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TorrentTV | The official app of Torrent-TV

Rep: (106)
Torrent tv
Version: 4.0.33

Last update of the program in the header:06.06.2020

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Short description:
Application Torrent-TV enables you to watch TV channels on your Android device.
Description and the possibility of the official website:
Russian interface: Yes
Developer: Torrent tv
Homepage: http://ttv.run/
Download from the official site:
Service at the time discredited.
Therefore I put away all the descriptions, features and files.
I leave a link to the official resource.
Let's see. } -)

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Reason for editing: Home page

Rep: (367)
vova323 @ 5.07.20, 16:02*
tell me a way out?
buy a new TV.

Rep: (0)
grey684 @ 01.07.20, 05:11*
FRY! TV (Post nexusnexus # 80344025)

I look at the computer, but it is for android

Rep: (0)
* Rush2930 , Sdes in the forum thread FryTV open F.A.O.posledniyy spoiler, there is a link), click on it and pochitayte.Ili Simple TV for windose have assembled.

Post has been editedwiktor shapowalov - 15.07.20, 21:39
Reason for editing: correcting the error.

Rep: (342)
They are either pinned or bullied ... One of the two.

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Post has been editedkelevra - 11.08.20, 15:40

Rep: (49)
kelevra @ 11.08.20, 09:38*
They are either pinned or bullied ... One of the two.
Do you still believe this lohotronchikam and once was not enough to forget this
service as a nightmare!

Rep: (50)
* kelevra Hahaha, this is Funny :)
With the "TTV" is not sochkuchishsya ...

Rep: (-1)
good app, no ads, no banners (single). all flies.
One bad - is not the first (to) anal.
can someone tell me the same cool application without any advertising, and banner, but with the first channel.
ps: I think these do not exist - I went through everything in the world.

Post has been editedsrc000 - 29.09.20, 18:08

Rep: (60)
* src000 ,
Pay VIP and will be the first channel.
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Rep: (-1)
djalexxx200 @ 30.09.20, 04:22*
Pay VIP and will be the first channel.

if it were a one-time 300 rubles, as well as VIP status certainly be taken away and forced to pay again and again until you suck every drop. we in Russia these 300 rubles not grow on trees, as in the US.

Rep: (60)
* src000 ,
VIP stands 3rublya per day. 300 rubles - 100 days viewing. And then, of course, will have to fill up the balance again.

Rep: (66)
* src000 , Put it
X92 [Android] (Post pdb55 # 100 257 017)

Rep: (0)
Someone tried to restore a lifetime subscription?

Rep: (367)
* Dnepr777 On this shit? Install wink and do not worry.

Rep: (0)
serg-revizor @ 18.10.20, 21:02*

It's a shame to pay 10 000 rubles and do not get the service. (I even wrote a very cultural)
Maybe someone has restored its membership. I would understand if they have made a new service, and not as not connected, be it with the old, and if you have already tied up, and let their old obligations are met!

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