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Congratulations friends. RTM was signed, and it became build 10240. After midnight, partners must get builds, and this build will update all devices on the 29th.

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Build 10240 is available for both channels.http: //
As the saying goes

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In the window, the update is no longer a preview or something else, but solid: TH1 Professional 10240: rolleyes:

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When running some applications, it gives an error that the administrator blocked this application for security purposes, although the administrator is me, I change permissions, etc. nothing helps. Tell me what you can do? Now there is an assembly 10162, but it began even earlier.

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My wake on lan awakening stopped working. Light suspicion on Windows 10. No one has noticed such a problem?

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RTM was signed, and it became build 10240.
What a release, it's still onEscrowonly it seems (although, in the development of 10 M $, they disowned the terminology of the previous cycles).
When there is a release, it will be RTM, but for now we are seeing TH1.

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And the final most likely another build will be

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Indy05 @ 07.16.2015, 00:31*
most likely another build will be
And certainly not one. And by and large, this system can be safely called Windows 8.2 by quantity-quality differences \ improvementsAttached Image

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Who saw what's new in the build?

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* niks255 yes everything is, in my opinion. There will be nothing new, they polish variously different things that they managed to do in the course of development.
http: //
Watermark removed and no expiration date in winver
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Already some update shakes: D
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That would be great to get out of the insider program and save the forever license. I have been sitting at 10 since January, and have already been overgrown with programs and settings, that with a shudder I think about returning the eight and subsequent updates, installing and configuring programs, drivers, etc.

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It’s more interesting to me how to put all this work from scratch, having a Windows 8 license key without upgrades from 8-ki. Up to 10-ki I had an 8 license, well, I’ve been upgrading it to 10-ka for a long time. Now the 10240 build is , it seems to write activated, but it is already rather dirty, there are glitches. It is sure to represent a bunch of programs, but a clean installation is a guarantee of bug-free work in the future. Or wait July 29, maybe another rtm will roll out.
By the way, there is also a bug with a large cursor, appeared after upgrading to 10240 build and updating nvidia firewood from t-shirts.

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Hello. I have such a question. If you install on a Windows 7/8 computer and activate it with a cheap key from the Internet (like a payer and so on), can it then be updated to wines 10? Do not ask for a buy? It is clear that it will not become licensed, but there will be no problems with activation?

Does it make sense to buy such keys? Where do they get them from and can they be blocked?

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I am now more interested in how to put all this work from scratch, having a Windows 8 license key without upgrades from 8-ki.
and what is not clear, officially comes out 10, you put 8, you update to 8.1 and then to 10, after that you put either 10 from scratch with your key or do a reset to the factory ones in 10 itself

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And will the insiders hand out the keys by mail or how will all this happen? Now it’s all with one key

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EnTon @ 07.16.2015, 09:49*
And will the insiders hand out the keys by mail or how will all this happen? Now it’s all with one key

Insiders will not be given keys, either quit the tests and buy Windows, or be an eternal tester. That is, as long as you are an insider, you can use Windows for free, but you constantly update and bugs. Either you buy. There will be nothing free. Moreover, even those who have a win 10 home license, in 2 years T-shirts may require additional payments. On win 10 pro in 4 years.
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Somewhere I saw that you can block the forced check, download and install updates. Anyone links are not lying around? In this scenario, you can stay insider.

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I read the info. Since this is not the final build, the Windows will automatically activate. Now there is one key for everyone who is testing. A commercial release should be referred to as 10400 or 10800, therefore it is still too early to install cleanly. Because it’s impossible to activate anyone on the license. We are waiting for the 29th and are not steamed with reinstallations.

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Friends, did I understand correctly that it is best to wait for the release with the licensed version of Windows 7 or 8 installed, but insiders do not get anything out of the test program. Those. either you are an eternal tester, or buy ten.
UPD: By the way, I encountered such a problem, wake on lan stopped working at a dozen. I doubted at first, strained those. support provider, and today was not too lazy, restored the eight from the image of the system and wake on lan worked fine. Question: where on the top ten to dig, what needs to be configured to make the remote start the computer?

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Somewhere I saw that you can block the forced check, download and install updates.

This can be done in the Parameters
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