook using the Share button. There will be no time limit for live video.

How long will players be able to directly broadcast their gameplay?
SCE does not impose any restrictions on the broadcast time, but third-party services, such as Ustream and Twitch, can do this.

Will I be able to save the video with the gameplay on my PS4?
Yes, you can, as long as your HDD is enough for this place.

Will users be able to edit the recorded video on PS4?
Yes, users will be able to crop videos with the help of the same “Share” button. At the moment, you can choose where to start and where to end the published video.

Can I add a soundtrack with my voice to the video?
You can’t add sound to the video you’ve already posted; you can only record your voice for a video in real time while recording.

Will users be able to copy video recorded on PS4 to other devices, for example on a PC?
No, they can not.

Can I archive my broadcasts to review them later?
At the moment, the Ustream service does not support this function, and you can configure it in the Twitch service.

Will I be able to post my videos on YouTube?
Not. With the launch of the console, players will be able to send their videos through the Ustream and Twitch services.

Does the PS4 support external video capture devices that can be connected via HDMI?
Yes, it does.

I do not want to share my personal information, do I have to use my real photos and register on social networks?
No, it is not necessary.
PS4 indicator light
Flashing blue - The system tries to connect to the TV / monitor, the system is updated (if the firmware was previously downloaded), there were problems in the work

Standing blue - System turns on

Standing white - System works

Standing orange - The system is in standby mode, at reduced power consumption, the CPU is turned off and an additional

Standing red - The system is overheated, it is necessary to disconnect from the power, if it does not shut down
PS4 Accessories
General PS4 Error Codes

Sony PlayStation 4, Pro, Slim - Discussion (Post NeveR # 70260193)
- Software update
WB - Web browser
NP - Network server
NW - Network Library
WV - Web view
CE - Other / General
E - External Error
Solving console problems
Comparison and selection of consoles

Disassembly and maintenance of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
How to disassemble PS4 PRO

Noise, crackling and other console faults are discussed in this topic:PlayStation 4 warranty repair
The topic has a curator d3stra on all issues and filling caps in qms.

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Reason for editing: Headphone connection

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* Demiurg88 Roughly of course, but yes, the mower for repair sorry and yes, he broke the trail, maybe no other choice. Just before the sticks get stuck and understand carefully this time was already accustomed to and therefore was in a hurry and screwed it up. Well, I wrote that ordered a new gamepad, but I want to fix the old, and the wait time, just bad course with Ali now there are products with faults

Rep: (17)
masdie13 @ 07.03.20, 00:57*
Gennadich1, what's your email address on my account? t. e. xxx @ what? after the @


Rep: (3)
* Gennadich1 Wife has a mail domain list.ru and faced with the same. On the Sony hotline said that there is a problem and recommended to change the e-mail. After the change with @ gmail.com it worked.

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* Gennadich1 , Change to @ gmail.com .
At 99.9%, it will help.
UPD: Helped by 100%!
Attached Image

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* Sinami , A similar situation was! Mail was i.ua, six months everything was fine, then stopped to pass bills.
Support for a month advised to remove the data card is for a day, then for three days, then a week, advised the bank to reissue. map on a name (well, that did not bother) and even advised to use prepaid cards. Then he got the support of a guy who did not otfutbolivat pattern, something long clarifies and advised to change the e-mail, that is. To. The system finds my current e-mail unreliable. Initially reacted to the skeptical, but it helped! Now during the payment even 3D-Secure (code of the SMS from the bank) is not required.

Rep: (17)
* masdie13,
* Sinami,
Thanks, this helped!

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* Gennadich1 , Well! I was happy to help;)
I once a month and a half with this fucking :)

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People that could mean the lock on the game. I took account of the game and get blocked in 2 weeks

Rep: (69)
* yurets12 ,
The fact that you have dissolved

Rep: (538)
* yurets12 , Flew activation, it is necessary to reactivate the ACC. So write the seller.

Rep: (146)
* yurets12 , Remove the left account, not palis. And then on the curling lock hang ..

Rep: (22)
yurets12 @ 07.03.20, 09:34*
People that could mean the lock on the game. I took account of the game and get blocked in 2 weeks

Customize your real account, buy the game on sale, do not believe so expensive it turns out he used to sit on a broken curling thankfully sold it and bought a new one and has got a new ac, account for six weeks and 48 games already accumulated pieces.
ps. And by the way when I was looking for curling in most vendors sell allegedly with your account, but it's all fake, because the account can not be sold or transferred, in the account and there is always a right holder is not the one who bought it, so that something like this.

Rep: (429)
oserega1974 @ 7.03.20, 12:59*
ps. And by the way when I was looking for curling in most vendors sell allegedly with your account, but it's all fake, because the account can not be sold or transferred, in the account and there is always a right holder is not the one who bought it, so that something like this.
What kind of nonsense you are talking about?
The fact that the transfer of the ACC to third parties is prohibited, it does not mean that no one does.
ACC can be easily sold, even though the console, though without. It was only a question of the integrity of the seller and the buyer in the presence of the brain.

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Passed the means of guarantees Sony 2 months ago with sticks right stick, sent a new the same revision CUH-ZCT2E, is now once again become not work right stick, he periodically climbs up when tselyus played these 2 months is very small and quiet, what have Sony with a gamepad ... that I will change every 2 months?

Rep: (22)
chuvachok123 @ 07.03.20, 13:37*
What kind of nonsense you are talking about?

are you talking about nonsense and every subject, everyone who buys account buys a bubble because he was not the owner of the account and the one who created it will take him at any time if he wants to do it (and I did not write that can not be sold and that the accounts are not sell), quite the contrary they are sold everywhere and complete with curling irons and sometimes the price of just the same effect on the overall cost of the number of games and novelty, but after the sale will take some time, week, two weeks, month, year and the real owner of the account can it just simply return it's all this I called the purchase of fake accounts, dummy, my meaning to you understood or yet again, let's not your utterances about nonsense and so everyone has an opinion and it may be not strange to others in Unlike yours.

Rep: (97)
Wipeinl @ 7.03.20, 13:53*
that there is gamepad with Sonia ... is that I will change every 2 months?

I just, I just scored when playing and begins to lead, pull the stick and it all goes away. Now I do not notice the jamb.

Rep: (21)
* Wipeinl , Be sure to re-submit it again marriage. In general, I'm surprised that my joey not once so not suffered for 2 years!

Posted on 07/03/2020, 14:55:

* oserega1974 , Well, if you normally negotiate with the owner aka, change all passwords, phone number and information about yourself that no problems will not be! The owner does not like will not return back to an Account

Rep: (289)
Nova007 @ 7.03.20, 18:53*
The owner does not like will not return back to an Account
No, it could still return in tech support to ask about the credit card with which the purchase occurred in the PS Store, the owner will return the data and it acc.

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* BOPMEP , There it is! Well, it means I'm lucky

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Hello! Guys a question!
I noticed that the game ACE COMBAT 7 cooler at some point just dramatically accelerates to maksimalok somewhere, and it's quite noisy, for example, until the summer, bomb someone cooler runs quietly, but if you fell you hit and you fall commissioning, with a minimum speed cooler It accelerates to maksimalok at 20-30 seconds, after again calms. This is normal, all right? Curling 3 years.

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