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SDHC driver - driver for SDHC memory cards | for most devices on WM5 / WM6

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Before installation, it is recommended to make a backup. I don’t give a link from the source ... but I can say that a site with a very very similar name))): -P

We put. We share impressions with who earned who does not.

Attached file1189176030_sdhc_driver_x500.rar(31.91 KB)

Another option ishere
And one more, for Asus -here
Still -here.

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QTEK 9100 G4 WM6 (Rus).
Unfortunately, the Transcend miniSDHC 4 Gb card did not work.
If someone tells me the solution, it’s not just beer from me!

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ASUS P525 4GB - Works
O2 Xda Atom Life WM6 with miniSD 4GB - works
Pocket Lux N560 with 4GB - works

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FS n560. Does the waffle work when installing this driver? In the topic of Lux, this has been discussed many times. But every time you install SDHC support, WiFi is cut off.

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I already found it myself:
_http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=50546&st=240
fastdkd .
The card works on Fujik, but WiFi stalls.

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I use firewood under universal .. made by mamaich ... 8GB transcend and waffle plow like relatives .. hehe ..

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yes and still .. to earn 8GB a SD card needs STRICTly VM6 AKU 0.2.1 AND ABOVE ... ON VM5 AND VM6 EARLY KHABOROK IT WILL NOT WORK

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and more .. double theme

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action @ 09/11/07 04:17:30
Topics not found anywhere else.

You are looking bad: victory:
E-Ten x500 Glofiish - Discussion

E-Ten x500 + Discussion

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Let's go to the FAQ!

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ASUS Mypal a639 - driver works for Kingston sdhc 4 gig flash drive!
did not notice any problems during operation

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how about sdhc on the qtek s200 is anything audible when firewood is made?

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PNC, but trying these is not fate?

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Who tested on HTC Cingular 8525?

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izmalkoff, 10/04/07 11:47:15 p.m.
PNC, but trying these is not fate?

I tried, besides how wi-fi is cut off to no avail ...

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And on ASUS 535 no one tried to write off please

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On Azus P535 4giga works fine.

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Does the hp 4700, by default, do not support SDHC? (on WM6)

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stilet ,
like no ..

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And more precisely, can someone tell me, otherwise I'm going to take Sdshku gigs for 8-16?
And another question, CFki go to the same volume without problems?

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stilet , it’s better to ask the creator of the firmware.

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BA did not work (

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Damn, I took a kingston flash drive on 4 gb MSDHC the phone doesn’t work and it doesn’t see many card readers ((I’ll try the X800 tel

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