Mobile device! | Competition for the best, "an ode of praise."

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Competition for the best, "an ode of praise"

You need the most colorful and interesting, perhaps with a touch of humor, to praise from the picture object as a mobile device, which can not live without.
Offer the most interesting and non-standard use of the object in the photo.

The competition is held in three stages. Each tour offered to the description of the object will change.

Authors of the best five works by the jury (from the moderators) after each stage will be awarded points. The winner will be determined by the sum of points.

flooding the master, we are waiting for you!


Round 1: 25.12-28.12
2nd round: 31.12-03.01
Round 3: 04.01-07.01

Announcement of the results:January 8.

Scoring System
For Round 1 will be credited (places 1 to 5): 5 points - 4 points - 3 points - 2 points - 1 point
Round 2: 8 points - 6 points -4 points - 3 points - 2 points
Round 3: 10 points - points 8 points -6 - score 4 points -3


The final results!

1. dim ^ n- 18 points
2. Moroziki- 12 points
3. Fikus-r34- 10 points

Congratulations to the winners!

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Smishno, very much! Well it's a brick, which mobile device ?! My imagination sends my eyes nafik, prompting you to select an object closer to the modern trends in the technology industry ...
If all pondered the case, we would have remained among bluntly sharpened stones Neolithic. Therefore, scientists at the Institute of complex structures (X) synthesized new indot complex as skeleton substance for future developments quickly transformable systems (BTS). Before you ... offer options! No, this is not a sponge. No, not brick, it was. And it is not compacted sawdust. And do not grill in prison !! Neet! This device can be all of these at the same time!
Remember, they used Swiss knives Multitools or "combines" device "many in one". This time is coming to an end, and no wonder. After all, there was a better Polibrik device class (with the accent on the third syllable). This polymorphic agglomerate consisting of superstable indotov linking polymineral particles. The size of these particles are so small that a single particle layer in comparison with the tip of a sharp ceramic knife is still the hair against the logs, while not yielding to the strength and mass to 3 times lighter! Yes Yes!
Polibrik Mine consumer class device consists of three mini-Brik "dissolved" in one another, has no particular form is only limited itself morphs and changeable for each minibrika handle within which is mounted minikomp shaper. The supplied configuration "kirpichina" Polibrik size comparable to conventional construction ceramic brick. Preset configurations - about three hundred. The number of added - almost unlimited! You can use it instead of household knives, kitchen utensils, household tools! All that your heart desires! Also Polibrik can be a means of self-defense as a tennis shoe, dustpan, garden rake, comb, cat bowl with a handle, a pitchfork hay and trash cornice for tulle, scraper with handle for heels, office cup with handle pot , adult toy, ritual knife, and much more. Wash - simply nowhere. Access to the interface - of course, through a standard cranial module. Reconfiguring - to three seconds.
Polibrik has an additional function of the device, as well as the "karaoke".
Household model based on this technology can be autonomous, as well as to enter the interior of the rooms is modulated, the restructuring of which only takes a few seconds.
Available so far only brick-red color, since the features of manufacturing technology.
More clicks for more images! You can see more about a hundred basic configurations.
Attention! Sharps configuration with a molecular crop sharpening not provided means very high risk in the operation. Not be used as a percussion instrument! Do not wash in the dishwasher, the last possible exit from the building. Unstable to heat open fire and thermal stresses above 60 degrees. This device has encrypted access type "mental fingerprint", in order to avoid injury to children themselves.

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The picture shows a sample of future production from the campaigns of "Cho" with the support of LLC "And Cho?" and OAO "I cho."
It 's called UBKN "devices without a cool name."
UBKN can be used as anything from a hammer to a weapon for self-defense. But axle goal - a "raskirpichivanie" the smartphone and tablet after unsuccessful flashing. There are instructions:
"UBKN as" ozhivitel ""

  1. Put smartphone / tablet under 180 UBKN0to the plane
  2. Take the tambourine (he prilogaetsya) in hand, as you wish
  3. Dancing with a tambourine around UBKN
  4. Pronounce certain words in Latin (they are written in the instructions for eksplotatsy)
  5. After all this waiting for 15-23 minutes
    And voila, he was involved himself rutanulsya.

Warning !: All you do is at your own risk. Some Latin slovosochinaya can open parallel universe and you risk okozalos the epicenter, everything will be in the Duma.

Designers were taken engineer "AvtoVAZ".

What prilogaetsya to UBKN: USB flash drive on the 666 bytes; Case salofana; instruction in Chinese, Latin, Kazakh, Japanese; screwdriver; Hammer and two crates of vodka.

UBKN can open and inside is a cavity for objects or things. Use it as a cover for a smartphone or a hiding place from his wife.

He will arrive in stores after the launch of Galaxy S V. smartphone sales

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Why no one mentioned that this device is nothing more than a multi-modal interpolate phased array distant intergalactic connection with the work function in 1Tf mode "G? And why are among the main characteristics do not indicate that the device has the capability myslerechi, Visio 5D display companion, and the distance to the 1 km around it?
And how undocumented possibility of using this device in ziegel auf den kopf mode, which represents an additional argument for purchasing this device?
In general - active, comrades!

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Kitkataiosaovskiy brick is presented on your screen. He has all 8 operating systems: Java, Bada, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8.8, Windows Rt, Windows Mobile, Android 4.5, iOS 8.0.4; 16 cores with 3.3 GHz.
The device is made by Chinese scientists from the department of aliens OAOOOO "nlonano technologies"
Designation intergalactic device is many times more intelligent than human if the human brain is 15%, then this superbrain Superman device, which operates at 100% ...!

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1) cheaper iKirpich.
2) iKirpich available.
3) it is not discharged iKirpich months.
4) iKirpich can be used to build a foundation for the defense of the camp. In the case of the apocalypse.
5) iKirpich does not need to upgrade.
6) To iKirpichu do not need a film on the screen, no cover, no batteries.
7) iKirpich not only looks like a real, but is not.
8) iKirpich always looks solid.
9) iKirpicha made of bullet-proof material.
10) iKirpich can be used as a weapon.
11) iKirpich tied to a rope gets weapons of mass destruction.
12) Of the two possible to make dozens iKirpichey vest.
13) Ha iKirpiche can sit.
14) Ha two iKirpichah can fry kebabs.
15) Of the three iKirpichey gets a great trap for Georgia mouse.
16) have no backlash iKirpicha rear cover.
17) iKirpich has excellent camera.
18) iKirpich requires no maintenance and does not break.
19) iKirpich never buggy.
20) Use iKirpicha possible without any tedious reading instruction.
21) iKirpich popular for many years.

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You look at the brick, and think that it is a brick. But this is not the case. In fact, this device-brick.
But the device is not simple, it is the true symbol of reliability and multifunctionality, better than a Swiss Army knife.
It is a brick made of our proprietary technology, our best engineers have spent a huge amount of testing to bring exactly this type of brick, it is this design.
Why reliability symbol? Because mankind for centuries sought the ideal shape, size, strength, and material that would serve as a building material. Mankind has found it, and how many years does not change the shape of bricks. Why? Because he already performs the duties assigned to it! And performs as it should! How many years have brick serves faithfully humanity. We brought the traditional brick before his climax reliability.
Why is the symbol of multifunctionality? Because from time immemorial mankind has sought a thing that can be used for many purposes equally convenient. And mankind has come to the idea of ​​bricks! See.
The first thing that comes to mind - is, of course, building. The brick building is indispensable, its heat capacity has proven itself. But about the construction can all guess.
Similarly, if you have children, you can cut it, and at a high concentration of laziness - to break bricks into pieces and let children draw! This is no ordinary chalk, which is used by all, he kills the originality! Give children an orange chalk, it will help them to develop imagination and teach them to take the initiative, generate ideas, and not go elsewhere on occasion.
Another application of this stand. Those ordinary bricks crumble and sypyatsya, dirtying the vicinity. Our brick is made from environmentally friendly materials and fully biodegradable, we care about the environment. He does not fray, and you can use it as a cooling pad for your laptop, thanks to our special technology of holes. Just stand in the student books on the desktop. If you put a brick standing, thanks to the perfectly designed center of gravity and the mass he will be able to keep the weight of the textbook.
Motorists will be able to put bricks under the wheels as a stop, if not holding the hand brake, and in our country, this happens all the time.
Motorists low income, who "lease prematurely" wheels, as a sign of respect and gratitude can put rims on the bricks, because if you put them on the pavement, a high risk of damage to the chassis, but we're good for.
And as we are for the good, we will not tell you that the brick can be used to knock out the glass with robberies and auxiliary tools for proving his own innocence.
Are you interested? Full list of applications can be found in the booklet that comes with the purchase.
If you buy Creator's Starter Pack, you get the dock and three bricks.
Creator's Professional Pack includes 16 bricks, a docking station and a bonus code that you can enter on our website and participate in a win-win lottery jackpot which - Orange Volkswagen Transporter fifth series, fully loaded with bricks.
Creator's Premium Pack includes a docking station, the new Nokia 3310 with Total Package, 6 boxes of bricks of different sizes (each of them - the bonus code), in boxes 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 of the bricks, that is all - 108 bricks. More we offer this configuration to free shipping, because we love loyal customers and reward them. Boxes with excellent design, which is not ashamed to give relatives and friends.
By the way, if you will lead us to the buyer, you will get a brick as a gift!
If you have any questions, suggestions and comments, our number is easy to remember. +7 (Russian Federation). 495 (code of Moscow). And then press the letter corresponding key on your mobile phone. Type a word kirpich. Will 5477424. Total: +7 495 547 74 24.

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Znakomtes.Eto universal battery recharged by sunlight ... suitable for all mobile devices., Just turn on the Bluetooth mobile phone and charge your smartphone is sent to ... Versatility is that the radius of action is unlimited ... And the service life of the battery for at least 15 years, after which you can apply at the destination - that is, in the construction!

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Brick - even in Africa, brick. While in Africa, it is not needed, and there are so warm. If only to build a barricade.

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New mobile devices
Without it, habitation - no ice
But with him - in general all super!
* * Absolute Paradise!

All he -laden, all - good
On the other - not like!
Ergonomic, self
You can do with it - what you want!

Urgently want to call?
It should be with him in his hands - to ask:
* Borrow - telefonchik *? -
Who would dare - to argue ?!

Or - it is necessary in the Internet
(He - * no * Wai Fai
But with any owner Buka * *
He - implement * Connect)

He - a means of payment
On the weight of its holding -
Show at the box office - aunt
(Do not sow then, beige)

You can suppress them - ide!
With it around you all - friends!
He - mobile key to success!
Without this life - you can not !!!

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Announcement of the results: 8 January.
? : bubble:

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Results of round 2

1. dim ^ n - Mobile device! (Post # 28019836)- 8 points
2. Awertuk - Mobile device! (Post # 28016815)- 6 points
3. Moroziki - Mobile device! (Post # 28039042)- 4 points
4. Fikus-r34 - Mobile device! (Post # 28060225)- 3 points
5. nikkin13 - Mobile device! (Post # 27998803)- 2 points

The results of the third round and the results will be announced tonight. We apologize for the delay.

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thanks: rolleyes:
a cap that is written? Round 3 konchilso.

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Results of the 3rd round

1 - dim ^ n - Mobile device! (Post # 28128961)- 10 points
2 - Moroziki - Mobile device! (Post # 28209542)- 8 points
4 - Xplay12345 - Mobile device! (Post # 28142250)- 6 points
5 - Fikus-r34 - Mobile device! (Post # 28151018)- 4 points
5 - Johnny P - Mobile device! (Post # 28132750)- 3 points

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We thank all participants for their interesting work! And congratulations to the winners!

1 place
Master of Flood recognizeddim ^ n
Attached Image

2nd place
Attached Image

3rd place

Attached Image

Winner and prize-winners will receive from the moderators section 4, 3 and 2 plus in reputation and are fixed on the honor roll.

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Listen, thank you o.O here was very nice and very unexpected! Also, congratulations to all the medalists: rolleyes:

Posted on 01/11/2014, 00:35:

Uh ... You can flood the topic ?? : Rolleyes:

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as a bonus

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krutyak, I would like to receive these stripes = 3

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Make to order: D

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